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Agricultural Hall Show.

4th April 1907, Page 15
4th April 1907
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Page 15, 4th April 1907 — Agricultural Hall Show.
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Forecast of the Principal Commercial Motor Exhibits.

Much of interest will be found at Cordingley's Show when it is opened to the public on Saturday next, the 6th instant. The commercial section of the show, in which we are alone interested, is naturally dwarfed if it is sought to establish any comparisons with the recent exhibition at Olympia, but it is, none the less, worthy of a visit, and it is quite likely that a large number of business men who were unable to go to Kensington will visit Islington on or before the 13th instant. We give, to-day, only a short forecast of the principal exhibits, and it is necessary to note the following exhibitors whose stands will possess interest in addition to those to which detailed reference is made. These are : The " Automixte " Company (Pieper system of petrol-electric transmission); Boult, Taylor and Co., Ltd. (Nackc vehicles, made in Dresden); the Mercial Bus and Lorry Co,, per Mr. J. Goode (front-driven vehicles); Mann and Overton, Ltd. (a "Unic " motorcab, with side entrance body); Messrs. Moss and W&xld (" Orion " vehicles, of which the exact types to be shown have not been fixed as we go to press); Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies (motor lawn mowers); the Renard Syndicate, Ltd. (Col, Renard's train, as exhibited at Olympia); ReiD Motors, Ltd. (light delivery van chassis); and the Star Motor Co., Ltd. (light delivery van).

There will be, apart from vehicular exhibits, a variety of stands bearing interesting examples of accessories, components, stores and tires, and some of these may be named in advance as follows :—Brown Bros., Ltd.; Bowring Petroleum Co. ; Carless Capel and Leonard ; R. W. Coan (castings); Cowey Engineering Co., Ltd. (speed indicators); Cave Pneumatic Tire Patents; Davies Bros., Ltd. (Stepney spare wheels); the Elastes Co., Ltd. (special filling material for inner tubes); Fastnut, Ltd.; J. Kaye and Sons, Ltd. (oilers); Price's Patent Candle Co., Ltd.; Palmer Tire Co.,

Ltd.; Rushmore Lamps, Ltd. ; Sharpe's Universal Patents, Ltd. (silencers); Stern Sonneborn Oil Co. (including a special class of oil for rnultipk-disc clutches); S. Smith and Sons, Ltd. (clocks and speedometers); Sinclair and Co. (fire extinguishers); Smith, Parfrey and Co., Ltd. (wheels, tires and parts); the Steel Barrel Co., Ltd. ; the Simplex Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. ; Tangent Wheels, Ltd. (special resilient wheels for heavy loads); Vacuum Oil Co., Ltd.; The Valor Co., Ltd. (" New Era " fire extinguishers); and Lieut. W. S. Windham (interchangeable bodies). Alley and Maclellan, Limited, Sentinel Works, Polmadie, Glasgow.

Two standard 6-ton " Sentinel" steam wagons will be shown by this company. One of these is a chassis, and the other one has a standard lorry platform. In addition to these, several component parts will be on exhibition. The complete wagon is one of four which have been built to the order of Mr. John Smart, Royal Deeside Carrier, Aberdeen, and is a repeat order received from that gentleman. The " Sentinel " steam wagons are of -sound construction and their many interesting points will well repay a careful inspection.

The Bristol Wagon and Carriage Works Co., Ltd., Lawrence Hill, Bristol.

This company will exhibit one of its standard 5-tan wagons with tipping body. This has a vertical firetube boiler, and a two-cylinder, compound engine with long pistonstroke ; the cylinders are placed horizontally, in a position easy of access for inspection and overhauling. Provision is made for supplying the low-pressure cylinder with high-pressure steam when required. The transmission gears give two speeds, and the changes of gear may be effected from the driver's seat. The final drive is by Bramptons' doublechain to the live back axle.

