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9th February 1926
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Page 20, 9th February 1926 — PROMINENT MAKERS' PASSENGER MODELS.
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A List of the Various Types of Passenger Vehicle on the British Market, Together wiith the Names and Addresses of Their Manufacturers.

IN order that potential buyers of motorbuses, saloon coaches, open-type chars4-bancs, trolley-buses, taxicabs or any of the recognized forms of passenger vehicle may be provided with a summary of the products of the various manufacturers and concessionnaires who cater for these markets, we have compiled the comprehensive lift which follows. Most of the prominent makers are in a position to meet the needs of users in all classes of trade, whilst in many instances models which follow standard practice can he adapted to meet unusual or specific uses. The number and types of passenger vehicles in the nritish market run into big figure, and the prospective purchaser has a wide range from which to choose, whatever may be his requirements.

Our list contains the name of the chassis in alphabetical order and the name and address of the manufacturers under headings dealing with different types, of vehicle. For their telephone numbers—which can, of course, also be used for telegraphic communication— we suggest that our index to advertisers included in this issue be consulted.

MOTORBUSES (Chassis and/or Complete Vehicles—Single

deckers, Double-deckers, Saloons and Runabouts).

A.E.C.: Associated Equipment Co., Ltd., Walthamstow, London, E.17.

Albion: Albion Motor Car Co., Ltd., Scotstoun, Glasgow. Atkinson (Steam Vehicle): Atkinson and Co., Frenchwood Works, Preston.

Auto-traction: Minerva Motors, Ltd., Chenies Street, London W.C.1.

Balco: Baico Patents, Ltd., 115, Fulham Road, London, S.W.3.

Bean: A. Harper, Sons, and Bean, Ltd., Dudley, Worcs. Beardmore: Beardmore Motors, Ltd., 112, Great Portland Street, London, W.1.

Berliet: Automobiles AL Berliet, Richmond Bridge Works, Twickenham.

Berim: W. Rinman, 1-5, Fitzalan Street, Kennington Road, London, S.E.11.

Bristol: The Bristol Tramways and Carriage Co., Ltd., Bristol.

Brockway: A. E. Tapper and Co., 244, Earl's Court Road, London, S.W.5.

Burford: H. G. Burford and Co., Ltd., 24, Haymarket, London, S.W.1.

Caledon: Caledon Motor Co., Ltd., 98, Duke Streef, Glasgow.

Chevrolet: General Motors, Ltd., Edgware Road, London, N.W.O. Clyde: Mackay Mid Jardine, Ltd., Wishaw, Glasgow. Commer: Commer Cars, Ltd., Luton.

Cottin and DesgoutteS Crerar's Motor Depot, High Street.;

CrieCrtssley: Crossley Motors, Ltd., Gorton, Manchester.

Daimler: Daimler Co., Ltd., Daimler Works, Coventry.

Do Dion: De Dion Bonton, Ltd., 10, Great Marlborough Street, London, W.1.

Dennis: 'Dennis Bros., Ltd., Guildford.

Dodge Brothers: Dodge Brothers (Britain), Ltd„ Willesden Lane, Park Royal, London, N.W.10. Fageol: Warwick Wright, Ltd., 150, New Bond St., London, W.1. Fiat: Fiat (England), Ltd., 43-44, Albemarle Street, London, W.1.

Ford: Ford Motor Co. (England), Ltd., Trafford Park, Manchester.

F.W.D.: Four Wheel Drive Lorry Co., Ltd., 46, Charing Cross, London, SAVA.

Garner: Henry Garner, Ltd., Moseley Motor Works, Birmingham.

Gifford: B. 13. Horne and Co., 46.5, 465a, and 471a, Holloway, London, N.7.

Godfredson: Donallaek and Sons, St. George's Works, Cable Street, London, E.1.

Graham-Dodge Brothers: Dodge Brothers (Britain), Ltd.,' Willesden Lane, Park Royal, London, N.W.10. . Guy: Guy Motors, Ltd., Fallings Park, Wolverhampton. Halley: Halley's Industrial Motors, Ltd., loiter, Glasgow. International: International Harvester Co. of Great Britain, Ltd., 80, Finsbury Pavement, London, B.C. Harrier: Harrier Motors, Ltd., Harrier Works, Hudders field.

Laffly: Lally (England) Co.. Ltd., 20-26, Lonsdale Road, London, N.W.6.

Lands: Curtis Automobile Co., Ltd., Abbey Road, Park Royal, London, N.117.10,

Latil: C. Rawlence and Co., Ltd., 39, Sackville Street, London, W.1.

