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Albion Patent Mechanical Lubricator.

21st September 1905
Page 14
Page 14, 21st September 1905 — Albion Patent Mechanical Lubricator.
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Referring back to the figures, it will be seen that the sight-feed glass (K) is fitted to one of the oil-pipes, and by this means it may be ascertained that the pump is delivering oil. The handle (H) is pointed at one end, and its position corresponds with the position of the pump. It will be gathered from the foregoing details that this lubricating system is ideal in every respect, combining, as it does, absolute certitude of action with simplicity in design. There are no valves in the pump, which rids the fitting of a great source of trouble. The oil is delivered under pressure, and, should any slight obstruction appear in the system, the pressure of the oil will at once clear this away. Refilling has to be done only once in every 300 miles or so, whilst owing to the limited range of adjustment given, a careless driver can neither over-lubricate nor under-lubricate his engine. The object of the adjustment is merely so that when the motor has been running for some time, and all working surfaces have acquired a hard skin, the rate of feed may be lessened. The handle (II) may, of course, be rotated to give an increased rate of speed when the motor is under exceptionally heavy loads, as, for instance, in climbing a long and sustained gradient. The mechanism employed in actuating the pump is very simple, and consists of a worm on the camshaft of the motor. This worm drives a worm wheel, from which the rotary motion is converted to a reciprocal motion, by means of a crank and connecting rod, and is communicated thence to a plunger. The lubricator is the invention of Mr. T. Blackwood Murray, one of the managing directors of the Albion Motor Car Company, Limited, of Scotstown, Glasgow, and is being fitted to all cars at present manufactured by the company. It forms one of several valuable features in the lorry recently completed for shipment to Singapore, and the company is prepared to enter into negotiations, with a view to fitting it on other systems of cars. The chassis of the Albion two-ton lorry (illustrated on page 19), for which the Lacre Motor Car Company, Limited, of t-s Poland Street, Oxford Street, W., holds the sole concession for England and Wales, has one of these lubricators mounted on the dashboard. The connecting rod for actuating the pawl to rotate the disc of the lubricator, and the separate exhaust pipes which are fitted to all Albion vehicles, are clearly shown. It will also be noticed that the metal sheathing under the motor and gearing affords efficient protection from mud and dust. During a recent test of this lorry under working conditions the petrol consumption came out at 36 ton-miles per gallon, under full load, or one gallon for ogmiles traversed. The road taken was an exceptionally severe one in point of gradients, which points to great economy in the motor as regards fuel consumption. We feel sure that the Albion Company will find numerous enquiries for this reliable lubricator.


Locations: Scotstown, Glasgow

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