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8th May 1919, Page 16
8th May 1919
Page 16
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Page 16, 8th May 1919 — A BIG SWANSEA REPAIR DEPOT.
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R. E. Jones, Ltd., Handle Albion Interests in South Wales, and Cater to Give Fine Service to Users.

IT IS NOW some six or seven years since the premises of the former Swansea Motor Ca-.13 Co. were extended and adapted to meet the increasing requirements of this very important industrial locality; and Messrs. R. E. Jones (Garages), Ltd., whose name is widely known throughout South Wales in connection with catering enterprises, are to be congratulated on haying developed a very fine service depot at the new building in Dillwyn Street. Part of the older building is still in use, hay

ing a frontage on Northampton Place and another one on a side street parallel thereto, to both of which the smaller vehicles may readily gain ingress.

Chief importance and interest, however, are found in the imposing erection occupying the site between the old building and Dillnyn Street. As may be seen from the accompanying photograph, the new garage is a very fine erection of four stories, the large doors on the ground floor being of a sufficient size to admit the biggest commercial vehicles Of buse,s. On the ground floor also is a showroom, of which the interior is illustrated herewith ; at the time of our visit recently, a new threcton 32 h.p. Albion chassis was on exhibition.

This vehicle is one of a type of which Messrs. E. E. Jones have sold many in South Wales ; whilst we were in Swansea, we noticed these lorries running about the streets in the service of provision merchants, timber merchants, drapers, brewers and other users.

On the first floor we saw a very well store-room ; spare E42

parts, accessories, nuts, bolts etc., were systematically laid out in bins., the whole being controlled by a: carefully worked-out card-index system, from which issues and stocks might readily be determined at al glance. One of our illustrations shows a corner of the repair shop : this is on the second floor and has been laid out with a view to the convenience of the workmen in handling the vehicles that are brought in for, repairs. A bench runs along nearly the whole of

the Dillwyn Street frontage ; it will

be seen from the illustration that this bench is well lighted by the large windows that occupy the entire wall space On that side. Parallel to the bench, and about 6 ft. behind it, is a pit, which also traverses the greater part of the length of the shop. Along another wall are arranged lathes and other machine tools, together with a forge. At the time of our Visit, numerous lorries and delivery vans were undergoing repair in this workshop. That seen in the foreground of our illustration is the familiar twin-cylinder 16 h.p. Albion, behind it is a three-ton Garner lorry. These vehicles have been brought up, of course, on the electrically operated lift, of which the capacity is about four tons. The heaviest lorries are repaired on the ground floor, where suitable pit accommodation is provided.

On the third floor is carried out the work of body repairing. It is intended in the near future, to undertake t h e construction o f new bodies here ; but this development, like others that were in contemplation when the premises were erected in 1913, has been arrested

by the war. It will be evident from the foregoing description, and from the photographs with which this article is illustrated, that Messrs. R. E. Jones's garage (which, by the way, is the largest in Wales) is sufficiently large and convenient to warrant the belief that it must socin become one of the most important service depots in the .country. Other activities that are to be inaugurated shortly include acetylene welding and the selid tyre business. Although it has not been possible during the war to proceed with these things, now that conditions are rapidly laecone in.g normal, Messrs. It. E. Jones hope to devote serious attention to them ; industry, in the district around Swansea is on such a promising scale that we do not doubt that this concern will enjoy very great success. South Wales opens up very considerablepossibthties for the live agent, especially if he eaters to give service (when used in its broadest sense) to the user. Although this part of the country is by no means a new field for commercial vehicle seed-sowing, there remains a large proportion of traders who have apparently not yet awakened to the potentialities of Motor vehicle operation. When their eyes are opened, and assuredly they must be, South Wales, with its many busy hives of industry, promises to continue to develop, commercially and industrially, into an exceedingly prosperous area. The development of trade is coincident with motor vehicle employment, and in this respect South Wales is unlikely to prove an exception, for there is no mode of transport that can render more efficient and more generally satisfactory service than transport by commercial motor vehicles . well run and capably niaintained.


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