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THERE ARE many spectacularly large goods bodies at the Show,

18th September 1970
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Page 215, 18th September 1970 — THERE ARE many spectacularly large goods bodies at the Show,
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but the exhibits also include a large number of models that are of more importance because of their structural merits. Making the best use of available materials as a means of reducing costs as well as weight has been the continuing theme of progress over the years and is exemplified by the majority of exhibits this year. There is evidence also that bodybuilders have also given a lot of thought to improving durability, 112 ANTHONY HOISTS

Anthony Hoists Ltd.

Harelaw Industrial Estate, Stanley, Co Durham.

OF 9 cu.yd. capacity, an Anthony/Autolifts lightweight steel body on a Leyland Super Comet chassis is said to represent a new concept in body design. Longitudinals take the form of a widespread U-section of steel sheet welded to the floor and the body is elevated by an S12 FC single-ram front-of-body tipping gear.

Of the same basic construction, a lightweight insulated steel body of 9 cu,yd, capacity having a balanced tailboard is mounted on a Dodge K1050 chassis, insulation being provided by glass-fibre, Two Anthony/Autolifts tailboard loaders are exhibited on this stand. the H20 and the HydeWay Model HF20. The H20 fits in place of the tailgate and the Hyda-Way stows away under the body. A single hydraulic cylinder is used to power the loader in both cases.


Arlington Bodybuilders Ltd, High Road, Ponders End, Enfield, Middx.

THIS company reports a lively demand for demountable bodies. and a newly developed hydraulic jacking system is eXhibited in addition to the standard mechanical jacking system, both of which can be used to demount a box v,an body on a Bedford KOLC5 chassis. Existing bodies, designed for mechanical demounting, can readily be equipped with an extra location bracket to enable them to be demounted hydraulically. The 740 cu.ft body has a length of 17ft.

A dual-purpose light-alloy dropside truck body is shown on an AEC Mercury chassis that provides for carrying an ISO 20ft. container in one direction and mixed goods on the return run.

The third Arlington exhibit is a 17ft. Sin. all-welded aluminium monocoque body with built-in box section longitudinals which is seen mounted on an Albion Reiver RE 33A1 chassis.

145 ARAN

Aran Trailers Ltd, Naas Road. Dublin 12, Ireland.

BASED on an Aran drop-frame articulated site trailer, an Aran foreman's office/workshop body has a welded-steel frame and aluminium panelling. A stake-sided body with removable sections is shown on a 33ft. 20-ton platform semi-trailer, The body of the mobile office is based on a welded steel frame and a one-piece aluminium roof, the whole unit being insulated with expanded polystyrene and the interior lined with melamine laminate. A double side door gives Aft. 6 in. access on the near side. The floor is in tin. marine quality plywood, sheeted with aluminium treadplate in the workshop area and industrial quality rubber flooring in the office section.

The unit is available in a variety of forms. It can be equipped with a bunk house, canteen, kitchen or washroom with shower facilities.


Atkinson's of Clitheroe Ltd, Kendal Street, Clitheroe, Lancs

NEW snow/ice-clearing and salt-spreader equipment is exhibited by Atkinson's mounted on a Bedford M Series 4 x 4 chassis, and Howie snowploughs are seen mounted on .MiniTug and Bedford chassis. The MiniTug is produced by the company, 119 AUTOLIFTS

Autolifts and Engineering Co Ltd, Harelaw Industrial Estate, Stanley, Co. Durham.

AN M8U4 slant-type of single-ram tipping gear is employed to raise an Anthony/Autolifts mild-steel 6 cu.yd. drop-sided tipper body shown on the Autolifts stand mounted on a Bedford KGT 120in. wheelbase chassis. Longitudinals are of Bin channel section that are welded to the cross-bearers.

On the same stand are shown a 5 co,yd, double drop-sided steel body on a Ford D550 108in. wheelbase chassis with threeway tipping gear and a fixed-sided mild-steel body of 9 cu.yd. capacity on a BLMC Mastiff chassis equipped with an S16 FC fourextension tipping gear, The Ford-based body has internal dimensions of 10ft. Sin. by 7ft. 4in. by 10ft. 9in, and is tipped by an Anthony/ Autolifts M8TWS gear, the approximate weights of the gear with sub-frame and of the body being 6.75cwt, and 14,5cwt. respectively. It can carry a payload of 5 tons 6.5cwt.

Longitudinals of the fixed-sided tipper body are of widespread U-shaped channels of pressed steel, while the cross-bearers are of pressed steel welded to the floor and longitudinal& The floor is of 10 swg mild steel.

108 BOALLOY Boalloy Ltd,

West Heath, Con gleton, Cheshire,

THE Tautliner 40fi-t. semi-trailer on this company's stand is a curtain-sided pallet transporter designed for British Tissues Ltd to carry 22 pallets of box tissues. Features include retractable pallet clamp boards which provide for loaded pallet heights of 8ft. 3m, to 9ft. 9in., the curtains being of Terylene-reinforced PVC. The front bulkhead incorporates vertical spools that are used for tensioning the curtains.

A special Luton van of composite construction is designed for the carriage of delicate instruments and is displayed mounted on a Bedford chassis/cab. It is equipped with a tail-lift and the sides are fitted with cargocontrol tracks. Details include a roof of translucent glass-fibre and rear aluminium shutters.


Soden Trailers Ltd, Royton, Oldham, Lancs.

RIBBED sheets of Alcan alloy transport sheet are claimed to give maximum rigidity combined with complete waterproofing to the all-alloy van shown by Boden on a 30ft. tandem axle semi-trailer. Constructional features include vertical top-hat intermediate pillars at 18in. centres and specially extruded cant rails and front header section.

Mounted on a Baden platform semi-trailer, a hard-tog body has curtains suspended on roller tracking which is supported on steel sidepillars. The deck is of hardwood.


Bonallack and Sons Ltd. Paycocke Road, Basildon, Essex.

DOORS with a central core of end-grain balsa hardwood that slide on special trolleys with nylon runners are included in the features of a Bonallack 26ft. 5in. three-way entry articulated van of largely aluminium construction that is mounted on a Crane Fruehauf chassis. A Pneumajector Mk VII 350 cu.ft. pressure-discharge bulk cement tanker with a Kwikchange end is exhibited on an ER F68 GX chassis of 20ft. 9in. wheelbase, and a Loadspeeder demountable body system is on view in the demonstration park. This system is applicable to a wide range of chassis and can be used with any type of body, including tippers and dropwells.

