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2nd February 1968
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Page 92, 2nd February 1968 — TRA I L
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A buyer's guide to trailers and semi trailers


Arrow Construction Equipment Ltd., Cowpen Road, Blythe, Northumberland.

A substantial range of standard semi-trailers is offered, including flat, step and drop-frame units, machinery carriers, skeletals and vans. The flat platform types can be supplied with single-, tandemor three-axle running gear; all others with only singleor tandem-axles.

Special tilting trailers are produced for the carriage of civil engineering plant. There are two versions of this type available, one a close-coupled drawbar unit of 10 tons capacity and the other a semi-trailer of 16 tons. The system employed by these vehicles is a hydraulically tilted body or part of a body which forms a ramp up which diggers, bulldozers or cranes or the like can be driven or winched. Loading times of 45sec for the drawbar vehicle and 90sec for the semi-trailer are claimed; both platforms tilt to 14deg and both units cart operate at maximum permitted motorway speeds.


Boden Trailers Ltd., Royton, Oldham, Lancs.

The Boden Mk 3 semi-trailer frame forms the backbone of this company's products. Nearly all the variations produced utilize this model as their base. Among the variations available are flat platforms, step and drop-frame, skeletal container-carriers, coil carriers and vans. Some of the features of the range are that it includes non-reactive suspension on the tandem models, chassis frames are of fabricated l-section beams with specially designed stiffening plates in the regions of the spring hanger brackets and independent lighting harness to each side of the vehicle are provided. Single tandem and three-axle units are included in the range.

Boden also offers a wide range of TIR bodywork on these trailers, all tilt-framing being designed to be interchangeable between any units made by the company. The alloy-bodied chassis-van is constructed with Alcan alloy transport sheet which has close pitched ribbing. This is ranged horizontally giving an attractive finish. With the amalgamation between this company and Crane Fruehauf, Baden recently announced the introduction of a chassisless van incorporating the Crane Vanguard body arid the Mk 3 Boden running gear. Bramber Engineering Ltd., Durban Works, Willand Works, nr. Cullompton, Devon.

The majority of this company's production is taken up by lightweight boat trailers and other special vehicles for the transport of road rollers and cars. Bramber Flexitor suspension is widely used by manufacturers of small trailers throughout the industry but it is not generally recognized that these are available with capacities of up to BOcwt per pair.

Production under licence of the Rockwell Standard single-taper leaf spring was recently started at the company's South Wales works,


J. Brockhouse and Co. Ltd., Vehicles Division, Victoria Works, Hill Top, West Bromwich, Staffs.

Fifth wheel and automatic coupling semitrailers provide a complete range for all aspects of general haulage operations. The Brockhouse automatic coupling is of the non-collapsible variety and trailers so fitted are equipped with dual mechanical and twoline air braking systems complying fully with the requirements of the C and U Regulations.

Fifth-wheel trailers go by the name of Expediter and this range contains single-, twin oscillatingand tandem-axle versions. The twin oscillating-axle designs employ trailing-arm suspensions utilizing compressed rubber as a suspension medium. The single-axle units have conventional leaf springs with an option of Dunlop Pneuride air suspension. A light weight mechanical non-reactive suspension is employed on the tandem-axle versions providing lower tyre wear and improved braking.

The company's design and production facilities permit considerable variation of existing models and a high degree of custom building.


British Trailer Co. Ltd., Phoenix Works, Richmond Road, Trafford Park, Manchester 17.

Four-In-Line running gear tractors make up a large proportion of the output of the BTC range. This running gear can be found operating throughout the world and employs fourspring suspension with the springs situated above and below each oscillating axle. The axles carried on trunnion-brackets and the centres of the axle stubs and the trunnion are on the same level, thus allowing universal movement without tyre scrub.

Many types of trailers made range from straight frames, through step and drop-types to machinery carriers, pole trailers, skeletals, coil carriers, vans, tippers and bus trailers. This latter category is for airport authority use and does not comply with regulations for highway operation in the UK. They have accommodation for up to 100 passengers.

Bogies and dollies for indivisible loads and drawbar units with gross-trailer weight ratings ranging between 5.6 and 28 tons are produced. BTC has a wholly-owned bodybuilding organization which produces special bodies and containers both of ISO and Freightliner types. It is one of the few trailer companies that makes its own fifth-wheel couplings.


Carrimore Six Wheelers Ltd., Harelaw Industrial Estate, Stanley, County Durham.

In the last year this firm has moved its works lock, stock and barrel from Finchley, North London, to County Durham, allowing trailers to be built more competitively. But this does not mean that the numerous special types produced over the years will be dropped. Carrimore is the trailer division of the Steel Barrel Scammells Group and as such can supply a wide variety of special bodywork including tankers, tippers and exhibition vehicles.

The company is a leading supplier of car transporters and its three-decker—the K5—is probably the most sophisticated vehicle of its kind available. One of the unique features of transporters made by this firm is the Carrimore Quickfit retractor coupling. This device extends the distance between tractive unit and trailer when the vehicle is turned, so allowing smaller body, and back of cab dimensions to be utilized. An extra advantage claimed for the coupling is that it reduces the tendency of jack-knifing. It is available on Carrimore semi-trailers up to 16 tons gross trailer weight only.

Articulated special-purpose vehicles are offered for gross combination weights between 6 and 60 tons and drawbar units for gross weights between 2 and 70 tons are also made.

Extensible units with gross trailer weights between 12 and 26 tons, pole trailers between 10 and 30 tons and skeletal container-carriers between 12 and 26 tons are made. The company also produces vans of 13 to 28 tons gross trailer weight.


