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New equipment

19th July 1968, Page 43
19th July 1968
Page 43
Page 43, 19th July 1968 — New equipment
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Container skeletals

range of singleand tandem axle containerarrying semi-trailers has been introduced by -fighway Trailers (Great Britain) Ltd. Designed to suit all ISO container modules, the trailers range from 20ft to 40ft in length and from 24-ton to 40-ton gross train weight.

There are 11 new models, each model numDer incorporating the International Standard etter designation of the containers the trailers -nay carry.

Fabricated from 16in, deep by 5iin.-wide Highway high-tensile Firma Frame 1-beam main-members with tubular cross-members, the trailers have outrigged bolsters to suit containers fitted with Highway retractable twistlocks.

Rubery Owen M series No-Hop progressive ubrication free leafspring suspension is used Nith radius rods for positive axle location.

Optional extras include Mono-leaf springs, :wo-speed Leg gear and additional twistlock aolsters (which can also be fitted to the standard Highway flats range to enable them to carry ISO containers).

Made by: Highway Trailers (Great Britain) Ltd., Southampton Airport, Southampton, Hants.

Load-retaining winch 3akord Ltd. of 13asingstoke has extended its _oad-Lok cargo control system, with the introduction of a load-retaining winch for use on flat platform vehicles. The device is claimed to save time, reduce damage and be easier to tension. Nylon webbing is used to retain the load, and since this is rot proof and rustproof, it has a longer working life,

The winch is welded to the frame of the vehicle or trailer immediately below the level of the deck. It carries up to 30ft of 10,000lb reeking strain abrasion resistant nylon ebbing, which is passed over the load, nid is hooked to a fixing point on the other ide. To tension the webbing, the operator mply has to tighten the ratchet winch from ground level. The flat webbing surface greatly reduces damage to the corners and edges of fragile loads.

The winch can be used with either sheeted or unsheeteci loads and considerable time savings can be achieved over conventional lashings. A suitable number of winches securing the straps requires no knots, only a straight-forward hook in operation.

This LoadLok equipment is suitable for a wide range of packaged or loose materials, particularly where there is a possibility of damage in transit from squashing by the lashings. A suitable number of winches can be fitted at intervals along the vehicle to provide adequate load stability. Being permanently welded onto the frame, the chances of loss when unloading or on empty return journeys are eliminated.

Made by: Pakord Ltd„ Pakord House, Brunel Rd., Basingstoke. Hants.

Crane Fruehauf has introduced a new fifthwheel offering advances in design and construction. The fifthwheel top-plate is of a revised design giving greater contact area with the trailer rubbing plate. This will provide a much more stable location when operated at the higher gross weights being sought by the transport industry The plate is constructed from Ain. thick steel plate and is cold pressed by an exclusive method at Crane's Dereham plant, providing an extremely smooth finish on the rubbing face. The top-plate flanges are 3in. deep, providing greater strength, and the elliptical front and parallel sides give additional strength and stability.

The throat of the fifthwheel is suitable for operation with the Hope Anti Jack-knife device without further modification. The fifthwheel is available with straight tail for use with or without lead-up ramps. Lubrication-free bushes are used at the pivot points. The bushes are impregnated with molybdenum disulphide and packed with silicone grease on assembly which is sufficient for the life of the fifthwheel The pivot pins are manufactured from solid steel bar 2iin. diameter and have a superfine finish to prevent bush fretting.

The cast pivot brackets are provided with bolt holes at 16in. centres by 34-in. pitch enabling the fifthwheel to be bolted to any existing cross-member on the tractor chassis. The pitch of the pivot brackets is 2ft 4iin. The jaw mechanism is semiautomatic in operation and once the locking plunger has been withdrawn and the safety catch tripped, the fifthwheel is ready for uncoupling and eventual recoupling without further attention. The jaw pivot bushes are manufactured from industrial plastic and require no lubrication. The overall depth of the fifthwheel is Si in.

When required, a double top hat crossmember 22in. wide by 2iin. deep formed from *in. thick material can be supplied complete with cheek plates. The weight of the new fifthwheel complete with crossmember is 3621b or 273Ib without crossmember.

Made by: Crane Fruehauf Trailers Ltd., South Green Works, Dereham, Norfolk.


A 60 Ah 12V battery for industrial vehicles has just been introduced by Dagenite Batteries division of Electric Power Storage Ltd. It is particularly suitable for use on certain Hyster and Stacatruc fork-lift trucks.

The battery is known as Dagenite type 279 and Its dimensions are 19.3in. long by 8.9in. high by 4.3in. wide, while its weight including acid is 521b.

Price: E 1 7 1s 6d.


Locations: Southampton

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