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Operator Opinion Sets The Pace

21st September 1962
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Page 175, 21st September 1962 — Operator Opinion Sets The Pace
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A STAND-BY-STAND REPORT ON GOODS BODYWORK AT THE SHOW = a typical operator cannot obtain the kind of goods bodywork he requires, he will normally refuse to take what can get. He approaches his local dybuilder with instructions to modify tandarct body or to build a special one his specification, and so it is that in s age of increasing specialization the ist marked trend is the initiative of N.ators in getting what they want. is has been a stimulus to the industry

I exhibits at the Show offer abundant )of that bodybuilders are realistically 7reciative of the trend. In many cases, !y offer more than the operator thinks v.ants without increasing the cost.

lodies may be special in terms of nonsional detail, the type of constrticn. the functional equipment used, the iding facilities provided or matching body to a particular chassis. In most iCS there is one overriding consideran ----apart from payload capacity and ig life-and that is whether the body II provide a quicker turn-round of the


IBOTTS Stand 128 Lhhotts (Walsall), Ltd., Hollyhedge Lane, Walsall

HOM ALLOY 16-ft.. 6-in. drop-sided [tuck body with hardwood floor is Dwn mounted on a Guy Otter chassis, and Homalloy 'platform body with an 'minium floOr is based on an Albion iicfrain. Fitted with a full-length canopy t. 6 in. above the floor, a Foden-mounted -imalloy brewery body is of the doublepp-sided type and has a length of 18 ft. ie floor k of corrugated tight alloy. A )rialloy 20-ft. platform body is seen Rin:ed on a Seddon chassis.

1.I.OY TRANSPORT SECTIONS Stand 138 Alloy Transport Sections, Ltd.,

2-1-30 Clement Street, Birmingham, 1 P RES EN TATIVE of the Uhrasec 1..rAng.f. of four light-alloy bodies available UI form, a 530-cu.-ft. type is shown minted on an Austin 3-ton forward-control assns. The all-aluminium framework is 11E30 material, whilst the exterior is netted in NS3 18-s..w.g: material, Heavy duty aluminium cross-bearers arc used for the support of the light-alloy floor.

ALWAYS WELDING Stand 146 Always Welding, Ltd., Ashe Works, Ash, Aldershot, Hants

ADOMESTIC oil-dispensing tanker and paraffin trailer are exhibited together with a double drop-sided steel truck body and a heavy-duty pick-up body. The tanker is of l,800-gal, capacity and is mounted on an Austin 7:12 chassis, whilst the trailer is of the two-wheel type equipped with a 100-gal. container. Shown in knocked-down form ready for shipping, the drop-side body weighs approximately 14.5 cwt. and has a length of 15 ft. 3 in. The pick-up weighs 7.5 cwt. and is mounted on a Karrier chassis.

ANDREWS BROS. Stand 117 Andrews Bros. (Bristol), Ltd., Carlton Works, Regent Street, Liverpool, 3

BY using a frameless type of construction this company have been able to build a

bulk-milk articulated tanker for the Milk Marketing Board's hulk-collection scheme with a capacity of 2,700 gal., which is the more notable because the M.M.B. originally considered that a 2,500-gal, load represented the upper limit. The tanker shown is based on B.T.C. Four-in-Line running gear and has two compartments. Vacuum loading is employed.

Other exhibits comprise a 1,600-gal. mildsteel fuel-oil tanker on a B.M.C. 7-ton forward-control chassis and a stainless-steel mixed-oil tanker of 3,600-gal. capacity mounted on an Atkinson chassis.

ANTHONY Stand 114 Anthony Hoists, Ltd., Ruislip, Middx THREE new types of tipping gear are I exhibited for the first time at: theShow, which comprise a front-end gear fitted to a Dodge 9-ton short-wheelbase chassis, a twinram underfloor gear installed in a Thames Trader with a Boys trailing axle, and a compound heavy-duty gear of the link type mounted in a Foden eight-wheeled chassis. A PPLEYAR D Stand 101A Appleyard of Leeds, Ltd., North Street, Leeds, 7

C LADING doors on both sides of the

integral cab give easy access to a new Tr-Way delivery van mounted on a Morris 2-ton FO 9-ft. 0-in.-wheelbase chassis. Body framing is of selected hardwood and the roof is of moulded glass-fibre.

A.P.V. Stand 112 The A.P.V. Co., Ltd., Manor Royal, Crawley, Sussex

A4,000-GAL, six-compartment light-alloy spirit tanker, a 3,150-gal. stainless-steel cider and pectin tanker and an oils-and-fats tanker of the same material with a capacity of 3,750 gal. are exhibited as representative examples of the company's range. Mounted on a Carrimore four-wheel-in-line articulated trailer with air suspension, the spirit tanker is of frameless construction and is coupled to an A.E.C. Mandator tractive unit, whilst the frameless cider unit is based on York air-bag running gear and is hauled by a Foden tractive unit The 3,750-gal. unit is mounted on an Atkinson eight-wheeled chassis.

