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Sunley Transport Buy 35 More

19th August 1955, Page 43
19th August 1955
Page 43
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Page 43, 19th August 1955 — Sunley Transport Buy 35 More
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THIRTY-FIVE more vehicles (1561 tons) and six trailers have been taken over from British Road Services by Sun Icy Transport (Stafford), Ltd., Wolseley Road, Rugeley. The then newly formed company successfully tendered late last year for the Rugeley depot, including 50 vehicles (The Commercial Motor, December 17).

The latest vehicles to be acquired are based at Silkmore Lane, Stafford. They comprise 18 Thornycrofts, Id Maudslays, four Seddons and three Bedfords. Two are articulated outfits.

All types of traffic are being carried by the company, although special lines are machinery, concrete, shoes and salt. The total fleet of some 90 vehicles includes a number working on contract to the Milk Marketing Board.

SCOTLAND Turriff Transport Co., Ltd., Turrilt, have successfully tendered for another six lorries (271; tons).

J. and A. Smith, of Maddiston, Ltd., Maddiston, have bought three lorries (151 tons) and three trailers.

Two lorries have been transferred by Mr. William Cowan, Falkirk, to Mr. James R. Erskine, Falkirk (one-31 tons) and Mr. John Gray, Slamannan (one31 tons). Mr. Cowan has also made over three lorries (91 tons) to John Hunter and Sons (Transport), Ltd., Airdrie, Who have also taken over a. lorry (3 tons) from Central Garage (Bathgate), Lid., Bathgate. Another vehicle (3 tons), based at Broxburn, has been sold by Central Garage Caledon Distributors, Ltd., Linlithgow. The Scottish Licensing Authority has also sanctioned the following assignments: two vehicles (51 tons) to Mr. Peter Strain, Newton Stewart, by • Mr. William Mulholland, Carlisle; three (141; tons) to William Tait (Ayton), Ltd., Ayton, by Mr. William Tait, of the same address; one (41 tons) to James Rice and Co., Ltd., Glasgow, by Mr. Sam Anderson, Newhouse; one (5 tons) to Hayton Coulthard, Ltd., Twynholm, by Hacketts Haulage, Ltd, 229 Cross Lane. Salford, 5, Lanes; and one (5 tons) to Mr. Hugh MeLaughlan. Kilwinning. by Mr. L. Gleave, Holly Bank, Audlem. near Crewe.

NORTH-WEST A number of repeat purchases has added another eight lorries (36 tons) to the fleet of vehicles run on special A licences by Fearings Transport, Ltd., 76-80 Barracks Road, Burnley.

Mr. G. H. Cropper, 2 Breeze Hill, Liverpool, 9, has bought two lorries (51: tons): Messrs. Brereton Transport, Bank House, Colley Lane. Sandbach, one al tons); Claribel Motors (Ardwick). Ltd.. 127-9 Fairfield Street. Manchester, 12, two (16 tons); Mr. J. Coulton, 133 Leyland Lane, Leyland, one (5 tons); J. Holgate, Ltd., Dale Terrace, Chatburn, Clitheroe, one (51 tbns): and Lloyds Transport and Warehousing Co., Ltd., 183 Water Street, Manchester, 3, two (141 tons).

Two vehicles, including an articulated outfit (71 tons), have gone to Mr. R. G. Bassett, Grayswood, Tittensor, Stoke-onTrent, in a repeat purchase.

Millburn Motors (Preston). Ltd., Walmer Bridge, Langton. near Preston, have re-assigned two lorries (8 tons) taken over from J. V. Whitham and Sons, Ltd.. 22 Straits Lane. Read. near Burnley, to Mr. F. Harrison, in the Northern Traffic Area.

Two lorries bought by Mr. P. A. Goring. 49 Brackenbury Road, Preston, have been C22 divided between Coastal Transport, Ltd. (3 tons) and Mr. S. Walmsley, Braemar, Preston Road, Clayton-le-Woods, near Chorley (31 tons). J. Johnson and Son, Ltd., Great Nelson Street, Liverpool, have transferred four lorries (30 tons) they had made over to them by Messrs. R. Febry, 1. A. Ball and F. A. A. Baylis, West End Garage, Chipping Sodbury, to Collingwood Haulage Co., Ltd., 59-61 Great Nelson Street, Liverpool, 3.

Other assignments authorized by the

North Western Licensing Authority are: a lorry -(4 tons) to B. Broadbent, Ltd., 19 Wrigley Head, Failsworth, Manchester, by Bercsford Transport, Ltd., High Street, Trinstall, Stoke-on-Trent; one (31 tons) to Messrs. W. K. Dalton, 49 Skull House Lane, Appley, Wigan, by Mr. 0. Ingham, 3 Dixon Street, Newton Heath, _Manchester; one (5 tons) to Messrs. J. Duffy and Sons, 16-18 Brasenose Road, Liverpool, 20, by Hacketts Haulage, Ltd., 229 Cross Lane, Salford, 5; one (21 tons) to Mr. H. B. Hitchen, St. Aubin, Rivington Road, Chorley, by Mr. G. B. Hitchen, Morns Fold Farm, Charley; one (4 tons) to Jay, Pee (Transportation), Ltd„ Holloway Garage, Kerfoot Street, Warrington, by Heatons Transport (Home Farm), Mawdesley, Ltd.. Dentons Green Lane, St. Helens; one (21 tons) to Mr. 0. Keen, 58 High Street, Winsford. by Ashmores (Auto Engineers), Ltd., Roebuck Lane, West Bromwich; and one (3 tons) to Mr. .1, C. Janson, in the Northern Traffic Area, by Cambridge Garage (Manchester), Ltd„ 343a Stretford Road, Manchester, 15.

