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What the Associ

24th January 1936
Page 34
Page 34, 24th January 1936 — What the Associ
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Yorkshire Unity Movement Spreading

A S foreshadowed in The COMM ercial r3.1fotor, last week, the amalgamation of the Yorkshire Stage Carriage Operators Association and the Yorkshire area of A.R.O. (with which Yorkshire Motor Coach Owners, Ltd., has also merged), has been decided upon at a meeting, in Leeds, by the executive cortunittees of the associations concerned.

There has also been a large extension of the movement for securing unity by setting up a Yorkshire committee of associations. The number of interested bodies has been considerably increased, but the basis of the project has been modified.

The original idea was that a Yorkshire committee should be set up primarily as a medium for the merging of the interests of associations. The Yorkshire Standing Joint Committee of Associations, which was formed at a meeting in Leeds, last week, includes, however, interests which are not disposed to take part in a merger of organizations in Yorkshire under present conditions. The amalgamation of the Yorkshire area of A.R.O. and the Y.S.C.O.A. provides that the joint organization shall be linked with A.R.O. Having agreed on this amalgamation, the executives concerned referred the settlement of details to a committee, comprised of five representatives from A.R.O., five from Y.M.C.O., and five from Y.S.C,O.A.

The North-Eastern Division of the C.M.U.A. is participating in the Yorkshire Standing Joint Committee along with A.R.O. Other bodies represented at last week's meeting, when the committee was set up, were Y.M.C.0.-; Halifax Transport Owner Association, the transport section of Bradford Chamber of Trade, Doncaster. Rates Committee, Rotherham and District Transport Owners Association, and the Yorkshire Federation of Coal Merchants Associations. The Sheffield Horse and Motor Owners Association was not represented, but sent a message expressing support for the plan for a Yorkshire committee.

The committee will comprise six representatives (who must be either roadtransport operators or managers of road-transport businesses) from each organization.

The committee appointed to settle details for the Y.S.C.O.A.-A.R.O. amalgamation met on Monday, when, it is understood, substantial pro:gress was made. The standing" joint committee met on Tues.00., and a sub-committee was appointed 'to. consider details concerning the operatier' of the new body.

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