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9th September 1938
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Page 32, 9th September 1938 — NEWS of the WEEK
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There was an unusual defence in respect of three cases recently brought before the Thingoe Petty Sessions, Bury St. Edmund's, when Mr. A. K. Cooper, haulage contractor, of Sweffiing, Saxmundham, was charged with using a four-wheeled trailer drawn by a tractor, the total weight transmitted to the road surface being in excess of the amount allowed.

The cases were taken separately and the assistant inspector of weights and measures, Bury St. Edmund's, said the drawbar was not uncoupled during weighing and he was satisfied with the method of weighing. When shown the certificate of weight, he agreed there was none shown for the trailer. The weight was entered under the tractor. The defence then submitted that it was incumbent on the officer carrying out the weighing to issue a correct certificate, as one of the conditions precedent on any proceedings being taken.

The Bench upheld this submission and dismissed the three cases. Mr. C. Jefferson, the assistant county solicitor, who prosecuted, said he must take instructions on the point. The Bench said it would be prepared to state a case, if necessary.

Exhibition of Road Transport Problems.

Leeds Incorporated Chamber of Commerce is holding an exhibition of road transport problems in the Council Room of the Chamber, 26-27, Park Row, Leeds, I. The Lord Mayor of Leeds, and other leading citizens, will inspect the exhibits at a private preview at 11 a.m., September 12, and it will be open to the public from 12 noon to 6 p.m. on that date, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the other days.

Lockheed Factory Extension.

Owing to expansion of business, Automotive Products Co., Ltd., is erecting a further extension to its factories at Leamington Spa. The latest extension will be devoted entirely to the manufacture of the Lockheed hydraulic-braking system, . and is approximately 180 ft. by 315 ft. With this addition, the combined Lockheed' and Borg and Beck factories will now have a frontage of, roughly, 700 ft. and a depth of 900 ft., giving a total occupied area of 14 acres.

Operator's 38 Hours' Driving.

The story of how a haulier worked almost continuously for 40 hours, covering 300 miles from Shrewsbury to Wrexham. Liverpool, and back to Oswestry, then to Kidderminster, Gloucester, and back home, resulting in physical exhaustion, and was summoned for driving in a manner dangerous to the public, followed by a fine of £15, plus 15s. special expenses and a A30 licence endorsement, was related in Shrewsbury Police Court last Saturday.

The defendant was Mr. Samuel Braddick, general dealer, Ruyton Eleven Towns, Shrewsbury, and the chief witness, Mr. Thomas G. Conies, was thanked by the Bench for bringing the circumstances before the police. Mr. Cornea described how he followed and tried to overtake Mr. Braddick's vehicle, which was often a yard or more over the white line.

Constable Tuttle said he saw defendant leaning up against his vehicle in Belle Vue Road. Mr. Braddick explained that he had left home at 5 a.m. on August 7 and, except for two hours' sleep, had no rest for 40 hours. The policeman added : " The doctor reported that Mr. Braddick was unfit to drive—not as a result of drink, but from exhaustion." NEW AUSTIN COMMERCIAL RANGE?

Austin distributors and commercial vehicle operators are awaiting with interest an official announcement and details from the Austin Motor Co., Ltd. concerning a new range of 30-cwt., 2-ton and 2f-ton chassis which, we understand, has been put into production by this well-known company.

Ford Show Cancelled.

The Ford Motor Co., Ltd., announces that it has decided not to hold, this year, its annual exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall, London. The company attaches importance to localized efforts for attracting operators, and is arranging for displays by its dealers throughout the country.

Converting a Business into a Private Company.

The twelfth edition of a useful little book on the conversion of a business into a private company by Mr. H. W. Jordan has just been published at 1s. 6d. net by Jordan and Sons, Ltd., 116, Chancery Lane, London, W,C.2. In its 52 pages it contains a large amount of useful informationwhich will be valuable to all who are considering a change of this nature.

More Lincolnshire Land Under Beet.

Land under sugar beet in Lincolnshire this year ghows an increase of 1,231 acres over the 1937 figure, as stated by Mr. J. H. Stirk, East Midland Licensing Authority, in Lincoln, on Tuesday. Mr. Stirk said the Ministry of Agriculture had stated that it was not possible to make any reliable forecast of the average yield of this year's crop, but it was anticipated that it would approximate last year's figure of 8.25 tons per acre.

