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23rd September 1966
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Page 216, 23rd September 1966 — VARIETY AND SOME SPICE
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TV0 main patterns of current develop IIVIent in goods transport are well represented by the exhibits at this year's Show: the carriage of freight in controlled conditions over long distances, and the provision for quick deliveries in short-distance operations. Visitors with an eye to technical detail will find much to interest them, particularly in techniques of insulation and methods of refrigeration, but there are also new forms of body construction worth a close look.

ALWAYS WELDING Stand 117 Always Welding Ltd., Ashe Works, Ash, Aldershot, Hants.

AnOUNTED on a Dodge KT.900 chassis and

elevated by an Edbro 5LN/6 tipping gear, one of the all-steel bodies shown has an internal length of 12 ft. 8 in. and a taper of 6 in., while the second is a U-shaped 18 ft. body, the chassis and tipping gear being respectively an Albion Super Reiver and a Telehoist TV9 unit.

Having an internal length of 15 ft. 6 in., an aluminium body is insulated throughout and is mounted on a Guy Big J chassis, the lifting gear being an Edbro U47 unit. Of the fourcompartment type, the tanker has a capacity of 2.000 gal. and is mounted on a Ford D.800 chassis.

ANDREWS OF AINTREE Stand 87 Andrews of Aintree Ltd., Waring Road, Aintree, Liverpool 9

TWO articulated tankers having a capacity of

4,800 gal. and a 3,500 gal. rigid tanker are displayed on this stand. All are insulated and of stainless steel construction. The articulated tankers are of the cylindrical triple-compartment type. while the rigid tanker is of elliptical section and has five compartments. Mounted on York tandem-axle running gear one of the articulated tankers is designed for the conveyance of chemicals; the second tanker of this type is based on Duramin tandem-axle semi-trailer gear and is of the general-cargo type. Also intended for the carriage of chemicals, the rigid tanker is mounted on a Leyland Octopus chassis.

ANTHONY Stand 123

Anthony Hoists Ltd., c/o Carrimore Six Wheelers Ltd., High Street, North Finchley, London N12

r-IF the five vehicles on the Anthony stand, four are equipped with U-shaped bodies and all the bodies are of steel.

A TU22/90 twin-ram underbody gear is installed in an AEC chassis, the body having a capacity of 13 cu. yd., while an ST8 link-type gear is fitted to a Guy Big 3 in combination with a 14 Cu. yd. body, and a TM12/125 twin-ram front-of-body gear is allied with a 12 Cu. yd. body in the case of a Dodge six-wheeled chassis.

The remaining U-shaped body is mated with a TU18/75 twin-ram underbody gear on a Foden chassis and has a capacity of 20 cu. yd., and an 8 Cu. yd. fix-sided body is elevated by a TU 12/60 twin-ram underbody gear on an Albion Chieftain chassis.


Appleyard of Leeds Ltd., North Street, Leeds 7

THE single exhibit of goods vehicle interest

on this stand comprises a composite van having a length of 9 ft., a width of 5 ft. 7 in. and a height of 5 ft. 9 in., and based on a Morris 32 chassis.


Arlington Bodybuilders Ltd., High Road, Ponders End, Enfield, Middx.

A DEMOUNTABLE 825 Cu. ft. lightweight

container exhibited on this stand is designed for removal from the vehicle chassis when unladen with the aid of tubular members placed under the body and four jacks. There are two sliding doors on each side.

The container is mounted on an Albion Chieftain chassis equipped with an Arlington aluminium platform body, while a Leyland chassis is shown with an aluminium box van body, the bearers of both bodies being secured to the chassis frame by U clips. The van has a capacity of 555 Cu. ft.

In the case of a 1,860 Cu. ft. Crown type light-alloy Pantechnicon body with a Luton head on a Bedford 7-ton chassis, Avcx and Tucket rivets or Avdelok bolts are used to join the aluminium frame sections and panelling.

ATKINSON'S Stand 126

Atkinson's of Clitheroe, Ltd., Kenai Street, Clitheroe, Lancs.

MAKING its "world premiere" at Earls Court, the Atkinson Hydroject Mk. MA powder tanker is a non-tipping type and is claimed to be a completely new concept. Constructed of electrically-welded aluminium the vessel has a capacity of 540 Cu. ft. and the pneumaticdischarge system is designed for handling a wide range of powders varying in density from 30 lb. per Cu. ft. to 90 lb. per Cu. ft., the certified working pressure being up to 20 p.s.i. On an eight-wheeled chassis the vessel has a payload capacity of 16 tons.

A demountable solid-fuel unit comprises a bulk transporter body equipped with an Autoweighbagging and boom-conveyor discharge system powered by an independent diesel engine. The 11 ft. 6 in. body has a capacity of 11 cu. yds. and can accommodate 6.75 tons of coal or 4.5 tons of coke. Jacking stilts are provided for storage purposes.


Autolifts and Engineering Co. Ltd., c/o Cardmore Six Wheelers Ltd., High Street, North Finchiey, London N12

AN L9US single-ram underbody heavy-duty gear is combined with a steel U-shaped body of 7 cu. yd. capacity on a Ford D800 chassis and the same type of gear is fitted to a Bedford chassis in conjunction with a 6 cu. yd. all-steel dumper body.

An S16F front-end tipping gear is mounted on an Albion chassis for elevation of a steel U-shaped body having a length of 16 ft. 1 in. which is insulated with glass fibre. A D.25M twinram slant-type gear is fitted to a special Atkinson six-wheeled chassis, the body being of all-steel electrically-welded construction. The struck

capacity of the body is 10 cu. yd. and the sides arc tapered.

BAWN Stand 127

W. B. Bawn and Co. Ltd., Byron Works,. Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow, London El 7

SIMILAR to the equipment on view at the 1964 Show, but this time mounted on an articulated trailer chassis, the pawn Bulkveyor tipping bulk body is particularly suitable for the handling of agricultural produce, The system incorporates three augers, one at the rear arranged transversely, one in a vertical discharge duct and one in the boom. All the augers are hydraulically driven.