An aluminium box body is displayed on a BLMC 250 JU 30cwt. chassis and a light-alloy Luton body on a Ford Transit 30cwt. chassis.


Bonallack Refrigerated Vehicles Ltd, Paycocke Road, Basildon, Essex.

A FEATURE EXH1 BIT here, a Coldsaver articulated 40ft. insulated meat van, is of the frameless steel-and-aluminium type. It is suitable for 44 tons gtw and has an internal length of 38ft. 91-in. and a height of 7ft, under the five rails. The cross-members in the roof are reinforced to cater for the load. Refrigeration is provided by a Petter DL50 ,unit.

A 21 ft. 6in. light-alloy insulated body of Coldsaver construction, mounted on a Bedford KGE60 1931n. wheelbase chassis, is designed for the carriage of bananas and perishable fruits. Insulation comprises 3in. of expanded polyurethane.

The side-members of the meat van wrap around the front assembly which is panelled in 18g light-alloy, side external panelling being 16g aluminium. The interior is finished in pre-painted white acrylic alloy sheet and the floor is of &in. chequer-plate. Provision is made for a second deck hung from special fold-away brackets which can also be removed completely if requested.


J. Booth (Trailers) Ltd, Featherstall Road, Oldham, Lancs.

A TIR tilt-type body is exhibited on a 40ft. step-frame three-axle semi-trailer. It has a superstructure of 2in. by 2in, hollow rectangular sections.


Bopen Ltd, Wisbech Isle Road, Outwell, Wisbech, Cambs.

OF RIVETED aluminium-alloy construction, a bulk-grain transporter on this stand is based on a Dodge K1050 16-ton chassis/cab of 186in. wheelbase. Equipped with a pneumatic-discharge system, the 18ft. body can carry a payload of over 9 tons.


Bristol Metal Contracts Ltd, Whitefield Road, Bristol 855 71L, A BRI-MEC multi-purpose lorry body is exhibited this year on a Bedford 208in, wheelbase chassis. The system comprises an hydraulically elevated lifting frame and a second load-carrying body member, that is siideably attached to it and controlled by hydraulic rams, is lowered to ground level for loading or removal of the load. The vehicle is normally employed for carrying mobile equipment.


Bristol Street Group (We/ford Division), Hainge Road, Tividale, Warley, Worcs.

A WELFORD Maxitrail 16 Cu. yd. tipping semi-trailer is of special interest on this stand: it is of all-welded aluminium fabrication and is based on an Alusuisse system of extrusions, the unladen weight of the trailer being about 2 tons 12cwt. It is particularly suitable for carrying corrosive material such as china clay.

An all-steel fixed-sided tipper is seen mounted on a Ford DT1400 20-ton gvw chassis that is elevated by Welford twin-ram underbody gear and is equipped with a Hiab lorry loader. Based on a Bedford KHM 13-tons-gross chassis, a second all-welded steel body is elevated by an Edbro 3LNC front-of-body tipping gear.


J. Brockhouse and Co Ltd, 25 Hanover Square, London, W1 A SILVERDALE Motor bodies refrigerated van is exhibited on the Brockhouse stand, mounted on a 27.25-ton gross semi-trailer, together with a platform body with special load-retaining facilities and a standard platform body mounted on semi-trailer chassis.

The Silverdale van has a length of 32ft. and is of twin-frame aluminium construction with 4in. of polystyrene insulation, the spacers being of glass-fibre. A body temperature of 14deg F is maintained by Petter PT20 refrigerating unit that runs on Propane gas.


W. P. Butterfield (Engineers) Ltd. Africa House, Kingsway, London WC2.

AN ARTICULATED 6000gal stainless-steel general-purpose insulated tanker, rated at 32/36 tons gross, is shown by this company based on York widespread RGII running gear. A single-compartment standard type of articulated LPG tanker of carbon steel having a water capacity of 7356ga1 is plated for 32 tons gvw. the running gear being a Scammell tandem-axle trailing-arm type. Butterfield reports that there is a "tremendous demand" for this type of tanker.

The forward 1000gal compartment of the 6000gal tanker is blanked off for operation of the vehicle at 32 tons gross. When regulations permit, the front division will be converted into a baffle.

The LPG tank is equipped with a Blackmer model LG 4C pump that is driven from the pto, the tank working pressure for Butane being 78 psi. The pump drive system incorporates a special safety feature in the form of a mechanism that locks the vehicle brakes when the tank is coupled up for unloading the contents.


Carmichael and Sons (Worcester) Ltd, The Butts, Worcester.

A DOBSON hydraulically operated demounting system is a feature of a Carmichael polyurethane-insulated 20ft. container, mounted on a Leyland Redline Super Comet chassis, which is equipped with Joloda tracks, The latest type of Carmichael 15in. rotary seal designed to give a discharge rate of 50 tons/h is fitted to a 21ft. 6in. pneumaticdischarge body of aluminium construction, the folded section sides of which eliminate the need for pillars. It is mounted on an AEC Yellowline Marshal chassis and is equipped with an RBS hydraulically driven blower.

Of completely new design an aluminium powder/pellet articulated non-tipping tanker, known as the Maxi-Bulk, has a capacity of 1450 cu. ft. and a height of only 12ft. Sin. It can be discharged pneumatically with the aid of a Holmes blower operated by an auxiliary engine or by gravity.

The fourth exhibit, an elevating platform, can lift 1000 lb to a working height of 72ft. and has a maximum horizontal reach of 4Th. at a height of 41ft. It is equipped with a variety of safety features not normally found on this type of vehicle.


Carrimore Six Wheelers Ltd, Harelaw in Estate, Stanley, Co Durham.

THE Mk 9L car transporter exhibited has been built to the maximum permitted length of an articulated vehicle of 15m. and is a twin-deck design with upper and lower decks of 49ft. 24-in. and 40ft. 6in. respectively. Pivoted on an A-frame at the front, the top deck is raised by two-stage hydraulic rams.


