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A Forecast of Exhibits at THE SCOTTISH SHOW

4th November 1930
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Page 65, 4th November 1930 — A Forecast of Exhibits at THE SCOTTISH SHOW
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A Full List of theCommercial Vehicles and Chassis to be Shown at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow. A Survey of the Show Intentions of Manufacturers and Agents

ON Friday morning next, November. 7th, the doors of the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, will be opened for the 29th annual Scottish Motor Exhibition, the last day of the Exhibition being November 15th. This Show has been organized by the Scottish Motor Trade Association, Ltd., the secretary of which is Mr. David A. Fairley, C.A., of 3, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh.

Quite apart from the extensive display of private motorcars there will be a very wide and representative selection of commercial vehicles and chassis, including a number of new models, and, fortunately, from the point of view of visitors, these will occupy stands grouped together, on one side of the hail. The stands set apart for commercialvehicle exhibits are those numbered from 102 to 146, and they are on the I side of the hall adjacent to Bunhouse Road.

Up to the time of going to Press exhibitors have not in all cases finally settled upon the models which they wilt display, but, in most cases, we have been able to obtain sufficient reliable information to give a valuable forecast of the Show.

STAND 102.

A. and D. Fraser, Ltd., 65, Springkell Avenue, Glasgow, 5.1.

Tselection of Morris-Commercial HE machines to be displayed on this stand will include a standard 1-ton van, a 30-cwt. chassis, with coachbuilt lorry body executed by Messrs. Fraser, a 3540-cwt. chassis equipped with a 500gallon petrol tank and a Dictator 32seater forward-control motorbus. All these familiar Morris-Commercial products have been dealt with fully in The Commerciot Motor from time to time, the Dictator chassis having been fully described in our 'issue dated October 29th, 1929, when it made its first appearance.

STAND 103 Alexander Motors, Semple Street, Edinburgh.

-DOUR products from the Bean feel/ tory will be in evidence on this stand, one being in chassis form. The 30-cwt. chassis will serve as the basis of a drop-sided lorry, an 18-20-seater bus with a body by Messrs. Blake's, of Liverpool, and an 18-20-seater domed-back

coach with Sunsaloon folding head, this body being built by Willowbrook, Ltd., of Loughborough. The engine in this model has a bore of 75 mm. and a stroke of 130 mm., its capacity being 2,297 e.e.

The bare chassis to be shown is a four-tonner, the four-cylindered engine of which has a bore of 100 mm. and a stroke of 130 ram.

STAND 104.

Armour and Melvin, Ltd., Newlands, Glasgow, S.3.

SINGER commercial models will figure on this company's stand, notably the 1931 Singer Junior delivery

van, priced at £130 complete. This well-known vehicle has a four-cylindered overhead-valve engine of 56 mm. bore and 86 mm. stroke, the cubic capacity being 848 C.C. It has a three-speed gearbox, the top gear ratio being 5.25 to 1. All-weather protection for the driver is provided and a sliding communication door gives access to the van interior, the length of which is 3ft. 9 ins. ; width, 3 ft. 7 ins.; and height, 3 ft. 5 ins. In addition to this model, it is being arranged to show a Singer 25-cwt. lorry, a 10 h.p. van (1931 model) and a 2-ton chassis ; all, except the 25-cwt. type, are models with which our readers are familiar. The Singer Company is making rapid strides in the commercialvehicle world and the 25-cwt. model referred to above is dealt with fully elsewhere in this issue.

STAND 105 Charles Roberts and Co. Ltd., Horbury Junction, near Wakefield.

TWOpassenger bodies are being completed in the works of this company for exhibition at Glasgow. One,

a 32-seater, will be mounted on an A.J.S. chassis, whilst the other, which is intended to seat 28 passengers, will be carried by a Commer chassis, and is intended for Jong-distance duty. Both are coaches and in the appointment of the interior of each several novel features are being embodied, the company departing from the orthodox and adopting a new style of decoration. Furthermore, special' attention has been given to the question of ventilating the driver's cab, it being realized that, particularly on long-distance work, any feature which contributes to the comfort of the man at the wheel and overcomes the risk of fatigue should receive consideration.

STAND 107 Peebles Motor Co., Ltd., 89, Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh.

