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New Transport Companies

21st July 1961, Page 45
21st July 1961
Page 45
Page 45, 21st July 1961 — New Transport Companies
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D. Evans and Sons, Ltd. Cap. £1,000. Dirs.: P. M. Griffiths. 6 Bryngolau. Rudry. near Caerphilly; V. V. Evans, 160 Commercial Street, Senahenydd. Sec.: V. V. Evans. Reg. office: Senghenydi House. Senghenvdd, Glam.

Quern Transport, Ltd. Cap. £500. Dirs.: J. Smith and A. Smith, 42 Ottemerford Road, London, N.7. Sec : A. Smith. Reg. ("Tice: 15-17 Eldon Street. London, E.C.2.

Hewitt Collier and James. Ltd. Cap. OW. Dirs.: J. L. Hewitt, 257 St. Wargarets Road, East Twickenham, Maids: H. J. Siggins. 141 Standard Road. Hounslow. Middx; D. A. G. Collier. 7 Woretle Avenue, Isleworth. Middx. See.: 1. L. Hewitt. Reg. office: 257 St. Margarets Road. East Twickenham. Middx.

Iliengpoint Haulage. Ltd. Cap £100. Subs.: J. Herbert and T. A. Herbert, 156 Strand. London, W.C.2. See.: T. A. Herbert.

Portdian Haulage, Ltd. Cap. £100. Subs.: 2. Herbert and T. A. Herbert, 156 Strand. London. W.C.2. Sec.: T. A. Herbert.

Pick-Quick Service, Ltd. Cap. £100. Dirs.: R. C. F. Cropper and I. A. Cropper, Dunbar, Beckenham Place Park. Beckenham. See.: I. A. Cropper, Reg. office: 49a Eagle Street. London. W.C.I.

Brindle and Pyr. Ltd. Cap. £100. Dim.: S. Brindle and Mrs. S. Brindle, Helmsfield. Whams Lane. Bay Horse. near Lancaster. Sec.: Mrs. S. Brindle. Reg. office: The Garage. Bay Horse. Dolohinkolme. near Lancaster.

Goodport Haulage. Ltd. Cap. £100. Subs.: 1. Herbert and T. A. Herbert. 156 Strand, London. W.C.2. See.: T. A. Herbert.

Herbert Worthington. Ltd. Cap. £4.000. Dirs.: II. Worthington and F. E. Worthington, 338 Oldham Road. Royton. Sec.: F. E. Worthington. Rea. office: 338 Oldham Road, Itoyton.

Overland Express, Ltd. Cap. £1,000. Dirs.: 1. Martin and A. D. Evans. 15 St. George's Square. London. S.W.I: V. Martin, 77 Warwick Square. London. SAVA. See.: V. Martin. Reg. office: 15-16 Nassau Street. London. W.1. G. K. Hughes and Sons. Ltd. Cap. £2.000. Dim.: G. E. Hughes and M. I. Hughes. 761 London Road. Trent Vale. Stoke-on-Trem. Reg. office: 761 London Road. Trent Vale. Stoke-on-Trent. Staffs.

W. Booker and Sons, Ltd. Cap. £2.000. Dirs.: W. C. Bolter. 57 Bamford Road, Bromley: W. A. Booker, 94 Elmstead Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex. Sec.: J. D. S. Ainscow. Res. office: Thames House, Queen Street. London. E.C.4.

Watop Lime Slag Haulage, Ltd. Cap. £500. Dirs.: E. Walker. Ridge House. Childrey. Warman: A. A. Pullen. 46 Barwell Road. Wantage: R. S. Long. 2 Stowell Cottages. ChildreY. %Vantage. See.: H. L, Newton. Reg, office: Purbeck Cottage. Kings Road East. Swanage, Dorset, Weston Coasters. Ltd. Cap. £10,000, Subs.: M. Stevens. 103 Vinson Close. Orpington: F. Rose. 26 Musgrove Road. London, S.E.14.

Jeff Miles, Ltd. Cap. VW. Dirs.: J. M. Miles and E. Miles. 25 Sandhill Mount. Leeds. 17, Sec.: J. M. Miles. Reg. office: 13 Crimblc Street, Leeds.

Frank Harrison Transport, Ltd. Cap. £1,000 Dirs.: J. F. Harrison and E. M. Harison. 25 High Street. Kirby Stephen. Sec.: E. M. Harrison.

A. J. Elliott and Co. (Transport). Ltd. Can £5,000. Dirs.: A. 1. J. Elliott. 8 Belle Vue Close. Trevethin. Pontypool; E. M. Haines. Fairfield,. St. James' Fields. Pontypool; G. A. Lyons and I'. M. Lew:s. Sec.: L. Reilly. Reg. office: 8 Belle Vue Close. Trevethin. Pontypool.

J. It. Brooks (Transport), Ltd. Cap. £100. Dirs.. H. B. Yates. The Bet-row. Barnt Green. nr. Birmingham; W. E. Guthrie. 14 Muiroy Road. Sutton Coldfield, Sec.: A. F. Steel.

Tredegar Haulage, Ltd. Cap. £100. Dirs.: D. I. Evans and 1. D. Evans. 9 Avalon Terrace. Tredegar. Sec.: I. D. Evans. Reg. office: 9 Avalon Terrace. Tredegar.

Rainham Haulage td. Cap. £100 Dirs.: A. E. Ey les and J. Co.,e. Ey:es. Strathmore Oak, Parsonage Road. Rainham. Sec.: 1. C. Eylcc. Reg. office: Strathmore Oak, Parsonage Road. Rainham.

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