Charrold Ltd, St Peter's Road, Huntingdon.

DESIGNED for an agricultural merchant. a 21ft. Tippermatic body is shown mounted on a Guy Big J chassis and is elevated by an Edbro 5LN twin-ram front-of-body tipping gear, the blower being a Rootes X420 model. It can handle all types of animal feed. A 17ft. Tippermatic on a Seddon 13:four chassis is used to demonstrate the company's new suck/blow system. The blower system can be used for loading as well as unloading.

A Charrold 1209 cu.ft. tipping semi-trailer is designed to operate at 32 tons gvw. It has light-alloy one-piece fixed sides and a tailboard with a grain aperture. Equipment includes a MAG diesel power pack which is used to operate the Telehoist twin-ram frontend tipping gear.

The animal-feed body is elevated by an Edbro twin-ram front-end tipping gear while a hydraulic motor drives the Charrold rotary valve. A three-piece tailboard comprises double-skinned centre-opening van-type doors and a lower two-way tailboard incorporating a central grain aperture. The control door is hydraulically operated and the discharge trough is fitted with a vibratory panel to prevent bridging of fine granular materials.


Coachwork Conversions Ltd, Windsor Street, Coins, Lancs.

A BEDFORD CF 35cwt, chassis/cowl is shown on this stand on which is mounted a Coachwork Conversions Cost Cutter Maxivan walk-through ail-aluminium body of 420 cuff. The vehicle grosses under 34 tons while the unladen weight of the petrol-engined version is under 30cwt. This is a new application of the company's Cost Cutter range, Other Cost Cutter vehicles exhibited include a 500 cu.ft. Luton van on a BLMC JU250 chassis/cab that scales under 30cwt. unladen in diesel as well as petrol form, a 415 cult. box van on a Ford Transit 35cwt chassis/cab that has an unladen weight of under 30cwt. in petrol form and a Maxivan walk-through 400 cu,ft, van on a Commer KC 25 chassis/ windshield. The gvw of this vehicle is under 31 tons.


Crane Fruehauf Trailers Ltd, Royton, Oldham, Lancashire.

A WIDE VARIETY of semi-trailer-mounte,.' bodies on view include a 33ft. dry freight, light-alloy. frameless van of monocoque construction. a 6000gal aluminium petroleum tanker of elliptical section, an all-welded light-alloy tipper body of 32 cu.yd. capacity, a 30ft alloy van body Ion a Boden chassis) and a 331t. hard-top body on a Soden platform semi-trailer.

The dry-freight van has close-pitched ribbed alloy panels, aluminium cross-hearers, a fully sealed tongued-and-grooved hardwood floor and a hermetically sealed roof with cast aluminium corner capping pieces. Of the sevencompartment type, the tanker has four compartments of 1000gal capacity, one of 500gal, one of 700gal and one of 800gal. The tipper body is of integral construction and has prestressed continuous stiffening ribs of 3in. top-hat section at 18in. centres, while the rear door has cam locks remotely controlled by air cylinders.

Built of Alcan aluminium sheet, the van body has close-pitched ribs and top-hat intermediate pillars at 18in centres that are secured to the chassis cross-members by double crib rails. Specially extruded cant rails, front header section and front corner pillars are used, the pillars being designed to resist impact loads. Other details include a resin-bonded ply lining a one-piece glass-fibre roof and full-length double doors of 18mm plywood having bonded aluminium exterior panels.

The curtains of the hard-top model are suspended on roller tracking supported on steel side pillars. Hardwood is used for the deck.


Cravens Homalloy (Preston) L4 Blackpool Road, Preston, Lancs. PR2 20P.

A HOMALLOY 15ft. bread van with extruded aluminium framework and panels of glass-fibre and an 8ft, offal collection van of the same type of contruction are to be seen on Leyland Terrier and Ford 0800 chassis respectively. With them are a Leyland-based 13ft. 8in. allwelded alloy tipping body and a Bedford-based 16ft. Sin, composite-framed box-van body with a front and roof insulated with polystyrene. The tipping body has heavy-duty top rails.


Dial-Holmes (England) Ltd, Caxton Hill, Ware Road. Hertford, Herts THE ABILITY to lift and tow vehicles up to 16 tons, to stretch open a crushed car and to lift an injured animal from a pit is included in the claims made for the twin-boom wrecker that this company show on a Magirus 6x6 'chassis. Built for the Darlington Fire Service, the special rescue vehicle incorporates extending booms reaching up to 21ft. and out to 15ft.


Dixon-Bate Ltd, Tantin Road, Chester CH3 5NA.

ONE of the company's Unibox semi-trailervans is featured, the version shown being 21ft. long and fitted with cargo-control equipment produced by the Shorfast division of the company. The model is also produced with lengths of 18ft. and 21ft.

Other Dixon-Bate exhibits include an AT220 tank trailer of 220ga1. capacity and an E6 glass-fibre-bodied van trailer on a twowheeler trailer chassis. Representing a new development for the company a heavy-duty shoring bar is exhibited in the range of Shorfast cargo-control equipment which comprises a 2in. square-section bar with a telescopic end.


Dormobile Ltd, Folkestone, Kent TWO Luton bodies are exhibited, one on a Bedford CFL chassis and one on a Ford Transit 35cwt chassis, features of both bodies including, aluminium outer panels, a translucent glass-fibre roof panel and a rear roller shutter. A farmer's Lltilabrake is seen mounted on a Bedford CF 18cwt chassis,


Dunnspencer Bulkffo Ltd, liton Works, Ilminster, Somerset.

A BULKFLO 1450 cu. ft, bulk animal-feed articulated tipping vehicle is exhibited by Dunnspencer alongside a Bulkflo 850 Cu. ft, rigid type. The larger vehicle is based on a Highway 32-ton semi-trailer hauled by an AEC Mandator and is tipped by an Edbro 5LN gear, while the rigid is mounted on an AEC Marshall chassis and is equipped with an Edbro 7 CAN tipping gear. Both models have a vibrating hopper, designed to give a continuous feed to the rotary seal, and with a Godfrey L800 blower. It is claimed that the noise level of the equipment is exceptionally low.


Duramin Engineering Co Ltd, Harbour Road, Lydney, Gloucestershire.

