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4th March 1960, Page 51
4th March 1960
Page 51
Page 51, 4th March 1960

Obvious Difficulties With Mixed Fleets, Says Mr. Randolph

T HE difficulties inherent in the operation of a mixed fleet of A and B vehicles are obvious to anyone who stops to think about it. This view was expressed by Mr. I. H. A.......

New Speed Complication With Mi

THE MI had presented the authorities i with a new complication so far as the reckoning of the average speed of vehicles was concerned, said Mr. R. E. G. Brown, secretary of the......

Few Heavy Loads On Motorway

W HY have so few abnormal indivisible loads been carried on the London-Birmingham motorway? Hertfordshire Constabulary put this question to the heavy haulage functional group of......

Trade Plates Used By Haulage Concern

G ENERAL trade plates had been used by a Walsall haulage concern as an "economic way" of putting a six-wheeler on the road, it was alleged at Walsall magistrates court, last......