TIIREE S.M.C. passenger models, produced by the Sunbeam Motor Car Co., Ltd., Wolverhampton, will be staged on this stand, two being in chassis form. The complete vehicle which will be seen is known as the Pathan, and it will carry a 32-seater

bus body built by H. E. Taylor and Co., Ltd., of Norwich.

The company will also show examples of the Sikh six-wheeled passenger chassis. One model is known as the type 555 and is designed for carrying a 67-seater double-deck body, whilst type 556 is built for a 58-seater body.


The Town and County Motor Garage, Ltd., 19, Justice Mill Lane, Aberdeen. THIS company is arranging to ex hibit a goodly selection of Willys vehicles and chassis. Prominent on the stand will be the Willys Manchester 30-35-cwt. tipping lorry, a machine with

four-cylindered 22.5 h.p. engine, fivebearing crankshaft and three-speed gearbox. The wheelbase is 10 ft, 6 ins, and, with the standard cab, the lorry' body measures 9 ft. long and 5 ft. 6 inerwide. Hand-operated end tipping gear is part of the equipment. The Willys Commerce saloon will also be visible.

One passenger vehicle which it is arranged to show will be the Willys Commercial 14-seater, with bodywork by W. Muinford, Ltd., of Plymouth. There will also be a 2-ton long-wheelbase chassis with four-cylinclered engine. "

STAND 109 T.S. Motors, Ltd., Maidstone, Rent.

TIlIS famous manufacturer is planning to exhibit the well-known T.S. Express type-B10A2 gear-driven 32seater bus, with bodywork by W. Alexander and Sons, Ltd., of Cainelon, Falkirk, and the new petrol-electric trolleybus chassis, as described in our issue for last week.

STAND 110 G. M. Gladstone (Motors), Ltd., 320-324, Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow.

pROMINENT on this company's 1 stand will be two examples of the Commer Invader chassis, one being equipped with a coach body built by Holbrook and Taylors, Ltd., of Wolverhampton. As our readers will know, this chassis has a six-cylindered engine, the bore and stroke being 80 mm. and 116 mm. respectively.

STAND 111 Maudslay Motor Co., Ltd., Parkside, Coventry.

OWING to limitations of space the exhibits of this Coventry concern will be confined to two vehicles, but the display will be augmented by four demonstration vehicles which will be in

attendance. The two vehicles on the makers' stand will be a 52-seater Majestic double-saloon bus with a Ransome's body, and a 32-seater Meteor single-deck bus with a Duple body. Both are four-wheeled vehicles propelled by six-cylindered power units, the former chassis being designated the M.L.7 and the latter the M.L.6.

The bore and stroke of the engine used in the double-decker are 110 mm. and 130 mm. respectively, and the unit develops 100 b.h.p. at 1,700 r.p.m.

The vehicles that will be demonstrated comprise a Meteor 32-seater bus with Park Royal body, a standard M.L.3 33-seater Sunsaloon coach having a London Lorries body, a Mentor 32-seater bus and a 10-ton rigid six-wheeled lorry.

STAND 112 Robert Gibson and Sons (Motors), Ltd., 136, Merrylee Road, Glasgow.

THIS company has arranged to exhibit a Studebaker-Pierce-Arrow 30-cwt. chassis with six-cylindered

engine of 3i-in. bore, 41-in, stroke and 25.4 h.p. R.A.C. rating, and wheelbase of 10 ft. 10 ins., the list price of which, ex works, is /245. There will also be a 2-ton chassis of the same make, having a similar engine, but a wheelbase of 13 ft. 4 ins., the list price of the latter type being £340.

STAND 113 Commer Cars, Ltd., Luton.

APART from Commer models appearing on other stands, the stand of Commer Cars, Ltd., will hold three splendid examples of the company's products, two taking the form of the well-known Invader passenger chassis. In one case the bodywork will be of the 20-passenger rear-entrance bus type, whilst in the other the Invader will be seen as a 14-seater luxury coach. The chassis, which is known as the model °TIC has, as an important Commer feature, a silent third gear, and the power unit has been improved by the introduction of a larger capacity oil. pump, redesigned pistons and Silchrome valves. The tyres now fitted are 33-in. by 5-in. pneumaties.

