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VEHICLES AND TRAILERS A TANKER for the combined supply of aviation

2nd December 1949
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Page 43, 2nd December 1949 — VEHICLES AND TRAILERS A TANKER for the combined supply of aviation
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spirit, concentrated chemical, and Water to helicopters engaged in the spraying of crops, will, he shown by A.E.C., Ltd., Southall. MC.ddlesex, on Stand 133. The basis of this. machine is an A.E.C. Monarch Mark 111 chassis powered by the maker's 7.7-litre direct-injection oil engine.

The equipment comprises two tanks,. the forward one having a capacitY of 250 gallons and the rear one 309' gallons. An interesting feature is that both tanks are provided with agitator paddles which are driven by a common shaft taken from the power take-off. Superimposed on the two chemical tanks is a third one of 125-gallon capacity for the storage of aviation fuel.

In connection with the decontamination of equipment and personnel; there is a 40-gallon water barrel carried amid' ships on the off side of the vehicle. In conjunction with this, there is a small semi-rotary pump. It should be mentioned that the power take-off on this chassis is additional to the standard specification.

Albion Motors, Ltd., ScotstUun, Glasgow. will show on Stand 115 an Albion Chieftain chassis on which will be mounted an insulated meat-van body. Arrangements are made to carry carcases on hooks slung from squaresectioned duralunin bars. These bars have brackets at each end fitted with self-aligning ball races which act as rollers and run in angle-iron guides fixed to the sides of the body.

In connection with the special loading and unloading arrangements, there are two hydraulic arms, one on each side of the chassis. They are mounted on an extension running approximately 1 ft. 6 ins, beyond the rear of the body. These are used for elevating and lowering the hanging bars. The body was built by J. Ward and Sons, Ltd, Smithfield, London, E.C.1.

The only Austin vehicle to be exhibited will be a 5-ton long-wheelbase chassis carrying a ,general-purpose cattle-truck body. It 'is •of interest to farmers and general. livestock 'dealers, who require a semi-permanent cattle carrier, as the container can be removed and the vehicle used norrrially with a platform body. The • leading dimensions of the 'container are:' Length 14 ft. 6 ins., width 7 ft., and height 7 ft. 6 ins. It will be seen on Stand 324, to be occupied by the Austin Motor Co, Ltd., Longbridge, Birmingham.

COmmer Cars, Ltd., Luton, will show on Stand 123 a Superpoise 3-4-ton meat transporter. The body on this vehicle, which is in light alloy, was built by E. W. Campion and Sons, Ltd.,) of Leicester. For carrying hung carcases there are three overhead runners equipped with hooks. Designed to meet the hygienic requirements of meat transport, the interior is so built that foreign matter cannot deposit itself. It can be cleaned out by water under high pressure or by a steam jet.

In addition to tractors and various implements, the Ford Motor Co., Ltd., Dagenham, Essex. will stage, on Stand 82, a Fordson Thames 5-ton chassis, with a Hercalite insulated meatvan body designed for the hygienic transport of hard and soft frozen meat.

Two types of cattle-truck body are to be displayed by J. H. Jennings and Son, Ltd., Sandbach, on Stand 132. One of these, a container cattle truck, based on a 5-ion Dodge chassis, has been designed as a general-purpose unit as the outfit is based on a drop-sided platform-bodied vehicle. The shetp deck is built in sections which slide under the roof when not required, and there are interchangeabie dividing gates for each deck.

Twin Ramps

The twin rear ramps are, as is now common, spring loaded, but in this case a telescopic arrangement is incorporated which serves to' force the ramp to the ground when it has passed the horizontal position.

The second machine, a rigid-sided cattle truck based on a MorrisCommercial 5-ton long-wheelbase chassis, is. of the .standard Jennings design, with minor additions brought hut by recent adiiances.

building. Interlocking gates are fitted at the rear to prevent cattle from straying off the ramps, and there are •wo doors, one at the front for grooms, and a small one at the rear for inspection purposes. •

Leyland Motors, Ltd., Leyland, Lanes, will be staging an insulated meat. van, based on a Beaver chassis; on Stand 131. Built by Marsh and Baxter. Ltd., a noted ham and bacon curer, of Brierley Hill, Staffs, the body is of 875-cubic-ft. capacity. Six drains are prirovided to carry off the drippings from the wet bacon which will form the load. The body is panelled in 18-gauge aluminium sheet, the Onazote insulation being 2 ins. thick.

