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Oldham Hauliers To Run Dorset Depot

25th March 1955, Page 48
25th March 1955
Page 48
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Page 48, 25th March 1955 — Oldham Hauliers To Run Dorset Depot
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Cusick (Oldham), Ltd., Buy 44-vehicle Unit at Parkstone : Six London Units Go to Wisbech Haulier

THE depot of British Road Services atParkstone, Dorset, including 44 operational vehicles (146 tons) and five additional, has been bought by Cusick (Oldham), Ltd., Thornton Street, Manchester, 9, who are to operate it

substantially as at present.

The premises comprise offices, workshops and a garage. The fleet, which is made up of Bedford, B.R.F., Leyland, Seddon and Sentinel vehicles, includes five articulated outfits, an eight-wheeler and three box containers. .

Cusick (Oldham), Ltd, already operate a substantial fleet of special A licence lorries from Salford and have an office in Liverpool. They have bought and resold many other transport units in the past.


Mr. E. Waters, 13 Woodleigh Road, Monkseaton, who has been granted a special A licence for another 20 lorries 158 tons 19 cwt.). has assigned vehicles to the following: Mr. A. Freeman (Copley Haulage Co.), 440 Thornaby Road. Thornaby-on-Tees. one (2 tons 19 cwt.); T. Donaldson, Ltd., Rosedale Garage, Warwick Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2, one (2 tons 19 cwt.); R. Rankin and Sons, Ltd., 2 Ouse Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.

four (10 tons 18 cwt.). A number of assignments by Mr. Waters was reported last week.

Three lorries (14 tons) have been transferred to Little Strickland Trading Co., Ltd.. Little Strickland, Newby, near Penrith, by Messrs. L. and N. Wilson, also of Little Strickland, Link Strickland trading have made over one vehicle (5 tons 9 cwt.) to Mr. N. Harker, Murton Hall, Appleby. • Messrs. E. Nelson and Sons, Trafalgar Garage, Arnside. have taken over a lorry (3 tons 8 cwt.) from Mr. J. A. Brailsford, Arnside, who has bought three (91 tons).

NORTH-WEST W. H. Bowker, Ltd., Hollin Bridge Street, Blackburn, have taken over another seven Ion-ies and a trailer (502 tons), four of them from Mr. J, H. Wilson, 756 Livesey Branch Road, Feniscowles.

Three lorries have been transferred . by Mr. J. Bradley, Albion Mill, Bramley Street, Accrington. Two (6 tons) have gone to T, Duckworth, Ltd., Arthur Street, Burnley. and the .., other (31 tons) to Chew Bros. Motor Transport Co., Ltd., Highfiekl Road, Blackburn.

Mr. T. G. Wearing, 18 Cyprus Street, Darwen, has divided two lorries, each weighing 3 tons unladen, between F. Wearing and Co.' Ltd.. of the same address, and S. Dean and Son, Ltd,, Watery Lane, Darwen.

Wilds Motors, Ltd., Sandiway Garage, Manchester Road, Altrineham, have taken over seven lorries (241 tons) from Messrs. Wilds Motors, of the same address. Messrs. A, Roberts and Sons, 143 Henllan Street, Denbigh, have had five vehicles, including a container (17 tons), made over to them by Mr. A. Roberts, of the same address.

Two lorries have been sold by J. Lynch and Sons (Transport), Ltd., Leicester Street, Northwieh. One (3 tons) has gone to Mr. H. Boffey. 53 Wistaston Road, Willaston, near Crewe, and one (3 tons) to Federated Conveyors, Ltd., 201 Trafford nI8 Road, Salford, 5, who, in turn, have transferred it to Mr. H. Bircumshaw, 185 Little Glen Road, Blaby, Leicester. It is based in Salford.