Another model on this stand is to be the G2 2-2i-ton goods chassis equipped with an. end-tipping lorry body...

STAND 114 Jack and Renwick, West Silverrnills, Edinburgh.

THE world-renowned International products are to be represented by a selection shown by this Edinburgh firm. It is proposed to exhibit four models, comprising three vehicle chassis and one tractor. Perhaps the most important of the chassis will be the model-AW2 Sixspeed Special, the performance of which, incidentally, was dealt with thoroughly in the road-test article appearing in our issue for last week. This has a four-cylindered engine of 3i-in. bore and 4i-in, stroke. The model-S24 2-ton chassis will also be seen, this baying a four-cylindered engine of 31 ins. bore and 5 ins. stroke.

The model-A5 four-tonner is a sixcylinder chassis, which has an engine of 3i-in. bore and 4i-in, stroke, and it is suitable for use as a passenger vehicle accommodating 26 persons. The wheelbase is 15 ft. 10 ins, and the final-drive ratio is 6.43 to 1, the chassis weight being 2 tons 13i cwt.

The tractor to be exhibited is the model 20, the retail price of which is 1405 10s. It is equipped with pneumatic tyres.

STAND 115 William Arnold, 2, Brook Street, Manchester.

BODYWORK by Messrs. Arnold will be seen to advantage on A.E.C. Regal and Albion Valkyrie chassis, a 32-seater single-saloon bus body being fitted in each case. The A.E.C. vehicle will have a streamlined front and a rear entrance, a feature being the totally enclosed floating cab. Upholstery will be in moquette and leather.

The Albion Valkyrie vehicle will be of the front-entrance type with rear emergency door.

STAND 116 Alexander Mather and Son, Orwell Works, Dairy Road, Edinburgh.

ASELECTION of three Cornier models is to be displayed on this firm's stand. There will be the Commer invader type-6TK passenger chassis, which is noted for its silent third gear. Mounted upon this chassis will be a 20-seater sll-weathr coach body built by Messrs. William Walker, of Aberdeen.

The Commer type-G6 chassis, a goods model intended for loads of six tons to seven tons, will be shown with a steellined Commer-built body and a Bromilow and Edwards hydraulic three-way tipping gear, the price being £1,235. This is another six-cylinder model.

A lighter goods model constitutes the third exhibit on this stand. This is the G2-type 2-2i-ton chassis with sixcylindered engine of 80 mm. bore and 110 mm. stroke. Like the Invader, it is a high-performance, four-speed vehicle with silent third gear, its wheelbase being 12 ft.. or 1 ft. 6 ins, less than that of the passenger model. It will be seen with a Commer-built drop-sided lorry body. STAND 117 D. CarIaw and Son, Ltd., 18, Bothwell Street, Glasgow, C.2.

(IN this stand examples of the well known Austin chassis will be seen, each carrying bodywork of a type different from that used in private service. For instance, the Austin six-cylinder 23.5 h.p. chassis will be shown with an ambulance body to the specification of the St. Andrew's Ambulance Association, in which form it is available ex works at £690.

The extremely popular Austin Twelve four-cylinder 12.8 h.p. chassis. Which has a wheelbase of 9 ft. 4 ins. and a track of 4 ft. 8 ins., will be shown equipped with a traveller's brougham body.

Finally, an Austin Seven 7.8 h.p. chassis, will be displayed fully equipped with a coacbbuilt van body finished in maroon.

• STAND 118 Alec Robertson Motors, Ltd., 29-31, Oswald Street, Glasgow, C.1.

THIS company has two stands, Stand No. 118 being devoted to com

mercial motors. On it will be seen three Citroen models and the Chrysler Fargo 15-cwt. van, the price of which. is 1275.

The Citroen models will comprise a standard 35-cwt. van, the chassis price of which is £225, a standard tipping lorry of the same type and a longchassis cattle-carrying vehicle of which the chassis price is 1250.

STAND 120 William Gillespie and Sons, Ltd., 53, Love Street, Paisley.