Carter Engineering Co. (ramworth) Ltd., Lichfield Road, Tamworth, Staffs.

Car transporters are the speciality and vehicles for this purpose are produced both as semi-trailers and as close-coupled fourwheelers.

All the units made by Carter utilize rubber as the suspension medium and the company has made blase studies of existing and future legislation with a view to its products carrying the greatest possible number of cars while operating within the legal limits of gross weight and overall length.

Units which are equipped with two decks have the upper sections raised and lowered by either electrics or hydraulics, according to preference. The biggest transporter carries eight cars and the smallest—a close-coupled four-wheel drawbar unit—carries two.


Charrold Ltd., St. Peter's Road, Huntingdon.

Special trailers—for handling bulk granular materials—and stainless steel vans are made by Charrold.

The bulk vehicles all embody frameless construction and utilize many types of materials handling equipment. These can be of the belt conveyor type, elevator, gravity or pneumatic delivery—in fact any system to suit the customer's requirements.

Constructed on the frameless principle, the vans utilize corrugated stainless steel panels. Fitted with standard leaf spring suspension, they are available with single taper-leaf springs as an option.

Both the vans and the conveyor vehicles are available with single-, tandemor threeaxle running gear. Tanker bogies are produced with singleor tandem-axles.


Crane Fruehauf Trailers Ltd., South Green Works, Dereham, Norfolk.

If a very heavy transporter is seen on the roads it is probably a Crane Fruehauf unit. Special units of this type weighing 400 tons and over are produced and these usually incorporate hydraulic suspension. The hydraulics serve two purposes—the first to absorb irregularities in road surfaces, the other to raise and lower the unit to facilitate the negotiation of bridges, loading and off-loading.

A wide range of standard platform trailers both with flat frames and step frames is made also, the flat types being available with single-, tandemor three-axle running gear. All these models have conventional suspension, the springs being of the slipper-ended type with the axles located by radius rods.

Pole trailers and round-timber carriers are produced and singleand tandem-axled coil carriers, tipping trailers and tankers. are also made. The company has developed the Vanguard range of standard frameless vans. These can be equipped for dry cargoes or be insulated and /or refrigerated. Bulk powder transporters, utilizing air fluidization for discharging, are constructed in both light alloy and mild steel. Tankers for liquid cargoes can be supplied in these materials or in stainless steel.

A standard range of machinery carriers with gross trailer weights between 12.75 and 72 tons is produced. .Other vehicles of this type can be made to special order. TIR-bodied flats and flat platforms of the extensible variety are made also.

Recent changes in the firm's designs for the Con-Leader container carriers have resulted in these models now having a continuous frame all round instead of relying on outriggers to carry the container locks. Other developments in this range now permit the carriage of two different sizes of ISO container and three sizes of Freightliner. This addition to the range is alternative to the original Con-Leader units which could carry only one size of container depending on the length of the trailer.

The latest introduction by Crane Fruehauf is a new axle which is now used as standard equipment on all standard semi-trailers. This unit features a square beam rated at 25,000lb and has equal size inner and outer bearings. Lubrication of these units can be either by oil or grease and the new bearing dimensions are claimed to provide for a 25 per cent increase in capacity.


Crawford, Prince and Johnson Ltd., Syston, Leicester.

No semi-trailers are manufactured by this company but building of bodywork for vehicles of this kind is undertaken. Trailer production is restricted to two-wheeled drawbar types with capacities of up to 15cwt. Special types are produced to carry sheep and pigs and lightweight units suitable for towing behind light cars or motorcycle combinations are made.

Custom building of trailers for special purposes is undertaken.


Dayton and Co. (Coachbuilders) Ltd., Wilden Works, INilden Lane, Stourport-onSevern.

This company offers an extensive range of standard trailers of many types covering gross trailer weights of 6 to 30 tons. Flat trailers are produced on single, tandem, three-axle and twin-oscillating axle running gears and machinery carriers on single-axle and twin-oscillating units. The remainder of the models offered are mounted on either singleor tandem-axle units and these include step and drop-frame trailers, extensibl es, skeletal container-carriers, coil carriers and vans.

All the vehicles in this, range have the name, Overlander Trailers.


R. Dixon-Bate Ltd., Chester.

An extensive range of lightweight drawbar trailers and small articulated types is offered. Among the models are several semi-trailers, some designed for operation with converted Land-Rovers, and tankers with capacities between 100 and 1,000gal, The company also produces a wide range of trailer equipment.


Duramin Engineering Co. Ltd., Harbour Road, Lydney, Glos.

Dura min is perhaps better known for its activities in the body building field. It does, however, produce an extremely wide range of trailers both of the semiand drawbar types and has recently announced a completely new range. Its products feature a wide use of light alloy. Three coil carriers having main frames constructed entirely of aluminium are offered: these units carry a bigger legal payload than any other vehicle of their type.

Four types of running gear are used on the Durarnin trailers, these being single-, tandem-, threeor twin-oscillating axle types. Singleand tandem-axled vehicles can be equipped with air suspension as an option. Van-bodied trailers can be supplied with dry cargo, insulated or refrigerated bodywork and tipping vehicles having either steel or aluminium bodies are also offered. Various types of bulk carriers for granular materials are made for weights from 15 to 32 tons and the company also offers a number of bogies for mounting on frameless tanks and vans. Drawbar trailers range between 10 and 32 tons gross.

Duramin also manufactures standard ISO and Freightliner containers, both of these being supplied in metal construction or a unique sandwich construction using expanded polystyrene with glass fibre panels vacuum moulded to it. The resulting assembly is strong, rot proof and insulating.

