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Pull the other one!

21st December 2006
Page 53
Page 53, 21st December 2006 — Pull the other one!
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• A laser beam is used to measure th distance the sledge has moved with p point precision.

• A competitor has three minutes torn a measured pull when called to the Vac • After each tractor has pulled, the tre is graded and rolled so all competitors get a comparable surface.

• Super stock tractors can use diesel c methanol fuel, and up to four turbos. Po outputs are typically 2,500-3,500hp. Th maximum tractor weight is 3,500kg.

• Pro stock tractors are limited to one turbo and diesel fuel, but still squeeze over 1,200hp from an 8.3-litre engine. maximum tractor weight is 3,500kg.

• Multi-engined modified tractors are also restricted by weights, but compe in 2,500kg, 3,500kg and 4.500kg divisions. Power outputs go up to 10,000hp.

• Rear tyres can be up to 30.5in wide f modified and super stock tractors, and 24.5in wide for pro stock.

• The sled delivers a progressively increasing load, by weight transfer: the further you pull it, the heavier it become • Agricultural rear tyres are bolted to wheel rims to help them withstand 160km/h wheel speeds and low inflatio pressures typically around 5psi.

• Not even the power-crazed team's transporter escapes attention. The Volv FH12-420 tractor is chipped to around 500hp to operate at 26 tonnes all-up.


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