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Valliant Buy St. Albans Depot

4th November 1955
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Page 46, 4th November 1955 — Valliant Buy St. Albans Depot
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Premises and 20 Operational Vehicles Go to Big London Coach Operator

THE tender of Valliant Direct Coaches, Ltd., 38 Uxbridge Road, London, W.5, for the British Road Services depot at St. Albans (unit 6665) has been accepted.

Twenty operational vehicles and three licensed trailers (81 tons) and three spare lorries, as well as premises in Hatfield Road and WynehIands Crescent, are concerned. The fleet includes an articulated outfit, four eight-wheelers, one of them a van, and four other vans.

A director of the company, Mr. P. D. Sleeman, told The Commercial Motor on Monday that it had not been decided what would happen to the unit.

Valliant Direct Coaches and an associated company, Percy D. Sleeman, Ltd., of the same address, have bought a large number of ex-B.R.S. vehicleS in the past, but they have all been resold.

The St. Albans depot was owned before nationalization in 1949 by the family business of W. H. Rand and Sons, Ltd. Only 17 vehicles were operated when it was acquired.

Mr. W. B. Rand, who remained as superintendent when the depot was taken over by B.R.S., has himself returned to private enterprise as a director of Rand and Brunt,. Ltd., 28 Bridge Road East. Welwyn Garden City, which began operations early last year. NORTHERN AREA

Five of seven lorries (33/ tons) currently licensed to Mr. R. Heath, 3 Westfield Grove, Wakefield, have been sold. Pontefract Bros. (Haulage), Ltd., Langley, Birmingham, have taken over one (5 tons 6 cwt.); Messrs. Cook and Wood, 25 Park Crescent, Portsoy, Banffshire. one (6 tons 17 cwt.); Messrs. Collins Haulage and Builders Supply, 28 Westhill Road, Grimsby, one (2 tons 18, cwt.); and W. H. Bowker, Hollen Bridge Street, Blackburn, two (12 tons 17 cwt.).

Johnston Bros. (Gilerux), Ltd., The Garage, Gilcrux, have taken over a lorry (5 tons 6 cwt.) from Mr. T. Johnston, Ivy Green, Gilcrux, Aspatria. Cusick (Oldham), Ltd., Collyhurst, Manchester, 9, have sold two lorries (13 tons 9 cwt.) to Messrs. Athersmith Bros., Abbey Road Garage. Barrow-in-Furness.

Five more vehicles, including two articulated outfits, bought by Mr.. 1'. J. Hughes, 264 Dick Lane, Bradford, have been transferred, this time to: Messrs. J. B. Hind and Son, Barton House, Barton, Richmond, an articulated outfit (5 tons I cwt.); Messrs. J. 0. Nelson, Peartree Cottage, Barton, Richmond, an articulated outfit (5 tons); S. Stringfellow (Transport), Glasgow. S.W.1, two lorries (13 tons 9 cwt.); and

• W. H. Bowker, Ltd., Blackburn, one (5 tons 19 cwt.).

Dent's Transport (Spennymoor), Ltd., The Buildings, Tudhoe Colliery, near Spennymoor, have taken over three lorries (7 tons 8 cwt.) from Mr. E. Waters, 84 St.,Mary's Avenue, Monkseaton.

Assignments have also been made as follows: a lorry (4/ tons) to Messrs. T. and D. Haulage, 12 Higheliffe Terrace, Ferryhilt. by Mr. R. Heath, 3 Westfield Grove, Wakefield; one (6 tons 19 cwt.) 'to Mr. G. Marshall, 23 Widdrington Terrace, 'North Shields, by Mr. W. Richardson, 49 Forest Hall Road, Forest Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne; and one (51 tons) to Mr. J. M. Tolfree, care of Leek's Premises,

B20 Ironworks Road, Barrow-in-Furness, by Messrs. White's Transport, 105 Dans Castle, Tow Law.


Cusick (Oldham), Ltd., Thornton Street North, Manchester, 9, have sold four more vehicles. One (3 tons) has gone to Mr. W. G. Tomlin, 303 Mill Lane, Marshall's Cross, St. Helens; one (5 tons) to North Transport, Ltd., in the East Midland Traffic Area; one (71 tons) to Mr. G. W. Huinfress. in the West Midland Traffic Area; and one (72 tons) to Mr. E. Lawrence, in the Western Traffic Area. Messrs. D. and A. Woods, 56 Porter Avenue, Newton-le-Willows, who have bought a lorry (3 tons) off Mr. A. Cusick, 282 Frederick Street, Oldham, have now transferred it to Mr. E. J. Essex, 22 Lytham Road, Widnes. Messrs. Woods have also made over a lorry (3 tons) to Mr. W. E. Chambers, in the West Midland Traffic Area.

