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rest instruments

6th January 1967, Page 45
6th January 1967
Page 45
Page 45, 6th January 1967 — rest instruments
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AEON PRODUCTS is now marketing rathe Dwell range of test instruments lade in the USA.

Model 155 is a Dwell angle meter and achometer of very advanced specifications .nd permits carburettor settings for maxinum efficiency, economy, and power. It idicates the correct point gap settings egardless of pitted or corroded points. These etfings may be made with the distributor cap 'if by simply cranking the engine. Automatic ransmission tests may also be carried out for orrect r.p.m. and defective sparking plugs re located by the unit, which operates on -, 12-, or 24-volt systems with regular, ransistor or magneto ignition.

Model 350 is an alternator/generator reguitor, permitting precise settings on both oltage and current to measure correct attery charging current. It measures the urrent supplied by the generator or alterator and locates open field or armature rindings. It also measures the exact current rawn by the ignition coil or any other elecical component, and has facilities for )cating "opens" in the electrical system.

Other Dwell meters: M-10, a tachometer )1use on 6-, 12-,or 24-volt systems; M-10-F imilar to M-10 for use on 6and 12-volt nly; M-10-FV is suitable for Volkswagen ngines only; M-20 can be used on 6-, 12-, r 24-volt systems and has a range of 8 ylinder: 0-3,000 revs, 6 cylinder: 0-4,000 vs, and 4 cylinder: 0-6,000 revs per minute; 1-30 similar to M-20 is particularly useful 3r adjusting the distributor and requires no atteries.

All meters are guaranteed against burnut, and come complete with leads, crocodile lips, and large scale jewelled meter.

listributed by: Aeon Products (London) .td, 11/12, Northdown Street, London Nl. 'Aces: M-10, M-10-F, M-10-FV, £13 each. lode! 155, and Model 350, /15 each. M-20 nd M-30, £10 each THE Grumac tubeless tyre inflation machine, first shown at the Commercial Motor Show, is now in full production. The machine has been designed to eliminate the use of troublesome and expensive tourniquets and is claimed to be a remarkable advance in tubeless tyre inflation techniques.

Two rotatable conical rollers centre the spring steel band under the tyre which is supported vertically in the machine. The band is easily and rapidly tightened by means of an ingenious air cylinder device, forcing the beads outwards on to their seats on the wheel.

The machine will accept all tyres from 5.20-10 upwards. Several alternative tyre inflators can be supplied as extras.

Made by: Grantham Rubber Machinery Co. Ltd., Gonerby Hill Foot, Grantham, England.

Price: £39 10s. ex works.

Anti-rust oil

INTRODUCED by the Kinnis and Brown Group is double-purpose Sudbury antirust oil, claimed to prevent corrosion by forming a temporary protective film over wet or dry metal surfaces. The oil displaces water or moisture on metals and replaces it with a protective anti-rust film. The oil has light-duty lubricating properties, can be applied by brush or spray, and is supplied in 1-, 5-, or 45-gal. containers.

Made by: Kinnis and Brown Group, Sudbury House, Tynley Road, Bromley, Kent.

Warning flasher

GIVING warning to road users of an obstruction is the purpose of the Stellar Components Crashflash. This latest version of the model first demonstrated two years ago is designed to be connected to a vehicle's electrical system and in use continuously flashes all directional indicators, including those on a trailer.

The Crashflash control can be fitted to any dashboard as it measures only 3.75 in. by 1.5 in. by 1.5 in. The switch contains a heavy-duty flasher and pilot light, and is suitable for 6-, 12-, or 24-volt systems. A simple wiring diagram provided enables the switch to be fitted in 30 minutes, says the maker.

Made by: Stellar Components (Sales) Ltd., The Causeway, Malden, Essex.

Price: 39s. 6d.


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