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Six-week Suspension Imposed on Wisbech Operator's Vehicles

19th February 1960
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Page 40, 19th February 1960 — Six-week Suspension Imposed on Wisbech Operator's Vehicles
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. WISBECH man, convicted of a series of offences in connection with his business, had five C licence vehicles suspended for six weeks when he appeared before Mr. W. P. S. Ormond, Eastern Licensing Authority, at Peterborough, last week.

The • operator, Mr. David J. Thomas, of Cromwell Road, Wisbech, was represented by Mr. S. J. Green, who said that most of the offences for which be had been convicted recently were Committed before October 1, last year—the date two vehicles were suspended by the same Authority. He added that a limited cornparty had now been 'formed on Thomas' behalf and, in due course, application Would be made for the company's vehicles to be authorized on A licences.

Mr: Ormond reminded Thomas he was warned last October that recurrence of offences would lead to another inquiry and the consequences might be serious.. He referred to a schedule of offences for which Thomas had been convicted since October I last, These included breaches

• of conditions of C licences; failing to keen records and failing to cause them to he kept. .

1-homas replied that they all occurred before 'October, man,r of them id June and July last 'year.

Mr. Green endorsed this and pointed outthafafter October I there was nothing Thomas could do to -prevent his being prosecuted for offences that had already been committed, although the prosecutiOns led to his being brought before the Authority again.

Giving his decision, Mr. Ormond said the Authority had said more than once, recently, that operators who committed irregularities had to pay for them, because of the large number of people who operated according to the terms of the Traffic Acts.

There had been a tightening up in all Area on this point and there had been many more suspensions, even revocations, in the past two years than in previous years. Mr. Ormond noted that the offences in question were committed before October L when Thomas was last beford the Authority,. and he had no doubt that since then no further offences had been committed.

That did not alter the position,,towever, because by October 1 the matters had not t:4en before the Magistrates7 Courts and • were therefOre not established. He Would suspend fiVe vehicles for six weeks from Monday, February 22.

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