Charles Burrell and Sons, Limited, Saint Nicholas Works, Thetford, Nor folk. • The exhibit of thiS' company consists of a compound 5-ton steam tractor of similar design to that which was exhibited at the last Agricultural Hall show. Either single-cylinder or compound engines may be fitted, according to the class of work which is required to be clone. They are mainly built on the lines of the company's road locomotives, which are so well known for their good qualities, but with certain modifications to suit the special requirements of the lighter types. They are mounted on springs fore and aft, and both hind wheels are driven by separate pinions off the countershaft, and have specially designed steering gear, which combines the worm and worm-wheel with the pinion and quadrant, all of which are protected from dust and grit. The tractor is fitted with an arrangement for instantaneously locking the differential gear without the necessity of the driver's leaving the foot-plate.

Daw field, Phillips, Limited, 274a, Uxbridge Road, West Ealing, London, W.

An entirely new cab chassis will be shown on this company's stand. This is known as the" D.P." motorcab chassis, and is fitted with a twincylinder, opposed, horizontal engine, with epicycl ic change-speed gear mounted on an extension of the crankshaft. Two speeds forward, and one speed reverse, are provided, and the final drive is by means of a chain to the back axle. The engine is balanced, and all the valve-tappets, etc., are enclosed. Pump lubrication is employed, and the engine is a very flexible one. The chassis has been designed to come within the Scotland Yard limits, and has, undoubtedly, been designed for the job, and is not a pleasure car dished up in a new form. The vehicle can make a complete turn, on either lock, in a road only 20 feet wide.

Messrs. Durham, Churchill and Co., Hallamshire Motor' and Engineering Works, Grimesthorpe, Sheffield.

These makers will show one chassis, and one 26-seated passenger vehicle, in addition to several examples of " Champion " friction clutches, and " Champion " changespeed gears. The chassis will be a standard 24-3oh.p. model, suitable for char-a-bancs, bus or lorry bodies, and capable of dealing with a load of 21 tons. A similar chassis, fitted with a 26-seated char-à-bancs body and canopy, will be driven up from Sheffield to the exhibition building. Both the foregoing machines are fitted with Aster engines, and the company's patent " Champion " clutches and change-speed gears. The gears are always in mesh, and have both internal and external teeth. A series of toothed blocks, operated by a sliding cam-rod, engage with the internal teeth of the wheel transmitting the drive. The differential gear-case is also interesting, as it may be readily inspected by the modification in design which allows the lower portion to be removed very easily. From reports to hand in regard to the behaviour of this firm's chars-abanes and vans, they deserve to attract close attention at the show.

The Electric Vehicles Development Co., Ltd., London (Mr. H. B. van Daalen, 2a, Oxford and Cambridge Mansions, Hyde Park, W.).

On this company's stand three electric landaulets will be exhibited. These are all on chassis constructed on the " Vedrine " system, and areparticularly suitable for cabs, principally because of the shape of the frame, which is curved in such a way as to bring the floor of the cab within about 15 inches from the ground just at the point where the door is normally fitted. The system of control dispenses with the controller in its usual form, with its 8 or to movable electrical contacts, which introduce, or cut out, resistance in order to vary the strength of the magnetic field. The motor is a compound one, with a patented field-magnet yoke. Two of the vehicles are sold. In future,.

these chassis will he fitted with French motors, all other parts being of English manufacture.

Fodens, Limited, Elworth Works, Sandbach, Cheshire.

Two standard 5-ton steam wag,ens \vill form the exhibit of the company. These are fitted with loco-type multitubular boilers, in each smoke-box of which an exhaust muffler and superheater is fitted. Thc engine is a horizontal compound one, and is mounted on the top of the boiler as is the custom in traction-engine construction. whilst the cylinders are steam jacketed, and pro, sion is made for sup. plying both with high-pressure steam. There are two change-spee-ii gears, which provide for total gear reductions, from engine to road wheels, of 9 to i and 24 to it, and the final drive is by means of a long Hans Renold chain of the roller type. Each vehicle is capable of conveying a load of 5 tons on its own platform, and a further load of a tons on a trailer along all ordinary roads, and up an incline of i in 7 providing the road is a reasonable one. A point worth noting is the position of the injectors, which, being low down, are always flooded with water from the tank.

Wm. Foster and Co., Ltd., \Veiling; ton Foundry, Firth Road, Lincoln.

