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Vehicles and Equipment at the Royal Show

29th June 1962, Page 101
29th June 1962
Page 101
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Page 101, 29th June 1962 — Vehicles and Equipment at the Royal Show
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AFTER being held for the past two years at Cambridge, the Royal Show this year moves to Newcastle. upon Tyne. The Royal has already been held at Newcastle more times than at any other place—this is its eighth visit —but the 1962 Show is likely to be the last in the North of England, for the Royal Agricultural Society plan to establish a permanent site in the Midlands.

So far as vehicles, trailers and ancillary equipment are concerned, there will be few changes in the names of the concerns who exhibit horseboxes, livestock, containers and the like. The regular exhibi

tors of these units appear once again in the programme.

Carmichael and Sons (Worcester), Ltd. (Stand ' E.39) will be showing three vehicles. There will he a Leyland Comet with a Champion 21-ft.-long mahogany body incorporating self-loading sheep decks and a spring-assisted rear ramp. The other two vehicles are both 7-tonners, one a Morris with an Everclean cattle transporter body, the other a dual-purpose tipping body on a Commer chassis. The latter vehicle has a livestock container. which can be removed and sides fitted. .

Lambourn Engineering, Ltd., have two stands at the Show—E.63 and E.71. On one they will display a Commer 7-tonner with Baico extension fitted with a fourhorse boxy On the other they will show tractor cabs and accessories for the LandRover. Horseboxes will also be shown by Vincents of Reading, Ltd. (Stand G.87).

The Royal Show is, of course, a major exhibition for the Land-Rover and the Rover Co., Ltd. (Stand F.31) will once again feature many examples fitted out for agricultural purposes. These will include a Tooley workshop, a Kanwall lime spreader, a Land-Rover fitted with an air compressor unit and one fitted with a sprayer unit at the rear and a Howie snowplough at the front.

In the same category as the Land-Rover is the Mercedes-Benz Unimog which is being exhibited by Atkinson's Agricultural Appliances, Ltd., on Stand F.27. The vehicle will be a model 411-112 modified for lime spreading.

Vehicles with bulk-materials handling bodies will be featured by Byron Farm B39 Machinery, Ltd. (Stand F.25). There will be two vehicles on the stand fitted with Byron Bulkveyor bodies, one a Bedford TK 7-tonner with a 19-cu.-yd.-capacity body, the other an Albion Reiver with a 29-cu.-yd. unit. The bodies incorporate improved mechanisms for the auger systems which deliver the load to the boom and on the larger body an additional auger is mounted above the load to distribute grain evenly over the floor. A third Bulkveyor body will be shown on the stand to be taken by the National Association of Agricultural Contractors and demonstrations will be given. This body will be mounted on a Thames

Trader 7-toriner. Murfitt Bulk Transporters, Ltd. (Stand C.52). are also to show bulk transport vehicles,-but at the moment details are not known.

Materials Handling

Materials handling with vehicle applications Will be featured on a number of stands. Included in this category are versions: of their automatic lorry loaders displayed by Lodernatic (Stand F.14). There Will be versions with lifting heights from 4.5-'ft: to 10 ft. arid a heavy model with setni7aUtornatic or manual control

and a lifting height of 1_5 ft. Their M-F model will be of interest as it has tubular forks for handling oil drtfins and a hydraulic system which is operated by a pedal. Massey-Ferguson (United Kingdom), Ltd., are showing on Stands E.28 and F.25, in addition to their range of agricultural equipment, the M-F 205 industrial tractor which has been designed for loading operations. Loading aids will be shown also by Colchester Tillage (Stand C.32), the main item nf interest being the CT.52 one-ton mobile crane which is, in effect, a tractor having a hydraulic crane mounted on it. The crane is of Swedish manufacture and is also sold for fitting onto vehicles.

Agricultural trailers in a wide variety will be seen. Taskers of Andover (1932), Ltd., are showing on Stand E.49 a number of models including a 4 ton, two-wheeled. scow-ended dumper trailer. The body is 11 ft. long by 6 ft. by 1 ft. 9 in. deep. Four models will be shown by the Tye Trailer Co., Ltd., Stand C.76. The Tydraulic 90.B two-wheeled tipping unit and the same model as a grain carrier, a Tydbulic J.4 two-wheeler and a Premier four-wheeled, 6-7-ton trailer. Demonstrations of the hydraulic tipping trailers will be given and a full range of equipment will be included in . the exhibits. The Salopian 3.5-ton all-purpose hydraulic tipping trailer will be one of the many exhibits on the stands of the Owen organization (C.56 and D.53), and Warwick Brothers (Alresford), Ltd. (Stand C.39) will include tipping arid grain, carrying models. Weeks and Co.

(Engineers), Ltd. (Stand C.50) will also have a similar display.

Tractor Units Many of the stands at the Show will be featuring tractor units and equipment. for agricultural purposes. Both Perkins Engines, Ltd. (Stand D.45). and Petters, Ltd. (Stand .E.43) will show ranges of diesel engines. Those on the Perkins stand will range from the P3.144 threecylinder diesel to the 6.354 six-cylinder unit •which will be the largest • on the stand. Petters, are exhibiting 12 models of diesel 'units, as well as one petrol engine. The range has power outputs of from 1.5 to 54 b.h.p. and includes single-, twin-, threeand four-cylinder units.

• Electrical Accessories Electric motors. for.driving pumps, and a selection of starters and A.C. and D.C. equipment will be shown by C.A.V., Ltd. (Stand C.58), together with items of fuel injection equipment and filters.

The main feature on the Lucas stand (C.60) this year will be the company's B.90 unit exchange service and included in the exhibits will be batteries, lighting sets and other accessories.

Cabs primarily intended for agricultural purposes, but also suitable for industrial tractors, will be shown by Bristol Metal Components, Ltd. (Stand C.62), makers of Sta-Dri units, and the Winsam Tractor Cabin. Co. (Stand D.57).

Equipment Among the wide range of equipment and accessories which Simms Motor Units, Ltd., are showing on Stand C.53 is a new alternator, displayed for the first time. This is a 1,750-watt, 24-volt A.C. generating unit weighing only 40 lb. —some 50 lb. lighter than an equivalent D.C. dynamo. It has built-in diodes and has the advantage that it will produce 60-70 amps even when the driving unit is only ticking over. Its ability to give maximum charge for long periods when the engine is idling is especially valuable for vehicles engaged, for example, on bulk milk collection. The new generator is available' with a new, completely transistorized output control system.

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