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2nd January 1919
Page 8
Page 8, 2nd January 1919 — THE C.M.U.A.'S TWENTY POINTS.
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The Reconstruction Plans of the Users' Organization.

The chairman of the General Committee (now styled the National Council) of the Commercial Motor Users' Association has advised the members of the Association that at the first meeting of the council in the New Year, to be held on Wednesday next, 8th January, he will urge the adoption of the twenty reconstruction points which we are able to set out here in full. They are as follow :— (1) Abandonment at earliest date of petrol licensing and other control measures due to the war.

(2) Continuation of pressure to secure lower prices for motor spirits and all other fuels. (3) ensure specifications for petrol and benzole which will guarantee good and uniform quality.

(4) Development of all home-produced fuels, and their use, free of Excise Duty. (5) Simplification of procedure under which commercial users are entitled to recover the petrol-tax rebate (now 3d_ a gallon). (6) Proceeds of motor-spirit tax and vehiclelicence duties to be paid into a central road fund and applied to road improvement. (7) Better roads and bridges. (8) Opposition to all unjustifiable bridge and highway restrictions.

(9) Speeding up of terminal services for commercial motors at docks, wharves, warehouses and goods-yards. (10) All road users to be required to conform to adequate lighting regulations. 028 (11) No local tolls. (12) Creation of inexpensive and speedy appeal procedure in cases where authority or discretion concerning licences or routes is in the hands of local councils.

(13) Active propaganda work amongst members of Parliament.

(14) The simplification and codification of highway, traffic and motor-vehicle law. (15) Permanent strengthening of the Association's central defence fund.

(16) Divisional and Area organization for members, with local self-government. (17) Extension of the Association's provision for independent expert engineering advice, examinations and reports. (18) Extension of Association's seheme of approved depots and roadside supply facilities. (19) Extension of the Association's free legal advice and defence.

(20) Extension to the Provinces of the Association's examinations for divers.

In each and every case the interests of the user of commercial motor vehicles is materially affected, and we strongly commend to their notice the request of the chairman for their concurrence in the points, in writing. Moreover, the opportunity should be taken to bring the programme of work for the year, as set out in the "Twenty Points," to the notice of commercial motor users who are not already members of the Association, as every possible effort must be made to double the membership during the year.

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