The new semi-trailer range includes seven skeletal framed container carriers for payloads ranging between 18 tons for the smallest to 32 tons on the largest, a 42-tonner.


R. A. Dyson and Co. Ltd., Grafton Street, Liverpool 8.

Production of this company varies from single-axle standard haulage trailers up to heavy and complex heavy haulage units.

Among the heavy vehicles produced are machinery carriers incorporating removable swan-necks and axle-gear which leave the load carrying bed completely free for loading. One of the features of Dyson machinery carriers is the use of high-tensile steel and special methods of construction giving extremely low unladen weight. A standard range of machinery carriers constructed in this way contains vehicles of up to 65 tons capacity.

The company produces a large number of oil-field trailers, most of these self loading and designed for the carriage of pipeline and drill

ing rig equipment.

A standard range of. single-, tandem-, and three-axle models is offered featuring steel or air-sprung suspensions. Three-axle models can be equipped with the Trailsteer self-tracking rear axle. This is the Italian Viberti unit which Dyson makes under licence in the UK. Among the suspension systems offered are the non-reactive DNR type and the Aeroride air suspension. This latter system is probably the most widely used air suspension in the UK.

Skeletal container carriers are produced equipped for use with ISO, BR Freightliner, or Lancashire flat type of containers. Some of these units are of the extensible type.

All the running gears used on other models are available as unitized equipment for mounting on to frameless tankers or vans and a wide range of converting and load-dividing dollies and bogies are available for use with long or indivisible loads.

A standard range of drawbar trailers with capacities from 8 to 16 tons for general haulage use is made, and also produced is a number of three-axle and other heavy duty types for special requirements.

Complete TIR trailers are produced, two features of which are removable intermediate decking and a travelling tilt, designed in Sweden and again, made under licence by Dyson. This eliminates the time involved in dismantling and assembling of fixed tilts.


Ibbeft Engineering Co. Ltd., Stanley Works, Kempston Hardwick, Bedford.

Automatic ground-level loading is the Ibbett byword. Most of its production incorporates the patented Eezion hydraulic retractable runun fling

ning gear, which allows the floors of trailers to be lowered to ground level without the need to remove either axles or swan-neck assemblies.

Those units which do not utilize this method of loading are equipped with tilting platforms and provide for the easy movement of wheeled and tracked plant. Articulated vehicles of the first mentioned types are produced with capacities of from 3 to 25 tons while the latter are available with capacities from 15 to 22 tons.

Also made: a wide range of close-coupled drawbar trailers on which the drawbar coupling-height can be varied between 23 and 36in. above the ground. Other products include vehicle recovery trailers and van trailers with capacities up to 1,500 cu.ft.


ECG Trailers Ltd., Silwood St., Bermondsey, London, SE16.

No standard models are produced—each vehicle is custom built to special order. Tenand 12-ton single-axle versions incorporating either the Tasker or Scammell automatic couplings are available and the company makes fifth-wheel versions of the 12-tonner. Rubery Owen axles and suspension are used throughout.


ERF Ltd., Sun Works, Sandbach, Cheshire.

Only one model is produced by ER F which is better known for its vehicles than for its semi-trailers. This one model, a tandem-axle unit with a 25/26 tons gross trailer weight Is made in 30 and 33ft length versions. Pressed high-tensile steel main-frames are used and these are boxed over 15ft of their length to provide adequate stiffness. Pressed steel outriggers, perforated to reduce the unladen weight of the unit, support pressed steel side-rave members, the whole assembly being electrically welded. A lin. nominal hardwood floor is laid longitudinally and has a removable trap giving access to the king pin assembly.

Two-speed landing gear is standard and the unit employs 15.5 by 7in. cam operated brakes with triple diaphragms at all wheels. Slipper ended springs and rubber bushing throughout the running gear eliminates the need for maintenance.


Fox Trailers Ltd., Victory Works, Woodend Avenue, Speke, Liverpool 24.

The most notable example of this company's products is the fold-over fifth-wheel converter. This enables a tractive unit to be used with either automatic couplings or fifth-wheel couplings; the preparation of a tractive unit so fitted can easily be completed by an operative working alone.

Almost any type of trailer or semi-trailer up to a gross trailer weight of 25 tons is produced by Fox although almost all of its production is made up by custom-built equipment. Twin oscillating, single-axle or tandemaxle running gears are used and an Eaton Hendrickson four spring suspension may be specified on the 16-17 ton models.

Integral vans have capacities of up to 1,600 cuft. Also made are tankers up to 3,600gal, semi-trailer and drawbar machinery carriers, and a number of industrial works transport trailers for internal use.


Fromant and Son (Trailers) Ltd., 97 Felpham Way, Felpham, Bognor Regis, Sussex.

Standard ranges of Fromant vehicles include flat platform, step and drop frame, skeletal container-carriers, coil carriers and vans. Flat platform types are available with singletandem or three-axle running gear for gross trailer weights between 12 and 28 tons. The container carrier features a specially designed triple-flanged neck section said to provide better stress distribution when carrying containers weighing 20-22 tons.

The company has recently completed a number of special semi-trailers for transporting reinforced concrete slabs used in the construction of prefabricated buildings. These feature Rubery Owen suspension assembled with the axles underslung to provide a low centre of gravity. Inner and outer frames carry 17ft-long slabs and 24ft-long slabs respectively. The trailer frames are stepped behind the fifth wheel.

Fromant vans are of all-aluminium construction. TIR-bodied trailers and tipping trailers for operation at 32-ton gross are also made.