Bonallack and Sons Ltd., Paycocke Road, Basildon. Essex

MAKING its first appearance, the ISO con tainer shown by this company has a length, width and height of 19 ft. 10.5 in., 8 ft. and 8 ft. respectively and is framed in mild-steel and specially-extruded aluminium sections, while the front and rear steel frames have cast steel corners. The company also shows a new type of Pneumajector articulated bulk cementvehicle of 700 Cu. ft. capacity with light-alloy pressure tank, a calibrated 28 Cu. yd. fixed-sided aluminium tipping body designed for coke transport and a 2,400 gal. light alloydual-purpose tanker.


Bonallack Refrigerated Vehicles Ltd., Paycocke Road, Basildon, Essex.

A DIFFERENTIAL of 33.8 Btu./hricleg. F. is guaranteed in the case of the refrigerated delivery van displayed by this company, construction of the bodywork being of the Monocore frameless type with expanded p.v.c. insulant sandwiched between panels of lightalloy. Refrigeration is provided by a Prestcold AS 200/L unit and four Winget-Dole holdover plates, whilst a rear vestibule is screened by a Polydrape curtain. The van has a capacity of 640 cu. ft.

Other exhibits on the stand include a Weightsaver 1,465 Cu. ft. light-alloy van insulated with 2 in. of polystyrene; a 1,074 cu. ft. lift container, insulated with 5 in. of polystyrene and refrigerated by a Thermo-King K20 propane-operated unit, which is mounted on a York 30 ft. tandem axle semi-trailer; and a Coldsaver 580 Cu. ft. van of guaranteed thermal performance based on a BMC FG 1(80 chassis. This van is refrigerated by a Polarstream liquid-nitrogen unit.

BOWYER Stand 107

Bowyer Bros. (Congleton) Ltd., West Heath, Congleton, Cheshire.

THE two exhibits on this stand include a -`• hopper-bodied light alloythree-compartment articulated transporter designed for the carriage of animal feeding stuffs, which has three sheeted loading apertures in the roof, and a new Boalloy reinforced plastics box van body, offered in lengths of 12 ft. to 18 ft. in 12 in. increments. The transporter is hauled by a Scarnmell tractor.


Bristol Metal Contracts Ltd., Whitefield Road, Bristol 5

SUITABLE for fitting to most commercial

vehicles chassis, a Bri-Mec multi-purpose lorry body is shown mounted on a Bedford chassis. Designed to give safe and fast loading of mobile and static equipment, the Bri-Mec features a body that can be hydraulically raised to an angle of approximately 13 deg. An outer section of the body is slideably mounted on the inner section and is traversed hydraulically until it contacts the ground. Equipment can be winched on to the platform.


Bromilow and Edwards Ltd., Springfield Road, Hayes, Middx.

nNE underbody and two front-of-body tipping gears are featured by this member company of the Edbro group. The under-body gear is an Edbro W8 single-ram model and is fitted to a Bedford chassis, while an Edbro 2LN front-end single-ram gear and an Edbro 5LN/9 twin-ram unit of the same type are fitted respectively to BMC and ERF chassis.

An Edbro 6 Cu. yd. steel body with an inside length of 11 ft. 3 in. is fitted to the Bedford chassis and a drop-sided body of similar capacity is mounted on the BMC chassis. Of the fixed-sided type the alloy body of the ERF has an internal length of 19 ft.


W. P. Butterfield (Engineers) Ltd., P.O. Box 38, Shipley, Yorks SHOWN in the demonstration park, the

highlight of the Butterfield exhibits is a 6,000 gat six-compartment mild-steel tank, internally lined with epoxy resin, and it is particularly notable that the tank is mounted on a prototype steerable-axle six-wheeled trailer hauled by an AEC Mandator tractor, the g.v.w. of the outfit being 32 tons.

The second largest tanker shown by the company comprises a 5,000 gal. single-compartment general-purpose articulated tanker on Crane Fruehauf running gear. Fully insulated with 2 in. of glass fibre, the tank is fitted externally on its underside with heater coils. It has a working pressure of 30 p.s.i.

Of the two remaining exhibits, one is a 2,500gal. petroleum-products five compartment mildsteel tank of 12 g. material based on a Leyland Comet rigid chassis and one a 1,215 cu ft. general-purpose articulated bulk tanker constructed of 6 g. aluminium which is mounted on York running gear. The latter is hauled by an ERF tractor and is plated for a g.v.w. of 30 tons.


Carmichael and Sons (Worcester) Ltd., The Butts, Worcester

BUILT of aluminium-alloy throughout, a pres

sure-discharged tanker is shown by this company mounted on a Foden 6/26 ET chassis with a g.v.w. of 26 tons. Leading details of the tanker include a p.t.o.-driven Reavell blower having a capacity of 275 cu. ft. of air a minute, Edbro 6CAN tipping and two separate compartments each fitted with a new type of discharge box and valve. A mahogany cattle container is

One of the two similar Luton van bodies displayed by Coachwork Conversions is based as shown on a Comrner 2500 chassis. Production in prefabricated form should enable the vehicle to be bodied within 14 days after arrival of the chassis at the factory.

mounted on a Commer 8-ton chassis and features steel-section framing, metal-lined sides and bulkhead ventilators.

Introduced at the 1964 Earls Court Show, an aluminium "fold in" tipping body is shown based on an Albion Super Reiver chassis.

CHARROLD Stand 141

Charrold Ltd., St. Peters Road, Huntingdon

THE feature exhibit on this stand, the Tipper-A matic, is a pneumatically discharged bulk tipping vehicle, designed for the handling of granular materials, that incorporates a highfrequency low-amplitude vibrator panel. Also new, a glass-fibre drop-sided body, shown sectioned, is of special note in that the platform and bearers are an integral unit.