Coachwork (Preston), Ltd., 4 Stuart Road, Ribbleton, Preston, who run a number of ex-B.R.S, vehicles, have changed their name to Hoidens Transport (Preston), lid.


Lintzgarth Transport Co., Ltd., Ormesby, Middlesbrough, have bought an articulated outfit (2 tons 2 cwt.) and four trailers, for which licences are to he issued in the Northern Traffic Area.

Two lorries (6 tons 17 cwt.) have gone io T. Wright and Sons, Ltd., 30 Clifton Street. Sheffield, 9.

.1. Smith (Sheffield), Ltd., 30-34 Denby Street. Sheffield, 2, who have bought three lorries, have transferred these and another to Mr. R. S. Pike, 99 Thornbridge Drive, Sheffield, 12.

Mr. C. Marshall, 2 Hope Street, Stocksbridge, near Sheffield, has had a lorry made over to him by Woodcock Transport (Chorley), Ltd., Park Road Garages, Heskin, near Chorley; B.D.J. Transport Co. Ltd. Hyperion Street, Hull, one, by Hull and Glasgow Road Carriers, Ltd., Hull; and Key Warehousing and Transport Co., Ltd., 22-24 Blackf ria rgate, Hull, two articulated vehicles, by MeMasters (Haulage), Ltd., of the same address.

WEST MIDLANDS Two lorries (51 tons) have been taken over in a first purchase by Mr. H. Cartwright, 76 Reddal Hill Road, Old Hill. Another successful tenderer is Messrs 'Transport Services (Stafford), Ltd., Rickerscote Road, Stafford, who have bought a lorry (41 tons).

Repeat purchases have been made by Mr. W. Hughes, 19 Barnacle Lane, Bulkington, near Nuneaton, of a lorry (3 tons); J. and H. Transport Services (Peckham), Ltd., Ha Selden Road, London, S.E.I5, one (71 tons) based in Birmingham; Mr.

S. E Jones. Walsall Wood Road, Aldridge, two (111 tons); and Henry Poole and Son, Ltd.. 21-27 Hunter's Road, Hockley. Birmingham, 19, two (16 tons), transferred to Hackley Transport, Ltd., of the same address. Mr. Jones has sold his purchase to Coppice Garage, Ltd., Watling Street, Dordon. near Tamworth EAST MIDLANDS

Six more lorries (20 tons 3 cwt.) have been bought by Mr. J. Brindley, The Close, Sharnford, Hinckley. Two of these (7 tons 3 cwt.) were purchased from Mr. V.' J. Grange, 124 Bridge Street, Peterborough, and one (41 tons) from Mr. G. H. Morris,

West View, Cotesbach. In turn, Mr. Brindley has now transferred a lorry (2 tons 12 cwt.) to Mr. Morris and one (41 tons) to Mr S. Silk, 63 Main Street, Kirby MuxIoe.

Aliens Transport, Ltd., Eastgate, Deeping St. James. near .Peterborough, have acquired eight lorries (31 tons-4 cwt.) from Mr. H. S. Allen, of the same address.

A lorry (3 tons) taken over from Murphy Bros., Ltd Syston, Leicester, by Mr. W. G. Brookes, Ravena, NewLands Road, Riddings, and -re-assigned to Mr. A. Rhodes. 261 Carlton Road. Nottingham, has now been sold to Messrs. 13rowntrills Motor Sales, Main Street, Bulwell, Nottingham.

G. and C. Johnson (Claxby), Ltd., Jessamine House, North Kelsey, have taken over a lorry (3 tons) from Messrs. W: Staniland and Sons, Mill Ifouse, Brigg.


Another 15 vehicles, including two articulated outfits and a trailer, most of them based in London. have been acquired by Kr. V. J. Grange. Peterborough. Two of the lorries, an articulated outfit and a trailer, were transferred to him by Mr.

T. Hayward, Peterborough, and the other articulated outfit by Hacketts Haulage, Ltd., 229 Cross Lane, Safford, 5.

The articulated outfits have been divided between Mr. G. P. Wilson, Hunton. Maidstone, and Hauliers (Eastern), Ltd., Bishop's Stortford, and two of the other lorries have been sold to Mr. G. F. R. Maynard, Stanway, Colchester (one) and Sellers and Batty, Ltd., Stanground, Peterborough.

Mr. Grange has also transferred vehicles to Mr. T. H. Harrison, Basmead Barn, Stoughton Moor, Great Stoughton (one3 tons), and Mr. J. H. Wilson, 756 Livesey Branch Road, Feniscowles (one-4 tons).

A lorry (3 tons) has been made over to Mr. W. J. Edwards, London Road Garage, Kelvedon, by J. Fulton and Co., Ltd., MaIdon Road, Tiptree. Other vehicles have been assigned by: Mr. P. H. Mason, Peterborough Road, Crowland, five (15 tons) to P. H. Mason, Ltd., of the same address; Murphy Bros., Ltd., Syston,

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The deposits can also be much reduced by the use of rotating valves, which prevent the build-up of deposits between the valve face and the valve seat, and between the stem and guide. It-also prevents any spot on the valve from becoming locally

overheated. Two kinds of valve rotator are in use in the United States and one is being employed extensively by a vehicle manufacturer in this country. The rotators are of the positive and non-positive types.

The positive moves the valve round a predetermined amount by the aid of an inclined plane and spring arrangement each time the valve opens. The non-positive is a simple device which releases the spring tension on the valve for a few degrees of camshaft rotation and

allows Valve to rotate through engine vibration.

These rotators are available on the majority of American petrol

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At the present stage of development in petrol engines, the wellknown routine of valve maintenance

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