ARLINGTON Stand 121 Arlington Bodybuilders, Ltd., High Road, Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex

J(NOWN as Riblap, a patented type of light-alloy panelling is a feature of an all-aluminium 1,930-cu.-ft. Luton body on an Albion chassis, the panels being of the overlapping type riveted to pillars of special section. Of entirely new design, a lightalloy platform body has a length of 24 ft. and is mounted on an A.E.C. Marshal chassis. A 790-cu.-ft. boxvan is shown mounted on a Bedford TK 5-ton chassis, the internal length of the body being IS ft. 8.5 in.

AUTOL1FTS Stand 98 Autolifts and Engineering Co., Ltd., 9 Carnaby Street, London, W.1

THE D25 twin underbody slant-type triple-extension gear shown fitted to an Atkinson six-wheeler has a base-ram bore of 6 in., and is capable of an initial thrust of 30 tons, the last stage being double-acting to provide power return. Of electrically welded construction, the all-steel body has a capacity of 12 cu. yd.

Seen installed in a Bedford J5L chassis and mated to a 6-cu.-yd. drop-sided body, an S12F single-ram front-of-body lifting gear has a capacity of 12 tons. An L9U twinunderbody slant-type gear is employed in conjunction with an 8-cu.-yd. welded-steel fixed-sided body on a Dodge 3164 AT chassis.

A rectangular all-steel double-drop-sided body is a feature of a Thames Trader, elevation being provided by an MI4F tripleextension twin front-Of-body ram with a capacity of 12-14 tons.

BAWN Stand 106 W. B. Sawn and Co., Ltd., Byron Works, Blackhorse Lane, Waltbantstow, London, E.17

r'LAIMED to be the first tanker body of

resin-impregnated continuously wound glass filaments to be built in this country, a 1,500-gal. tanker is suitable for many types of chemical and consumable material. Designed for the transport of grains, wood shavings, fertilizers, coal, aggregate, cement and allied materials, the Bulkveyor system is a feature of a bulk body that can be mounted on most types of 7-8-ton chassis, the system being based on a series of poweroperated augers, including a boom auger. An Albion Clydesdale chassis is shown equipped with a Helmsman maximumsection 2,000-gal. seven-compartment tanker designed for the transport of lubricating oils.


Bluebird Caravans, Ltd., 452-460 Ringwood Road, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset A GOWN van and a Luton High Bulk van body are each mounted on a Commer 15-cwt. chassis with a three-seater cab, the latter van having a capacity of K 22

440 Cu. ft. A second Luton an Austin chassis. van is based on BONALLACK Stand 23

Bonallack and Sons, Ltd., Nevendon Works, Basildon, Essex A CONVEYOR/ROTARY-SEAL pneuri matic discharge system is of special interest in the case of a Pneumarotor 550-cu.-ft. bulk-transport aluminium tipping body with fixed sides designed for handling grains, animal foods, furnace coals and similar materials. The vehicle is based on a Bedford chassis and is equipped with Edbro 4LNX tipping gear.

Providing a payload of over 15 tons, a Pneurnajector tanker has a capacity of 540 cu, ft. and is mounted on a Foden chassis, the body being tipped by a Pilot OVI5 front-end gear. A special fixed-sided tierping body is designed for coal or fuel oil, the oil being carried in a Portolite synthetic roll-up type of rubber tank of 3,600 gal. capacity, which is discharged by a mechanically driven cargo pump. The vehicle chassis is a Leyland Octopus and the tipping gear is an Edbro 5AT/6 twin-ram underbody unit. Coal-carrying capacity is 609 Cu. ft.

Other exhibits include a hardwood-framed soft-ice-cream van on an Austin petrolengined chassis and a light-alloy drop-sided truck body mounted on a Commer 7.5-ton diesel chassis.

BOWYER Stand 118 Bowyer Bros. (Congleton), Ltd., West Heath, Congleton, Cheshire

REPRESENTATIVE of the growing demand for palletized loading, a Boalloy palletized van is shown on a York semitrailer, and its construction is based on a combination of light-alloy extrusions and mild-steel tubes. The platform is boarded longitudinally, and each side slopes 1 in. towards the centre to stabilize the load.

A 20-ft. light-alloy tipping body is mounted on an E.R.F. chassis, the extensive use of hollow tongued-and-grooved extrusions being a feature of the structure. A de-luxe cab on a Guy Invincible chassis is framed in heat-treated aluminium-alloy extrusions and is domed in reinforced glass-fibre. , B.L.S.P. Stand 51 British Light Steel Pressings, Ltd., Warple Way, Acton, London, W.3

A KARRIER Gamecock 11-ft. 9-in,.L1. wheelbase chassis-cab and an 8-ft. 2-in.wheelbase chassis-cab of the same make are exhibited to show typical cab structures. The latter vehicle will be supplied to an Amsterdam brewery.

