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12th June 1982, Page 18
12th June 1982
Page 18
Page 18, 12th June 1982

28 Speeds And Never A Refusal

THE CM May 8 issue featuring recovery makes interesting reading. With all that pushbutton expensive hardware the mind boggles and the finance houses cheer. But whatever happened......

More Power For Magirus

I WOULD LIKE to draw your attention and that of your readers to an error in the content of an advertisement appearing in Commercial Motor and other automotive journals. In the......

Waxing Warrants More Attention

ALTHOUGH not privileged to attend the RHA Tipcon '82, I have endeavoured through the channels of the technical press to follow all the reports. Having experienced many early......

Too Negative Mr Editor

AS ORGANISER of this and every previous Tipcon, I was most disappointed to note the negative comments which you have chosen to make in your Editorial of May 22. The principle on......

Slimming? Not Our Pr

THE MEWINGS — I think that the current description of a hawk's vocal expression — of your resident bird of prey ha‘ enlivened many a Monday morning here in "darkest Fulham". I......