A lorry (51 tons) has been sold to Naylors Transport (Leyland), Ltd., fyydene, Longmeanygate, Leyland, by Mr. S. Hughes, Leeds Road, Mirfield. who has also transferred a lorry (51 tons) to Messrs. Johnsons, 421 West Leigh Lane. Leigh, one (5 tons) to Mr. H. Worthington, 338 Oldhain Road, Royton, Oldham, and a trailer (21 tons) to Mr. A. Curran, 2a Ford Street, Liverpool. 3.

The North Western Licensing Authority has also authorized the assignment of a lorry (21 tons) to Bassetts Roadways. Ltd., 'Daemon Stoke-on-Trent, by Mr. R. G. Bassett, of the same address; one (3 tons) to Mr. W. Blamire, Glenhurst Garage, Chapel Lane, Longton, near Preston, by Messrs. A.H.C. Transport, 195 Preston Road, Chorley; one (4i tons) to T. Burton (Rhodes), Ltd.. Boothroyden Road, Rhodes, near Middleton, by Mr. F. Horner, in the Yorkshire Traffic Area; one (31 tons) to Mr. J. S. Butterfield, 30 Windermere Road, Carnforth. by Messrs. Cowbum Bros., Bond House, Little Hoole, near Preston; two (6 tons) to R. Howarth and Son (Haulage), Ltd., 19 Second Avenue. Fairfield, Bury, by Messrs. R. Howarth, 28 Second Avenue, Fairfield, Bury; one (31 tons) to Messrs. R. and O. Jones, Malt Kiln Garage, Sandbach, by Cleave Transport (Audlem), Ltd., Holly Bank, Audlem; one (71 tons) to Masons Garage (Bosley), Ltd., Blakefield Garage, Bosley, near Macclesfield. by Irvings (Fenton), Ltd., King Street, Fenton, Stokean-Trent; one _(21 tons) to Messrs. T. and L. Transport, 54 Blundell Road; Widnes, by Messrs. T. Fleet and Sorts, 20 Ditchdeld Road, Hough Green, Widnes;one (3 tons) to Messrs. Webb and Murphy, 69 Mill Street, Congleton, by Mr. W. Webb, of the same address; a trailer (21 tons) to T. SplitI, Ltd., 78 Barracks Road,. Burnley, by Fearings Transport. Ltd., of the same address; and a trailer (21 tons) to •

Caffery and Sons, Ltd., 2 Sheath Street, Northwich, by A. L. S. Harman, Ltd., 28-40 Compton Road, Wolverhampton.

Mr. L. Gleave, Holly Bank, Audlem, near Crewe, has transferred a lorry (3 tons) to Mr. H. Bloor, Sandford Hill Farm, Longton.

Woodcocks Transport., (Chorley). Ltd., Park Road Garage, Heskm. Charley, have taken over a lorry (5/ tons) from Mr.H. Sharpe, Stiffond Road, Aveley, Essex, and. have transferred two others (161 tons), based in Wigan, to Oswald Transport, Ltd.. The Garage, 'Frabboch, Mauehline, Ayrshire.

A lorry (31 tons) sold to Mr. K. Miller, .5 Oakmere Avenue, Withnell, near Chorley, by Messrs, Athersmith Bros., Abbey Road Garage. Abbey Road, Barrow-in-Furness. has now been transferred to J. W. Ratcliffe and Sons. Ltd. Low Bank Road Garage, Ashton-inMakerfield.

Messrs. Norris Haulage, 40 Fen-nor Road, Tarleton, Preston, have taken ow r from Cusick (Oldham), Ltd.' Thornton Street North, Manchester 9, a terry 13 tons) acquired by them from Parkstone Transport Co., Ltd., Parkstoue., Dorset. Cusick have also transferred a lorry (6 tons) to Mr. A. J. Grant, in the South-Eastern Traffic Area.