BROM1LOW AND EDWARDS Stand 24 Bromilow and Edwards, Ltd., c/o Edwards Bros. (Tippers), Ltd., 264 Goldhawk Road, London, W.12 T 1FTING rams of the front-of-body type are fitted to three of the four tipping vehicles displayed, the remaining gear being an underbody type. A 3LNC single frontram gear is a feature of a Leyland Super Comet Chassis, on which is mounts 6-cu.-yd. all-steel end-tipping body., whit Albion Reiver is equipped with 51 15-ton twin front rams and a lightrectangular body having detachable sides. A Scammell 3-ton tipping trailer with a 4.5-cu.-yd. end-tipping hi body is fitted with a 2E tractor-trailer with a single front ram and is coupled Scarab 3-ton Mechanical Horse, whils E.R.F. eight-wheeler has 4AT/9 twin in body rams and a composite timber-andbody with an interior length of 21 ft. 6

BUTTERFIELD Stand W. P. Butterfield (Engineers), Ltd., P.O. Box 38, Shipley, Yorks

DESIGNED to facilitate discharge to give a lower overall heigh general-purpose articulated transport La is of double-cone construction and h capacity of 3,600 gal. Of stainless steel tank is mounted on Crane-Freuhauf tan axle running gear.

Mounted on a Foden chassis, a 2,50( stainless-steel tanker is fitted with the statically controlled electrically hi blankets, supplied by an auxiliary-cot generator or from the mains. • The tat designed to carry phthalic anhydride. articulated 3,200-gal, stainless-steel petro tanker is based on Dyson single-axle rur gear and is hauled by an Atkinson tra unit CARMICHAEL Stan Carmichael and Sons (Worcester), Lt The Butts, Worcester

"THE company's well-known Float-it 1 discharge system is fitted to a 240-c cylindrical bulk-powder tanker of alumii construction shown mounted on a Car 8-ton chassis. Tanks of this type are able for handling a wide variety materials, including flour, grain, feel stuffs, lime, flyash, salt, starch, sand most chemicals.

Two cattle containers are exhibited, of which are of an entirely new type. mahogany construction, one is mountei a Leyland Comet chassis and features i changeable decks, which can be used conversion from a two-decker into a ti decker. The second container is composite steel-aluminium construction a frame of welded-steel sections, whit panelled in high-strength light-alloy s Mounted on a Mortis 7-ton chassis, container is equipped with a Luton-type box.

CUNARD Stan Cunard Commercial Body Building C Cunard Works, Abbeydale Road, Wembley, Middx A BURTONWOOD tailboard lift is i 1-1 to a 510-cu.-ft. Luton body, show. a Morris 2-ton chassis, whilst features special dry-cleaning integral body-cati a Morris 3-ton chassis include -full-k gown rails and a glass-fibre roof. Base a Morris 5-cwt. chassis, a Smith's pi crisps advertising body is lined with 1 stove-enamelled hardboard. RHANI Stand 100 Darham Industries (London), Ltd., livistock House East, Woburn Walk, Tavistock Square, London, W.C.1 ASED on an A.E.C. Mammoth Major chassis, a 3,600-gal. stainless-steel cylinal tanker incorporates two baffles tplete with cleaning rings, whilst a bulk:. tanker comprises four stainless-steel s of three-, four-, sixand eight-barrel acity, mounted on a EalVi.C. 5-ton yard-control short-wheelbase chassis, all

units being insulated with 1.5 in. of , 4.000-gal, six-compartment petroleumit tanker is fabricated of mild steel with kotc lining and is based on a Foden [6'24 chassis. Mounted on an Atkinson ssis, a second 4,000-gal. tank also has six tpaAments and features a sloping rear RAM1N Stand 28 iramin Engineering Co., Ltd., Stonefield Way, Ruislip, Middx ALI.F.TAIRE and Aerola loading ssiems are a feature of a boxvan, built the Brooke Bond Tea Co., which mounted on a Foden eight-wheeled ssis. In the case of the Palletaire system, vheeled trolley runs on flat guide rails incorporates an air-operated lifting :hanisin, whilst the Aerola equipment anises rollers recessed in the floor which elevated by compressed air, both systems as designed for the easy movement of it13 rd pallets.

Lnown as the Cold-Freighter, a frameless ii-trailer unit is mounted on a Dyson iern-axle running gear with Aeroride sussion and is equipped with a Thermo-King ige ration plant. An example of a new ge of bodies, an 8-cu.-yd. tipping body .):porates improved types of frame :ion and is lifted by an Edbro W3 underIs gear. the chassis being a Dodge 4 RT of I17-in. wheelbase, cry recent development, a stackable taincr is shown in light-alloy and form and has a width and length of : Also exhibited is a prototype insulated taincr, built for the B.R.S., which is of n-expanded plastics construction.

