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Number: 58 1 0/8 9 ALL MODELS RENAULT-DODGE — DE

4th January 1990, Page 90
4th January 1990
Page 90
Page 90, 4th January 1990 — Number: 58 1 0/8 9 ALL MODELS RENAULT-DODGE — DE
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CARBON DAMPERS All Renault G-Range, R-Range and Midliner vehicles have been fitted with De carbon pressurised gas dampers. This type of damper will also be fitted to 50-Series vehicles progressively.

These dampers contain gas under high pressure and particular care must be taken when removing them from vehicles to prevent accident or injury caused by sudden extension of the damper or "explosive" ejection of the damper rod.

If there is any visible damage to the damper or its mountings, of if there is any deterioration in damper performance, the following procedure must be followed: Before dismounting the dampers, either hacksaw or drill carefully, and while wearing safety glasses — in the indicated area until gas can be heard escaping. Stop immediately and wait until all the gas has escaped. The damper can now be removed safely.

Ensure your face is not in line with the hole you are making. The gas is under a pressure of 450psi and it is possible that a little oil may be present in the gas chamber.

The De carbon damper can be identified by the use of a non-metallic shroud or dust cover. Dampers should not be disposed of as scrap without first being depressurised as above.


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