Hands Trailers ltd., Letchworth, Herts.

This firm, a member of the Hawker Siddeley Group, has introduced several developments of interest to those seeking low unladen weight. Its tandem-axle trailers employ Hands/ Neway running gear. This is a much modified and well proved American design which employs either air suspension or cantilever Leaf springs on the leading axle. The trailing axle is mounted on a trailing arm pivoted at its centre with its leading end bearing on the trailing end of the spring. This suspension is probably the lightest unit on the market: in running gear form ready for mounting on a frameless tank or van it scales 1 ton 18cwt. Also incorporated in the design are torsional anti-roll bars, of particular value when the suspension medium is air.

Of interest are the company's designs for skeletal container carriers, Weightsaver frameless vans (produced in conjunction with Bonallack) and container handling equipment. The skeletal trailer suitable for use with both ISO and Freightliner boxes has a cruciform framework which is designed to distribute the severe local stresses imposed when it is negotiating uneven surfaces while carrying a container.

A lightweight at-tic is produced utilizing a Ford D300 tractive unit. Detachable bogies, low loaders and machinery carriers are also built.

Hands offers load-sensed braking on all of its models, and it manufactures its own axles. An automatic coupling featuring an emergency braking system, operable in the event of the trailer breaking away from the tractive unit, is made. It is of the non-collapsible type and incorporates the largest diameter turntable available in this type of coupling.

Semi-trailers made have gross-trailerweight ratings from 6.3 to 36 tons. Drawbar types are available, these being of the twoaxle variety between 10.5 and 19.7 tans gross.


liaison Trailers Ltd., Newhaven, Sussex.

Car transporters and small recovery trailers are the Halson speciality; a range of models which include four-wheel and semi-trailertype car transporters is produced, the closecoupled four-wheelers will carry four cars and the articulated units which bear the model numbers AT5 and AT6 can carry five and six cars respectively.

The AT6 is built to comply with the latest C and U Regulations and utilizes single-axle running gear with 8.25-15 tyre equipment. The AT4, which is the model number given to the close-coupled type of vehicle, is suitable for use behind a Land-Rover or Austin Gipsy type of vehicle.


Highway Trailers (Gt. Britain) Ltd., Multiwheelar Works, Southampton Airport, Southampton, Hants.

A wide range of semi-trailers for gross combination weights of between 20 and 32 tons for general haulage use is offered by Highway Trailers. Sixteen-inch by 5.5in. fabricated beams form the main frames of the bulk of these vehicles and a feature of the construction is that the cross-members are pierced through the web of the main frame. Hardwood floors are laid flush with the top flange of the main frame to accept direct loading of heavy items of machinery and the like, so avoiding damage to the floor boards.

Coil carriers up to 32ft-long incorporating a full length coil well are produced and the company also offers the Highway bulk tipper.

A three-axle semi-trailer for operation at 32 tons gross employs an unusual wheel arrangement, the first and third axles of the bogie being equipped with single tyre and wheel equipment while the centre axle has twin wheel and tyre equipment. Balance beams of unequal length distribute the load accurately over the tyres and the design is claimed to reduce the amount of tyre scrub.

The associate company of Highway, Multi-wheeler, produces this and other special vehicles. Made under licence by the company is a power-operated landing gear utilizing air over hydraulic which can be supplied either as a fitted unit or attached to removable fittings for handling containers. Highway also manufactures under licence Eidal running gear which is used on its round-timber carriers and bolster wagons.


Hoynor Ltd., Danbury Essex.

A car transporter which is quickly and easily converted into a general cargo carrier is one of the models offered by Hoynor. The vehicle —the Transloader--operates at 22 tons gross and has the upper deck arranged to fold down and form a 33ft-long platform.

A range of tipping trailers utilizing the Villiers system and having capacities of 16 to 65 cu.yd. is made and a universal model which incorporates detachable sides, posts and headboard is also offered. This vehicle can readily be employed for pallet loading and other general cargo work.


Robert Hudson (Raleirux) Ltd., Raletrux Works, P.O. Box No. 4, Morley, Leeds.

Only one standard trailer is made by Hudson but also available is a number of dollies and bogies for indivisible loads and other types of trailer built only to special order.

The one standard semi-trailer is called the Timiser (from the words time and miser). This unit is a low-loader with a difference. It will carry a payload of up to 14 tons and the method of loading is unique.

Twin oscillating axles situated at the rear of the vehicle comprise two bogie-units, pivoted to allow them to swing out to the sides of the trailer. These are mounted upon ball bearing turntables and are coupled together by toothed quadrants. A locking pin is removed from the assembly and the handbrake lightly applied to the nearside unit. By reversing the vehicle a bias is created by the drag on the outside wheel of the nearside unit, forcing the two bogies to run outwards. With the load in place the vehicle is driven forwards and the bogies run back together when the locking pin is replaced. The whole operation is completed in a few minutes.

Among the types made to special order are 2,000 cu.ft. sugar cane transporters, 25-ton low-bed solid-tyred industrial types and road-going drawbar units with three-way tipping bodies, or standard flat or sided haulage. bodies.


HWP Engineering Co. Ltd., Lindum Street, Hexthorpe, Doncaster.

Part of a group which includes a large haulage company, this trailer-maker has the advantage of a ready-made testing ground for its products.

The wide variety of trailer equipment produced ranges from 12 tons to 30 tons gross trailer weight, both semi-trailer and drawbar types. Each type of semi-trailer offered can be had with single-, tandemor three-axle running gear. Air suspension is optional on most models and some can also be supplied with super single tyre equipment.