The North Western Licensing Authority has also authorized the following assignments: Mr. A. K. Brine, 30 Hanford Avenue, Orrell Park, Liverpool, ofrie lorry (31 tons) by Mr. G. Gordon, 14 Fairfield Close, Huyton; Leyland (Lanes) Road Services, Ltd., Longmeanygate, Leyland, two 001 tons) by Mr. D. Martindale, Moor Road, Charley,: Mere Transport Co., 14 Mere Dove, Didsbury, Manchester, one (41 tons) by Mr. E. A, Taylor, of the same address; Messrs. Ostick and McCallum, 222 Broadstone Road, Heaton Chapel, Stockport, one (3 tons) by Messrs. C. E. and M. °stick, of the same address; Mr. A. Pickles, 48 Gillibrand Walks, Charley, one (4 tons) by Messrs. D. and A. Woods, Newton-le-Willows; and Mr. S. Royle (Royle and Son), 78 Offirton Lane, Stockport, one (31 tons) by Folds Transport, Ltd., Pitt Street, Heywood.

Two lorries (14 tons), based in Liverpool, have been acquired by Silver Roadways, Ltd., 21 Bermondsey Wall West, London, S.E.16. McKelvte and Co.. Ltd., Denison Road. Barrhead, have bought two lorries (15) tons) based in Manchester.

A direct purchase has also been made by Messrs. W. Carman and Son, Scholar Green, Stoke-on-Trent. It comprised a lorry weighing 3 tons unladen.

YORKSHIRE Mr. C. I. Roper, 186 Pvleadowhead, Sheffield, 8, has made his first purchase.

It comprises two lorries. Another first purchaser is Mr. A. Brown, 162 Gillshill Road. Hull, who has bought one. He has assigned it to Mr. H. T. Marshall, 10 .Springfield Estate, Holme-on-SpaldingMoor.

Hacketts Haulage, Ltd., 229 Cross Lane, Salford, have transferred three lorries. One has gone to F. Heaton and Sons (Transport), Ltd., Toftshaw Lane, Bradford, 4;

one to Mr. C. W. Daddy, Brigg Lane Farm, Camblesforth, near Selby, and the other to Mr. J. M. Maclnnes, Wakefield Garage, lngs Road, Wakefield.

Assignments have also been made by,: South Leeds Haulage Co., Ltd., 84 Low Road, Leeds, 10, one vehicle to W. F. McQuire and Sons, Ltd., Burton Road, Leeds, 10; Harocdem, Ltd., 11 Nicholas Street, Burnley, one to Messrs. Lawson and Ellis, Shaw Terrace, Grindleton; and Parkers Luxury Tours, York Road, Doncaster, one to Mr. E. MeGough, Sootlands, Green Lane, Scawthorpe.

WEST MIDLANDS Two lorries (62 tons) based at Hall Green, Birmingham, have been taken over by Osborne's Removers, Ltd., 538 Claremont Road, Rusholme, Manchester, in a repeat purchase. Another repeat purchaser, H S. Williams (Haulage), Ltd., Hill Crest, Whitchurch, has bought three lorries (221 tons).

Mr. R. W. Jennings, 27 Benthall, Broseley, has acquired an articulated outfit (31 tons).

Tvio tarries (151 tons) have been sold to F. Nash and Son. Ltd., Coleford, Glos, by Praills (Hereford), Ltd., Holmer Road. Hereford.

Mr. N. Beech, Hope Street, Hanley, has divided two lorries between Bartlam's Transport (Longton), Ltd., Meir Heath Garage, Meir Heath, Stoke-on-Trent r6 tons), and Messrs. J. and A. Turnock. Brickkiln Lane, Etruria, Stoke-on-Teem (5) tons).

One (3f tons) of two lorries (61 tons) sold to Mr. G. H. Morris, West View, Cotesbach, Rugby, by Mr. J. Brindley, The Close. Sharnford, Hinckley, has been transferred to Mr. T. P. Wootton, 560 Coventry Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, who, in turn, has transferred it to Cooper (Surfleet), Ltd., Surfleet, Lincs.

Naylor's Transport (Leyland), Led., Longrneanygate, Leyland, have taken over two (16 tons) of three lorries (231 tons) recently purchased by S.. Ball and Son (Transport), Ltd., 180 Birmingham Road, West Bromwich.

