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26th March 1976, Page 74
26th March 1976
Page 74
Page 74, 26th March 1976

Stacks Of Advantages In Cage Pallet Use

by John Darker, AMBIM THE USE of cage pallets for grocery distribution may increase markedly in the next few years. Potentially, the same principle could be applied for......

Kingpin Lock

To aid security, Jost (GB) has announced a kingpin lock unit. Made of die-cast alloy, with a dustand water-proof cylinder lock, it protects the kingpin and its mounting bolts.......

Flap Wheels

A range of shaft-mounted abrasive flap wheels has been produced by Sykes-Pickavant. Although the wheels are best used in conjunction with flexible shaft machines or portable......

Pallet Trucks

Three pedestrian-controlled pallet trucks of differing capacities have been introduced by Reddey Mechanical Handling. The EGU 16, EGU 20 and EGU 30 with capacities of......

Cutting Torch

A one-piece cutting torch— the Euro 365—has been introduced by Pressure Control. Designed to cut metal up to 300mm (12in) thick, gas mixing is confined to the nozzle which is......