ALLOWING for differing length, width and height combinations, this company's Duravan basic range of integral semi-trailer vans is available in 2000 standard variations and many non-standard variations can readily be incorporated. Some of the many variations are shown in a section of an aluminium-clad version of the Duravan, white the most recent addition to the range is displayed in the form of a semi-insulated type. A model of the wellproven Bulkmobile bulk-handling vehicle fitted with a pneumatic-discharge system is also on view, which can carry a wide variety of commodities in bulk and can be used to transport sacked loads The insulation of the Duravan semiinsulated van is provided by a composite cladding material and features include aluminium roller shutters at the rear and on one side and a Hipope 1-ton single-tier taillift. Having a length of 26ft. the van has a width and interior height of 8ft. 2-in. and 7ft. respectively.

Based on a Guy Big J chassis, the Bulkmobile has a capacity of 900 Cu. ft. and can carry a load of 14 tons with a density of 35 lb/cu. ft. It is fitted with Edbro 5LNC tipping gear,


R. A. Dyson and Co Ltd, Grafton Street, Liverpool 8.

DYSON shows a semi-trailer with a topopening van body built by Freight Developments Ltd. of Lancing, that is designed for a method of loading devised by Hoover in which an elevating floor in a pit provides for loading at three deck levels. Also of bodywork interest, a brewery body is mounted on a single-axle semi-trailer and features aluminium side rails of a special shape, removable aluminium pillars and cross tubes.

Pit loading made it necessary for a roof opening to be provided in the Hoover body, but the normal type of high-sided open van was not thought to be sufficiently substantial taking into account that two removable intermediate floors were required and that each of these might carry a 5-ton load.

The body, as finally evolved, consists of a boxyan with a 6ft. opening on the top extending from the extreme rear to 2ft, from the front. The front 2ft. of the body thus forms a very rigid bulkhead, while the 12in. sidesections of the roof are substantial enough to contribute very considerably to the strength of the structure At the rear, there is a one-piece full-width, full-height door, shaped to fit into the roof opening, which when closed forms a rear bulkhead that ties together and strengthens the whole structure. Added strength comes from the hinged swingback cross-struts which bridge the 6f1. roof opening and serve the dual purpose of supporting the roof sheet and tying together the opposite sides of the van.


Edbro Ltd (Alloy Body Division), Springfield Road, Hayes, Middx.

THIS company's recently introduced weldedalloy fixed-sided runnerless body having a capacity of 29 cu. yd. is seen mounted on a Foden 6LX/24 chassis, the tipping gear being an Edbro 70SB front-end single-ram gear. The body is calibrated and the tailboard is split vertically to fold back to the sides during tipping.

Also displayed for the first time, a tipping gear air-shift control is displayed in addition to a control of this type applied to a power take-off.

An Edbro Bucket Loader of 6 cu yd. capacity is mounted on a Bedford KMS 158in. wheelbase chassis and an 11 Cu. yd. bolted alloy tipper body on a Leyland Bear 8R40/20T chassis


Edbro Ltd (Steel Body Division), Springfield Road, Hayes, Middx.

EXTRA STRENGTH and an improved appearance are provided by the special top rail of a 19ft, 6in. bolted alloy fixed-sided body shown on this stand mounted on an Atkinson 2486 LX 15ft, liin. wheelbase tipper chassis, which is equipped with a U57 twin-ram underbody tipping gear having a capacity of 18 tons and with air-shift control.

A 9 cu. yd. welded alloy fixed-sided tipper body is exhibited on a Dodge K1050 1471n, wheelbase chassis and a steel fixed-sided body of 8 cu. yd. on a Ford D900 chassis.


Edbro Ltd (Wood Body Division), Springfield Road, Hayes, Middx.

AN 8 cu. yd. steel body with a 4LNCS single ram at the front giving a 60deg angle of tip is featured on this stand mounted on an ERF lift. 3m, wheelbase chassis. It is destined for Africa and has a hardwood floor covered by lin. mild steel plate.

A 55deg angle of tip is provided by the Edbro V47 twin-ram underbody gear of an AEC Mammoth Major 496R4B chassis equipped with an 11 cu. yd. fixed-sided radiused steel body. A 4LNS gear is used to lift a 16ft. bolted-alloy body with integral steel under-frame mounted on a Seddon 13:4354 14ft. 81n. wheelbase chassis and also a steel fixed-sided body of 11 cu. yd. capacity on an Albion Super Reiver RE-29-DT 12ft. 2in. wheelbase chassis.


Fergussons (Motor Engineers) Ltd, Limberline Road, Hilsea, Portsmouth, Hants.

THREE tankers are exhibited—a Spartan 3500gal single-compartment paraffin/gas-oil tank on an AEC Marshal chassis, a 2500gal three-compartment fuel-oil model on a Leyland Super Comet and a Spartan petroleum-products four-compartment tanker on a BLMC Boxer chassis that has a capacity of 2200ga1. All are of mild-steel construction.

The 2500ga1 tanker was custom-built to deliver two grades of fuel oil with the minimum of contamination. Of the electromechanical type, the rewind gear of the • 2200gal tanker can be operated from both sides Of mild-steel construction the Spartan tank is fitted with three fully dished and flanged anti-surge baffles, while the pressure/ meter/hose-reel delivery system is designed to operate only on the wet-hose system. The Brodie Kent X77 meter, complete with air eliminator, pre-set gear, and ticket printer, is mounted behind the tank in unit with a special Spartan heavy-duty hose reel, designed for transverse mounting. The reel is fitted with 150ft of 1-kin. fuel-oil delivery hose and a Scully nozzle, and the electro-mechanical rewind gear incorporates a safety clutch. The roof of the housing for the delivery equipment is formed by an extension of the top half of the tank shell, and the compartment is completed by aluminium alloy panels on a steel framework, radiuseci quarter panels being of fibre glass. Roller-shutter access doors are fitted on both the near and offsides and an upwardshinging door encloses the rear.


Garner Motors Ltd, Brook/ends Close, Windmill Road, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middx.