The West Midland Licensing •Authority has also authorized the following assignments. A lorry (3 tons) to Mr. P.,Grabam, 8 Hardwick Road, Streetly, by ATIenways, Ltd. (T. Weatherhogg and Son [Transport-11, 152 Amington Road, Yardley; one (8) tons) to Mr. F. B. Atkins, Findern, Derby, by Mr. J. Ashmore, Roebuck Lane, West Bromwich; and one (31 tons) to Messrs. J. W. Kinsey and Son, Tattenhall. near

• , by George and Matthews (1924), 3 Bilston Road. Wolverhampton. lorry sold by Mr. Ashmore was "ver to him by S. Jones (Aldridge), 3 VValsall. Wood Road, Aldridge.

EAST MIDLANDS • another lorry taken over by Mr. Wilsthorpe Road, Long Eaton.

i, has been transferred to Plackett's ,ort, Ltd., of the same address. ; -.Ward Bros., Middleton Street, )ne, Leicester, have also assigned r vehicle. It has gone to W. Borrows ter), Ltd., Devonshire Road, Cr.

irs. Gray's Transport Services. 4 Ids Street, Cleethorpes, have sold a o Messrs. H. C. Wright and Sons, ;ate Hill, Caistor, Lincs.

EASTERN COUNTIES list R.5 units based in London have taken over by F. W. Williams port), Ltd., Wisbech. They comprise ries (511 tons). Four of the units 5769, 5770 and 5781) are based al own, and two (3560 and 3561) at wich.

C. Brett, 25 Cavendish Street, orough, has successfully tendered' ro units comprising a total of live (13! tons). They were Ipswich unit Ind Norwich unit 5060. •

L more units have gone to O. G. ti and Sons, Ltd., Station .Road, :arket. One (3704), based at Stowt, comprised two lorries (10Z tons), he other—Diss unit 4610—a lorry ng 3 tons unladen. It IS understood Ley arc to be assigned. -vehicle units have been acquired by s. J. S. Briggs and Son, Bridge „ Manley, Peterborough (Ipswich 1855-51 tons); Mr. J. A. Tribe, ngton -Common, Wisbech. (Peter.01 unit 4047-5Z tons); and S. A. nor, Ltd., White Rodin!: (Siiscr mit tons).

ch Bros. (Foxton), Ltd., Staple Ford. have been granted special :flees for a further 17 lorries and railers (911 tons). Most of these tssigned by Welch's Garage fStaplcLtd., Stapleford. srs. Peacock Bros.. Pouon Road. swade, have received a licence for :hide (3 tons); R. Perkins and Sons. Maxey, two (6 tons); and Reads of orough, Ltd., Peerborough, two s).

gnments recently authorized are: . John, 37 Cauklwell Street, Bedford,

I rr y (3 tons), by Murphy Bros.. Ltd., n Road, Syston: Mr, R. E. Marsh. sat Road. Cambridge, one (3 tons) by .. 3. Stepney, 113 Ditto], Walk, Cam; Mr. R. C. 3. NITA itle, Comsneld e, Great Easton, one {31tens) by A T. Motors, Ltd., 655-661 High London, E.1 1: me. A. T. White. Bungalow, Great L Hallingbury, one is) by Mr. W. Taylor. 5 Montague London. E.11; Mr. S. W. Mitehley, myn Road, King's Lynn, two lorries trailer (7 tons) by Grange's Transservices, Ltd., Wells: C. A. Slater, 8 Peterborough Road, Crowland, six ; and a trailer (231 tons) by Mr. Allen, Easigate, Deeping St. James; .

W. Taylor, Main Street, Ailsworth, rry (41 tons) by Peterborough cering Co., 165 Cromwell Road, sorough; and Mr, F. V. Ntmn, Park . °widen, one (3 tons) by. Turners m), Ltd., 39 Hall Street, Sollars". .nge's Transport Services are left with "Foca and a trailer 17; tons).


ea articulated outfits (8 tons S cwt.) seen taken over by Mr. H. A. Bassett, ty's Road, St. Philip's, Bristol. It is st purchase.