Two Wellington steam tractors NVIII he on exhibition, together with a plain tractor boiler arranged with a view to showing the special method of cylinder mounting, and the manner of staying the boiler plates. The cylinder mounting is a special feature of these tractors, as it avoids the use of bolts whose heads or nuts are in the steam space. Very large water tanks are fitted, and the feedwater supply to the boiler is controlled by a special valve, which allows of part only, or the whole, of the water delivered by the pump, reaching the boiler, and, when necessary, the whole of the water may be returned to the tanks. One of the tractors will be fated with tanks which have a capacity sufficient for a is-mile run, and the tanks on the other one allow for a run of 30 miles. The engines are compound, with cylinders 41 inches in diameter, and a piston-stroke of 6i inches.

Halley's Industrial Motors, Ltd., Yoker, Glasgow.

An interesting two-cylinder, 2oh.p. petrol van, for loads of .3ocwt, or 2 tons, will be the chief exhibit of this company, but a number of component parts will also be shown. The component parts will be much appreciated by enquirers, as it gives them an opportunity of examining, and asking questions relating to, details which otherwise are not accessible to the ordinary visitor. The gears on this vehicle are always in mesh, and the .final drive is by means of roller chains to the back wheels. Simplicity and accessibility have been the chief points aimed at in the design of the chassis. In order to meet the de

mand for light vans, the company has been compelled to construct large new works at Yoker, and these are now equipped with the latest machinery for the rapid and accurate production of the various parts. Its sole agency for London and the South of England is held by Autocar Agencies, Limited, of 3, Hanover Court, Hanover Street, W.

Mann's Patent Steam Cart and Wagon Co., Ltd., Pepper Road Works, Hunslet, Leeds.

A 5-ton standard steam wagon, with special body, for The Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co.,Ltd., Aberaman Offices, or. Aberdare, is the exhibit of this company. The general design of the wagon is the same as that shown at last year's Cordingley's Show, the principal points of the design being loco—type multi-tubular boiler, horizontal compound engine with all working parts enclosed and running in oil, and an all-gear drive. The gear shafts are carried in brackets, which are located by spigots and bolted to the sides of the engine casing. The body has been specially designed for the conveyance of coal, and is built to take separate boxes, each of which contains a definite amount of coal. These boxes are so arranged that each compartment can individually be tipped to either side of the vehicle as desired.

Frank Morris, Limited, King's Lynn.

For the last to years this company has made a speciality of manufacturing and supplying certain component parts for particular engines and chassis, and it will show a collection of such parts, at the forthcoming show. The exhibit will include : two types of engines, with two or four cylinders, having a bore of imomm. diameter and a piston-stroke of isomm.; a spring-drive clutch; and an aluminium radiator which has been specially designed for omnibus or lorry work.

Robey and Co., Ltd., Globe Works, Lincoln_ This company will show one of its steam tractors, and a steam wagon. The tractor has been built to comply in every respect with the Heavy Motorcar Order of 1904, and has a compound engine and loco.-type boiler with large heating surface and grate area. There is a front water tank and means for rapidly filling the same. A slip winding-drum and powerful rim brake, the latter acting on both hind wheels, are also fitted. The 5-ton steam lorry has a vertical boiler, with submerged fire-tubes, and a compound engine slipplied with steam at 2001. pressure. The transmission is by gearing throughout and is completely enclosed, this statement also applying to the backaxle and axle-boxes, which are provided with dust-proof cases ; all other parts of the transmission run in oilretaining cases. The drive is quite flexible and allows for considerable movement of the bearing springs. The road wheels are a combination of the wood and the steel type, designed with a view to being very resilient.

Savage Brothers, Limited, St. Nicholas Iron Works, King's Lynn.

One of this company's latest 6-ton steam wagons will be exhibited in the Minor Hall. It has a horizontal compound engine with all the valvemotion encased in an oil-bath. The boiler is of the water-tube type, and has 90 square feet of heating surface, and 4 square feet of grate area. The final drive is by means of side rollerchains to the rear wad wheels, and the wagon is capable of taking 6 tons up a gradient of i in 7, or to tons up a gradient of I in 12, if the road surface is in fair condition, the to tons being divided between the wagon (6 tons) and a trailer (4 tons).