Woodcocks Transport (Charley), Ltd., Park Road Garage, Heskin, near Chorley, who have taken over a trailer (2:tons) from J. W. Fieldsend, Ltd.. have transferred lorries to R. C. Brindley (Haulage), Ltd.. 50 The Walk. Birdwell, near Barn-Icy, one 48.; tons)based in Droylsden; Messrs. L. H. Mills and Sons, 13 Daniel Hill Terrace, Sheffield, 6, one (8 tons); and Messrs. Roberts Bros., in the Yorkshire Traffic Area one (3 tons).


Ten more vehicles have been bought and sold by Mr. J. D. T. Livcrsidge, 55 Abbeydale Park Rise, Totley, Sheffield. The purchasers are Ackworth Transport Co., Ltd., 92 Wakefield Road, Ackworth, three: Messrs. Dawn Haulage Enterprise, Endyke Service Station, Endyke Lane, Hull two; Messrs. J. Davies and H. C. Spicer, 287 Yew Lane. Sheffield. 5, one; Harrisons of Dewsbury, Ltd., Bradford Road, Dewsbury. one; Mr. C. Marshall, Hope Street, Stocksbridge. near Sheffield, one; Mr. L. Creasey, 106 Norton Park View, Sheffield, 6, one; and Mr. F. Harrison, Victoria House. Burringhain, Scunthorpe. one.

Smalley (TvIexboro), Ltd., 45 Adwick Road, Tvlexborough, have taken over their first two ex-}3.R.S. lorries. Mr. H. Horsley, Newton on Derwent, York, has had a lorry transferred to him by Tockwith Transport Co., Boroughbridge Road, Wetherby; Brownroyd Service Garage, Ltd., Thornton Road, Bradford, a lorry by Mr. A. Barraclough, 12 Hall Ings, Bradford, and an articulated vehicle•by Murphy Bros. Ltd.,' Thomaston. Leicester; Mr. L. H. Mutt, 13 Daniel-Hill Terrace, Sheffield," 6, a lorry by Woodebeks Transport (Charley), Ltd., Charley; and Plowerdown I3.oad Haulage, Ltd„ Oberon Chambers, Queen Street. Hull, an articulated vehicle by Messrs. W. Staniland and Sons, Mill House, 13rougliton; Brigg.

Two lorries have been assigned by Mr. E. Crabtree, Deanstone Lane, Queensbury, Bradford. G. H. Longman, Ltd., Markham Road, Chesterfield, have taken one, and Mr. G. Stringfellow, 21 Carmichael Stieet, GlasgoW, S.W.1, one.

WEST MIDLANDS A lorry (64 tons) has been taken over by Mrs. F. A. Jones, 5 Digby Road, Sutton Goldfield: • Mr. J. Brindley,'Sharnford, Hinckley, has transferred a lorry, to each of the following: Mr. R. D.' Sinclair, 73 Fairfield Road, Evesham tens), and Mr. S. Talbot, 2 Wells Greed Road, Sheldon, Birmingham 26 (5. tons)-.

Two lorries (12.Z tons) have also been transferred by , Oldbury Transport, Ltd., 100 Dudley Road East, Oldbury. The purchasers are -Nlessis._G. and H. Transport, 2 Clarence Road, Erdington, Birmingham, 23.

Messrs. W. Hayes, Junr., and A. M. Hayes, Forest Lane, Walsall, have made over five lorries (344:tons) to Messrs: W. Hayes, Junr., of the same address.

An articulated outfit (44 tons) has been sold to Mr. J. M. Trevor, West Stella, Granville Avenue, Newport, by .Mr. L. Gleave, Audlem, Cheshire. "

A. L. S. Harman, Ltd;, 38-40 Compton Road, Wolverhampton, have transfcered a trailer to James Caffery and Sans, Ltd., N orthwich, „Cheshire.

SOlik Evesham. -Road Transport, Ltd.. 14 Windsor Road. .Evesham, have been granted special A lieences for two lorries (5Z tons) by the West:Midland Licensing Authority. One of the lorries (24 tons) was transferred to them by Mr. E. Sollis, or the same address, and the other came from. Mr. J. Costello, Prestbury Road,

Cheltenham: .

