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18th January 1906
18th January 1906
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Page 1, 18th January 1906

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A Win for Motor Omnibuses.

Oxford's parochial electors have refused to approve the action of the Oxford City Council in regard to electric traction. We...

j Motors for Builders and Contractors. The eleventh section in our

series of special numbers appears as part of this issue. It is addressed more especially to Builders, Contractors, and...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

Proceedings of the Society of Motor Omnibus Engineers. The seventh meeting of council for the first year was held at the...

General Meeting.

The fourth general meeting for the members and associates was held in the Chapter suite of the Hotel Cecil, following the...

The Industry Supports the Soc.M.O.Eng.

It is satisfactory to record the widespread support which has been accorded to this representative society. The following list...

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News and Comment.

This journal has a certified circulation and is the only authority on commercial motor subjects. There will be a plethora of...

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Oxford Ratepayers Reject Electric Traction.

Sanction to proceed refused by an overwhelming majority. Following the reports in our issues of October sth, 12th, 19th, and...

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Motor Wagons and Tractors for Builders, etc.

Users recount the Successful Working of Numerous Machines. Quick-speed Vehicles for the Transport of Workmen and Tools...

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The Motor Drivers News.

Sacking Found Useful. " W.W." (East Ham) writes us on the 12th instant as follows :—" I am a steam wagon driver, and a...

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Continental News.

The Kaiser's Cup for Alcohol-Driven The Leasing of Roumanian Oil-Fields. Commercial Motors. New Roumanian Act. The German...

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The Rival of the Light Railway.

The G.W.R. Company Develops the Teme Valley by Motor Wagon The Goods Road Motor Service, which is run by ibe Great Western...