Benevolent Fund Dance.

A dance in aid of the Motor and Cycle Trades Benevolent Fund (London and Home Counties Centre) will be held at the New St. Pancras Town Hall, Bidborough Street, London, N.W.1, on Friday, September 23. Tickets are priced at 3s. single and 5s. 6d. double, and can be obtained from the general secretary of the Fund, 204-206, Great Portland Street, London, W.1, or from the secretary of the London centre, 68-69, St. Stephen's House, S.W.1.

The Twelfth Annual Motor Ball.

The twelfth annual Motor Ball is to be held at Grosvenor House, Park Lane. London, W.1, on October 18, from 9.30 p.m. to 3.30 a.m. As usual it is in aid of the Motor and Cycle Trades Benevolent Fund, and tickets at one guinea are available from the Secretary and Organizer, Mr. A. II. Dawson, 204-6, Great Portland Street, London, W.I.


The oil cleaner as now fitted to the Gold Crown engine of Reo machines, is of a type in which fullers earth is used. It is well-known that this medium is employed extensively in the process of oil reclamation, but, hitherto, difficulties have been experienced in adapting the principle to the recovery of oil in a vehicle engine. This has been due, principally, to the inability to obtain a porous, yet solid, filter medium of fullers earth.

As the result of research work in America, a process has been developed whereby this difficulty has been overcome and the Rea Briggs Clarifier, as it is called, embodies such a filter medium.

The cartridge which forms the " heart " of the Clarifier, has a central, perforated, metal tube, around which are several turns of cloth, mesh screen and cellulose and, finally, a cylindrical block of fullers earth.

In the cleaning process, the oil passes through these various sections and thereafter returns to the sump.

We understand that, in service, these new oil cleaners have given highly satisfactory service.

An Expensive Lorry Skid.

Heavy penalties were imposed at Braintree Police Court, last week, in a case which was the outcome of a collision. A lorry driver, Arthur James Creasey, of Ipswich, was charged with driving a vehicle in a dangerous manner, alternatively, with driving carelessly; with having inefficient brakes on a trailer; with having defective tyres on a trailer; and not being in a position completely and efficiently to apply the brakes on a trailer.

Day's Transport, Ltd., Ipswich, and The Limmer and Lake Trinidad Asphalt Co., Ltd., of Westminster, London. S.W., were each charged with permitting the alleged offences in respect of the brakes and tyres. Mr. Gordon Thompson, who defended, submitted that an asphalt mixer, which was attached to the lorry, could not be termed a trailer, under the Act, and asked for a dismissal of the cases against the companies, which however, was refused by the Bench.

It transpired that the man in charge of the mixing machine was in the lorry at the time of the accident. There was no means for connecting the trailer brake to the lorry and the opinion was stated that the weight of the trailer forced the lorry to skid.

The charge of dangerous driving was dismissed, hut Creasey was fined £5 for careless driving, £5 for inefficient trailer brakes, 10s. for -defective trailer tyres and 10s. for not being able to apply the trailer brakes, together with costs amounting to £1 14s. 8d. His licence was endorsed.

The Lirnmer and Lake Trinidad Co., Ltd., was fined £3 for permitting inefficient brakes, 10s. for permitting defective tyres, and costs 14s. 3d., whilst Day's Transport, Ltd., was fined £3 for permitting inefficient brakes, 108. for permitting defective tyres, 10s. for permitting Creasey not to be in a position completely and efficiently to apply the brakes of the trailer, and costs, 15s. 3d.

Garner's London Distributor, The Southern Commercial Car Co., Ltd., 177, Battersea Bridge Road, S.W.11, has been appointed the sole distributor for the London postal area for Garner Motors, Ltd., North Acton Road, London, N.W.10.

25,000-mile Demonstration by Fordsons.

Nearly 100 towns have already been visited by the Fordson convoy, which is touring the country to display the latest 1-i'ordson commercial vehicles to transport operators. The vehicles have covered 25,000 miles. NEW COMMER MODEL FOR LARGE-CAPACITY BODIES.

Following the introduction of a special N3 chassis, with an extended wheelbase, for horsebox work, Commer Cars. Ltd., Luton, now offers an N3 full-forward-control chassis, with a 15-ft. 6-in, wheelbase, for use with large-capacity bodywork for furniture and allied trades.

