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Petrol or , Oil-engined Commer 4-5-ton Tipper

24th August 1945, Page 25
24th August 1945
Page 25
Page 25, 24th August 1945 — Petrol or , Oil-engined Commer 4-5-ton Tipper
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I NTRODUCED into the Coranier.range of vehicles earlier in the year, the Superpoise 4-5-ton short-wheelbase tipper is novir in full production but, of course, is available only against M.O.W.T. licence to acquire.

Designed specifically for heavY-duity tippin,g wofk, the, chassis accommodates a 4-cubic-yd.. body, the power unit being either a six-cylindered.petrol Engine having a displacement' of

4,086 c.c., or a six.7eylindered oil eng,ine el 4,730 c.c. capacity.

The former is rated at 27 h.p, and develops 80 b.h.p., and the latter has a rated h.p. of 29,4 and gives a b.h.p. of 70 at its governed speed. Apart from the engine alternatives offered. he chassis specification is practically iden tical for both models. _

An 11-in. single, dry-plate clutch takes the drive to a four-speed gearbox, having helical gears for the top and third ratios. A two-piece propeller shaft, equipped with Layrub universal joints, conveys the drive ',to a fully floating rear axle, in which the

standard ratio is 6.57 to 1: the alternative ratio, for exceptionally heavy duty, is 7.14 to 1. The front axle is a nickel-chrome-steel drop forging, and. the steering is on the worm and worm wheel principle. ,

Five cross...members provide ample bracing for the chassis frame, the section of which measures 8.fc ins. by 7-32 in., the top flange being 2,%. ins, wide and the.bottom flange 3 ins. wide. The cross-member which takes the load of the tipping-gear ram is of box .sectIon, being specially reinforced, where it is secured to the side members. A point of interest in the frame design

lies in the rear spring-hanger brackets,... which are carried above the level of. the side members to take the hinge-bar of they tipping body.

The . Cowdrey-type brakes Are 'hydraulically; operated, the front drums being 14 ins, diameter and 2. ins, wide, whilst the rear, drums are 16 ins. diameter and 3 ins, wide, Equipped with 34-in. by 7-in. tyres, with twins at the

tear, the steel disc .wheels -have eight

nut fixings. A Lucas 12-volt compensated-voltage

'dynamo supplies the current fcr lighting, starting and ignition, with a battery of 63-amp.-hour capacity. In the case of the oil engine, a 12-volt cradle-mounted axial starter is fitted, and there is an additional battery, :Regarding the body and tipping gear; the former,is 10 ft. by 6 ft, by 1 ft. ;7 ins., and is built as an end. tipper. Tippinggear is of th.e. 2E.L.

• -Edbro type, giving a .50-degree angle

of tip. .

Eqnipped with a. petrol engine the vehicle costs £635, . and with an oil engine .2865. The maker is -Commer Cars, Ltd., Luton,


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