IN addition to displaying Albion products, this concern is another exhibitor of Morris-Commercial products, and the models chosen for exhibition include the 30-cwt, 2i-ton, 20-seater and 32seater. The 30-cwt. faodel, with fourcylindered engine of 80 ram. bore and 125 ram. stroke, will be seen with standard lorry body and enclosed cab, in which form it sells at £249 10s. The

2-tonner, known as the Bulk-load Carrier, has an engine of similar size, but incorporates a trailing third axle.

The Morris-Commercial Viceroy is a passenger chassis intended for 20-seater bodies, and it has an engine developing 74 b.h.p., the, wheelbase being 14 ft. and

the track 5 ft. 3i ins. On the same stand will be shown a complete Albion forward-control 32-seater bus, with 36-90 h.p. engine of ins, bore and 5 ins, stroke, the wheelbase being 16 ft. 3 ins.

• STAND 121

Macharg, Rennie and Lindsay, Ltd., .8-28 Berkeley Street, Glasgow, C.3.

WILIA'S machines will be displayed prominently on this company's stand, arrangements havin., been made to show a Willys Manchester 2-ton lorry, priced at £338, a bare chassis of t40.same type with Atlas six-wheeled extension, listed at /399, a 30-35-cwt. lorry, at 1207,10s., a Willys Express 10-cwt. van costing £478, and the wellknown Willys Commerce saloon, the price of which' is £188. Regarding the first two exhibits, the engine is of the four-cylinder type with 31--in. bore and 5-in. stroke. The 30-35-cwt. lorry has an engine of the same size.


Mackay and Jardine, Ltd., West Cross Engineering Works, Wishaw.

CLYDE chess's and vehicles are to be exhibited by this Wishaw manufacturing concern, the passenger interest

being catered for by the Clyde 35-75 h.p. Safety Six 29-seater bus, priced at £1,265. Goods vehicles will be seen in the form of the 25 h.p. 2-ton lorry, priced at £550. and the 30 h.p, 2i-ton cattle float, priced at £620. A bare chassis will also be shown. STAND 124 Scottish Motor Traction Co., Ltd., 80105, Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh.

AGOOD display of Chevrolet vehicles is to be made by this Edinburgh concern, the smallest in the range being a 12-6wt. machine with platform and the largest two three-tonners with Flexion six-wheeled conversion units. Between these extremes will be examples of the 30-cwt. chassis, one carrying a dropsided lorry body and the other a two. deck cattle-carrying body. Each chassis, even the smallest, has a six-cylindered, overhead-valve; detachably headed engine; in each case the bore and stroke being 3156 ins. and 3/ ins. respectively. Ode of the three-tonners will carry a flat platforfit body, Whilst the other will accommodate a three-way tipping body.


The Weston Motor Co., Ltd., 117-127, Berkeley Street, Glasgow, U.S.

MICE Chevrolet 12-ewt. and 30-cwt. 1 models in various forms will comprise an attractive display on this company's stand. As regards the 12-cwt. type, it is intended to show the standard van, which is listed at £175. The 30-ewt. model will be represented by a tipping lorry, priced at 1226, a platform lorry priced at £208 and a standard van priced at £235. In addition, there will be two special vehicles, namely, a 30-cwt. chassis equipped with an aluminium van body, suitable for bakers, and a 30-cwt. chassis with 3-ft. frame extension, this model being equipped RS a special travelling shop.

STAND 129 Itossleigh, Ltd., 32, Shandwiek Plate, Edinburgh.

THIS Edinburgh company will be showing quite a wide selection of up-to-date Dennis models. On the goods side there will be a 30-cwt. and twotouner in the lighter class, whilst the heavier class will be represented by the

well-known six-tonner. All of these goods vehicles will be of the forwardcontrol type.

In the way of passenger-carrying vehicles, the Dennis Dart six-cylinder coach will be shown and, up to the time of going to press, it has not been definitely decided whether to exhibit, in addition, a Dennis Arrow or a Lance bus.

Forward control on the two-tanner and the six-tanner, constitutes a recently introduced feature, a full description of which was given in our issue dated September 23rd. On tl 30-cwt. model it is quite a new feature, and the Dennis concern shows enterprise in economizing chassis space in this manner on its goods models.