To meet these special conditions, the chassis is powered by a larger engine (85 mm. bore and 120 mm. stroke), in conjunction with an axle ratio of 6 to 1. Equipped with 32-in. by 6-in, truck tyres and a 21-gallon petrol tank, the chassis scales approximately 34 cwt., and is listed at £325.

A van body, 19 ft. long, 6 ft. 11 ins. wide and 9 ft. 6 ins, high, with a Luton extension over the cab, has been designed for this chassis by W. J. Bence, Ltd., of Bristol. It has a capacity of 1,400 cubic ft.

U.S. Tractor Exports Rise.

A further marked improvement has, so far this year, taken place in the exports of tractors and cognate material from the United States, the shipments during the six months ended June last showing a total value of £6,664,651, an increase of £2,285,794 or over 52 per cent, above the corresponding half of 1936. The details of the imports are appended :—

More Transport Courses in London.

The Hammersmith Commercial Institute, Earsby Street, Hammersmith Road, London, W.14, of which the principal is Mr. A. J. Favell, B.Sc., is holding a series of classes during the forthcoming winter session, in preparation for the road-transport diploma of the Royal Society of Arts.

There are two groups, the first including elements of transport, commerce and business routine, and economic geography, whilst the second covers economics of road transport, law of road transport, and principles of accounts. Fees for either group are from s. 3d. to 15s., according to age, and cover the session from September to July. The classes begin on September 27, and enrolment may be made on any evening from September 19.

Tractor Show in France.

A three-days' " motoculture "

exhibition is to be held at Carnferes, in the Nord Department of France, from September 23 to 25, under the pato:Silage of the French Ministry of Agriculture. The display will include examples of all the latest types of motor-driven agricultural machine, special attention being centred on those fitted with charcoal producer-gas equipment.


The West Midland Licensing Authority, Mi. H. Trevor Morgan, K.C., granted the application of A. S. Ward, Ltd., at Birmingham, on Monday, for an addition of one 2-ton lorry to the fleet of 10 it is already using for the delivery of morning papers to newsagents. Mr. A. S. Ward referred to the increasing demands made on his company's resources by the ever-spreading suburbs. The farther people lived from the city centre, the earlier they had to leave their homes in the morning, and, therefore, the earlier they wanted their newspapers delivered.

Slump in American Sales.

It is not only as regards exports that manufacturers of commercial vehicles (tractors excepted) in the United States have this year experienced a decline in demand. The position is the same as regards the sales and first-time registrations of new vehicles in that country, a total of 191,713 machines having been attained during the six months ended June last, as contrasted with no fewer than 333,320 units in the corresponding half of 1937—a falling-off of about 42.5 per cent.

Securing Loads of Sugar Beet.

Norfolk Highways Committee has now represented to the Minister of Transport that the Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) .Regulations, 1937, should be amended to provide specifically that a load of sugar beet, carried by any uncovered vehicle, shall be packed and secured by a net or by similar means, so as to prevent any part of the load from falling from the vehicle_ The Home Office has been asked to discuss this suggestion with the Minister of Transport.

A New E.R.F. Service Agency.

Operators of E.R.F. vehicles in Lancashire and Cheshire will be interested to learn that T. H. Clixby and Co., Rugby Street, Broughton Lane, Manchester, has been appointed an E.R.F. service agent. Mr. Tom Clixby, the principal. was, for many years, manager when the establishment was the Sentinel Waggon Works branch, and he took over the premises and equipment some time ago, • Manual on Trailer Fire Pumps.

A large number of trailer fire pumps is now in course of construction and delivery, in accordance with the Government's A.R.P. programme. Of the auxiliary firemen who will man these appliances, few will have more than a rudimentary knowledge of internal-combustion engines and hydraulic machines, For this reason Dennis Brothers, Ltd., of Guildford, which is building a number of these products, has issued an instruction manual dealing with such appliances, which goes into rather fuller descriptive detail than most publications of a *82 similar character. Furthermore, the operator is given clear working instructions. Known as publication 52C, copies, price is. each, post included, may be obtained from the -company.

Shipping Guide for Hauliers.