Drawbar trailers include both steerable four-wheelers and close coupled types and the company offers all its running gears as unitized assemblies for tank or frameless van mounting. It will also build special types to customers' requirements.


King Truck Equipment Ltd., Riverside Industrial Estate, Market Harborough, Leics.

Low-loaders, semi-low-loaders and extensible pole trailers, concrete panel carriers and special high-capacity platform trailers are among the King units. A range of dollies which allows semi-trailers to be converted to drawbar types and can also be used for supporting one end of an indivisible load is offered and a number of fixed bogies is also available. No upper limit is placed upon the capacity of the company's semi-low-loader trailers which are specifically designed as machinery carriers and the like.

An agreement was signed recently under which King has exclusive manufacturing rights for products designed by W. Scheuerle Fehrzeugfabrik which covers a whole range of road-going and industrial trailers with capacities of up to 400 tons for the road vehicles and up to 1,000 tons for industrial types.


Low Loading Trailer Co. Ltd., Dean Street, Bedford.

The only semi-trailers made by this company are tandem-axled units for special applications with capacities up to 20 tons gross trailer weight. Lolode specializes in exhibition and mobile display-vehicles, mobile laboratories and the like and concentrates on drawbar trailer equipment for these purposes with capacities between 15cwt and 20 tons.

Solid rubber-cushion tyred industrial trailers with capacities between 3 and 12 tons are built for many applications.

M & G

M and G Trailers (Lye) Ltd., Hayes Lane, Lye, Worcestershire.

A considerable increase in production is expected from M and G following the opening of a new and bigger Factory last November.

A wide range of trailers is produced, all except one model having straight frames. The only step frame version has capacities from 12 to 28 tons and is supplied with ramps for use as a caravan or farm machinery carrier.

All flat platform types can be fitted with ISO container locks and the company also offers skeletal container carriers. These can have either conventional frames or perimeter type frames.

M and G will undertake to impose any sort of bodywork requested by customers on trailers of its manufacture. Coil carriers having either vee shaped or radiused coil wells are made; if required the well can extend over the full length of the trailer. Also produced are bogies for indivisible loads, and special types can be built to order.


Merriworth (Engineering) Ltd., London Road, Stone, Dartford, Kent.

Singleand tandem-axled units are produced by Merriworth with 18 to 32 tons g.c.w. ratings. TIR-bodied units are offered in 8, 10 and 12 metre lengths and for operation at 30 and 32 tons g.c.w.

In anticipation of legislation permitting overall lengths of 15 metres, Merriworth is already building 40ft-lorig trailers of all types. Particular attention is paid to the VP (variable purpose) model. This accepts all permutations of container modules, has a flat platform and is also provided with sockets for the mounting

of TER superstructure.

Unitized bogies are supplied for mounting on frameless tanks and bodies and the company also builds TIR models suitable for use with the French Railways Kangarou system.


MFR (Sales) Ltd., The Stocks, Cosgrove, Nr. Stony Stratford, Bucks.

Only small drawbar trailers are manufactured by this company. Several dual-purpose models are included in the range and among these are some 100gal tankers with a flat top which forms a platform for dry goods. Capacities are 100gal of liquid and 1,5001b of dry cargo. Single-purpose units with capacities of 300gal to 500gal or 10cwt of dry cargo are offered.

All vehicles are equipped with leaf-springs as standard and have rubber suspension offered as an alternative. Salvage trailers, a fire fighting unit and high-speed servicing vehicles are also produced.


D. H. Morgan (Engineers, Ltd., Park Iron Works, Kingsley, Bordon, Hants.

Machinery and plant carriers are the speciality of Morgan: all the vehicles made incorporate the patented Hydro-Couple quickly-detachable swan-neck, designed to facilitate speedy loading and off loading.

On this design the swan-neck is hydraulically operated. It lowers the front end of the load carrying bed to the ground, releases the locks which secure it to the bed and then, while still attached to the tractive unit, is driven clear of the carrier. With the load in situ the operation is reversed, the complete cycle taking only a few minutes.

Single-axle versions are produced with gross trailer weight up to 19 tons and the company now offers tandem-axle versions for weights up to 50 tons.


R. Murtitt Ltd., Weasenham Lane, Wisbech, Cambs.

Almost every conceivable type of trailer equipment is produced by Murfitt. Flat platform types ranging from 6 to 31.5 tons gross trailer weight and from 20 to 45ft in length are offered. Custom building of machinery carriers, extensibles and pole trailers is undertaken, as is the building of any type of tipper with or without Murfitt bodywork.

Bulk powder and granular materials handling are a Muffin speciality, numerous different types of handling equipment being produced, and vans with either insulated and / or refrigerated bodywork are also supplied.

The German Schmidt self-steering twoand

three-axle bogies are made under licence by this firm and can be supplied on almost all its products_ Among the cargo-handling gear are units designed for use with ISO and Freightliner containers. Skeletal transporters for these items are produced and running gears of all types are supplied for mounting on frameless tanks and vans. Drawbar units up to 16 tons gross trailer weight and any type of trailer between 6 and 50 tons can be built to order.


Northern Trailer Co. Ltd., Colston Ironworks, Auchinairn Road, Bishopbriggs, Lanarkshire.

Units mainly designed for the general haulage trades are made by Northern. Single-, tandemand three-axle configurations are produced with flat, van, tipping or TIR bodywork. Tipping trailers of either the conventional type—having a tipping body imposed upon a chassis—or employing the Villiers system are supplied.