STAND 127 Westfield Autocar Co., Ltd., 108-110, Lothian Road, Edinburgh.

pROMINENT on this stand will he the Morris-Commercial Leader 24-ton lorry, which at present is the largest goods-carrier in the MorrisCommercial range. IIt has a load space measuring 11 ft. 6 ins. by 6 ft. 6 ins., and the price complete is 1515.

Other Morris-Commercial goods vehicles which the Westfield company intends to show are the 35-40-cwt. lorry and the 1-ton van, whilst a product of Morris Motors, Ltd., will be seen in the form of the 8-cwt. light van.

For those interested in passengercarrying types, the Morris-Commercial Dictator chassis is to be shown, both without body and with a 24-seater coach body for Edinburgh Corporation.


The Albion Motor Car Co., Ltd., Scotstoun, Glasgow.

AMONGST the goods-carriers of Albion make, the centre of interest will probably be the new two-tanner, which is shown in chassis form. This has a wheelbase of 12 ft. 6 ins, and a sturdy four-cylindered engine with bore of 34 ins, and stroke of 5 ins. The engine develops well over 40 b.h.p.

Beside it will be seen one of the popular Albion 30-cwt. vans, with 2036 h.p. four-cylindered engine and fourspeed gearbox. The third goods vehicle will be a 35-55 h.p. 5-ton lorry with platform dimensions of 16 ft. 9 ins. by 7 ft.

Two new passenger types will be shown and these have both been fully described in our issues dated October 21st and 28th. One is the Victor 20passenger model with four-cylindered engine of 34-in, bore and 5-in, stroke, and the other is the Valkyrie 32-passenger machine with four-cylindered engine.

The Albion exhibit is completed by an example of the famous Viking 36-90 h.p. six-cylinder chassis carrying a front-entrance 32-seater bus body.

STAND 129 Halley Motors, Ltd., Yoker, Glasgow. A COMPREHENSIVE selection

from the Halley range of vehicles will be seen on this stand, including two passenger and four goods vehicles. Incidentally, a new Halley six-cylindered engine will make its first appearance. It has been designed to meet the requirements of double-deck-bus service and high-speed coach work. Its cylinders have a bore of 44 ins. and a stroke of 5 ins., the cylinders being cast en bloc. The cylinder barrels are detachable and of the wet liner type; they are deeply spigoted into the crankcase, which is of aluminium.

The passenger models to be shown comprise a 26-seater, forward-control all-weather saloon coach with a body built by Thomas Harrington, Ltd. of Brighton. This incorporates a Wal;nan sliding roof. The chassis is the Halley Chieftain, which embodies in its design a six-cylindered engine.

For the other passenger model—a rear-entrance service bus—the Conqueror chassis will be used. This model has a four-cylindered engine, a four


speed gearbox, servo-applied four-wheel brakes, Marks steering and Alegi central chassis lubrication. The 36-seater body is being built by W. and J. Smith, Ltd., of West Bromwich.

Of the other models to be shown, perhaps the 7-cubic yd. refuse-collecting vehicle is of outstanding importance, especially as the Bromilow and Edwards dustless tipping body is utilized.

This stand will also house a 5-ton forward-control platform lorry, a 4-ton standard P911 chassis and a 3-ton normal-control platform lorry. In each of these models a four-cylindered engine is used.

STAND 130 Daimler Co., Ltd., Coventry.

UNTJSUAL interest will attach to the exhibit staged by this oldestablished concern, by reason of the fact that the CH6 low-loading chassis, which is to be shown, will embody the new Daimler transmission system, comprising a Fluid Flysvheel, a pre-selective self-changing four-speed gearbox and a worm-driven rear axle, the main features of which have already been dealt with in our columns. The transmission line of this model is offset in order to provide low loading. The engine is a six-cylindered sleeve-valve unit having a seven-bearing crankshaft fitted with a vibration damper. The bore and stroke are 97 mm. and 130 mm. respectively.

A second example of the chassis will be on view carrying a Park Royal double-saloon body built to seat 49 passengers. This body has an enclosed staircase at the rear, at which point there is also an emergency exit from tits top deck.

The Daimler CH6 low-loading chassis will be exhibited carrying a single-deck bus body as well as a coach body, and in each case the bodywork will be by the Hoyal Body Corporation.