A GARNER heavy-duty 13ft bin, box van is one of the company's flat floor range and is shown mounted on a Ford D300 120in. wheelbase chassis/cab. Based on a Ford Transit chassis of 11 Sin, wheelbase, a 10ft lightweight integral van body has a capacity of 400 cu ft and features a bulkhead with a sliding door and removable hanging rails. Designed for retail distribution of meat, a steel-framed integral body has an interior length of 11 ft 3in. and is displayed on a Commer Walk-Thru chassis.


Gloster Saro Ltd, Hucclecote, Gloucester.

A 38-TONS-GROSS two-compartment articulated tanker having a capacity of 6500gal is on view coupled to a BLMC 6x4 gas-turbine-powered tractive unit. And a dual-purpose air transportable fire/crash tender is displayed on a Thornycroft Nubian 6x6 chassis, that was designed to meet Service requirements for a firefighting/ crash support vehicle.

Of aluminium construction, the tanker is double tapered to give a low centre of gravity and to allow for complete drainage, the lower half of the tank being lagged with 1 in. rigid polyurethane foam sheet covered by ;in. glass-reinforced-plastics sheet. The crash tender is equipped with a 1000gal water tank, a 50gal foam-producing compound tank, a Coventry Climax foamproportioning system and a Trinity monitor.


Hands Neway Ltd, c/o Hawker Siddeley Group Ltd, 32 Duke Street, St James's, London SW1.

BUILT in conjunction with Robert B. Massey, of Market Weighton, a 43ft 4tin. refrigerated vehicle is one of the largest vehicles at Earls Court. It is based on a Hands Neway semi-trailer and is equipped with Fetter PCL 50 transport refrigerating unit.


Hawson Ltd, Brook/sods Close, Windmill Road, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middx.

A BEDFORD/HAWSON Baby Easy Access van of 285 cu ft capacity, shown by Hawson on a Bedford CF 106in. wheelbase chassis/ cowl, is a newcomer to the company's range and has an interior length of 8ft. It is exhibited with a Bedford/Hawson Easy Access model on a CF chassis/cowl of 126in. wheelbase that has a capacity and length of 400 cu ft and 9ft 10in, respectively and is under 30cwt in petrol-engine form. Also new is a lightweight integral van of 400 cu ft capacity based on a BLMC 350EA chassis and has an interior height of 6ft 3in., a width of 6ft 7in, and a floor length of 10ft 3in.

In line with Hawson practice, the Baby Easy Access van has steel framing (which is optional) and the cab is equipped with wide external doors. Details of the model on the stand include two special hanging rails and a special bulkhead with a central aperture. The body is lined to the cant rail in plywood while the one-piece glass-fibre roof is tinted.

53 IMPERIAL COACHBUILDERS Imperial Coachbuilders (Basildon) Ltd, Bentalls, Basildon, Essex.

THE four exhibits on this stand comprise two Luton vans and a boxvan on Ford Transit

chassis and a walk-through parcels van on a Bedford CF chassis. One of the Luton vans has ribbed panels.


J. H. Jennings and Son Ltd, Crewe Road, San dbach, Cheshire.

A JENNINGS triple-dropside 22ft body of light-alloy construction with a timber floor has detachable centre and corner pillars and is mounted on an ERF 540 chassis, while a mobile library is of composite construction with a glass-fibre translucent roof. The library is equipped with a gas convector heater supplied from a gas cylinder stored in a locker.

A 19ft cattle container is mounted on the platform body of a Bedford KG chassis/cab. The hinged loading ramp has Fulgartype springs and guide gates. Galvanized steel sheets are used as a roof covering.


Kenning Coachwork Ltd, Manor Offices, Old Road, Chesterfield.

THE three Kenning exhibits comprise a four-compartment general-purpose/domestic fuel-oil tanker of 11.350 litres capacity on a Guy Big J4 16-ton-gross chassis/cab, a five compartment 2200ga1 domesticfuel-oil tanker on a BLMC Boxer 14.6 tons gross chassis and a Sheffield 650 cu ft van of glass-fibre construction on a BLMC 550 FG chassis/front end.

The weight of Sheffield body is approximately lOcwt. The sides are of one-piece colour-impregnated moulded glass fibre. to which a reinforcing frame of steel hollow sections is bonded, Rubbing rails are incorporated into the mould at floor level. The roof is of single-piece moulded glass fibre with galvanized roof sticks incorporated in the mould. Full-depth doors enclosing the rear are hung on out-rigger hinges which allow the doors to swing back against the body sides. The floor is of softwood tonguedand-grooved boards.


Locomotors Ltd, 520 London Road, Mitcham, Surrey.

TOP INTEREST on this stand, a walk-in mobile baker's shop is, of all-aluminium construction with a glass-fibre dome and is mounted on a BLMC 350 FG chassis. Interior fittings include Beanstalk chromiumplated storage and display shelves and a plastics-faced wrapping counter. Customer access is provided by two all glass inwardopening doors at the rear.

Other .Locomotors displays comprise a special Luton body on a Commer VCS 162 in. wheelbase chassis, an aluminium refrigerated body equipped with a Weathertrol D1OE refrigerating unit which is based on a Ford D series chassis/cab and a refrigerated van on a BLMC EA chassis


Marsden (Coachbuilders) tad, Longshaw Street, Warrington, Lancs.

CONSIDERABLE USE is made of glass-fibre materials in the construction of the Marsden 27ft pantechnicon which is shown mounted on a Bedford KD chassis. The front cab' and-Luton assembly is a one-piece moulding of glass-fibre and is mated to a one-piece dash-and-wheelarch moulding of the same material. Of composite construction, the body frame is bonded to one-piece glass fibre side panelling the rear aperture surround being of mild-steel box members.

The second Marsden exhibit is an aluminium Luton van body, having a length of 29ft, which is mounted on a Ford 0750 chassis/ cab, grossing at 12 tons. Reinforced and gusseted at stress points, the body has top-hat vertical pillars and supports and exterior panelling of ribbed aluminium sheet. The rear surround is of mild-steel box sections while the roof is a translucent one-piece moulded glass fibre panel with an integrally bonded top-hat mild-steel frame. Soft wood is used for the floor.


