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21st November 1912, Page 21
21st November 1912
Page 21
Page 21, 21st November 1912

A Buckled Eccentric Rod.

[1173] " E.R." (Merthyr) writes :—" It might in- serest drivers of steam wagons to know of a simple repair. When the forward eccentric rod becomes duckled or broken, the after......

A Safety Wing Nut.

L1174] " S.P.111cM." (Brooklyn, U.S.A.) writes :— "I have had trouble with the ordinary sort of wing nuts, and have tumbled on the following little device which keeps them safe.......

Simple Oil Tests For The Workshop.

The sender of ate following communication has been awarded the Ws. prize this week. [1175] " W.A.E.V." (Stamford Hill) writes :--" It is rather important that drivers of steam......

Repairing A Flooding Carburetter.

[1176] " R.T." (Andover) writes : —" Some time ago, a, vehicle under my charge began to consume a much larger quantity of petrol than had hitherto been the case. I examined the......

Special Drill Chuck.

[1177] " A.H.H." (Cardiff) writes :—" In these days of specialization, even workmen must make themselves tools which are specially designed for doing some small job. Of course......