Other exhibits include a 682 cu. ft. bulkdelivery semi-trailer, based on Rubery-Owen running gear and designed for a g.t.w. of 22 tons, which is fitted with a conveyor that can elevate the material to a height of 10 ft.; an Autobagger, mounted on a Ford D800, features an automaticreturn device applied to the front arm mechanism. COACHWORK CONVERSIONS Stand 136

Coachwork Conversions Ltd., Stanbridge Garage, Leighton Road, Stanbriclge, Beds.

TWO similar Luton aluminium van bodies with

glass-fibre roofs are shown by this company mounted on a Commer 2500 series chassis and a Ford Transit 25 cwt. long-wheelbase chassis. The bodies are produced in prefabricated form and this has enabled the company to offer delivery within about 14 days from the arrival of the chassis at the factory.

COCKER Stand 104

James Cocker and Sons (Southport) Ltd., Kew Works, MeoIs Cop Road, Southport, Lancs.

APARTICULARLY interesting type of de

mountable body, known as the Cocker Kewtainer, is displayed which can be elevated for demounting by special hydraulically operated legs, equipped with castered wheels to provide for easy movement in the depot or warehouse. The container is displayed on a Bedford 5-ton chassis.

The second exhibit comprises a composite body, panelled in aluminium, which is equipped with an easy-entry cab and a full-depth windscreen. This is mounted on an Austin 3-ton FG 60 diesel engine chassis.


Cravens Homalloy Ltd., Blackpool Road, Preston, Lancs.

ALL exhibits on this stand are of aluminium

construction; two of the four bodies shown are of the platform type, one is a confectionery van body and one a tipping body. A light-alloy container is also displayed on the stand and a refrigerated body is on view in the demonstration park.

A 19 ft. standard type of platform body is mounted on an AEC chassis and this vehicle carries the container, which has a capacity of 690 cu. ft. and is insulated with 6 in. of polystyrene. The confectionery body has a length of 11 ft. 4 in. and is based on a Ford 2-ton chassis, features of the structure include the use of colour-impregnated glass-fibre sheet for all exterior panelling apart from the panels of the bulkhead, which are of aluminium alloy.

Designed for dispensing salt in bulk and having a length of 18 ft., the tipping body is mounted on an Albion Reiver chassis and is elevated by an Edbro Tipping gear. A brewery platform body, also of 19 ft., incorporates H23C brewery-type flooring. The refrigerated body is displayed on a Ford Transit chassis.

DARHAM Stand 113

Darharn Industries (London) Ltd., Tavistock House East. Woburn Walk, Tavistock Square, London WC1

THREE of the tankers shown by this company are of stainless-steel insulated construction and comprise a 2,000-gal. single-compartment farm-collection milk tanker mounted on an Albion Super Clydesdale 16-ton g.v.w. chassis; a new 5,000-gal. single-compartment tank designed for transporting hazardous liquids, mounted on Thompson Trailmoblie tandem-axle running gear rated for 30 tons g.t.w.; and a 4,000-gal. twocompartment tanker suitable for transporting edible and light oils, based on a Foden 26-ton g.v.w. eight-wheeled chassis.

A 4,000-gal. mild-steel six-compartment demountable liner-train tank is of "Max" section and is designed for transporting petroleum products. Also of "Max" section, a second 4,000

L F. Dove (C.V.) Ltd.. Lower Addiscombe Road. Croydon. Surrey

gal. six-compartment petroleum-products tanker is based on an Atkinson eight-wheeled chassis.

DOVE Stand 143

THE Luton head of the 1,250 cu. ft. all-alumi

nium Dove Distributor van, .displayed on an Austin 7-ton El K140 chassis, incorporates two hinged panels that allow cab tilting to be accommodated without sacrifice of load space. The .van will be used to carry office equipment.

A rear opening with three doors is a feature of the five-door Dove Distributor van on an Austin 3-ton PG K60 chassis, a roller-shuttered door being fitted on each side near the front. The interior is equipped with Joloda tracks to facilitate movement of palletized loads which can be placed on the platform by a fork-lift truck when the doors are fully opened, the centre door providing a step-in entry. Having a width of 3 ft. the side doors are designed for the loading of non-palletized goods.

Dunnspencer Bulkflo Ltd., Ikon Works, Ilminster. Somerset.


ARIGID type of aluminium bulk body of

600 Cu. ft. capacity is shown mounted on a Commer Maxiload chassis, body elevation being provided by an Edbro 4 LNS twin-ram front-ofbody lifting gear. Designed for the pneumatic discharge of animal foodstuffs, grain and so on, the discharge equipment incorporates Bulkflo hydraulically-driven twin-opposed vibrating hoppers which feed a rotary discharger of 12 in. diameter, the blower being a Godfrey L.800 Roots type.

D uramin Engineering Co. Ltd., Stenefield Way. Ruislip, Middx.

D URAMIN Stand 36

OF special topical interest are two freight

containers displayed by this company, one a general-purpose type built to the proposed ISO recommendations and one an insulated container. Constructed of steel and alloy, the generalpurpose container has an interior capacity of about 1,080 cu. ft. and is designed for a gross rating of 20 tons, its tare weight being 36 cwt. Having the same gross rating, the insulated container has an internal capacity of 990 cu. ft.

Other exhibits on this stand include a 1,700 Cu. ft. integral semi-trailer van based on Scammell tandem-axle air-suspension running gear; a 19 ft. light-alloy platform body mounted on a Bedford TK 6-ton chassis; and Aerola, Palletaire-trolley and Palletaire-slipper-type pneumatic pallethandling equipment. The Aerola system features compressed air-elevated roller tracks, while the Palletaire trolley runs on two flat guide rails which are also elevated by air pressure; the Palletaire slipper system incorporates a pair of pneumatically-elevated and independentlyoperated slippers that are used to raise the pallet above floor level.


