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One Hears

25th March 1938, Page 31
25th March 1938
Page 31
Page 31, 25th March 1938 — One Hears
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Divided we stand; united we could move.

The query "How did the Luton type of van body obtain its name?"

That trade goes in cycles and a haulage contractor asking, "Yes, but where? "

Of a well-known carburetter of American design to be manufactured in this country.

That there is no real reason why road transport should not rise as high as its hopes.

That of all the Leyland vehicles ordered last year, 53 per cent. were passenger machines and 47 per cent. goods-carrying vehicles.

The warning that, in the event of war, many boxvans may be commandeered co be converted into ambulances for A.R.P. service.

That there is at least one living link in Lanes with the first "Self-propelled Traffic Demonstration," and he is a contributor to this journal.

That he would have been too shy to reveal the fact had it not been that certain London worthies believe that they are the sole survivors of an historic event.

Of few things less facile than railway "facilities. Of a resurrection of interest in alternative fuels.

Of a very old gully-emptier which could not pass our municipal number.

That boring rebores can often be avoided by using special types of piston ring.

Commendation of the new London trolleybuses from passengers and residents on the routes.

The comment—" Constructional work in hand for the elimination of four level crossings—and they call that progress r. "

That the replacement of trams by trolleybuses is one of the biggest contributions to the noise-abatement movement that has been made.

That little labels give big troubles to motor carriers.

That Mr. S. E. Garcke has ordered a 58-ft. yacht with a Gardner oil engine.

That our reference to a "tender call from South Africa" did not mean, as a reader's wife seemed to think, anything such as, "Are you there, darling?" on the long distance telephone.


People: S. E. Garcke
Locations: London

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