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Removing Dangerous Corners.

3rd September 1929
Page 48
Page 48, 3rd September 1929 — Removing Dangerous Corners.
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The Roads Improvement Association Is strongly advocating the improvemenC of our roads by removal of the serious

danger spots from them. It is contended that British roads abound in dangerous corners and blind curves, and that' whilst they are the best surfaced they are the most dangerous in the world. They are also the most over-crowded. There are more vehicles per mile of road in England than in the U.S.A. or France.

Unnecessary plans, detailed estimates and frequent reference to Whitehall should be abandoned, and county surveyors and borough engineers authorized to settle the necessary work on the spot under the Divisional Engineer of the Ministry of Transport.

It is estimated that the work would keep 40,000 men employed throughout the winter. The full programme for this period would cost between £5,000,000 and £8,000,000 from the Load Fund and £2,000,000 from the rates and other sources.

Four More Blackpool-London Coaches.

The watch committee of Cherley Corporation has granted licences to Mr. J. Watkinson, of Preston, for four buses in connection wi#11 a daily service between Blackpool and London, a condition being that no passengers shall be picked up in Chorley or any Lancashire town.

Spare Parts for the Guy OND Chassis.

A particularly well-arranged., catalogue of spare parts for the Guy OND chassis for 20-seater bodies has' been produced by Guy Motors, Ltd., Fallings Park, Wolverhampton, and represents another step in the final re-organization of the Guy service department.. , The descriptive matter faces the illustration of the part in every case and the book is so arranged that each page of description is complete in itself. We note that the price given on the cover is 3s. 6d.

A Combination of Business Interests.

To all engaged in industry of any kind, the publication entitled "Vickers, Limited, and Its Interests," will, no doubt prove good reading. This brochure sets forth in a simple manner the ramifications of Vickers Ltd., Vickers House, Broadway, London, S.W.1, and by means of the text and a diagram demonstrates the connection between Vickers-Armstrongs, Ltd., the English Steel Corporation, Ltd., and Vickers, Ltd.; also the Metropolitan Carriage, Wagon and Finance Co., Ltd., Sir W. G. Armstrong Whitworth and Co., Ltd., Common Laird and Co., Ltd., and 'the various-auxiliary undertaking connected with each of these .concerns.

In addition to setting forth the products obtainable from the various companies and groups—which information should be of considerable value to buyers both at home and abroad—it itemizes minor categories of goods under a wide variety of headings, many of which are of interest to those concerned in the commercial-motor industry.

New Traffic Regulations for France.

We understand that modifications and additions are being made in France to the regulations concerning road trans 214 port. Traffic on the national-arterial roads is to have right of way. Every ear must have two independent braking systems, each rapid in action and sufficiently powerful to hold the vehicle at rest upon the steepest gradients. Not less than two headlamps must be provided and these must give an effective light for at least 75 yds., but$ in such a way as not to cause dazzle. It is interesting to note that bicycles are to carry rear lights, but for a short time to come reflectors will be allowed.

British Saw Blades for All Needs.

Engineers of all classes need saws for metal work ; their requirements may differ from heavy-duty blades for highspeed machine-saws down to those for small hand frames and which are used for 'cutting very soft metals. These needs are met in the range of saws set forth in the latest catalogue of Enox products made by Fry's (London),_Ltd., 24-2G, Water Lane, London, E.C.4, The longevity and durability of the Enox-S.T.

blades are shown by an example quoted by the makers. A sample packet of blades was a railway company. instead of cutting 12 pieces of .65 carbon steel each blade made nearly 70 cuts—nearly six times the number expected.

Buses or Trolley-buses for Brighton?

It is certain that it will not be long before the whole question of passenger transport by road in Brighton and Hove will have to be dealt with by the council. There is underconsideration at the moment a scheme for a partnership between the municipal tramways and the Tillings concern, but it cannot yet be said whether this will be carried through. Everyone knows, however, that the trams are noisy, the rails constitute a nuisance to other traffic 4,nd repairs to the track interfere with the service.

At least one of the local papers has put up a strong plea for the trolleybus which, it considers, is ideal for the neighbourhoods

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