STAND 131 Vulcan Motor and Engineering Co. (1900, Ltd., Crosser, Southport.

THERE will be three goods models on the stand of this company, in addition to an Emperor bus chassis, which is built for carrying double-deck bodies. The 30-35-cwt. normal-control model will carry a tippino.' body operated by hand. This model has an engine rated at 18-40 h.p., the bore being 85 mm. and the stroke 130 mm.

Detachable-side lorry bodies -will be mounted on examples of the 40-45-cwt. chassis and the 50-60-cwt, chassis, both being arranged for forward control. The 20-45 h.p. engine of the former has a bore of 85 mm. and a stroke of 130 mm. The single dry-plate clutch and the fourspeed gearbox with a direct-drive ratio of 7 to 1, form a unit with the engine, the whole being supported at three points. The wheelbase of this chassis is 9 ft. 8 ins. The totally enclosed driver's cab is very roomy.

The four-cylindered engine employed in the other goods model to be exhibited has a bore of 100 mm. and a stroke of 130 mm. This model has a wheelbase of 11 ft. 11. ins., and incorporates certain features to be found on the models already referred to.

The Emperor 'double-deck chassis is an

unusually interesting model. It embodies the company's Monarch sixcylindered engine, which has a capacity of 7.4 litres. The cylinders are cast in two blocks of three and have detachable had.

STAND 132 Glasgow and Paris Motor Garage and Repairing Co., Ltd., Avenue Park Street, Glasgow, N.W.

THIS concern has done much to popularize Latil products north of the Border, and it also markets Delahaye commercial vehicles. A wide selection of both makes will be shown, the Latil group comprising a 10-ton tractor, equipped with winch for forestry work, a 5-ton low-loading chassis, a 6-ton standard chassis with three-way tipping body, a 5-ton tractor and trailer, a 24-ton lorry and a cattle carrier.

The Delahaye range is to be represented by a 25-30-cwt. furniture van, a 20-25-cwt. delivers, van, a 1-ton traveller's brougham and a 3-tonner in chassis form.

We have from time to time described the construction and performance of several of the Latil vehicles, and by reason of the unorthodox drive of some models and of other particular Characteristics they are unusually interesting. The 10-ton tractor drives and steers on all four wheels and is a most versatile performer.

STAND 124 The Associated Equipment Co., Ltd., Southall, Middlesex.

THIS world-famous manufacturing concern has selected two successful end popular A.E.C. models to represent its range. The passenger side will be catered for by a Regal 28-seater longdistance coach with rear-entrance body by Duple Bodies and Motors, Ltd., of London, N.W.9, and the goods side will be cared for by a Mammoth 7-8-ton flat platform lorry.

It has now been decided that the new A.E.C. six-cylindered oil-fuel engine is to be displayed, and this is certain to attract considerable attention, much interest being shown nowadays in every new oil engine that comes on to the market. The A.E.C. engine is manufactured under Acro licence and it develops 95 b.h.p.

STAND 135 Hyndland Garage, Ltd., 93, Lauderdale Gardens, Hyndland, Glasgow.

THIS concern, which is associated with The Stobcross Motor Co.,, Ltd. (see Stand No. 141), will be displaying two Bean models and a Chevrolet 30-cwt. lorry.

The Bean models will be a 40-45-cwt. forward-control chassis priced at £480, and a 24-3-ton, three-way tipper priced at 1640, unpainted.

In conjunction with the Bean models shown on Stand 141, these will afford a goodly representation of the Bean range of commercial vehicles.

STAND 136 Bass Rock Motor Co., Ltd., 1 Shrub Place, Edinburgh.

Tw°popular Reo models will be displayed on the stand of this Edinburgh concern. The first is the modelFE 20-passenger machine chassis having the Gold Crown six-cylindered engine of 31 ins, bore and 5 ins. stroke. It has an R.A.C. rating of 27.34 h.p., and develops '27 b.h.p. at 2,800 r.p.m.

The other Reo model is the DF 30cwt. goods carrier with 11-ft. 3-in. wheelbase. This has an engine of similar size to that referred to above and 'resembles the FE chassis in general ,features of design, although the gearbox provides three forward speeds. It has 32-in. by 6-in. tyres, and the price is £350.

