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C-licensees Given Final Warning on Hours

20th November 1953
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Page 49, 20th November 1953 — C-licensees Given Final Warning on Hours
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PERATORS of 71 ancillary vehicles, J. Miller, Ltd., bakers, The Mall, London, W.4, were ned by the Metropolitan Licensing hority, last week, that should they in be prosecuted for offences cohling drivers' hours and records, he ild suspend or revoke their C licence. he Authority had summoned the ipany to give reasons why their nce should not he suspended or )ked. Acton magistrates' had coned them of breaches of the regulas on March 7 and September 12, 1, September 10,_1952, and May 29, 3. On the last-mentioned occasion, s totalling E320, plus £16 16s. costs, e imposed.

Three Hours' Driving Er. P. M. Thomas said that the 'pally would not try to whiten their ird. On the other hand, in the .age day of a Miller driver, only e three out of 91 hours would be It in driving.

'nee the conviction last May them been an internal reorganization. new general manager had instituted istem for the regular scrutiny of sheets, and a transport executive ctly responsible to the board had appointed.

river-salesmen's rounds had been fully examined to see that they d be covered within the legal hours, extra drivers had been engaged.

fr. E C. Symes, general manager, xl that the law on working hours been made clear to the sales force. s were now subservient to time.

New Maintenance System

.r. F. C. Hoggart, transport utive, described the new vehicle itenance programme. (On August md September 2 this year, official niners had found 12 out of 16 of company's vehicles defective.) He been appointed on October 19 and arranged for all vehicles to be pendently checked by the Acton n Garage, Ltd. He had authority ake a vehicle out of service if ssary, irrespective of the demands .ny other department.

le Authority called Mr. Robert lerby, transport manager, to the ess box. On June 29, 1951, Mr. lerby had personally assured the iority that there would be no tition of the offence for which the any had been convicted the pre s March. The Authority asked why this assurance had not been Fotherby replied that he did as a as he could, but that his powers limited. If he had orders to send a vehicle, he had to obey them.

t offences concerned driver-salesover whom he had no control. Mr. W. J. Kerr, managing director, stated that he had full confidence that the new arrangements would keep the concern out of future difficulties. Mr. Thomas added that the directors now took a keener interest in transport matters. Transcripts of the proceedings would be ordered for circulation among 20 associated bakery companies.

The Authority said that he found it hard to believe that the directors had taken no early remedial action, and in the light of the company's record he hesitated to accept the assurance that there would be no repetition of infringements of the law. He would give the concern time in which to put their house in order, and there would be periodical visits by his examiners.


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