The following is the number of ships arriving at the London docks, wharves and jetties named, from September 9 to 17 inclusive:—Doms: King George V, 10; Royal Albert, 10; Royal Victoria, 5; Surrey Commercial, 7; West India, 6; South-West India, 2; Tilbury, 10; Tilbury Stage, 3; Millwall, 4; Royal, 2; London, 3. WHARVES: Hays, 6; Mark Brown's, 1; Butler's, 2; Regent's Canal, 1.


"The Bench wants this to be a warning, to all who carry animals, that they must disinfect vehicles in which they are transported," said the chairman of the magistrates at-• Taunton Police Court, last week, in imposing a fine of RI on Mr. A. E. Pipe, a haulier, of Belvedere Road, Taunton, for failing to cleanse and disinfect a lorry used for the conveyance of animals.

. Supt. Fry stated that there were 12 previous convictions against defendant for various offences in connection with the driving of motor vehicles, but none for a similar offence. The police authorities, added the superintendent, regarded this regulation as an important one, as disease was spread among cattle and sheep when vehicles were not disinfected.

More Light on a Famous Road.

The switching-on of nearly 100 sodium-discharge road lamps at Newton-le-Willows, four miles north of Warrington, last Saturday, put the town in the position of being one of the best-lit urban areas in the whole country. A great volume of commercial traffic passes through the town, as it lies on the main road from Warrington to Preston and the north—or, still more picturesquely expressed, it is on the road from Land's End to John o'Groats.

Producer-gas Vehicles in Italy.

At a recent meeting in Rome, the Italian Minister of Communications referred to the encouragement which is being given to users of commercial vehicles in that country, to acquire Italian machines fitted with, and operated by, Italian-made producer-gas equipment. At the same time, he announced that subsidies had lately been granted to no fewer than 41 owners of such vehicles.

Servis Recorders Expansion.

Owing to expansion of business. Servis Recorders, Ltd., has removed its head office to Northgate House, 19, London Road, Gloucester, where general sales and service departments will also be accommodated. London and home counties' sales will be dealt with from the company's new London office, at Gilbert House, 28, Red Lion Street, W.C.1.

Buyers of Brush Bodies.

Derby Corporation has recently placed an order with the Brush Electrical Engineering Co.' Ltd., Falcon Works, Loughborough, for 16 54-seater bus bodies of composite construction for mounting on Daimler chassis, six of them being trolleybuses. Another municipality to order Brush bodies is Coventry Corporation, which is buying six 55-seater all-metal bodies, also for mounting on Daimler chassis.

Amongst important orders received by the Brush concern from operating companies is one from the Western Welsh Omnibus Co., Ltd., for 17 32-seater bodies of composite construction for mounting on Leyland chassis. MR. RICHES SAYS REGULATIONS MUST BE OBEYED.

Mr. Henry Riches, Northern Scotland Licensing Authority, sitting at Fort William, on Monday, issued a warning to operators and drivers regarding the maintenance of goods vehicles in a fit and serviceable condition, also regarding excessive hours worked by drivers.

Mr. Riches drew attention to the decision of the Ministry of Transport to extend the validity in respect of A, B, and C licences granted from September 1. In this connection, he quoted observations of the Transport Advisory Council, which stated that the authorities were fully alive to the extent to which evasions of the law were taking place, and to the need for taking steps to correct this procedure. It appeared to be of paramount importance that this state of affairs should be amended, and that this object should be kept in

view in dealing with the proposals for extending the periods of licencses. Mr. Riches added that if the penalties imposed by the courts were not to prove a deterrent, then the Licensing Authority could deal with offenders in another way, by imposing the penalties ' of revocation and suspension.

Toll Removed After 31 Years.

Kirkstead (Lincolnshire) Toll Bridge is to be freed after an agitation which has extended over a period of 31 years. The purchase of the bridge from the London ar.d North Eastern Railway Co., by Lindsey County Council, is to take place on September 30, and it is to be freed on October 1.

Morris Film Success.

The popularity of the _Morris range of light vehicles was evidenced by the large attendance at last week's annual showing of the Morris film at the Acton showrooms of Stewart and Ardern, Ltd. The Morris organization has always made excellent use of films for propaganda purposes, and this year's edition is certainly up to the usfial high standard, in its interest and effectiveness. Mr. Ronald Butts, the popular publicity manager of Stewart and Ardern, Ltd., is to be complimented upon the excellence of arrangements generally.

