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The Registration Figures for August Last.

6th November 1928
Page 8
Page 8, 6th November 1928 — The Registration Figures for August Last.
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TapHE return of motor vehicle registrations for the three months ended August 31st, 1928, has just been issued by the Minister of Transport. It shows that the total number of vehicle licences current at that date was 1,995,827, and that the amount ot the gross receipts from taxation for the nine months from November 30th, 1927, was £23,312,115, of which about £74,000 came from sources other than those connected with motor vehicles. As an item of interest ihe number of licences for horse-drawn vehicles has fallen in a sear from 102,591 to 82,702—a drop of 20 per cent.

The figures may be summarized as follow :— Cars :-877,277. Increase in a year, August, 1927 to August, 1928: 99,221; increase in the three months, JuneAug,ust : 45,106. Number of new vehicles licensed for the first time: 30,430.

Motorcycles.-690,672. Increase in

a year : 19,052. Number of vehicles licensed for the first time : 22,965. Goods vehicles.-292,790. Increase in a year: 10,547; increase in three

months : 2,803. Number of vehicles licensed for the first time: 9,312.

Electrically propelled goods vehicles :— 1,400. Decrease in a year: 8; increase in three mouths : 35. Number of vehicles licensed for the first time: 17.

Agrimotors.--15,926. Increase in a year : 613.

Agricultural tractors.-154. Decrease in a year : 33.

General haulage tractors.-3,125. Increase in a year : 101.

Agricultural road locomotives have disappeared from the schedule.

Hackney vehieles.-93,429. Decrease in a year: 2,247. Increase in three months: 6,737. Number of vehicles registered for the first time : 8,024, 34 being trolley-buses.

Exempt vehicles and appliances.20,132. Increase in a year: 1,873. Number of vehicles, etc.' registered for the first time : 79 ambulances, 32 fireengines, Government-owned vehicles 832, road rollers 131, and others 14. Total 1,088.

It will be observed from the figures as set out by us that in some cases the number of new vehicles registered for

the first :time in the three months under consideration exceeds the increase in licensed vehicles in the same period. The difference consists of surrendered licences—for obsolete or displaced vehicles.

New Vehicles—June to August.

It is interesting to look at the figures for new registrations and we will set out the facts succinctly. One showman's vehicle ; 52 agricultural vans and lorries, chiefly 2-ton class ; one 2-ton steam-driven agrieultinal lorry ; 9,110 lorries (3,267 1-tonners, 4,043 2-tonners, 044 3-tonuers) ; 131 steam wagons, all but two being of over 5-tons unladen weight ; 17 electrically propelled vehicles; 85 agrcultural tractors; 35 agrintotors; and 100 general haulage tractors. Dealing now with new hackney vehicles, they were : 8-seaters, 300 • 14-seaters, 404; 20-seaters, 475; 24-seaters, 420; 32-seaters, 761; 40-seaters, 348; 48seaters, 30; 56-seaters, 139; 64-seaters, 19, and vehicles seating more than 64 passengers, 4. Of the 34 new trolleybuses, 23 were in the 40-seater class.


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