WARDS Stand 25 Edwards Bros. (Tippers), Lid., 264 Goldhawk Road, London, W.12 IPERATION of the mechanism by an

ladiattlic motor is a notable feature of iailhoaid loader shown fitted to the her truck-type body of a Dennis chassis,

lifting capacity of the loader being cwt. Mounted on a Thames Trader ssis. a 41.NX front-of-body gear operates all-steel end-tipping body with a capacity 10 Cu. )d. and a 5A179 twin underbody a W21.31' is used in conjunction with .6-cii.-yd. body of the same type on an ;install chassis.

GARNER Stand 124 Garner Motors, Ltd., Brooklands Close, Windmill Road, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middx

CONSTRUCTED throughout of aluminium sections and panelling and insulated with polystyrene, a van body is shown mounted on an A.E.C. Marshal 17-ft. 5-in.-wheelbase chassis. Double doors are fitted at the rear and a pair of loading doors is fitted on each side.

Other exhibits include a 430-cu.-ft van designed for the Commer Walk-Thru chassis and a 530-cu.-ft. boxvan body that is one of a new range of three bodies suitable for Thames normal-control chassis.

HAWSON Stand 139 Hawson, Ltd., Brooklands Close, Windmill Road, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middx

QNE of a range of boxvan bodies suitable for Bedford TK chassis, the example exhibited is mounted on a 135-in.-wheelbase chassis and has a flat floor, roller shutter and tailboard. Other exhibits comprise a Bedford-Ha wson Easy-Access drive-away front end and a Bedford-Hawson EasyAccess cab suitable for the vehicle maker's 25-35-cwt. 119-in.-wheelbase chassis.

HOLMES (PRESTON) Stand 50 Holmes (Preston), Ltd., Blackpool Road, Preston, Lanes

APART from an alloy-and-plastics mobile butcher's shop, the five bodies exhibited are of all-alloy construction. A 34-cu.-yd. hulk-grain end-tipping body on an E.R.F. chassis is fitted with a sliding discharge trap, and a brewery body is equipped for the carriage of 30 hogsheads and features an alloy-and-plastics three-seater cab. DeSigned for pallet loading, a refrigerated container body on a Scot fourwheel-in-line semi-trailer is equipped with Thermo-King plant and is insulated with expanded polyurethane. A second refrigerated body is mounted on a Morris 7-ton chassis, The butcher's shop is integral with a Homalloy cab and is mounted on a Standard l-ton chassis.

HOLMES-ALEXANDER Stand 133 Holmes-Alexander Ltd., Heathhall, Dumfries

AsOUNTED on a Leyland 2-ton chassis, 1311 a Homalloy 940-cu.-ft. boxvan body is designed for the carriage of wines and spirits, whilst a Homalloy 25-ft. tanker body is based on a Scot semi-trailer. A 3,200-gal. aluminium tanker, on an A.E.C. Marshal, is secured to the chassis with B.T.R. Vibro insulation, and an articulated frameless pressure-discharge tanker of 3,600-gal. capacity is of steel construction, the tandem axle of the trailer being fitted with air suspension. The tractive unit is a Scammell.

HOMALLOY (LONDON) Stand 137 Homalloy (London), Ltd., Sutton Road, Rockford, Essex URAMED in aluminium, a two-compare.1 ment bakery van on a Thames 3-ton chassis has plastics and light-alloy panels. An IS-ft. 3-in, aluminium platform body is shown on a Leyland Comet chassis, the platform being used for mounting a fully insulated and refrigerated container.

JENNINGS Stand 21 .1. H. Jennings and Son, Ltd., Crewe Road, Sandbach, Cheshire

OF the three E.R.F.-based bodies shown, one is a van of composite construction, one is equipped with a 16-ft. light-alloy brewery body and the third is a boxvan. also of composite construction. The fourth exhibit is a composite cattle-truck/horsebox fitted with a side ramp as well as a rear ramp and also a groom door at the rear. It is on a Thames 5-ton nic chassis.

KENNING Stand 84 Kenning Coachwork, Ltd., Coronation Works, Ring Road, reeston, Leeds, 11

HAVING a total capacity of 1,800 gal., a two-compartment domestic fuel-oil dispensing tanker is mounted on a Morris 7-ton chassis and is equipped with two Varley pumps driven from a Martin-Harper gearbox power-take-off unit. A special aluminium delivery van is based on an Austin 7-ton chassis, and a Luton van body with timber framing is mounted on an Austin 3-ton chassis.

LOCOMOTORS Stand 103 Locomotors, Ltd., 154 Grosvenor Road, London, S.W.1

IT is notable that the all-light-alloy body exhibited is a bakery van, the noncorrosive properties of aluminium being of particular advantage in such an application. Mounted on a Thames Trader chassis, the van is divided into two compartments. A special Luton body of composite construction on a Cornmer chassis is designed for the carriage of heavy safes and has a four-crew compartment at the front, other features include a Burtonwood tailboard lift. The same type of construction is employed for an integral Luton van on an Austin 2-ton chassis, having been designed for localdelivery work.

