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29th January 1924
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The Advantages of the Grease-gun System.

TN THE sphere of the pleasure car, JLgrease-gun systems have been largely adopted for the lubrication of chassis parts, and of 'these the most widely used is that known . as the Tecalemit.

• In it, • essentials this consists of the gun, a flexible ending in

• a hook-on attachment, and a number of nipples which are screwed into parts such as spring shackle bolts, steering pivots, etc. Each of the nipples contains a small orifice sealed by a springloaded non-return valve, which prevents the -ingress of grit or moisture. The nipple is provided with a flat head, which fits grooves cut in the grease-gun attach rnent.

The operation of greasing is Simplicity itself ; the attachment is merely hooked on to the nipple, making a tight self-sealing connection, and a few turns are then given to the handle of the gun,

irhich have the effect of screwing down a plunger and forcing the grease through the nipple. A pressure of 500 lb. per sq. in. can readily be obtained with the gun, and this ensures that any dirt or old lubricant is forced out. of the bearing in front of the incoming grease.

The grease is supplied in a special container, which reduces the labour of filling the gun to a minimum. A sliding lid, provided with a small orifice, covers the grease, and when this is pressed down, with the gun covering the orifice, a supply of grease is automatically forced into the barrel. For the use of garages a large grease pump can now be obtained, which is mounted on wheels and is supplied with a length of metallic tubing and the usual connection. By means of this pump all the working parts of a chassis can very rapidly he supplied with fresh lubricant. •

In addition to this grease-gun system, Tecalemit, Ltd., are now manufacturing a neat petrol filter. This .consists of a glass container, in which is placed a bag of chamois leather, through which fuel passes. Any sediment or wat'er' falls to the bottom of the glass and can readily be removed.

• The petrol connections supplied with this filter are simple and ingenious. No nipple is•required on the metal pipe, the plain end of which is simply pushed into a hole formed in a union nut., which

screws into the filter. The parts are ep shaped that a circular lip on the,union becomes forced into the soft copper pipe when the nut is screwed home, SD making a petrol-tight Connection.

The office and works of Tecalemit, Lta,.• are situated -at 10, Little Portland Street, London, W.1.


Locations: London

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