Edwards Bros. (Tippers) Ltd., Springfield Road, Hayes, Middx.

APPLICABLE to all Edbro gears having six-cylinder pumps, a new range of Edbro power take-off units features p.v.c. plasticscased pre-greased weatherproof cables, and it is emphasized by the makers that the units are particularly suitable for vehicles fitted with tilt cabs.

Two of the underbody lifting gears shown by this company are of the W3 twin-ram type and are seen fitted to a Ford D800 10 ft. wheelbase chassis and a Seddon 13:four 9 ft. 3 in. wheelbase chassis, while the third is a W8 single-ram gear mounted on a Dodge K900 10 ft. 8 in. wheelbase chassis. An Edbro 5LN/6 front-of-body twin-ram gear is fitted to an Albion Super Reiver having a 12 ft. 2 in. wheelbase.

Bodies shown by the concern include an 8 cu. yd. steel dropside type (on the Ford chassis) a second body of similar construction and capacity of the fixed-sided type (on the Seddon chassis) and a third fixed-sided steel body (on the Dodge chassis). Based on an Albion Super Reiver chassis and constructed of aluminium alloy plate, an insulated body has sandwich panels with a 2 in. core of glass fibre. FERGUSSONS Stand 148

Fergussons (Motor Engineers) Ltd., Limberline Road, Hi!sea, Portsmouth

THREE Spartan Max-section tankers are exhibited on this stand with capacities of 2,000 gal., 2,800 gal and 3,400 gal., all of which are of the rigid type. Based on a Commer chassis the 2,000 gal. tanker is of the fourcompartment type designed for the carriage of fuel oil, while the 2,800 gal. tanker has five spirit compartments and is mounted on a Leyland Super Comet chassis. The third vehicle is a single-compartment fuel-oil tanker, displayed on a Dodge KT 900 chassis, which features anti-surge baffles.

GARNER Stand 30

Garner Motors Ltd., Brookland Close, Windmill Road, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middx

OF all-metal construction. a 430 Cu. ft.

integral van body on this stand has an interior length of 17 ft. 5 in., is panelled in mild-steel sheet and has a glass-fibre front dome. The body is mounted on a Commer 2-ton Walk-Thru chassis having a wheelbase of 10 ft. 3 in.

The second vehicle shown by the company comprises a heavy-duty double-dropsided truck, based on a Ford D750 chassis, which has an interior length and width of 16 ft. and 7 ft. respectively and height of 1 ft. 6 in. Sideboards, tailboard, centre posts and rear corner posts are easily removable.


Gloster Saro Ltd., ao Hawker Siddeley Group Ltd., 32 Duke Street, St. James, London 5W1 THE two articulated heavy-fuel-oil tankers

on this stand are both of light-alloy construction, one being a 5,000 gal. two-compartment type, tapered at both ends, which is mounted on a Seammell bogie, and the other a single-compartment tank on a Dyson tandemaxle trailer with Aeroride air suspension. Both vehicles are designed for operating at a g.t.w. of 30 tons. The first tank is suitable for insulation.

Two articulated vehicles are displayed in the demonstration park, and these comprise a 6,000 gal. petroleum-products tanker on a tandemaxled air-suspended bogie, which is hauled by a Guy Big J tractor, and a 5,300 gal. filamentwound glass-reinforced plastics tank on a Dyson Aeroride bogie, hauled by a Leyland Beaver. In these cases also, the tanks are designed for a g.t.w. of 30 tons.

HAWSON Stand 31

Hawson Ltd., Brookland Close, Windmill Road, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middx

THE five exhibits on this stand comprise a 460 Cu. ft. integral van on a Bedford TK 2-ton chassis, a 670 cu. ft. box van on an Austin 3-ton chassis, a double-drop-sided truck body on a Morris 3-ton chassis, a dropsidecl

builder's truck mounted on a Leyland 20 cwt. chassis and an 18 ft. heavy-duty platform body on an International Loadstar 1800 chassis having a wheelbase of 17 ft. 1 in.

Apart from a timber floor, the integral van and box van are of all steel construction and have hinged rear doors, the dropsided truck and builder's vehicle have an all-steel underframe and hardwood floor and sides, while the platform body has a similar type of underframe and a timber floor and headboard. This body is pedestal-mounted on the chassis frame.

HCB-ANGUS Stand 27

HCB-Angus Ltd.. Commercial Road. Totton, Hants.

A DUAL-PURPOSE fire appliance, built to

British Home Office specification No. JCDD/4, is shown mounted on a new ERF fire-engine chassis powered by a Perkins V8 diesel.

JENNINGS Stand 103

J. H. Jennings and Son Ltd., Crewe Road, Sandbach, Cheshire OF notable interest on this stand a light-alloy

20 ft. by 8 ft. platform body was specially designed for pallet loading of tinned foodstuffs, the 11-ton load being stabilized by a "sloping-in" grip-tight floor of aluminium planking. Pallet loading is facilitated by rave rails that are flush with the floor. The body is mounted on an ERF 54G chassis.

Based on a Ford D700 chassis having a wheelbase of 156 in., a 750 cu. ft. box van is of composite construction with a timber framework, the roof being a single-piece glass-fibre moulding with integral roof stit..ks. The floor is level throughout and access is provided by a roller shutter on the nearside front of the vehicle and by a second roller shutter at the rear.

Features of the third exhibit, a horse transporter on a BMC FJ K140 chassis, include an unusual form of composite construction based on the use of oak pillars and mahogany plywood panels, the roof being of glass fibre. Fittings include detachable padded partitions for four horses.

KENNING Stand 86

Kenning Coachwork Ltd., Penistone Road North, Sheffield 6

A NEW type of Kenning hose reel that permits discharge from either side of the vehicle is a special feature of a Kenning five-compartment tanker on this stand. The tanker has a capacity

of 2,000 gal. and is mounted on a Morris FJ K160 8-ton diesel-engined chassis.