MANN EGERTON Stand 110 Mann Egerton and Co., Ltd.,. Cromer Road Works, Norwich

A NOVEL form of stressed-skin construc

tion is employed for a refrigerated trailer van, in which the aluminium side panels are fitted with special vertical reinforcing members, the panels being riveted to channel members of the Crane chassis on which the body is mounted. Based on an Austin 2-ton chassis, a soft-ice-cream retailer is equipped with a Sweden Mobilier selfcontained freezer, powered by an Onan generator. A retail ice-cream delivery van on a Thames Trader 30-cwt. chassis is of the double-frame type and insulated throughout with expanded polystyrene. Claimed to be one of the largest of its type in Europe, a heavy recovery crane is mounted on a Scammell Constructor 6 x 6 chassis and has a fully-retracted capacity of 10 tons. Fully extended, its capacity is 3 tons.

MARSHALLS Stand 32 Marshalls Flying School, Ltd., Airport Works, Newmarket Road, Cambridge

THE aluminium body panels of a boxvan, shown mounted on a Bedford TK 3-ton chassis, are attached to the timber framework with Aerolite glue, the special body being designed to cater for the operator's loading requirements. A light-alloy mobile vehicleservicing body, built for The British Motor Corporation, is based on an Austin coach chassis and will be used for the instruction of dealers.

MARSTON Stand 46

Marston Motor Co., Ltd., Seven Sisters . Road, Tottenham, London, N.15 BLILT to the special requirements of Airborne Aviation (Gatwick), Ltd., and based on a Guy Warrior Light six-wheeler, an all-light-alloy. 7-ton high-lift boxvan is mounted on a scissor mechanism and can be 1:fted to a height of 14 ft. The floor is

equipped with Rolerveyor tracks to pallet loading from aircraft. Tubular heads and a special type of central support are fitted to an 18-ft, timber form body, mounted on an Austin chassis, and a special Luton bod) 545-cu.-ft, capacity on an Austin chassis incorporates a hinged side-lo door and, additionally, a sliding door ii bulkhead.


Martin Walter, Ltd., 145-147 Sandg Road, Folkestone, Kent VXHIRITED for the first time, a posite hardwood and metal droptruck body is mounted on a Bedford ch and the vehicle is fitted with a glass cab with steel reinforcing members. body has a length of approximately 8 f

M1CKLEOVER Stan Mickleover Transport, Ltd., Twyford W

Whitby Avenue, London, N.W.10 raF the five exhibits, four comprise 1._/ piece reinforced moulded plastics b and containers of sandwich construe Mounted on a Bedford Kin chassis, a boxvan is constructed of colour-irnpregi

[ner and outer skins. The remaining plastics chilitts arc containers. The first of these

a 12-ton general-goods container which IS a 2-in, sandwich and is fitted with a ght-alloy base tray with lifting bars that ctend to a steel quadrant frame at roof vel. Based on a 4-in, sandwich, the second antainar is a 4-ton end-loading type with a did-steel base tray, and the third is conruciecl of sandwiches of 1.75-4,5 in, A nimosite limber-aluminium integral i,k0(111 ads is mounted on an Austin 5-ton normaliniml chassis, the Luton head, instrument anel and engine cowl being of colourripreLatated reinforced plastics material.

.LFRED MILES Stand 96 Alfred Miles, Ltd., Brockworth, Gloucester 1.1.-WELDED light-alloy construction, 1. stressed to take a loading of 14 tons Cr sit, in., is an outstanding feature of a

fig le-cot-ow rtment 4,000-gal. frameless iicul:ited tanker based on B.T.C, four-inne running gear and coupled to a Guy ivincible tractive unit. Of basically similar instruction, a 4.000-gal, fuel-oil tanker is tried on an E.R.F. lightweight chassis with aton-Hendrickson tandem bogie, the payad gross-vehicle-weight ratio of the vehicle ring 70 per cent,

EV[I_1,E Stand 116

G. E. Neville and Sons, Ltd., Forest Road, Mansfield, Notts r‘f) new products are shown, comprising Ia frameless articulated van of 1,800-cu.. capacity and a 540-cu.-ft, bulk-discharge ameless articulated tanker which tips on le Villiers principle, the rear axle acting the fulcrum point. Constructed of Neville gerchtingeable light-alloy van panels. the in is fabricated without reinforcing frame leirtherS of any kind : the balker is of milar construction and provides :a payload I 16 tons.

Other exhibits include a 25.5-cu.-yd, andard aluminium tipping body on a Foden stasis, a 10.75-cu.-yd. light-alloy endpping body. designed for the transport of ry powders in bulk, and a second standard oti:i on a Foden chassis is fitted with a !ui lit L p ressure-discharge eq uipment for IntIling powdered and granulated materials.