Marshall of Cambridge (Engineering) Ltd, Airport Works, Newmarket Road, Cambridge C85 8RX A MARSHALL lightweight aluminium-andsteel demountable container-body destined for the Electricity Board, is seen mountedean a Bedford chassis. It is designed for loading by fork-lift truck and is equipped with a 10cwt electric tail-lift that has been specially adapted to suit the application. A van body on a BLMC EA chassis/cab is a development of the Marshall Exportvan and incorporates light-alloy framing and panels. A mobile workshop is equipped for the conversion of industrial appliances to natural gas.

The container is one of a contract of 90 units used for the distribution of domestic electrical appliances. Bulk distribution of the containers is by articulated platform trailers with retail delivery by small rigid chassis fitted with skeletal sub frames and tail lifts.

A steel peripheral frame is used with an alloy superstructure, a one-piece plywood floor and one-piece aluminium roof. The roof structure is leak-proof, all fixings being outside the load area. A side door is fitted for the off-loading of scrap units and is of ply-metal construction with containertype door seals. The rear frame is fitted with a full-length Adalon light-alloy roller shutter, while the ribbed aluminium panels are of British Aluminium Pan Al Rib, fixed by means of pop rivets to the body structure. The tare weight of the container is approximately 16cwt and it is designed for a payload of 3 tons.


Merri worth Engineering Ltd, Eonit Works, Richmer Road, Erith, Kent.

KNOWN as the Open-Span, a new Merriworth TIR 12rn semi-trailer provides for loading at the sides as well as the rear end, the tilt being of PVC-impregnated polyester which is claimed to provide consistent tautness in all climates. Each side opening has a length of 29ft. The gross weight of the trailer is 29 tons.


Mickleover Transport Ltd, Twyford Works, Whitby Avenue, Park Royal, London 1VW10.

VISITORS who consider there is a big future for all-plastics insulated bodies will be specially interested in a reinforced plastics refrigerated box body exhibited by Mickleover and produced as an integral one-piece moulded structure. A 20ft ISO container is displayed having a steel outer frame that is also insulated with rigid foam ad polyurethane sandwiched between an inner and outer laminate of reinforced plastics material.

In the case of the box body dimensions comprise a length of 17ft and a width and height of 8ft, and four meat hanging rails are linked with a Smith's market meatloading device, refrigeration being provided by a Hubbard unit. The body is mounted on a Bedford KHL 167in,-wheelbase chassis.

Meathanging gantries and rails are fitted to the roof of the container which is available with refrigerating equipment. The outer frame is fabricated from high-grade alloy steel and is designed to withstand high working stresses.

The third exhibit on the Mickleover stan is a 4325ga1 1120 barrel) single-compartment Freightliner beer tanker of stainless steel insulated with polystyrene and clad in aluminium. It is one of nine similar tanks produced for brewing companies.


R. Murfitt Ltd, Weasenhall Lane, Wisbech, Cambs.

MAKING a world debut at the Show, a Murfitt 400 Series non-tipping pressuredischarge semi-trailer bulk tanker has a capacity of 1400 cu ft and its lightweight frameless construction enables a payload of over 21 tons to be carried in a typical combination having a gross weight of 32 tons. The 25ft aluminium tank shell is of welded construction and is supported over its entire length by runners that are extended at the rear to mate with the running gear subframe and at the front to accommodate the sledge plate. A Holmes 68RBS blower is powered by a Ford diesel engine and enables material to be discharged to silos with heights up to 140ft.

A 400 series 540 cu ft cement tank is equipped with a Wellworthy blower, the material being fluidized with the aid of a Murfitt high-output poppet valve. Having fold-down sides, a 500 series dual-purpose bulk-animal-feed body can carry a payload of around 14 tons when based on a typical 22 tons gvw chassis. It is equipped with a Godfrey 1800 blower, Edbro tipping gear and a Murfitt high-output rotary feeder. Similar tanks are available for gross weights up to 36 tons with payloads up to 24 tons.

A Dynabulk body is shown in the demonstration park: no details of this exhibit were available at the time of going to press.


Neville Industries (Mansfield) Ltd, Bradder Works, Bradder Street, Mansfield, Notts.

THE GROSSER, a recently developed framelss semi-trailer tipper body of allwelded aluminium construction is of particular interest. It has a capacity of 22.6 Cu yd, is designed for payloads up to 28 tons and is based on a Peak 30/32 tandem-axle chassis, the tipping gear being a Telehoist single front-end ram.

A payload of nearly 19 tons can be carried in the 17 cu yd welded steel. body of a Ratesaver tipping trailer that is elevated by an Edbro 6SC guar and hauled by a Ford 01000 tractive unit, the gvw of the outfit being 28 tons. Other exhibits comprise an insulated version of the Omnitrailer, designed for tipping road-surfacing materials into road spreaders, and an 11 cu yd aluminium U-shaped fixed-sided tipper body on a Guy Big J chassis. Short-wheelbase and long-wheelbase Dumptrailers of 24 tons gcw are shown in the demonstration park.


Peak TrailersLtd,

Woo dbank Works, Turncroft Lane, SW ckport, Cheshire.

A NEW FORM of TIR tilt-type superstructure based on steel support members is shown by this company mounted on a PKRW 38C3 38-ton-gross trailer. All but one of the side pillars can be removed easily without the use of any tools to give an almost complete side loading space.

The pillars. corner posts, roof sticks and longitudinals are all of steel, and three timber slats spaced between, the top of the sideboards and the roof longitudinals are fitted down both sides and at the rear. A PVC tilt can be rolled up at each side in three sections, and at the rear. All slits in the tilts are secured by Dutch lacing. The clear internal width is 2.42m.


Pengco (Transport Systems) Ltd, Oxney Works, Peterborough PE? EYW.

A LOAD-O-MATIC demountable tipper body that is readily interchangeable with a roadgritter body is shown for the first time by Pengco and is one of a number of bodies supplied to Hertfordshire county council. It is based on a Bedford KGS 120in. wheelbase chassis and novel features include guide rails that act as a tipping sub-frame.

Another Load-O-Matic application comprises a Mk ll model equipped with a 20ft van body of the company's Module 18 construction. Introduced since • the 1968 Show, Mk II hydraulics consist of double-acting hydraulic rams that retract the chassis against the vehicle springs, which facilitates demounting.

