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Laying the cards on the table

22nd December 2005
Page 18
Page 18, 22nd December 2005 — Laying the cards on the table
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kFTER READING the article -leaded "Two-card trick", (CM 27 Dctober) I would like to take this )pportunity to provide you with ;ome information.

You queried the relevance of he number of cards that can be ssued. It may help di explain that ;ompany card numbers are made ip of several different elements. One is a two-character lumbering system starting at 00, vhich increases by one (01,02 ;te). but if more than 100 cards are ield letters are used (Oa, Ob,0c) up o and including zz.

The total number of cards that re available using this method is 2.232.

I would also like to clarify the position on identification. If applicants send their UK passports in, it is ot necessary for the back of the hotographs to be countersigned. Finally, you commented on the rocess of personal collection. his process is designed to ensure le following: Only one driver card is held by n individual at any one time The cardholder is not disadvaniged by not being able to work ue to not holding a card that had 2en sent for a change of address.

atalie Barroom VLA, Swansea


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