ORMAND Stand 29

Normand. Ltd. Cumberland Avenue, Park Royal, London,. N.W.10 )

lparitcular interest ill view of the number of bank robberies in the past 3 months, the concern's bullion van is ised on a Commer 1.5-ton chassis, and the nira interior is lined with bullet-resistant .ass-lihre panels, the cab doors and wind!reiri being glazed in bullet-proof glass. hserv,,tion windows at the sides and rear flie vehicle are glazed with blue-tinted y-vision bullet-proof glass.

A 300-ca.-ft. refrigerated van body with Thermo-King automatic defrosting system is displayed on a Morris 2-ton FG'chassis, and a 25-ft, 8-in, pallet-loading aluminium van is mounted on a Crane 15-ton straightframed semi-trailer, hauled by a Leyland Beaver tractive unit. Mounted behind the cab of an Alhion CH3 AXL 11-ft. 6-in. wheelbase chassis, a boxvan body is framed in selected hardwood and has an internal length of 18 ft. 9 in.

PICADOR Stand 130 Picador Coachwork and Caravans, Lid., Portsmouth Road, Shang, Southampton, Hants

EXHIB1 FED for the first time, the Pantec ..pantechnicon conversion is seen applied to a B.M.C. 34 pick-up and is ideally suited to the transport of laundry and othrrr bulky goods. A soft-ice-cream van on a Bedford chassis is exhibited in the demonstration park.

PILOT WORKS Stand 34 Pilot Works, Ltd., 3 Southampton Place, London, W.C.I

QNE of the two eight-wheelers on the stand. an A.E.C. Mammoth Major, is equipped with a U.7 15-18-ton twin-ram underbody gear, located within the chassis to provide a low-loading height and used in conjunction with a special light-alloy 25-cu.-yd. body. A Foden eight-wheeler is fitted with an F.9 outrigged twin-ram underbody gear. having a lifting capacity of 15 tons, and a 22.25-cu.-yd. end-tipping body mounted on it steel sub frame.

Light-alloy end-tipping bodies are also fitted to an Albion Reiver 5ix-wheeler and to a Seddon vehicle of the same type, having capacities of 12 cu, yd. and 18 cu. yd. respectively. The Albion is equipped with an OV.12 seri ical twin-ram gear, whilst an

OV.45 is of this type, mounted in a sub frame, s employed in the Seddon chassis, which incorporates a stabilizer.

REALE Stand 82 Real! (Coachhuilders), Ltd., 470-474 Bath Road, Cippenham, Slough

FURTHER emphasis on pallet loading is provided by a maximum length semitrailer van body on a Scammell 12-ton chassis, built for the Vauxhall company, which will be used for inter-factory trunking runs. A transportable skid-mounted doctor's dispensary and sick bay. and a two-wheeledtrailer-mounted site laboratory are destined for oilfields work, the latter being mounted on a Boden chassis.

REYNOLDS BOUGHTON Stand 26 Reynolds Boughton Engineering Services, Ltd., Ford House, New Road, Dagenham, Essex

A NOTABLE success in the export market,

an all-steel twin-boom recovery vehicle is fitted with a 3-5-ton capacity truck body and is mounted on a Bedford R 4 x 4 chassis, whilst an all-steel oil-fired-cable test van body is based on a Thames Trader Mk. 2 chassis.

ROBSON Stand 35 W. and T. Robson, Ltd., 60 Farringdon Road, London, E.C.1

'THREE boxvan bodies are exhibited. one 1 of which is equipped with channelsection floor guides to carry whcelrd pallet containers. All the bodies are of composite construction and feature side panelling that is slightly barrel shaped.

The pallet loading van is based on a Cotnmer 8-ton forward-control chassis and has a length of 20 ft. 6 in. A Morris 2-ton forward-control chassis is equipped with a 17-ft. body and the third van has a 214r. 3-in. body based on a Karrier Gamecock chassis.

ROOTES Stand 145

Routes, Ltd., Len Engineering Works, Mill Street, Maidstone, Kent SPECIAL conversion for a Dutch /71 operator. comprising a van with a hinged door and canopy pick-up sEction, is shown mounted on a Cormier 15-cwt, forward. control chassis, and a sliding door van with a high-lop conversion for the Royal Automobile Club is based on a similar chassis. The third exhibit is a Karrier Bantam 10-ft. 2-in.-wheelbase chassis-cab equipped with a drop-side body.


Samlesbury Engineering (196E, Ltd.. Sainlesbury Airfield, Nr. Blackburn,


A 1,l59-C1.).-FT. articulated van outfit of

integral aluminium construct ioil with stressed-skin side members is shown mounted on B.T.C. 12-tonfour-in-fing running gear, the unladen weight of the outfit being about 3 tons 10cwt., and a timber platform body. is mounted on a B.T.C. 15-ton Fourin-Line semi-trailer, hauled hy a Thames Trader tractive unit. Based on an Albion Clydesdale chassis, a light-alloy three-wayentry van has a capacity of 687 cu. ft.