Locomotors Ltd., 520 London Road, Mitcham, Surrey

AN integral van designed for the carriage of

2. electrical components and mounted on a Morris FG K40 chassis is exhibited by this company together with a special Luton furniture-and-bedding body based on a Commer VBAS chassis with a 3 ft. 7 in. extension, and, in the demonstration park, a 1,060 cu. ft. refrigerated van body. Both vans are of composite construction.

Features of the integral van include a USI 1-ton tailboard lift, a pillarless cab screen and a kerb-observation panel, while the Luton body has a dropped-frame extension to accommodate a well, and the wide wheel boxes are extended to the edge of the well to facilitate the carriage of large pieces of furniture.

Mounted on an AEC Mercury chassis, the refrigerated body is of composite construction and is insulated with 4 in. of expanded polystyrene. Refrigeration is provided by a Polarstream unit.

MARSDEN Stand 145

Marsden (Coachbuilders) Ltd., Longshaw Street, Warrington

CLAIMED to be the first pantechnicon van body to be fitted to a Bedford VAM passenger chassis, the pantechnicon shown by this concern features glass-fibre exterior panels bonded to the framing. This form of construction is also used in the case of the second exhibit which is a Luton body mounted on a Karrier Gamecock chassis having a wheelbase extension. This body is fitted with a second deck for the carriage of gas cookers, domestic appliances, furniture and so on requiring protection against damage. The boards of the deck are hinged to the van sides and are supported by detachable mild-steel crossbearers.


Marshall of Cambridge (Engineering) Ltd., Airport Works, Newmarket Road, Cambridge

nF composite construction, a special pan' technicon van body having a capacity of approximately 1,600 cu. ft. is shown by this company mounted on an Austin FJ K100 chassis. The body is designed to enable the cab to be tilted and features include a mouse-trap type of tailboard-balancing spring.

The remaining exhibit comprises an Export light steel van mounted on a Bedford 3-ton chassis. It is claimed that the integral steel frame member of the body provides a robust structure that is lighter than the conventional composite type. The steel parts are treated by the Pyrene bonderizing process to safefuard the surface against corrosion. MARSTON Stand 85

Marston Motor Co. Ltd., Seven Sisters Road, Tottenham, London N15

INCLUDED in the four exhibits on this stand a TIR body is of special interest in that an adjustable roof truss can be used to provide a height extension to 8 ft. 6 in., the trusses being fitted with sockets to accept mild-steel tilt-support rails. Having an overall length of 33 ft., the body is mounted on a Pitt 28/30-ton g.t.w. tandem-axle semi-trailer, hauled by a Guy Big J tractive unit.

Also having a length of 33 ft, a composite box-van body is mounted on a Pitt 20/23-ton tandem-axle trailer drawn by a Guy Big J tractor, and details include a side-loading sliding door and a full-width nylon roller shutter at the rear. A

Of the type to be displayed at the Show, the Powell Duffryn Dempster-Dumpster seen in this photograph is equipped with a tilt-type container of 6 cu. yd. capacity and is mounted on a Bedford KGT chassis.

Luton 1,550 Cu. ft. composite body is based on an Austin FF K140 chassis, the framework of the van being of selected hardwood.

The fourth Marston exhibit comprises an allsteel electrically-welded tipping body of 8 cu. yd. capacity mounted on an International Loadstar 1800 175 in. wheelbase chassis. The body is elevated by an Edbro 4LNX twin-ram front-end gear.


Micldeover Transport Ltd., Twyford Works, Whitby Avenue, London NW10

rONFORMING to the proposed ISO stan dards and suitable for Freightliner train operations for the movement of meat and perishable foods, an insulated one-piece plastics container of sandwich construction is shown by this company having a capacity of 932 Cu. ft. Sandwich panels have a central core (bonded to the outer skins) of polyurethane rigid foam with an overall thickness of 4.25 in., and temperature control is provided by a Mickleover rechargeable carbon-dioxide unit fitted in the roof.

A similar type of one-piece sandwich construction is a feature of a 905 cu. ft. plastics body mounted on a Commer 8-ton chassis, of a onepiece lift-off container designed for the transport of meat and perishable foods, which has a capacity of 1,340 cu. ft. and of a 1,770 Cu. ft. body based on a Crane Fruehauf semi-trailer. The last-named is refrigerated by a solid carbon-dioxide unit and is hauled by a Leyland tractive unit.

MURFITT Stand 37

R. Murfitt Ltd., Weasenham Lane, Wisbech, Cambs.

ANNOUNCED in June this year, a container • `—` transfer unit is featured on this stand, designed for standard 150 containers with lengths of 40 ft., 30 ft., 20 ft. and 10 ft. The unit is based on a platform semi-trailer and incorporates a mechanism for the side transfer of a container from another vehicle or from a rail car or loading platform on to the deck of the unit and from the unit to another vehicle or deck.

A Murfitt moving-bulkhead discharge unit is exhibited on a Murfitt 900 Series bulk-transporter semi-trailer, also fitted with a Murfitt-Schmitz triple-axle self-steering bogie, while a 600 Series pressure tank of the moving-bulkhead discharge type is displayed on a Guy Big J six-wheeled chassis. This vehicle is powered by a Cummins V6-200D 588 cu. in. diesel engine, one bank of which can be used as a pump to pressurize the tank.

NEVILLE Stand 82

Neville industries (Mansfield) Ltd., Bradder Street, Mansfield, Notts.

NEVILLE sectioned aluminium bodies are a

feature of the two exhibits on this stand, which comprise a Radilift tipping semi-trailer designed for a g.t.w. of 30 tons and a 24 ft. Lutonbodied Ford D600, the body sections of the latter vehicle being of the inverted-U type. A sectioned aluminium tipping body of 14 Cu. yd_ capacity is on view in the demonstration park mounted on a Foden chassis.