On the same stand will be seen a Fruehauf four-wheeled trailer of 5-ton

capacity. This has steering arrangements at each end, the object being to make the trailer reversible. All wheels run on Timken roller bearings and are equipped with 34-in. by 7-in, pneumatic tyres. The price, delivered at Edinburgh, is £265. The Bass Rock concern has other interesting Fruehauf trailers in stock, but it is not likely that there will be room for more of them on this stand.

STAND 137 Dodge Brothers (Britain), Ltd., Park Royal Road, London, N.W.10.

FIVE Dodge Brothers products will be shown on this company's stand, these comprising the popular 15-cwt. van, which has a four-eylindered engine of 3iins, bore and 41 ins, stroke, developing 45 blip., two examples of the 30cwt. model with four-cylindered engine of the same dimensions, one 1...11.1-1,.-type six-cylinder two-tonner, and one R.E.S.

type six-cylinder 31-tonner. Of the two 20-cwt. models to be shown, one will be in the form of a bare chassis. The other will carry a lorry body ; both will have 30-in, by tyres, with 'twin tyres on the rear wheels.

The twe-tonner and 32,-tonner will also be in chassis form ; both of these machines have a six-cyliedered type of engine of 3*-in. bore and stroke. The standard Dodge Brothers 15-cwt. van sells at 1215, the 30-cwt. fourcylinder chassis. with 11-ft. 1-in, wheelbase being priced at 1215, or with lorry body, £272. The 2-ton chassis is listed at £470 and the 3i-tonner at £640.


F. D. Cowieson and Co., 80, Charles Street, Glasgow, N.

THE Cowieson Co. is well known throughout Scotland, not to mention beyond the Border, as the producer of high-class passenger bodywork, and is responsible for many of the attractive new bodies seen on the Glasgow Corporation buses. Three vehicles will be exhibited as examples of Cowieson products. Two of these will be Leyland vehicles, the first a Titan 51-passenger double-saloon bus and the second a. Tiger 26-seater long-distance coach. A feature of the Titan vehicle will be the special emergency exits for both upper and lower saloons, and the upholstery of this vehicle will be of real leather. The Tiger will have a front-entrance body with rear emergency exit and will have a patent opening roof.

In our issue for last week we described the new Albion Victor 20-passenger chassis, and one of these new models will be shown on the Cowieson stand equipped as a saloon motorbus with front entrance.

STAND 139 Peter Crerar, High Street, Crieff.

ASELECTION of Gilford chassis and vehicles is being arranged for display on Messrs. Crerar's stand. The Gilford 168-OT chassis, Primarily designed for passenger work, will be seen equipped with a Luton-type furniture van body.

There will be two Gilford passenger models, the one 'a forward-control, 32seater bus equipped with bucket seats and painted blue with cream upper panelling; and the other a 20-seater with sliding roof. The former is one of a fleet which is being supplied to Messrs. Currie and Thomson, of Airdrie, and the latter is one of several ordered by the Midland Bus Co., also of ,, Airdrie.

In addition, it is probable that the Gilford Motor Co., Ltd., will arrange for Messrs. Crerar to show one of the smaller models—probably the AS6 20passenger type—in bare chassis form.

'STAND 141 The Stobcross Motor Co., Ltd., Minerva • Street, Glasgow, C.3.

THIS company is associated with the Hyndland Garage, Ltd., which concern will have a separate stand. No. 135.

On the Stohcross stand an extremely interesting exhibit will take the form of the Left oil-engined chassis intended for 4-ton loads. This chassis has been dealt with quite fully in a recent issue of this journal, and it will be a welcome entry at the Scottish Show, where much interest is sure to he evinced in oil engines of all:kinds for road transport. This particular engine is of the twocylindered, two-stroke-cycle type.

On the same stand will be seen two Bean vehicles, one a 30-cwt. standard van priced at £335, unpainted, and the other a 4-ton flat platform lorry priced at £783, also unpainted. The company will also be showing a Sunbeam sixcylinder chassis for 32-seater bodywork.

STAND 142 Leyland Motors; Ltd., Leyland, Lancs.