SCAMMELL AND NEPHEW Stand 120 G. Scammell and Nephew, Ltd., c/o Carriniore Six Wheelers, Ltd., High Road, North Finchley, London, N.12

KNOWN as the Super Van, a van body is mounted on a Carrimore single-axle 10-12-ton lightweight semi-trailer. Main framing is of aluminium, whilst tubular steel construction is used at the rear to support the weight of an Anthony tailboard lift. The tractive unit is a Thames Trader.

SMITH'S Stand 85 Smith's Delivery Vehicles, Ltd, Princes Way, Team Valley, Gateshead-on-Tyne, 11

ONEthe company's Eitex range, a 20-ft. a meat body insulated with polystyrene k a feature exhibit, the body being based on a Commer 8-ton chassis. Thermo-King refrigeration equipment is thermostatically controlled. Known as the Frigolette, an insulated and refrigerated detachable container is suitable for any make of 15-cwt. chassis. The quick-access door as well as the rear loading doors arc protected by Smith's polydrape cold-retainng polythene strip curtains. Developed for the export market a mobile soft-ice-cream factory is mounted on a Karr:er 1-ton ehassk,

SPARSHATT Stand 109 J. H. Sparshatt and Sons, Ltd., London Road, Hilsea, Portsmouth, Hants

nOMFORTABLE in-line seating for four people in a plastics-panelled cab is a feature of a Luton 1,250-cu.-ft. composite van body fitted to an Albion Claymore chassis, and a modified front allowing a body-length increase of 6 in. will be noted in the case of a 900-cu.-ft. Luton van, based on an Austin forward-control 3-ton chassis. Other exhibits include a 360-cu.-ft. refrigerated container body, with 'Thermo-King equipment on a Thames 3-ton chassis, and two fuel oil tankers of 1,500-gal. and 2,000-gal, capacities mounted respectively on Commer and Leyland Comet chassis.

SPENBOROUGH Stand 123 Spenhorough Engineering Co.. Ltd., Union Road, Heckmandwike, Yorks

BASED on an Atkinson 6-ton chassis, an E.P.1700 single-ram front-of-body gear is shown mated to a light-alloy end-tipping body, and an E.P.T.1400 twin-ram front-end gear is mounted on a Dodge 8-ton chassis with a composite drop-side body. A Guy Warrior is exhibited equipped with a timber fixed-sided end-tipping body and E.P.1700 gear, which has a capacity of 18-20 tons, and a Morris 150-in.-wheelbase chassis is fitted with a U.P.T.1700 twin underbody gear and timber end-tipping drop-sided body.

SPURLING Stand 53 Spurting Motor Bodies, Ltd., Edgware Road, The Hyde, London, N.W.9

CONSTRUCTED of aluminium alloy, a pantechnicon body is framed with extruded sections and panelled in 18-gauge ci14

sheet, all the panels being riveted in position. The body is mounted on an A.E.C, Mercury chassis of 16-ft. 3-in, wheelbase.

Also built of light-alloy, an ice-cream street-sales van body is supported on hardwood cross bearers and is. based on a Bedford 15-cwt, chassis. Mounted on a Scammell 10-ton semi-trailer chassis, a boxvan is of composite construction and has an interior length of 22 ft. 9 in.

STEEL BARREL Stand 115 The Steel Barrel Co., Ltd., c/o Carrimore Six-Wheelers, Lid., High Road, London, N.12

TWO petroleum-products tankers on rigid chassis and an aircraft fueller on an articulated trailer are exhibited. Mounted on a Bedford chassis, a 2,200-gal. fourcompartment aluminium tanker is of elliptical section with dished and flanged ends and is supported on mild-steel bolsters, whilst a 3.1300-gal. mild-steel tanker on an Albion s.:_figssis is of the five compartment type and is internally lined with Tanclene material. The fuellcr has a capacity of 3,000 gal, and is mounted on a Carrimore single-axle semitrailer.


Telehoist, Ltd., Manor Road, Cheltenham ("IE the five tipping vehicles shown fitted V with steel bodies, two are equipped with Telelever link-type lifting gear, the remaining tippers featuring underbody gear. A Scammell Sherpa chassis carries a 9-cu.-yd. dumper body and the Telelever gear tips the body to 70 degrees in 8.5 sec., and the same type of gear, installed in an Albion Super Chieftain chassis, is used in conjunction with a 6-cu.-yd. body. A 5-cu.-yd. body is fitted to a Bedford 4 x 4 chassis and is elevated by a TV5 twin-underbody gear, and a body of 7-cu.-yd. capacity is mounted on

Cornmer 8-ton chassis, equipped with a SL7 single-ram gear. This type of gear is also fitted to an Austin 7-ton chassis with a 6-cu.-yd. body.