New Fire Station for Glasgow?

Glasgow Corporation has prepared plans for a proposed fire station to serve the eastern district of the city. The estimated cost of the proposed building, which would be in the Parkhead area and which would accommodate three fire-engines, is £52,000.

White Distributor Appointment.

White Distributors (Great Britain), Ltd., 79a, Regent Street, London, W.1, announces the appointment of Newmek, Ltd., 98-100, Prestbury Road, Cheltenham, as distributor for the counties of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, having a boundary on the south determined by the G.W.R.

line from Severn Tunnel Station to Acton Turville, and that part of Worcestershire south of a line drawn through Malvern Link to Bidford, and that part of Monmouthshire 'east of Scenfreth to Port Skewett.

Fordson Folder on Six-wheelers.

Descriptive of the range of sixwheelers which it markets, the Ford Motor Co., Ltd., Dagenham, has lately issued a folder giving brief details of single-drive and double-drive models, the latter being intended more especially for cross-country work. There are four wheelbase lengths and a fourcylindered or eight-cylindered engine can be installed.

Germany's Strict Economy in Transport.

German motorists are being urged to economize on tyres by having them retreaded. It is recommended that the tyres of tractors and trailers should have a second retread. Owing to the scarcity and price of petrol, some firms are informing their clients that goods will no longer be delivered by road transport, but will be sent by train.

Union Wins 3s. Rise for privads.

After a meeting of union leaders, a firm of haulage contractors has withdrawn its ban on unionism, and has agreed to a 3s. weekly rise, also to sign a new agreement on conditions of labour. The firm—Messrs. Hunter, of Alva. Stirlingshire—had told 50 lorry drivers that they must either leave their Union or their employment when they asked for the Ss. increase. This rise in pay had been awarded, last July, by the Scottish Conciliation Board.

With the exception of two men, all the drivers refused to leave their Union. A stoppage of work was threatened and the management was approached by officials of the Transport and General Workers' Union on Monday. Mr. J. S. Clark, divisional organizer of the Union, met the management. PERSONAL PARS.

MR. WALTER LEITCH, for many years head-office representative for Morgan, Crossley and Co., Ltd., the maker of Teuoid brake and clutch facings, has been appointed manager of the company's Midland branch, at 248. Corporation Street, Birmingham. He will continue his association with municipalities and manufacturers, as in the past.

MR. CLEMENT ORMEROD, for three years deputy transport manager for Bolton Corporation, has been elevated to the general managership, in succession to Mr. John Barnard, recently deceased. His whole business career has been connected with the department, and he was the youngest employee when starting as a clerk 39 years ago, in the horse-tram age. Epitomized, his career reads: Joined 1899, chief clerk, 1913; chief traffic assistant,

1916; deputy transport manager. July, 1935, so that he has risen from " junior " to "chief " in a period of 39 years.

Death of Haulage Secretary.

We learn of the death of Mr. C. H. Holmes, secretary of Dove and Dove. Ltd., the transport-contracting concern of Daybrook, Nottingham. He was well known in the transport world of the Midlands, and had been with the company for 12 years.

Gold Mining with an Albion.

In the paragraph in our issue for last week, dealing with the delivery in East Transvaal of an Albion lorry for gold-mining, it should have been made clear that the vehicle was sold by the maker's Johannesburg agent, Reunert and Lenz, Ltd., to Messrs. Keay and Anderson, of Hectorspruit, who are the actual operators of the vehicle.


One branch of the industrial-vehicle industry in which France has gone ahead to a remarkable extent, during recent years, is that of fire-fighting material. An example of this class of equipment may be seen in the newest Latil ladder-wagon, illustrated herewith, this particular one having been supplied to the Municipality of Champigny, neat Paris.

It is mounted on the standard, longwheelbase M2B3 Latil chassis, this being a fast, four-cylinder petrol vehicle with an overhead-valve engine, giving it a speed of rather over 50 m.p.h. at 2,800 r.p.m.

The ladder mechanism is of Belgian origin, being constructed by Messrs. J. Steyaert, of Brussels, laid each Latil vehicle is at present sent from Paris to Brussels for the ladders to be mounted. The machine carries a crew of seven, including driver.

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