In the three-axle range, vehicles are produced either with three rigid axles or with the rearmost self tracking. The self-tracking axle is the Italian Ceschi unit which is produced under licence by Northern.

Coil carriers and tankers are produced and the company supplies running gears for use with tankers or frameless vans, Apart from a 12-ton unit which is supplied with an automatic coupling, all the models have SAE /SMMT fifth-wheals.


W. R. Pasidey Ltd., Masons Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire.

Lightweight drawbar units with capacities of up to 1 ton are the Pashley specialities. Units of this nature are made with various types of bodywork usually custom built, designed for salvage collection, tool-carriers, cycle and motor-cycle carriers.


Peak Trailer and Chassis Ltd., Ashton Road, Stockport, Cheshire.

It was not until 1966 that this company entered the commercial semi-trailer market. Up until that time it had confined its activities to the manufacture of caravan chassis.

Units exhibited at the 1966 Commercial Motor Show were a singleand tandem-axle models with flat platforms but the company now produces single-, tandemand three-axle models as flats, step, frames, skeletals vans and tankers, with gross trailer weights from 12 to 28 tons.

Fabricated main frame beams are utilized throughout the range and standard Rubery Owen suspension and running gear is used. Peak also makes close coupled four-wheeled chassis for the mounting of plant, or with transporter bodywork, suitable for use with small machinery and the like.

A recent development in which it was engaged was the production of tanker container trailers for Harold Wood and Sons Ltd. to be used in conjunction with that company's Freightliner services.


Pitt Trailers Ltd., Barton Stacey, Nr. Winchester, Hants.

A non-reactive suspension called the Glideride is the main feature of this company's tandemarcked products. It is maintenance free and having been in production for some five years is now fully proved. Standard ranges of flat platform trailers are produced, all incorporating fabricated 1-beam main frames. These can be supplied in single-, tandemor three-axle forms and a common feature is that they can be supplied with removeable ISO Freightliner container, fittings making them suitable for loose cargo or container carrying. Step-frame vehicles suitable for either superimposed bodywork or as platform bodied units are built with single-, tandemand three-axle bogies. Pole trailers and roundtimber carriers are also made.

Special container carriers suitable for ISO Freightliner or Lancashire flat containers and having single-, tandemor three-axle running gear are built incorporating interchangeable container locking systems.

TIR trailers of up to maximum capacity are produced and the company also makes a wide range of special trailers for roll-on /roll-off operations as well as trailers for other dockside and industrial applications. Those in this last category incorporate twin oscillating axles and solid-rubber tyre equipment and have gross trailer weights of between 23 and 44 tons.

Drawbar trailers for standard road haulage applications and with gross trailer weights of 15 to 22 tons are built, the latter being three-axle units, having a tandem rear bogie.


Primrose Group Sales, PO Box 1, Padiham, Burnley, Lancs.

Features of Primrose vehicles are the embodiment of main frame-members of the firm's own manufacture. Trailers are produced with single-, tandemor three-axle running gear. Some of the three-axle types in-the range can be supplied with a self tracking third-axle as an option.

Vehicles in the 8to 12-ton range are available with automatic couplings but the larger vehicles known as the Econofreight range (from 12 to 27 tons) are all fifth-wheel types. Also produced are two models with twin-oscillating axles.


John Reid and Sons, Mill Lane Works, Mill Road, Christchurch, Hants.

Two and close-coupled four-wheeled car transporting trailers form the bulk of the Reid output. Features of the two-wheeled vehicles are that the axle is adjustable to accommodate varying centres of gravity of the cargoes carried and that the unladen weight is extremely low.

Single-axle units have capacities of 10cwt to 1 ton. There is a second 1-ton unit but this is equipped with close coupled mini-sized wheels and tyres enabling the deck height to be lowered by 3in.

Two double-decked transporters are produced, these having capacities of 17 to 25cvvt. Both are of all welded construction and come complete with loading ramps, jacks and winches. All the models feature Flexitor rubber suspension.


Rice Trailers Ltd., Portland Works, Cosby, Leics.

Various types of animal transporters are the Rice speciality and vehicles from 10cwt to 3 tons are manufactured. All the models are drawbar units with singleor close-coupled axles.


H. C. and R. J. Rippon, 16 Wood Road, Halewood, Liverpool 26 Probably the most important function of this organization is the technical services that it offers in providing assistance in developing new patents and ideas. Several dual-purpose vehicles have been produced, two notable examples being a platform vehicle with an underslung tank which is capable of carrying a dry payload of 13 to 14 tons or 2,100gal of liquid.

A special tanker has been devised which allows different classes of cargo to be carried without the need for steam cleaning or washing out. In this vessel the compartments are situated longitudinally, the overall capacity of the vehicle being 8,000gal. This same method of construction has also been applied to a five-compartment vehicle in which compartments 1, 3 and 5 can carry liquid while numbers 2 and 4 can carry powder.

Standard semi-trailer units with single-, tandemor twin-oscillating axle running gears are made in capacities between 10 and 20 tons.


Richard Maurice Equipment Co. Ltd., New Farm Road, Alresford, Hants.

Drawbar trailers of various types make up the output of this firm. Steerable four-wheelers with either drop frames or flat platforms are made, these having gross trailer weights of 2 to 6 tons; also close-coupled four-wheelers with fixed or tilting platforms or box bodies between 1 and 8 tons, and tilting types being designed for easy loading of plant and the like.

Tippers of 1 to 5 tons, tool trailers of 0.5 to 2 tons and self-loading cable drum transporters from 1 to 8 tons are also made.