A rubberized paint has been used on the chasis parts as proof against the effects of any brine which may come into contact with them. The Beaver chassis is a standard Leyland product with forward-control all-metal cab.

Two new types of trailer will be seen on Stand 48. which will be occupied by Markham Traction Ltd., 28, Eccleston Street, London, S.,11.1. One, of these will he the maker's 5-ton cane trailer, which has been built on American lines in order to compete with American

products in the West Indies and other sugar-growing countries.

The second trailer, also a 5-tonner, is known as the Sisal, named after the Sisal Estates in Africa. Engineers from that area assisted in the development of its design. Other types of Markham trailer will be shown, including a threeway hydraulic tipper. This trailer, incidentally, is now built with a singlelever control, as against the three levers provided on earlier models.

A Mogul Mark II two-axle load carrier, with platform and insulated meat-container, will form the exhibit of the Mandslay Motor Co., Ltd., Castle Maudslay, Alcester, Warwickshire, on Stand 134. The container, which was produced to the order of Pickfords, has a length of 15 ft. and is 6 ft. 11 ins. wide, and 7 ft. high. Built mainly in light alloy; and insulated with a 1,1-in. layer of Isoflex, the container has a capacity of 650 cubic ft. The Mogul chassis is to standard specification, with the exception that the rear overhang has been shortened to reduce the platform length to 17 ft.

The adaptability of the Land-Rover will again be demonstrated by the Rover Co., Ltd., Meteor Works, Solihull, Birmingham (Stand 97). There will be two examples of this all-purpose

machine, one with a power-driven mower attached, and the other with saw-bench equipment. The Land-Rover has both a centrally disposed power take-off, and one which is brought out to the rear of the vehicle, so that it can be used for practically any purpose' where a source of mechanical power is required.

Tom M. Scotney, Ltd., London Road Saw Mills, St. Ives, Huntingdon, will display, on Stand 110, a number of different types of trailer.

A Sentinel 7-8-ton oil-engined chassis.

with a cattle-carrying buoy, wilt form the exhibit of SIsrulitel (Shrewsbury), Ltd., Shrewsk:ry, on Stand 114.

One ot the b:ggest single displays LI trailers will be seen on Slam" 86 of Taskers o'f Andover (1932), Ltd., Water Po o Iron Wdrks, Andover, Hants. The models will comprise 2-termers. 3-tonners and 4-tonners of both semi-trailer and full-trailer types. The Tasker 4-ton lowloading implement trailer has been specially designed for transporting wheeled or tracked tractors.

The 4-ton tilting implement trailer has also been designed for similar duty, in the latter case, the trailer platform can be tilted rearwards, so that the implements can be loaded without liftine tackle.

The dual-purpose cattle-truck body which will be seen on a Thornycroft Trident chassis on Stand 122, to he occupied by Transport Equipment (Thornycroft), Ltd., Thornycrolt House, Smith Square, London, S.W.1, will carry either 10 cattle or 90 fat sheep. Of the container type, it can be lifted off the platform by one man in six minutes. For carrying calves there is an additional partition over the cab.

Carmichael and Sons (Worcester), Ltd., The .Butts, Worcester, was the bodybuilder.

One of the most interesting of the cattle-carrying outfits to be shown will be that exhibited by Vauxhall Motors, Ltd., Luton, Beds, on Stand 121. It will be a Bedford-Scammell unit with a meat-container body, built by the S.M.T. Sales and Service Co., Ltd., shown mounted on a 6-ton drop-frame Scammell semi-trailer.

The body has been designed to comply with recommendations of the Ministry of Food, whereby the carcasses are suspended on a special gantry instead of being loaded on the floor. Offal is carried on the upper deck, the body being divided into two compartments for this purpose.

The gantry is constructed of five extruded non-corrosive alloy sections in hoop formation, carrying two longitudinal rails with 30 forged hangers suspended on rollers.


Organisations: Ministry of Food

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