PILOT Stand 22

Pilot Works Ltd., Springfield Road, Hayes, Middx. cr the four tipping-gear exhibits shown by this member company of the Edbro group, two are front-of-body gears and two are of the underbody type.

An Edbro 6SC/9 single-ram front-end gear is seen fitted to a Foden chassis, while an Edbro 4LNX twin-ram gear is installed on a Leyland Super Comet chassis. The aluminium drop-sided body on the Foden has an internal length of 20 ft. and is equipped with a top-and-bottom hinged tailboard, whilst the light-alloy 9 cu. yd. body of the Leyland is the fixed-sided type having an internal length of 13 ft. 3 in.

Underbody gears shown by the company comprise a W3 twin-ram type fitted to a Commer chassis and a U47D/12 twin-ram gear designed to give a tipping angle of 55 deg. which is mounted on an AEC Mammoth Major chassis. The Cornmer is equipped with a steel drop-sided body of 7 cu. yd. capacity while the steel fixed-sided body of the Mammoth Major has a capacity of 10 cu. yd.


Powell Duffryn Engineering Co. Ltd., Cambrian House, Maindy, Cardiff.

A FULL range of Dempster waste-material

demountable containers is displayed by this concern, comprising Dumpster, Dinosaur and Dumpmaster lorry-mounted equipment. The Dumpster model is a 55 12 cu. yd. drop-bottom unit mounted on a Ford D800 chassis, the Dinosaur is an 11S type with a capacity of 8 cu yd. and is based on an AEC Mercury chassis, and the Dumpmaster load-compacting body is a 24 Cu. yd. outfit mounted on an ERF six-wheeled chassis. A Dumpster 5S model and a Dinosaur are being shown in operation in the demonstration park mounted respectively on Bedford TK and Guy Invincible chassis.


Reynolds Boughton (Engineering Services) Ltd., Bell Lane, Arnersham Common, Bucks.

THE two exhibits on this stand comprise an

18 ft. steel-framed platform body with a conventional wood floor, mounted on a BedfordBoughton 6 x 2 Super Low Line chassis, and a Bennes Mane! Multi-Bucket demountablecontainer refuse vehicle. This is mounted on a Ford chassis and features two rear roller jacks of patented design. The hydraulic system incorporates Rilsan seals.


Road Transport Services (Hackney) Ltd., 14 St. Andrews Road, Hackney, London E8.

A LAMINATED glass-fibre platform body.

supported on glass-fibre bearers with lightalloy stiffeners, is of notable interest on this stand, a particular feature of the structure being that it is designed to flex with the vehicle chassis. A sandwich floor has an expanded rigid-foam core of 0.75 in. thickness bonded to the outer glassfibre panels. The floor surface is abrasionresistant.

The remaining exhibits comprise a mobile outside television broadcasting unit based on a Bedford VAL passenger chassis, a polyurethaneinsulated refrigerated aluminium body on Dyson tandem-axle running gear and a heavy-duty 24 ft. 6 in. platform body on an AEC Mammoth eight-wheeled chassis.

ROLLALONG Stand 88 Rol!along Ltd., Ringwood, Hants.

DEMONSTRATED for the first time at the 1964 Earls Court Show a demountablecontainer system is shown by this bodybuilder that features a sub-frame elevated by four hydraulic rams to enable detachable legs to be fitted to the corners of the container.

Other exhibits on this stand comprise an ISO container having a length, height and width of 19 ft. 10.5 in., 8 ft. and 8 ft. respectively, which is designed for stacking four-high, and an 18 ft. container of light-alloy construction lined with waterproofed plywood.

ROOTES Stand 139 Rootes Ltd., Len Engineering Works, Mill Street, Maidstone, Kent

A STEEL shell body having a floor of 0.625 in.

resin-bonded plywood with a covering of asbestos sheet is a feature of a Minimobile coal and fire-appliance display unit shown by Rootes on a Commer 2500 series chassis, having a wheelbase of 10 ft. 3 in.

SCAMMELL and NEPHEW Stand 129 G. Scammell and Nephew Ltd., ao Carrimore Six Wheelers Ltd, High Road, North Finchley, London N12

BASED on a Carrimore 6-ton semi-trailer

with a semi-cranked frame, the lightalloy box body displayed by this concern is equipped with an aluminium roller shutter at the rear and is fitted with a hand-operated hydraulic tailboard lift. The roof is fitted with a centre panel of glaSs fibre having a length of 16 ft. and a width of 3 ft., the overall length of the complete vehicle being 30 ft. 9 in.

SHEPPARD FABRICATIONS Stand 133 Sheppard Fabrications Ltd., Rymer Lane, Barnham. nr. Thetford, Norfolk

1Z-NOWN as the Rolonof, a completely new -I' type of container-handling system is exhibited comprising a tipping frame on to which or from which the container is loaded or unloaded from or to ground level by a doubleacting winch. Because the lifting mechanisms are located below the container it can be of a width equal to that of the vehicle. The Show container has a capacity of 20 cu. yd. and the system is mounted on a Dodge K900 chassis.

Introduced a few months ago, Sheppard Meiller Mk11 container units are exhibited in 6000 and 8000 form, the 6000 being based on a Ford D800 chassis and the 8000 on a Dodge K900. An 8000 is also on display in the demonstration park based on a similar chassis, and a loading crane is to be seen mounted on a Ford D750 chassis.

Smiths Delivery Vehicles Ltd., Eastern Avenue, Team Valley, Gateshead-on-Tyne 11 SMITHS Stand 93

SHOWN for the first time at Earls Court, a

new mobile butcher's shop is seen mounted on a Ford Transit V30 22 cwt, chassis and it is notable that interior fittings include a Carrifreeze refrigerated cabinet. Mounted on a Bedford CAL 15/17 cwt. chassis a Cornette Mk. 5 ice cream body was specially developed for T. Wall and Sons (Ice Cream) Ltd. and is equipped with an Electrowell wash basin and a . Freezewell conservator.