The company's range consists of 38 different models; bodywork is invariably built to customers' requirements.


Scammell Lorries Ltd., Tolpits Lane, Watford, Herts.

Nearly 600 models covering payloads between 3 and 30 tons are produced by Scammell. Challenger S and T (singleand tandemaxle) straight frame vehicles are produced for operation between 24 tons and 32 tons gross combination weight and are available in lengths from 24ft to 34ft. All increases in lengths are in increments of 1ft. A range of running gears is available with Scammell trailing arm air suspension, Scammell trailing arm stacked rubber suspension or with leaf-spring suspension.

TIR bodies are available and the company also offers the latest forms of container. The Scammell-Duramin Silverline boxvan is offered mounted on Scammell trailing arm air suspension or on rubber and leaf-spring suspension for operation from 28 to 32 tons g.c.w. and in lengths varying from 28 to 32ft.

A wide range of automatic coupling semitrailers is built and among these are straightframe, drop-frame, tipping, van and specialpurpose trailers. Scammell machinery carriers available with capacities from 20 to 30 tons which incorporate integral construction with the deck designed as a load-carrying member provide extremely good payload /unladen weight ratios. All these types of vehicle have quickly detachable knock-out rear axles.


Scottish Aviation Ltd.

Prestwick Airport, Scotland For firms carrying low-density high-bulk goods in fairly small amounts. Scottish Aviation makes the Minato. This is a very small semitrailer designed to couple to several types of pick-up vehicle such as the BMC Mini, J2, J4 and other makes of similar design. The Minatic pantechnicon utilizes aircraft methods of construction and provides for capacities from 292 to 600 Cuft. Payloads of these two models are 7cwt and 21 cwt respectively.

The trailers are coupled to the towing vehicles by a ball-hitch which is mounted on a spider fitted either to the sides of the pickup body or to a framework mounted directly on the chassis. They are particularly suitable for use by the laundry, furniture and plastics manufacturing trades. If the trailer is not required, the hitch can be removed from the sides of the pick-up and the vehicle used in its original condition.


Scottorn Ltd., Victor Works, Kingston Road, New Malden, Surrey.

Two-wheeled drawbar trailers form the bulk of the Scottorn output. Many of these are designed for use over rough terrain and among these is the only trailer included in this buyers" guide having a driven axle.

This model—the Bushranger—takes the drive for its axle from the Land-Rover pto via a flexible shaft.

The ST60 semi-trailer with a load carrying capacity of 3 tons offers a floor height of only 22in. and is eminently suitable for local de. livery work.


Seaway Containers Ltd., Baker Street, Greenock, Scotland.

A newcomer to the semi-trailer field, Seaway produces 10 different models of four types. Skeletal container carriers, coil carriers, vans and tankers are made each with either singleor tandem-axle running gear. Skeletals are available up to 32 tons gross combination weight, the coil and van trailers for up to 28 tons g.c.w., while tankers are produced up to 30 tons g.c.w. All the tandem-axle models are equipped with single taper-leaf spring suspension.

The skeletal and tanker trailers can also be supplied with twin oscillating axle equipment when they can be operated at 20 tons gross trailer weight.


Taskers of Andover (1932) Ltd., Anna Valley, Andover, Hants.

During the past six months a completely new range of semi-trailers with gross trailer weights from 8 to 45 tons has been introduced by Taskers, Developed from the well known Heritage and Dynasty ranges, it is called the FORMULA range. Ten different types are included and because production methods have been rationalized it offers cheaper vehicles with a far more efficient after sales service than has hitherto been possible. A further advantage to the operator is early delivery, most of the standard types being available off-the-shelf.

Types included are: straight frames with flat, sided, tipping and container carrying bo

bodywork, step and drop frames for both distributed and concentrated loading, machinery carriers and extensible platform types. Running gears used in the range are available as running ,gear units for tankers and frameless vans, or as bogies and dollies for the carriage of indivisible loads.

The container carriers will accommodate ISO or BR Freightliner boxes 20, 30, or 40ft. long.

The company continues to build a wide range of special types which include cable carriers, pole trailers and round-timber carriers, aircraft transporters and bulk grain carriers. Drawbar trailers for general haulage work and TIR bodywork are also produced.

Fifth-wheels and the DS (double safety) automatic coupling are made, and the company undertakes to fit out tractive units with these gears. Most of the firm's standard vehicles are available with air suspension.

Three types of running gear are available —in single-axle, tandem-axle or twin oscilating-axle forms. The Pedigree non-reactive suspension is no longer produced, all the tandem-axle suspensions being of the Rubery Owen type, with slipper-ended springs and axles located by radius rods.


Thompson Trailmobile, Gloucester Trading Estate, Hucdecote, Gloucester.

Part of the John Thompson Group, Trailmobile manufactures American-based designs. Included in its range of semi-trailers are single-, tandemand three-axle units of flat platform, container carrying, coil carrying, van-bodied and tanker types. Running gear is supplied for mounting tanks and frameless vans of other makes and these can have optional air springing.

The Trailmobile vans are constructed in light alloy and have gross trailer weights of 12 to 28 tons. All its trailers are equipped with Trailmobile suspension and have 20,000lb axles. 5-cam brake gear is fitted throughout the range.

A comprehensive range of ISO containers is available in standard lengths of 10, .20, 30 and 40ft. The container carrier is a perimeter framed unit and to date will accept boxes only up to 30ft long.

The vans, which bear the trade name of Trailblazer, are offered with either interioror exterior-post bodywork. This bodywork can also be supplied insulated and /or refrigerated.