THOMPSON BROS. Stand 111 Thompson Bros. (Bilston), Ltd., Bradley Engineering Works, Elkton, Staffs

A VARIETY of products is catered for by rl the tankers shown by this company, including propane, hot chocolate, fuel oil and powdered cement, the cement powder tank being exhibited in the demonstration park. The propane tank is a single-compartment 4,040-gal. type of mild-steel construction and is mounted on a Leyland Octopus chassis, and the hot-chocolate unit is a frameless articulated tanker of stainless steel with two compartments and a capacity of 2,318 gal. This is based on Scammell running gear and is coupled to a Scammell Highwayman tractive unit.

Aluminium construction is used for the 3.665-gal. single-compartment fuel-oil frameless articulated tanker which is based on a Scammell tandem-axle bogie equipped with an air suspension system giving independent act;on of each wheel, the tractive unit being a Scammell Highwayman. Mounted on an A.E.C. Mercury chassis, the cement tanker has a capacity of 11 cu. yd.

TORRIDON STEEL Stand Torridon Steel, Ltd., Fresh Wharf Highbridge Road, Barking, Essex

TWO mild-steel fuel-oil tankers , exhibited, one of which is an articula type coupled to a Scammell Ilighwayir tractive unit and one a 2,000-gal. tan] based on a Dodge 8-ton rigid 'chassis.

UNIVERSAL BOILERS Stand 1 Universal Boilers and Engineering, Ltd. Britannia Works, Queensgate, Burnley

JJE5IGNED for deliveries to the Co tinent, a 3,750-gal, tanker is mounted a York 16-ton semi-trailer, coupled to Atkinson tractive unit, whilst a 3,800i tanker is based on a Crane-Fruehauf arti, lated trailer with an R.E.C. Mandator tr rive unit. Both tanks are of fully-insula, stainless-steel construction.

UNIVERSITY Stand University Commercial, Ltd., Strattm House, 80 Piccadilly, London, W.1 MHE sub-frame of an 8-cu.-yd. aluniinii

tipper body is of special interest in tl it is fabricated of high-duty light-alloy ext sions, which give a high degree of rigidi Of the bucket type, the body is mounted a Dodge D.207 normal-control chas, Aluminium extrusions are also used in construction of a I7-ft. 6-in, platform be which has an interlocking plank floor headboard of the same material and is ba: on a Dodge D.308 chassis.

A boxvan of composite construction or Morris 30-cwt. FG chassis has a capacity 350 Cu, ft. and a refrigerated van on a Dot 0.308 chassis is designed for loading w standard 38-in. by 38-in. pallets, two pa of doors being fitted to each side and pair at the rear,

WALKER Stand B. Walker and Son, Ltd., 1 Gammoni Lane, Watford, Hurts

riN show for the first time, a 68-cu.-ft. st N._1 drop-sided van body with easily deta+ able front, side and tailboard, is naoun, on a Commer 15-cwt. chassis, a feature the body being. hardwood-filled angle-if underframe bearers and a full-length und floor locker, located centrally. An all-st 60-cu.-ft. pick-up body is based on a Bedfc chassis, and a L9-cu.-yd. tipping bo, mounted on a Thames 15-cwt, chassis, equipped with a hand-operated front-e tipping gear. Of welded construction, 420-cu.-ft pantechnicon is mounted on Austin LD 11-ton diesel chassis.

WESTON Stand 1 Weston Works (Birmingham), Ltd.

Weston Lane, Greet, Birmingham, 11 URONT-OF-BODY lifting gears of I: rigid-base type are exhibited for the f time, production being concentrated on ge wlth rams of 1.25-in, bore and of 3.625bore. Both are of the triple-extension t3 with a casal tube fitted over the tops of telescopic sections. The range caters body lengths of 8 ft. up to 14 ft. 6 in.

A single-large-diameter ram, known as RB.425 is fitted to an Albion CD.21 chassis, and twin rams of the smaller d meter are installed in a Thames chassis w Alt-Wheel-Drive 4 x 4 conversion havirq wheelbase of 138 in.

WOOD HOISTS Stand Wood Hoists, Ltd., c/o Edwards Bros (Tippers), Lid., 264 Goldhawk Road London, W.12

SCISSORS ACTION mechanism employed to elevate'the aluminium be of an aircraft-loading vehicle based on Commer chassis. An 8-cu.-yd. all-st tipper body on a Dodge chassis is lifted a W3 twin-ram slant-type 'gear, YEWCO Stand 7 Yorkshire Engineering and Welding Co (Bradford), Ltd., Friars Works, Bradfort Road, Idle, Bradford, Yorks THE increase in payload afforded integral construction when applied tankers is amply demonstrated by 3 4.4001 six-compartment dual-purpose articula, tanker equipped with Carrimore four-whf inAine running gear and air suspensi I hauled by a Leyland Beaver tractive unit. 3ricated of mild steel, the tank is of the 1111e-throated type with dished and flanged Is. ln the case of a 4,000-gal, sevenn p a men t mild-steel tank mounted on a Guy chassis the pump is driven by a C.A.V. 24-V. electric motor. supplied by alkaline .batteries. A third 4,000-gal, tank is of light-alloy construction and is based on an Atkinson Weightmaster Eight chassis.

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