Two Litex bodies are also exhibited, the first being a meat-carrying type based on a Kamer 5-ton diesel-engined chassis and the second a bread container having a length of 26 ft., which is mounted on a Carrimore straightframed semi-trailer.

The meat body is insulated with vapoursealed polystyrene, and automatic loading is provided by a Smiths Market Loader. The container is also insulated with polystyrene, and a 4 k.w. electric heater is employed to control the body temperature thermostatically. An Onan generator provides the necessary power and operates an air-distribution fan.

J. H. Sparshatt and Sons Ltd, Burrfields Road, Copnor, Portsmouth, Hants. SPARSHATT Stand 119

A 23 FF. low-temperature lift container,

fitted with a Thermo-King refrigerating unit is shown by this company mounted on an Albion Super Reiver chassis with an aluminium platform body. The container is of light-alloy stressed-skin semi-frameless construction, is insulated with 5 in. of expanded polyurethane and is double vapour-sealed.

The three other exhibits on the stand include a standard Dodge KB300 270 Cu. ft. van converted to a refrigerated body, a 1,600 Cu. ft. Luton van body based on a Dodge chassis/ scuttle and a 900 Cu. ft. body of this type on a Ford D300. Having the same type of insulation as the lift container, the converted van is refrigerated by a Pressed Steel AS100L compressor and condensing unit working in conjunction with two Winget heavy-duty eutectic hold-over plates.

Right, above: A Thruvan of welded construction is displayed by the Walker concern on a Commer 2-ton chassis. The van has,a capacity of 535 Cu. ft. and is fitted with Plyrnax Panels.

Right: Fitted to an Atkinson eight-wheeled chassis, a Spenborough UPT.1700L twin-ram underbody gear is combined with an allaluminium body. The vehicle grosses at 24 tons. SPE NBOROUG H Stand 110 Spenborough Engineering Co. Ltd., Union Road, Heclunondwike, Yorks

pouR types of hydraulic tipping gear are

shown by this company. These comprise an EP.43 single front-of-body 4-ton model fitted to an Austin 3-ton FG K60 chassis and combined with a composite wood-steel tipping body; an EP.1900 single-ram front-mounted gear in conjunction with a steel body on a Dodge KT900 chassis having a g.v.w. of 20 tons; an EP. 1700 front-mounted gear with a wood-steel body on a Ford 7.5-ton D750 chassis; and a UPT.1700L twin-ram underbody gear with an aluminium body on an Atkinson S2486XL chassis grossing at 24 tons.

SPURLINGS Stand 29 Spurlings Ltd., Edgware Road, The Hyde. London NW9

-HAVING an internal length, width and height

of 16 ft. 5 in., 7 ft. 6 in. and 6 ft. 3 in. respectively, the Craftsman all-metal open-sided box body displayed by this company is designed for pallet loading and is mounted on a Bedford KDL 151 in. wheelbase chassis equipped with a Reynolds Boughton trailing axle. Spring-loaded p.v.c. roller blinds are fitted to the sides and rear which are enclosed by full-depth galvanized steel roller shutters.

Of aluminium-alloy construction, apart from a rear frame, bulkhead and roof framing of steel, a Craftsman box bodyis shown mounted on a Ford D-series chassis of 156 in. wheelbase. The floor of the vehicle is flat for its entire length, while the tailboard is a USI electrically-operated type, the rear opening being fitted with a fulldepth aluminium shutter. Interior dimensions comprise a length of 18 ft., a width of 7 ft. 2 in, and a height of 8 ft. 3.5 in.

An example of Craftsman all-steel bodywork suitable for mounting on 3-, 4and 5-ton chassis is displayed in cut-away form. All the framing members are zinc-coated and this also applies to the roof panelling. The body has a length of 14 ft. 9 in. and a width and height of 7 ft.

STEEL BARREL Stand 124 Steel Barrel Co. Ltd., cio Carriertore SixWheelers Ltd., High Road, London N12

THIS company is displaying a special heavy' duty steel bulk-carrying tipping body of 20 Cu. yd. capacity mounted on a Foden eight-wheeled chassis.

STEWART AND ARDERN Stand 48 Stewart and Ardern (Coachbuilders) Ltd.. Abbeydaie Road, Wembley, Middx.

nF aluminium-alloy construction in every case,

the three bodies on this stand comprise a 2,300 cu. ft. overbuilt Luton-type mounted on a Morris FJ K140 chassis, a 600 Cu. ft. box body on a Morris FG K40 chassis and an overbuilt Luton on a Morris FF K140 chassis. In the case of the box body and of the Luton body mounted on the FF K140 chassis, the structures are mounted on aluminium pedestals.

TAYLOR Stand 147 C. F. Taylor (Industrial) Limited, Molly Millers Lane, Wokingham, Berks.

BUILT with the particular requirements of

fuel-oil distributors in mind, a new 2,000 gal. multi-compartment tanker is shown by this company, which is based on a Bedford chassis and is easily demountable. A self-priming pump is fitted on the underside of the chassis.

This tanker shares the stand with a 3,600 gal. single-compartment maximum-section tank mounted on an AEC Mammoth Major eightwheeled chassis.

TELEHOIST Stand 50 Telehoist Ltd., Manor Road, Cheltenham, Glos.

RECENTLY introduced by the company, aluminium skips are exhibited on this stand which have been designed for Load Lugger container vehicles, the saving in weight offered by the skips being up to half that of the steel type. Open and closed skips of this type are available with capacities from 5 cu. yd. to 16 cu. yd. A Commer Maxiload of 16-ton g.v.w. is shown fitted with a Load Lugger CH500M hoist and platform body.

A 28 ft. aluminium body of 40 cu. yd. capacity is shown mounted on a Hy-Spill tipping trailer, the five-stage ram of which provides an angle of tip of 43 deg. The trailer has a payload of 20 tons and is hauled by an Atkinson tractor of 30-tons g.v.w.