A Pengco 18ft 15 cu yd monocoque tipper body of all-welded aluminium construction is displayed on a Foden eight-wheeled chassis. The body is a heavy-duty type with a kin. plate floor and gin. plate sides


A. C. Penman Ltd, 46 Buccieuch Street, Dumfries, Scotland FIRST in the field with demountable bodies. Penman is exhibiting a Luton-type 10ft 5in. swop body on a Ford Transit 35cwt chassis/ cab which is a new venture for the company by virtue of the unladen weight of the vehicle being under 30cwt. A Seddon 13:4 'chassis/ cab is exhibited with a demountable container having a length of 20ft 10in.; a Bedford KDL in the demonstration park has a skeletal frame and is being used to demonstrate the operation of the concern's power-hydraulic, handhydraulic and jacking-leg systems.


Pennine Coachcraft Ltd, Moss Lane Works, Royton, Lancs.

TWO welded-aluminium tipper bodies are shown by this company on Seddon 13:4 14-ton-gross chassis, A drop-sided body is mounted on a chassis of 12ft 6in, wheelbase and has a capacity of 10 cu yd, while the second tipper is a fix-sided model on a chassis of 9ft 3in. wheelbase.

The remaining exhibit is a van of modular construction having a capacity of 2000 cu ft which is also mounted on a Seddon chassis.


Pitt Trailers Ltd, PO Box 54, Wigan, Lanes, AN !SO 20ft all-steel container is displayed on a 40ft skeletal semi-trailer that is produced by Central Containers Ltd, an associated company. The container is of stressed-skin design and has a capacity of 1090 cu ft.


Reynolds Boughton Ltd, Bell Lane, Amersham, Bucks.

A RONWAY demountable system which is featured is based on an Albion Clydesdale chassis. The system has been developed for semi-trailers a current model was too big to get on the stand) that provides applications to a two-container vehicle body. Built-in hydraulic jacks are used to raise the lifting frame, the legs being of the hinged let-down type.

A Rennes Marrel multi-bucket unit with a sludge tank is shown on a Bedford M 4x4 chassis and a high-capacity refuse tipper designed for hopper operation on an AEC Marshal chassis. This is of the roll-on type and is seen fitted with an open-top body. The tipping gear is an Edbro U.57 unit.


Road 7 ransport Services (Hackney) Ltd,

74 rSt. Andrew's Road, Hackney, London E8.

A REFRIGERATED BODY that is removable, if required, from the RTS Loadranger semitrailer on which it is mounted is exhibited by this company, together with a one-piece moulded plastics refrigerated body, an allaluminium 7-ton lift-off container and a mobile bank.

The lift-off container is equipped with a pillarless tail-lift with columns that retract with the tailboard. A vestibule is fitted at the front of the plastics body Olat affords driver access from both sides and enables pallets to be loaded through the full-width rear doors.

Apart from the roof the exterior skin of the plastics body is laminated from three separate layers of 2oz chopped strand mat thoroughly wetted out with colour-impregnated polyester resin and rolled by hand to ensure the removal of all air pockets, the weight of the skin being 1.25Ib/sq ft. The roof has two separate layers giving a weight of 0.875 Ibisq ft.

The body exterior surfaces are all fully cambered to give maximum flexibility while retaining ample rigidity for arduous service. Tapping plates for all external and internal fittings are bonded into the body after the exterior skins have been laminated, and other reinforcements are also bonded in at this stage for holding down, floor strengthening and dole-plate mountings. Expanded polyurethane foam slabs are bonded into position using specially formulated adhesives., The vehicle floor is lin.-thick WBP grade plywood sheets laid on timber bearers. Wall and roof joints are completely sealed and the interior skin is laminated over the insulation and flooring to give a continuous and impervious interior skin.


80//along Ltd, Southampton Road, Ringwood, Hants.

A VARIETY of established body lifting systems displayed by Rollalong includes the company's Universal trolley gantry type. the four-poster gantry, • the hydraulic lift-off system and the lift-off-by-hydraulic-legs system. The trolley gantry is particularly suitable for handling fully' laden 20ft ISO containers, while the four-poster gantry is designed for handling fully laden vehicle swop bodies from ground level. Both are powered by an electro-hydraulic system.


Rootes (Maidstone) Ltd, Mill Street, Maidstone, Kent.

THREE vehicles are displayed, but the only one of goods bodywork interest is a pickup with a nominal payload rating of 22cwt based on a Commer 2500 Series forwardcontrol van. The body is of unitary steel construction and is shaped to provide a canopy over the front end of the load space.


G. Scammell and Nephew Ltd, Harelaw Industrial Estate, Stanley, Co Durham.

A CARR !MORE 24-ton-payload tipping semitrailer on this company's stand is based on a tandem-bogie chassis with no-hop suspension. The Anthony/Autolifts light-alloy monacoque body is built without longitudinal runners, the floor being constructed of widespread U-shaped channels. Heavy-section bottom rails act as longitudinals and give a high-section modulus. A rear grain door is optional.


Sheppard Fabrications Ltd, Rymer Lane, Bamham. nr Thetford, Norfolk.

ONE of the two Sheppard Meiller models exhibited on this stand is a 14000 Mk III container-handling model with an 11 cu yd building-site-rubble container. The model is mounted on a Foden chassis of 24 tons gvw and has a payload of 13 tons nowt, while detailed features include single-lever control.

The second exhibit is a Sheppard Meiller 600S handling unit on a Ford D800 120in.wheelbase chassis of 13 tons gvw which is equipped with a 10 Cu yd lightweight open container. This model has external control valves with twin levers.


Silverdale Motor Bodies Ltd, York Road, Birmingham 28.

TWO refrigerated bodies of the company's twin-frame aluminium type are exhibited both of which are equipped with a Petter refrigerating unit. A meat-carrying 16ft body is mounted on a Bedford chassis and weighs 29cwt while the second body has a length of 18ft, weighs 32cwt and is based on a Ford D Series chassis/cab. The insulation in both cases is polyurethane.

Other details of the meat-carrying body include a Petter M200G refrigerating unit which maintains the temperature of the interior down to 14°F. Three longitudinal hanging rails are fitted with double-point roller hooks. The flooring is of log alloy treadplate that is argon-arc-welded along the seams and turned up 9in, to form a one-piece waterproof dish.