Leyland: Leyland Motors, Ltd., Leyland, Lancashire.

M. and D.: Rhode Motor Co., Blytheswood Road, Tyseley, Birmingham.

Martin: Martin's Cultivator Co., Ltd., Lincolnshire Iron Works, StamfOrd.

Maudslay : Maudslay Motor Co., Ltd., Parkside, Coventry. McCurd: McCurd Lorry Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hayes, Middlesex.

Morris: Morris Commercial Cars, Ltd., Soho, Birmingham. Overland: Willys-Overlanti-Crossley, Ltd.. Heaton Chapel, Stockport. .

PierTee-Arrow: George Bright, West Heath Yard, Mill Lane, West Hampstead, London, N.W.6. Renault: Renault, Ltd., Seagrove Road, West Brompton, London, S.W.6.

Hen: :Harris and BaseII, Ltd., 130, Great Portland Street, London, W.1.

Republic: Republic Motor Trucks Sales and Service, Ltd., 20, Peterborough Road, Fulham, London, SAVA.

Sourer: The Sourer Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., 21, Augustus Street, Albany Street, London, N.W.1.

Sentinel (Steam Vehicle): Sentinel Waggon Works, Ltd., Shrevisbury.

S.D. Freighter: Shelvoke and Drewry, Ltd., Letchworth. Star: The Star Engineering Co.,. Ltd., FrederickStreet, Wblverhampton.

Straker-Squire: Straker-Squire, Ltd., Angel Road, Edmonton, London, N.I8. • Thornycroft: John L Thornyeroft and Co., Ltd., Thorny croft Hours, Smith Square, London, S.W.1. .

Tilling. Stevens: Tilling-Stevens Motors, Ltd., Maidstone. Mike: Ijnie Motors, Ltd., 18, Brewer Street, London, S.W.1.

Vulcan: The Vulcan Motor and Engineering Co. (1906), Ltd., Crossens, Southport.

W. and G.: W. and G. du Cros, Ltd., The Vale, Acton, London, W.3.

Yellow Coach: yellow Cab Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 173175, Great Portland Street, London, W.1.

MOTOR COACHES (Chassis and/or Complete Vehicles— Saloons, All-weather and Open Types).

With few exceptions most of the companies mentioned in the above list are in a position to supply. various types of chassis for carrying motor coach bodies of various sizes, and many of them can supply complete coaches, either in the form-of saloons or those of the open type, the latter usually being equipped for ell-weather use. The following makes, however, are also available for coach service :— Bell: Co-operative Wholesale Society, Ltd., ChorIton Road, Manchester.

Chenard-WaIcher: Archie Simons and Co., 94, Great Portland Street, London, W.1. Crossley: Crossley Motors, Ltd., Gorton, Manchester. PagefieIrl; Walker Brothers (Wigan), Ltd., Pageficld Ironworks, Wigan. Watson: Henry Watson and Sons, Ltd., High Bridge Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

TROLLEY-BUSES (Chassis and/or Complete Vehicles— Single-deckers and Double-deckers).

A.E.C.: Associated Equipment Co., Ltd., VTalthainstow, London, E.17.

Garrett: Richard. Garrett and Sons, Ltd., Leiston Works, Leiston, Suffolk.

RaiHess: Railless, Ltd., Whitehall House, 29-30, Charing Cross, London, S.W.1.

Ransoms: Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies, Ltd., Orwell Works, Ipswich.

Straher-Clough: Clough, Smith and Co., Ltd., 36, Victoria Street, London, S.W.1.


Beardmore: Beardmore. Motors, Ltd., 112, Great Portland Street, London,. W.1.

Citron: Maxwell Munson, Ltd., 2, Ha'kin Ettee, London, S.W.1, and The Red Motor Cab Co., Ltd., 2a, Lansdowne Gardens, South Lambeth Road, London, S.E.

Hayes: Watson and Co., Carlton House, Lower Regent Street, London, S.W.1, and 14, Renshaw Street, Liverpool.

E.R.C.: White, Holmes and Co., Ltd., Down Place, Hammersmith, London, W.6.

Renault: Renault, Ltd., Seagrove Road, West Brompton, London, SAVA.

Rhode: Rhode Motor Co., Blytheswood Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, Trojan: Leyland Motors, Ltd., Ham Works, Kingston-onThames.

Untie: Unic Motors, Ltd., IS, Brewer Street, London, Yellow Cab: Yellow Cab Manufacturing Co:, Ltd., 173175, Great Portland Street, London, W.1.

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