NDON AND HOME COUNTIES arther four lorries (12 tons) have been 7eil by Mr. G. Totly (Rush Green rs)., Langley, Hitchin, Herts. Repeat purchasers arc Qucich Carriers, Ltd., 24 Hurstfield Road, West Molcsey. Surrey, who have bought two vehicles (5 tons 13 ewta,), and Mr. F. E. Ballard, 70 Crown Road', Twickenham, Middx, lorry 12 tons 13 cwt.) and a trailer. W. T. Noble and Sons, Ltd.. la New Road, London, N.22. have made their first purchase. It comprises two lorries (61 tons). Four lorries (III tons) have been transferred to John Harris (Cartage), Ltd., Neptune House, Water Lane, London, E.C.3, by John Harris (Contracts), Ltd., 52 Lower Thames Street, London. E.C.3.

Mr. J. J. Hearn, 75 Grove Hill Road, 1.ondon, S.E.5, has taken over two lorries (6 tons 11 cwt.) from Mr. H. H. Broom.

19 Violet Road, London, E.3. Two lorries (5 tons. 8 cwt.) have also gone to Mr. W. J. E. Long, 6 Stanley Road, London, N.W.9. They were assigned by Mr, G. N. Briggs, of the same address.

A lorry (2 tons 18 cart.) assigned to P D. Sleernan, Ltd.. 38 Uxbridge Road.

London, W5. by Mr. T. H. Prince, 44 Arpley Street, Warrington, has now been transferred to Mr. W. J. Lacey, Columbine, Inkerman Drive, Hazlemere, Bucks. Its original base was in London.

Another vehicle has been sold by 'Valliant Direct Coaches. Ltd.. 38 Uxbridge Road. London. W.5. Weighing 3 tons unladen, it has gone to Messrs. Rafferty Bros., 157h Hertford Road, Enfield, Middx. Mr. G. W. Wilson, Little Brick House Farm, Bromsgrove, has transferred a lorry (3 tons 2 cwt.) to Mr. T. J. Reader. 20 St.

Paula Way, London, E.3. Assignments have also been made as follows: Mr. .11.

Rackliffe. Mangles Road, Guildford, Surrey, three lorries (8 tons 19 cwt.) to IVIessis. Sharp Bros.. 17 Riverside. Guild ford, Surrey: Hamblins Suppliers. Ltd., 498 Melton Road. Leicester, one (4 tons), based at Harpenden. to Stanley's Haulage, Ltd., Manor House, Watling Sow', Hock, Mk, Beds; and Mr. E. S. Weight, 61 Morden Hill, London. S,E.13. one (2 tons 18 cwt.) to Mrs A. E. Weight, of the same address.

One of two lorries (6 tons 14 cwt.) sold to Percy D. Sleeman, Ltd.. 38 Uxbridge Road. London.. W.5, by Mr. T. H. Prince, 44 Arpley Road, Warrington, has been re-assigned to Mr. J. Glazier, 33s South Road, London. S.W.19. It weighs 37 tons unladen.

Messrs. A. W. E. French and H. V. Milinar. 52 Lower Thames Street. E.C.3, have assigned a lorry (6 tons 19 cwt.) to Bowden Transport, 108a Warner Road, London, S.E.5, and one (2 tons 13 cwt.) to John Harris (Cartage), Ltd., Water Lane, London, E.C.3. Bowden Transport bare also bought another vehicle weighing 77 tons unladen.

Special A licences have also been granted by the Metropolitan Licensing Authority to Mr. G. S. Ball. Inwood Court. St. Pancras Way. London. N.W.1. for a lorry (2 tons 8 cwt.) and a trailer, assigned by Mr. C. T. Ball, 8-14 St. Pancras Way. London, N.W.l: Bain and Woolley, Ltd. (Bee-Bee Road Services), 49 Cardiff Road. Luton, a lorry (2 tons 8 cwt.) and a trailer, by Harry Green (Removals). Ltd., 5 Swiss Terrace. London. N.W.6: Commercial Motors and Spares. Ltd.. 63 Effra Road. London. S.W.2, a lorry (6 tons 7 cwt.) by Mr, W. Gatehou,se, 28 Hair Road, St. Albans; Mr. D. W. Heath, 42 Grosvenor Park Road, London. E.17. one (2 tons 19 cwt.) by Mr. W. J. Taylor. 5 Montague Road. London. Ell: and Messrs. H. and H. Transport, 118a Danes Road. London, E.7, two (10 tons 18 cwt.) by E. and T. Motors, Ltd.. 655-661 High Read, London, E.11.

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