ON its own stand Leyland Motors, Ltd., will have three complete vehicles on exhibition. On the passenger side there will be a Tiger bus. The chassis is a TS1 model, which is 27 ft. 6 ins, long overall, and it will carry a standard front-entrance 32-seater saloon body, red hide and moquette being used for upholstering the seats. The machine to be shown constitutes the 24th repeat order received from Messrs. Lawson, of Kirkintilloch.

The company's activities on the goods side will be indicated by a 50-cwt. model and a 6-7-tonner. The former is a Badger, and it will carry a platform body measuring 10 ft. 6 ins. by 6 ft. 9 ins., whilst the latter is known as the Bull TSQ3 long wheelbase model, and this, too, will carry a platform body, its dimensions being 20. ft. lens by 7 ft. 2 ins. wide. Hinged and detachable sides and tailboard are used. An extra 44-gallon petrol tank, a trailer brake and spring drawbar are included in the equipment of this vehicle.

STAND 143 Guy Motors, Ltd., Wolverhampton.

f),N the stand of this important menukifacturing company will be seen the Guy Invincible 51-seater, four-wheeled, double-deck bus and the Conquest 31seater single-deck vehicle, both six-cylinder machines that are well known to oar readers. The Conquest chassis will carry a new design of service-bus body with sides sloping inwards above the waist-rail. This chassis is fully described in the article occupying the centre pages of this issue.

A new Guy model, which will be seen for the first tithe, is the Victory 20 seater coach with six-eylindered engine of SO mm. bore and 120 mm. stroke. As this also is fully described in the article referred to herein, we need give no further details here.

In addition to these three passenger vehicles, there will be a 6-8-ton opentype, six-cylinder lorry, and one of the ()NA-model two-tonners, which are, of course, familiar to our readers.


Crossley Motors, Ltd., Gorton, Manchester.

OMPLETE passenger machines of the single and double-deck types, a de luxe coach, a bare chassis and an engine will comprise the exhibits of this concern.

The double-decker will b' of the conventional pattern and built to seat 52 passengers. It will be finished in the colours ,pf Aberdeen Corporation to which it will be delivered after the Show.

For the single-deck bus to be exhibited the company's 31-110 la.p. Arrow sixcylinder chassis will be employed, and in many respects its features are identical with those of the model already referred to. This bus will have a body with an entrance at the front and an emergency door at the rear—a type ideally suitable for municipal service. An Arrow chassis will also be used to carry an Eaton 28-seater de luxe coach body, in the design 'of which a Sunsaloon roof is incorporated ; this model will also be shown in bare form.

STAND 140 John I. Thornyeroft and Co., Ltd., Smith Square, London, SAVA.

CONSIMRABLE interest will be aroused by the new addition to the extensive Thornycroft range, this being a 21-ton chassis of special type, which will make its first public appearance at the Scottish Show. It is known as the type A7, and although, for the moment, full details are not available, we can say that the chassis embodies a 25.6 h.p. engine, a single-plate clutch, and a four. speed gearbox which conveys the drive to an overhead worm-driven rear axle. The wheelbase is 13 ft, 4 ins. The length of the body with which this chassis will be equipped is 12 ft. 6 ins., and its width 6 ft. 8 ins., and a feature is the low-loading height The cab is of up-to-date design, being streamlined with the dash and it is totally enclosed.

There will also be a 48 52-seater sixcylinder bus ie which the BC-forward chassis is used 28 passengers being accommodated in the upper saloon. The staircase leading to the upper saloon is of an unusually safe type and is wide enough to allow two persons to pass. • The third 'Thornyeroft exhibit will comprise a 6-ton JJ-forward lorry. The platform body to be carried by this model is 16 ft. long and 7 ft. 5 ins. wide. By the insertion of steel plates over the wheel recesses it has been found possible to reduce the height of the body.

Up to the time of going to press, particulars of intended exhibits have not yet come to hand from Bryson Brothers (Motors), Ltd,, of 122, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow (Stand No. 106) ; M'Lay's Garage, Ltd., Kirkintilloeh (Stand No. 123) ; Messrs. John C. Todd, Mayfield Road, Edinburgh (Stand No. 140) ; and Bean Cars, Ltd., Tipton, Staffs ,(Stand No. 145),

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