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19th July 1968, Page 63
19th July 1968
Page 63
Page 63, 19th July 1968 — Book reviews
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Depots workshops and vehicle maintenance

Although written primarily for the cleansing officer and student "Depots, Workshops and Vehicle Maintenance" (21s, Institute of Public Cleansing, 28 Portland Place, London, W1) merits the attention of a wider transport public. The joint authors are Mr. G. H. Cooper, Bradford's cleansing director, who has specialized on the matter of depots, and Mr. David Jackson, IPC president and cleansing superintendent at Gateshead, who deals with the workshop and maintenance side.

Choice of site, planning, layout, and materials receive early attention. An important section is devoted to the consideration of the necessary amenities. For the larger undertaking a canteen is required but Mr. Cooper also examines the value for the smaller depot of a staff kitchen with vending machine for beverages. Strong arguments are quoted for the provision of changing accommodation and due attention is given to the need for bathing facilities for cleansing workers. The importance of proper fire precautions is particularly stressed. "When visitors see an attractive, well-kept depot the stock of the department rises considerably", says Mr. Cooper who, for this reason, has some useful recommendations to make regarding landscaping. Among the many other aspects with which this publication deals is that of weighbridges.

Vehicle purchasing policy and standardization are discussed in the second section of the book. Garage accommodation, and the disadvantages of parking in the open are examined. The Working Party Report on Refuse Storage and Collection expressed the opinion that not enough attention was given to the cleanliness of collection vehicles. Mr. Jackson comments on methods for improving the situation and, in dealing with routine maintenance, gives an example of a contract for maintenance by outside specialists. A section is devoted to inspections and workshop needs and others to transport stores and documentation. There are 23 excellent illus trations and 20 diagrams. P.A. C. B.


Locations: Bradford, London

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