Messrs. The Scheele Electric Carriage Co., 41, Grosvenor Mews, New Bond Street, London, W.

One landaulet, one brougham, and one limousine will be exhibited by this firm. They are all mounted on chassis which are driven by two electric motors, the current being supplied from a battery of accumulators, which is either placed under the seats or under a bonnet in front of the vehicle, which, in the latter case, has the appearance of a petrol car. These chassis may be fitted with cab or ambulance bodies suitable for town use. The batteries have a capacity sufficient for a run of 6o miles on one charge, and the controller is arranged to give five speeds forward and two speeds reverse.

The Scottish Motor Engineering Co., Ltd., Granton Harbour, Edinburgh.

It is the intention of this company to exhibit one of its standard bus or lorry chassis, fitted with a 45h.p. engine, and similar, in all respects, to one that has travelled 3,500 miles, in the Edinburgh district, within a period of six weeks. In addition to the bus chassis, a 25cwt. delivery van chassis will be shown ; the engine of this chassis is 12h.p. Both vehicles have gear-boxes with gears always in mesh, with provision for three speeds forward and one speed reverse, and all of these ratios are operated by one lever.• The cylinders of both engines are cast separately. The 45h.p. chassis, when used as a lorry, is capable of taking a load of 5 tons.

The St. Pancras Iron Work Co., Ltd., 171, St. Pancras Road, London, N.W.

On this company's stand, one of its standard 5-ton steam wagons will be exhibited. This is exactly similar to the one recently shown at Olympia, and has a fire-tube vertical boiler, with the fire-tubes arranged radially from the fire-box, and in nearly a horizontal position. The compound engine indicates 6oh.p., and has all its parts enclosed and protected. One of the most interesting features of this wagon is the rocking type of fore-carriage, which is mounted on two pivots; this arrangement permits either of the leading wheels to mount, and pass over, obstacles of considerable size, without putting any twisting strains on the frame or any part of the transmission gear. The vehicle is constructed to deal

with tons on the open platform, and to haul a further 2 tons on a trailer. All the transmission gear on this vehicle is enclosed and runs in Messrs. Tasker and Sons, -Waterloo Iron Works, Andover, Hants.

The exhibit of this th-rn is one of their B2 type steam tractors, with compound engine, aild is fitted with Mr. George Hoare's patent spring gear which allows considerable freedom to the axle to adapt itself to the inequalities of the road surface, whilst the driving gears revolve on fixed centres and drive the axle through the medium of a floating ring. The boiler is of the loco, type, and supplies steam at t6o1b. pressure. A slip winding-drum is Mted with about 4o yards of steel cable. The gears provide for speeds of three and six miles an hour, and the tractor is capable of hauling a load of 5 to 8 tons zoccrrding to the conditions of the road. Messrs. Tasker and Sons also make spring-mounted trailers to carry 6 tons; these have the wheels bushed with phosphorbronze, and are specially suitable for use with steam tractors.

Wallis and Steevens, Limited, Basingstoke, Hants.

The exhibit of this company will consist of a steam tractor, and a 6ton steam wagon. Both these machines have loco.-type boilers, and enclosed-type, compound o with all valve-motions enclose and running in oil. The final transmission on the wagon is by means of a single Hans-Renold roller chain. The tractor is fitted with an extra water tank, and this is mounted round the base of the chimney.

The Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Co., Vulcan Works, Hunslet, Leeds.

A standard 6-ton steam wagon, fitted with a fiat lorry body suitable for contractors' or general carriers' work, will be shown on this company's stand. The vehicle has been built to the instructions of Mr. Luke Winterburn, of Oldham, and is a repeat order. The details of the vehicle are exactly similar to those of the one recently described by us in our first Olympia ".3how number— March 7th last. The principal features of these wagons are pretty well known, and one of the most interesting is the multitubular, loco-type boiler fitted transversely in front of the driver's seat, whilst the company's new vertical engine is most accessible.

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