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One Hears

4th December 1936
Page 33
Page 33, 4th December 1936 — One Hears
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Keywords : Haulage

" Up, C.M.U.A., and at 'cm I ' That many important ancillary users take an almost surprising interest in the troubles of the haulier.

Of those who think that road-transport laws are merely "ripe for reform," whilst others say that they are rotten.

That a commission to co-ordinate transport services throughout Buenos Aires was set up on November 18.

That at Bromley, Kent, a driver was summoned for "speeding" at 26 m.p.h. as he entered and for "congesting traffic" at 16 m.p.h. as he left.

The query what did happen last Friday?

Of peaceful appliances transformable to defensive weapons of war.

That the crankshaft is still the Achilles' heel of some oil engines.

That it is not reasonable to expect a knowledge of modern driving problems from nonagenarian J.P.s.

That it is reasonable to expect those who deal with driving "offences" to have that knowledge.

Of Lockheed orange liqueur for hydraulic brakes. That to know your costs is to save many of them.

Of many operators bewildered by merger " ons " and "offs.'

Of motor firms doing much to stimulate Territorial recruitment.

That the railways are fighting for less duplication and road transport for less duplicity.

That in the old days the conscientious operator filled up tyre cuts, now they are often made purposely, Of good results from the use, by London Transport, of carbon inserts for the slippers of trolleybus booms.

That voluntary agreement to restricted radius of operation is the first step towards transport nationalization.

That the trailer is still an important factor in economic transport, as indicated by the large number of makers.

That the total value of spare parts supplied for Bishop steering gears is under 1 per cent. of the value of the gears.


People: Kent
Locations: Buenos Aires

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