The remaining Telehoist exhibit comprise a welded-aluminium, fixed-sided, end-tipping body of 12 cu. yd. capacity, based on an Albion Super Reiver 20-ton g.v.w. chassis; a welded steel fixed-sided, end-tipping body of 9 cu. yd. capacity on a Dodge K900 chassis, which has a payload rating of 9 tons; and a welded-aluminium tipping body of the same type with a capacity of 8 cu. yd. based on a Bedford KHM chassis, the payload of this vehicle being 7 ton 19 cwt.

THOMPSON BROS. Stand 131 Thompson Bros. (Bilston) Ltd.. Bilston, Staffs.

A NEW 5,000 gal. tanker, constructed of extruded aluminium is exhibited by this company. It is based on Thompson Trailmobile tandem-axle running gear and hauled by a Sc ammell Handyman Mk. III tractive unit. Also shown for the first time, a range of Litewate liquid transport containers are of stainless-steel construction and are suitable for a wide variety of liquids. A Thompson/Stetter truck-mixer/agitator is shown mounted on a Foden KE6/20 lightweight chassis.

TORRIDON STEEL Stand 141 Torridon Steel Ltd., Fresh Wharf, Highbridge Road, Barking, Essex

THE largest of the three Torridon articulated

tankers exhibited has a capacity of 6,000 gal. and is designed for operation at a g.c.w. of 30 tons carrying spirit. Of frameless aluminium construction the tank is mounted on tandemaxle running gear with air suspension. The front section of the tank is tapered to enable it to be mounted horizontally without a stepped extension. Its normal payload is 20 tons.

Having a capacity of 5,500 gal. the second articulated tanker is a three-compartment mildsteel fuel-oil unit. Mounted on Scammell airsuspended running gear, the tanker is hauled by a Scatnmell Trunker M1(11 twin-steer tractor.

Based on a Ford D800 chassis, a 2,000 gal. five-compartment tanker is of Max section and fabricated from mild-steel plate.

UNIVERSAL Stand 125 Universal Boilers and Engineering Ltd., Burscough, Lancs

DESIGNED for the carriage of beer, cider or

milk, a • three-compartment 120-barrel articulated tanker on this stand is of special constructional interest in that it comprises three integral vessels of stainless steel welded together. The tanker is mounted on a Duramin tandem-axle trailer.

Of 3,200 gal. capacity, a rubber-lined tanker has a single-compartment shell of mild-steel designed to carry acids, the trailer being a Scammell tandem-axle unit.

Heater coils, located below the single stainless-steel tank, are a feature of the two remaining semi-trailer exhibits, both of which have a capacity of 5,000 gal. and are mounted on Crane Fruehauf tandem-axle trailers.

UNIVERSITY Stand 90 University Commercials Ltd., 117 Boston Road, Hanwell, London W7

AREAR end enclosed by three doors is a

feature of the box van seen mounted on a Morris FG K60 chassis, access to the interior from the rear being through the centre-door opening only or through the opening of the three doors. The body is constructed of seasoned hardwood and the hardwood floor is equipped with Joloda tracks.

One of the two tipping vehicles shown by the company comprises an insulated type with hardwood framing and mild-steel panels, the cavities being filled with glass fibre. The body is elevated by an Edbro 4LNS tipping gear and has a length of 12 ft. 4 in.

The second tipper, based on a Dodge chassis, is equipped with a 13 ft. 9 cu.yd. aluminiumalloy U-shaped body and features heavy-duty capping rails and a replaceable 10 g. floor lining. The lifting gear is an Anthony Hoists model ST7 single-ram underbody slant type.

Constructed of fully heat-treated, salt-resistant aluminium extrusions and sections, a special 24 ft. triple-drop-side body is displayed on a Dodge chassis, the drop-side height being 18 in. The special headboard is braced for use as a bolster.

WALKER Stand 21 B. Walker and Son Ltd., Gammons Lane, Watford, Hunts

AFINELINE bakery van and a Fineline pan

technicon of all-metal construction with a one-piece reinforced glass-fibre roof are shown by this concern together with a Walker allsteel pick-up body and a Thruvan of Walkerwelded construction. The bakery van is mounted on an Austin J2 diesel-engined chassis, equipped with automatic transmission and the 420 cu.ft. pantechnicon is based on a Bedford CA chassis. The Ford Transit 17 cwt. 106 in. wheelbase chassis on which the pick-up is mounted is fitted with a custom-built cab, while the Thruvan is based on a Commer 2-ton chassis. This van has a capacity of 535 cu.ft. and is fitted with Plymax panels. The aluminium roof incorporates a translucent panel.

WESTON Stand 106 Weston Works (Birmingham) Ltd., Weston Lane, Greet, Birmingham 11

,ANEW twin-ram underbody tipping gear is

being exhibited for the first time by this member company of the Butterfield group. A two-stage unit is known as the 4M2X, while the 4M3X is a three-stage gear. The units are designed for vehicles with a g.v.w. up to 20 tons and are claimed to be particularly suitable for the new Bedford, BMC, Dodge and Ford ranges.

The two new gears are exhibited with a range of standard Weston gears.

YEWCO Stand 116 Yorkshire Engineering and Welding Co. (Bradford) Ltd., Friars Works, Bradford Road, Idle, Bradford

THREE frameless semi-trailer tankers are exhibited by this company, one of which is a 4,000-gal. six-compartment petroleum-spirit tanker based on BTC Four-in-Line running gear; one a 2,500-gal. five-compartment lubricating-oil tanker on Carrimore running gear; and one a 5,000-gal. fuel-oil tanker on Crane tandem-axle gear. Of Max section, the 4,000-gal. unit is of mild-steel and has dished and flanged bulkheads; the 2,500-gal. tanker is of aluminium alloy and is of conical elliptical section and the 5,000-gal. unit is a double-conical aluminium type.

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