Tollbridge Trailers Ltd., Lymington, Hants.

Although the greatest portion of this company's production takes the form of special trailers, a standard range of haulage semitrailers was recently introduced. This new range, called the Black Hawk, embodies a number of unique structural details.

There are three basic models, one with a single axle, one tandem and the last having three axles. The main frames of all three models are constructed from rectangular-boxsections, braced apart to form a lattice beam having an effective depth of 20in. Box-section cross-member/bearers pitched at 18in. form the support for the floor and there is bracing -at 5ft intervals throughout the length. Softwood floors 2in. thick and with plain edges are used and these are laid flush with the tops of the main frames.

Three-speed landing gear is fitted to all the models; also standard are 5in. diameter axles equipped with 16.5 by 7in. brakes. The singleand tandem-axle models have twin-wheel and tyre equipment while the three-axle model has single centre-knave wheels.

Among the special types made is a large variety of boat transporters of various capacities, and a number of car and plant carriers. In every case these employ bonded-rubber torsional suspension units. Industrial trailers of many types are produced, among which are low-level container and dockside units, hotingot carriers, cable drum carriers and internal factory-transport trailers.

Skeletal container carriers suitable for ISO and Freightliner container handling and having gross trailer weights to 28 tons are made, and the company also produces step-frames, drop-frames and extensible types.


T. W. Walker Ltd., Portrack Lane, Stockton-on-Tees.

The standard range of six singleand tandemaxle articulated trailers is produced by Walker. Catering for gross vehicle weights up to 32 tons, the single-axle 22-ton model, a twinoscillating axle unit designed for loads up to 16 tons and the 32-ton-gross vehicle are available with additional cross-bearers and a transversed laid timber floor making them eminently suitable for pallet loading by forklift trucks.

Special vehicles produced by the company include tipping bodied units, low loaders, semi-low-loaders and TIR-bodied vehicles.


The Warrington Wheel Co. Ltd., Havileys Lane, Longford, Warrington.

Custom-built vehicles are the mainstay of this company's production, drawbar and semitrailer types being made up to 35ft long to cater for the requirements of individual customers such as the War Office, GPO, Air Ministry and Atomic Energy Authority.


Weeks and Co. (Engineers) Ltd., Bridge Works, Ferry Road, Hessle, Yorks.

A standard range of semi-trailers bearing the name Motorway Master and for use at gross combination weights of up to 30 tons is manufactured by Weeks. Tipping trailers with capacities of 3 to 8 tons are also manufactured and this range includes dumpers and refuse collectors in addition to generalpurpose trailers.


Welford Engineering (Oldbury) Ltd., Hainge Road, Tividal, lipton, Staffs.

Tipping semi-trailers are the speciality of this organization. Models complying with C and U Regulations for use at up to 30 tons gross combination weight and which offer payloads of up to 19 tons are produced. Welford considers that this is the highest payload that should be carried in the interests of safety and stability. A feature of this company's products

is the use of tipping rams of its own manufacture and specially designed robust hinge assemblies.


F. W. Wheatley (Trailers) Ltd., Wheatley Ave., Peterborough, Northants. Tipping trailers of a single-axle drawbar type and other varieties produced specifically for the transport of crawler tractors and other plant are manufactured by Wheatley. The tippers are offered with capacities of from 4 to 8 tons while those in other categories have capacities up to 7 tons.

One model with a platform length of 12ft can be used to carry crawler tractors—it can be equipped with a fift extension at the rear which permits its use as a general-purpose farm trailer. Wheatley specializes in custom building of all types of trailer equipment.


Whitlock ann. Ltd.,

Great Yeldham, Essex.

Better recognized for its diggers, and farm equipment, this company also manufactures quite considerable numbers of semi-trailers, mostly of the tipping variety. Standard tippers and others specially designed to fulfil the needs of the agricultural user are produced in all capacities up 'to the permitted maximum gross vehicle weight.

On many of the units designed for use in connection with farming. Whitlock employs galvanizing to combat corrosion. Almost any type of trailer equipment can be produced to special order.


S. WiNets (Fabrications) Ltd., Stalls Works, Phoenix St., West Bromwich, Staffs.

A 250gal tanker trailer and a 4 ton closecoupled road roller carrying-unit are produced by Willets which also makes light two-wheel trailers for use behind private cars. A single axle car-carrying trailer designed to be tilted for loading by a twin-screw-type jacking system at the front end is manufactured, the object of this system being to dispense with the need for loading ramps.


York Trailer Co. Ltd., St. Marks Road, Corby, Northants.

Providing for payloads from 8 to 26 tons, the York standard range of trailers covers flat platforms, tippers, coil carriers, integral vans and extensible types.

A range of TIR vehicles is offered: including the Envoy, an open-topped van with a removable canvas-tilt. This unit allows crane loading and adequate sealing without the use of the extremely vulnerable tilt framing used on conventional TIR trailers. It is now built in light alloy as well as steel, as when first introduced, giving a higher payload capacity.

The Freightmaster range of integral vans is produced in lengths from 18 to 35ft—payloads 8 to 22 tons. The heavier vehicles in the range feature the York TA suspension which incorporates rubber bushing in the locating rods and slipper-ended springs.

The Coil carrier is designed to permit a coil weighing 22 tons to be carried with the whole load imposed over a length of only 50in. of the well.

Extensible trailers are made with capacities up to 20 tons. Both the models of this type, which are 28 and 33ft long respectively when closed, extend a total amount of 12ft in two increments of fift. The 28ft unit can be used at 32 and 40ft and the 33ft unit at 39 and 45ft.

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