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'Here is an opportunity for transport operators to nail their colours to the mast'

2nd May 1996, Page 82
2nd May 1996
Page 82
Page 82, 2nd May 1996 — 'Here is an opportunity for transport operators to nail their colours to the mast'
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arks & Spencer enjoys a public image of providing quality products and value for money in a pleasant environment. The success of our company has been based on taking the very best core of our customers; over the years we hove established a reputation for efficiency and honest values. Such a philosophy has to be followed by every element of our operation from the product to the stores, to the staff .__and to our transport. Vehicles on the road bearing Marks & Spencer livery make a substantial contribution to our overall image. We would be foolish to ignore the benefits to our reputation created by the operation of clean, safe and well driven vehicles—or the prospective damage to our good name if we allowed dirty, dangerous and badly driven vehicles.

This is why we have been delighted to sign up to the much needed 'Good Lorry Code and the 'Well Driven?' vehicle signs that form such an important part of the Code. At Marks & Spencer we want to provide our customers with the very best. We have always encouraged our customers to let us know if they are unhappy about any element of our products or service: our participation in the Good Lorry Code is an extension of this philosophy and will give us a chance to monitor how the general public—in this case the motorist—views our performance. There can be no doubt that the road transport industry needs to improve its public perception We hove a hi-tech, efficient and innovative industry which leads the way among European countries. The responsible majority do not deserve a poor public image nor, indeed, the burdens placed on us by governments, such as inadequate infrastructure investment and high taxation levels. I believe that widespread industry support for the Good Lorry Code will help improve both the corporate identity of participating companies and the overall public image of the transport industry. Here is an important opportunity for all transport operators and their customers to nail their colours to the mast and offer themselves up to public scrutiny. I am proud to be a part of the transport industry and am very willing to open our operation up to that test.

I look forward to the Good Lorry Code achieving the recognition it deserves— among the public and the politicians, the media and the members of our industry— as well as a rapid growth in the number of participating companies.

Fl The Good Lorry Code is sponsored by the Freight Transport Association, the Road Haulage Association and the Confederation of British Industry. For further information call 01892 552355

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