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29th April 1938, Page 37
29th April 1938
Page 37
Page 37, 29th April 1938 — NEW COMMITTEE FOR LONDON C.M.U.A.
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At a meeting of the C.M.U.A. London and Home Counties Divisional Committee, held on Tuesday, the following were elected members:— Messrs. C. M. G. Rouse (Alfred Button and Sons, Ltd.), G. Perry (Spiers and Pond, Ltd.), and H. Grover.

Further A.R.O. Election Results.

The various areas of A.R.O. are now holding elections to select representatives to sit on the National Sectional Boards during the ensuing year. The elections are not yet complete. but the following results are to hand:—

National Haulage Sectional Board (Northern Area): Messrs. A. Todd and W. W. Walton; (North-Western Area): Messrs. P. Stevenson and L. Stubbs; (West-Midland Area): Mr. 3. W. Berestord and Capt. Thowpson,• (Southern Area): Messrs. F. 3. Downes and L. L. Baker; (South Wales Area): Messrs. A. Andrews and E. W. Morris; (Devon and Cornwall Area): Messrs. C. R. Hodgson and W. R. Hawke. Freight Brokers' Section; Messrs. J. F. Archbold, N. E. Bennett, IC H. Harris and H. A. Palmer.

National Passenger Sectional Board: (Northern Area): Messrs. T. Gordon and W. Showier; (North-Western Area): Mr. T. Lawrenson.

National Ancillary Sectional Board: (Northern Area): Messrs. S. S. Robson and M. G. Bartlett; (North-Western Area); Mr. A. E. Masheder; (Wt.-Midland Area): Messrs. J. Summers and T. (MUM; (Devon and Cornwall Area); Messrs. E. T. Lear and A. IL Black.

In addition, recent area committee elections are as follow:—Northern Area: Chairman, Mr. W. W. Walton (re-electedi; vice-chairman Mr. T. Gordon. North-Western Area: Chairman, Mr. P. Stevenson. West-Midland Area: Chairman, Mr. J. Male; vice-chairman, Mr. J. W. Bereslord. South Wales Area: Chairman, Mr. P. J. Lewis. Devon and Cornwall Area: Chairman, Mr. K. G. Foster (re-elected); vice-chairman, Mr. 0. Hodgson.


At Dagenham Rotary Club, last Tuesday, Mr. Gaston Vincent (B.R.F. public relations officer) spoke of the importance of an efficient road system in national defence. He stressed that a vital factor was the need for adequate means for dispersing a crowded population in the event of sudden war and the threat of aerial attack. If this were to be carried out effectively and quickly it would mean the building of new roads in and out of London.

Both Berlin and Paris, .he said, are making big efforts to construct new networks of through-roads designed to permit rapid evacuation of a large part of the population.

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