A lorry .(41, tons) has-liern told to Mr. N. T. Lloyd,Temeside Garage, Ladford Bridge, Ludlow, by Mr. S. Hughes, Leeds Road, Mittield; one (3 tons) to Mr. F. Machin, 280 Waterloo Road, Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent,',hy Mr. R. Lovatt, Royton; one (5 tons) to Mr: H. L. Robinton, 34 Hampton Dene, Tupsley, Hereford, by Messrs. George Bros., The Brook, Ashford, Carbonell, Ludlow; and -one (31 tons) to Mr. R. S. Shaker, Woodside Farm, Great Wi tley.

EAST MIDLANDS Newark unit 7426 (a lorry-2 tons) has been acquired by Mr. G. W. Pell, Station Road, Kirton, near Boston. Messrs. S. Lyon and Sort, Boultham Park Road, Lincoln, have taken over one of the two articulated vehicles (5 tons) bought by Mn S. Hughes, Leeds Road, Mirfield, Yorks, in unit 7943 (Worksop).


Tvel Transport, Ltd., Sandy, have been

successful with their tender for Patton unit 49E8, comprising a lorry. (44 tons).


Mr. C. W. 0 Wintle, Victoria Road, Bi istol, has taken over a lorry (3 tons 9 cwt.) from Mr. N. Gooding, Glastonbury,

LONDON AND HOME COUNTIES Davit Bros. (Haulage), Ltd., 123 Solebay Street, London, E.3, have acquired a further 20 vehicles (32 tons 2 cwt.) from British Road Services.

Other direct purchases have been made by ; Messrs. W. A., F. and D. Sefton, .2-8 The Colonade, London, W.C.L of two lorries (2 tons 4 cwt.); Mr. J. -Silberman, 61 Dollis Hill Lane, • London, N.W.2, a lorry (12 ions 3 cwt.) and a trailer • Messrs. Stockley Transport, Iron Bridge Lane, Stackley. West Drayiciii, a lorry (2–tons 13 cWt.); Storage Co. (Penarth), Ltd.,. West Terrace, Penarth, four lorries (14 tons 12 cwt,) and four trailers, bated in London ;, and Messrs. Thornett's Depository, 79 Craven Park Road, London, N.W.10, three lorries (6 tons-11,cw0.

Mr. T. Regan, Chun Farm, Hortmonden, has bought another six lorries (17 tons 12 cwt.) and two trailers. Four of the lorries (I I tons 13 cwt.) and the trailers have -been transferred to J. Pritchaed (Transport), Ltd„ Norway Wharf, Commercial Road, London,' E.I4.

The Metropolitan Licensing Authority has also authorized the assignment of two lorries (5 tons 11 cwt.), based at Chadwell Heath, to Murphy Bros„ Ltd. Old:Town Hall Chambers, 41 Guilihall Lane, Leicester, by Mr. J. Brindley, Sharnford, Hinckley. Leicester; one (34tons) to Messrs. R. J., L. G. and J. Griffon, Ironside Arches. Copeland Road, London, S.E.15, by Mr. G. Griston, of the same address one (2 tons 19 cwt.) to Lea Valley GE:distinction Co.; Ltd., 79 Windmill Hill, Enfield; by Mn J. A. St. J. Broderick, 18 Tdoks Court, London, E.C.4; two (4 tons .12 cwt.) to Mr. A. T. Partington, 20 Driver , Buildings, Old Kent Road, London;&E.1, by Mr: T. W. Hodge, 52 Florence Road, -London, S.E.14; one (2 tons 19 cwt.) to Mr. T. W. J. Suckling, Thames House, West Thurrock, Grays, •by, Whalebone MoterS, Ltd., 239-241 High Road, Chadwell Heath; one (3 tons 6 cwt.) to Tartan 'Arrow, Service, Lid., 124 Jamaica .Street, London, P.l, by Church Road Motors ,(Southend-on-Sea), Ltd., Hadleigh; one (3 tons 8 cwt.) to Mr. F. Taylor, II Edenhall Glen, . Harold Hill, Romford, by Mr.-1-1. IL Broom,19 Violet Road, London, E.3; a lorry (2 tons 4 cwt.) and a trail& to Hauliers (Eastern), Lid.', 75South Street, Bishop's Stortford, Herb, by Mr. V. J.' Grange. 124 Bridge -Street, Peterborough; and a lorry. (3 tons): and a trailer to Sparks and Prior (Haulage), Ltd., Guild House, Water Land, Bishop's Stortford, by Mr. L. HG. Sparks,'of :the same address.

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