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Important Controversy in Northern Ireland.

19th March 1929, Page 50
19th March 1929
Page 50
Page 50, 19th March 1929 — Important Controversy in Northern Ireland.
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The Armagh City Council has advised the Northern Ireland Minister of Home Affairs against the granting to the Great Northern Railway Co. of licences to run buses on the Armagh-ICeLcly route. The ground upon which the recommendation is based is that this route is already adequately served. A number of members of the council, however' takes the view that the council should not support private industries against the railway company. It was, we understand, the intention of the railway company to discontinue its rail service between Armagh and Kea(ly and to establish a bus service.

Death of Mr. John Oldfield.

We regret to learn" of the death of Mr. John Oldfield, joint founder and managing director of J. and R. Oldfield, Ltd., the well-known maker of Dependence lumps; of• Birmingham. Mr.

• Oldfield, who was 77 years of age, had throughout his life takenan rietive interest in public • and Political work, being an 'ex-councillor of the Birmingham City Council, retiring in the year

• 1922. Darlington's Bus Results.

The estimated profit on the Darlington Corporation trolley-bus system for Uri• current year. is £5,071, but :,.. is computed that there will be• a loss on the petrol-bus services of £1,723, making the year's net profit on the town's transport system £3,348. Reductions In fares, amounting to 12,000 per annum, are to be made during the forthcoming municipal year.

Advice on the American Market.

British manufacturers interested in the commercial-vehicle trade may like to know that Mr. A. J. Pack, the British Commercial Secretary in the United States, will shortly visit this country in connection with official busi ness. Ile will be available at the offices of the Department of 'Overseas Trade for a few days commencing on March 18th, for the purpose of interviewing representatives of United Kingdom concerns who may be interested in the export of British goods to America. Applications for inter

views in London should be addressed te. the Comptroller-General, at the Department, 35, Old Queen Street, London, S.W.1, reference 12796/1 being quoted.

More Albion Repeat Orders.

Amongst recent repeat orders received by the Albion Motor Car Co., Ltd., is one from Barclay, Perkins and Co., Ltd., the well-known brewing company, for 50-cwt. vehicles, and another from J. S. Fry and Sons, Ltd., for a number of 30-cwt. high-speed chassis.

Interlocked Helical Springs for Coach Seats.

We have recently had an opportunity for inspecting a new form of wire spring for cushions, etc., in which all the coils are interlocked in such a manner that they cannot be displaced in relation to each other. The wire employed is of finer gauge thaa that generally used for such springs, but is of high quality, the coils being smaller in diametar than usual and consequently more numerous.

The main point of the invention is the ingenious way in which each helix interlocks at each turn with its neighbour, as shown in accompanying illustrations, an arrangement which dispenses with all sewing in order to hold the coils in their place in relation to each other. Owing to the small diameter of the coils, their closeness to ODO another and the thin gauge of the wire, a seat fitted with these springs provides most comfortable riding.

These springs are known by the name of Raco. and are manufactured by Ralph Alcock and Sons, Ltd., Northampton Grove, London, N.1.

A London Registration,

Amalgamated Omnibus Services and Supplies, Ltd., was registered as a public company on March 8th, with a nominal capital of 160,000 in 2s. shares. The object of the company is to adopt an agreement for the acquisition of the whole of the assets of the Kest Rani Garage, Ltd., and to carry, on the business of operating motor coaches and buses, in addition to other motor interests.

The directors of the company are Sir Francis Crauford, C.I.E., 0.B.E., Lieut.-Col. F. W. Lucas, 0.B.E., H. Sibille, C. W. Batten and R. Batten, and its registered office is at 6, Great Winchester Street, London, E.C.2.

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