The Ford-based body is equipped with a Petter M2OD Luton-mounted refrigerating Unit that maintains the interior body temperature down to —10'F. A Ratcliffe 30cwt tail-lift is fitted at the rear and Load Lac track is used to secure the load.


Smith-Appleyard Ltd, Eastern Avenue, Team Valley, Gateshead-on-Tyne, NE8 lYT.

MOBILE SHOPS shown by this company comprise a butcher's shop on a Ford Transit V30 22cwt chassis, a grocery shop on a BLMC JU 250 chassis/cab and an ice-cream canteen on a Bedford CF 18cwt chassis. An aluminium boxvan body with a one-piece light-alloy roof is mounted on a Commer VC5 short-wheelbase chassis/ cab.


J. frf. Sparshatt and Sons Ltd, Burrfield Road, Copnor, Portsmouth, Hants, P03 5NN.

MOUNTED on a BLMC Laird chassis, a Sparshatt 21ft 1400 cu. ft Luton body is framed in hardwood, is panelled in aluminium and has a one-piece glass-fibre roof. A 9ft 7in. parcels van is a three-way loading model of a type being supplied to Harrods and is mounted on a BLMC 250 JU chassis/scuttle. Easy entry is provided by sliding doors on both sides and a fullheight roller shutter at the rear.

The company's third exhibit is a 20ft semi-frameless lift container designed for medium/low temperature operation for the carriage of hanging loads of fresh or frozen meat and is mounted on an Albion chassis/cab. Insulation is provided by expanded polyurethane while the framework is of welded mild-steel tube.


Steel Barrel Co Ltd, Harelaw Industrial Estate, Stanley, Co Durham.

AN all-aluminium tipper displayed on this company's stand has internal dimensions of 18ft by 7ft 6in. by 3ft; it is mounted on a Scammell Routeman Mk3 chassis of 14ft 4in. wheelbase and is equipped with an AnthonyAutolifts single front-end tipping gear. A spring-balanced tailgate mechanism lifts the tailgate clear of the load during the tipping operation.


Taskers Trailers Ltd, Anna Valley, Andover, Hants.

THE largest van in the new Taskers/Cravens Strickvan 70 series. a 40ft model is exhibited on this stand, based on Rubery Owen tandem-axle running gear. Standard heights are 7ft 6in„ 8ft and 8ft Sin, Features include a one-piece roof that is tensioned to prevent drumming, aluminium-faced ply-metal side doors and a rear door-frame assembly having high-tensile-steel corner posts. The Formula G all-welded aluminium end-tipping body on this stand is of unit construction and is elevated by an Edbro single-ram gear.


Telehoist Ltd, Manor Road, Cheltenham, Glos.

A NEW lightweight Load Lugger demountable container body and a Tel-link link-type gear with weight-saving features are included in the "bigger payloads" exhibits of this company. A Tel-by 15 cu yd fixedsided end tipper, a Telehoist-Foco 800 side-mounted lorry loader and Telelube automatic lubrication equipment are also displayed. The Tel-link gear is some 2-icwt lighter than the original Tele-lever unit and in some cases about one ton has been saved in the construction of Load Lugger models by new welding techniques and the use of high-tensile steel, the model on view being the CH401 open-top type, mounted on a Bedford KMR chassis, which has a capacity of 8 cu yd. The lightweight Tel-link gear is known as the 50 model, has 5Iin. diameter rams operating at a pressure of 1400 psi and is designed to lift a minimum of 10 tons.

Shown publicly for the first time, the Telehoist-Foco loader can lift to a height of over 31ft at an angle of 90° and can rotate through a full circle. The standard hydraulic boom is 18ft 1in. and extension tubes enable the jib length to be increase to 31ft, the tubes being retracted into the boom for stowing. With a jib length of 6ft 7in. the lifting capacity is 8800lb, and if the jib is extended to 31ft the loader will lift 990Ib.

The Tel-by body has a watertight tailgate and is mounted on a Scammell Routeman chassis having a wheelbase of 172in. which is equipped with a Telehoist single five-stage front-end tipping gear. A second Tel-by fixed-sided tipper body is exhibited in the demonstration park on an AEC Marshall chassis.


John Thompson (Transporter Division) Ltd, Darham Industries Division, Ettingshall, Wolverhampton.

ONE of about 90 bulk milk tankers for the Milk Marketing Board, a single-compartment stainless-steel insulated tanker of 2000gal. capacity with a gross rating of 16 tons is exhibited alongside a Thompson/Stetter 6/7 cu.yd. concrete mixer/agitator having mechanical drive.


John Thompson (Transporter Division) Ltd, Thompson Bros Division, Ettingshall, Wolverhampton.

A NEW aviation fuel dispenser, designed to service Jumbo jet and SST aircraft, is capable of delivering 1000gal./min. through four hoses. It is also suitable for fuelling other types of aircraft.

Hauled by a Scammell Trunker Mk III tractive unit, a 6300gal. six-compartment, white-oil tanker is of aluminium construction and is based on running gear with air suspension.


John Thompson (Transporter Division) Ltd, Thompson Trailmobile Division, Ettingshall, Wolverhampton.

A 425 cu.ft. powder tanker on this stand is a new model of aluminium construction that is designed to carry heavy bulk powders including sand and cement. It is mounted on a Guy three-axle 22-ton gvw chassis.

Intended mainly for the transport of edible oil, a Trailmobile-mounted 5000gal. singlecompartment chemical products tank is insulated with 3m, of glass fibre and clad in aluminium. It is also suitable for the transport of a wide range of other liquids.


Torridon Steel Ltd, Fresh Wharf, Highbridge Road, Barking, Essex.

THREE tankers of 2500ga1., 3500gal., and 4000gal. are displayed on this company's stand and are mounted respectively on a Ford D1000 chassis, an AEC Marshal and a Guy Big J. The smallest tanker is of mild steel and has five compartments designed to carry domestic fuel oil: of stainless steel the 3500ga1.-type is a single-compartment heavyfuel-oil tanker, while the largest tanker is designed to carry black/white oil and is fabricated from mild-steel plate and has four compartments.


Universal Bulk-handling Equipment Ltd, Orrell Lane, Burscough, Lancs.

TVVO 32-ton-gross articulated tankers and a container tanker on the Universal stand are of new design, one of the artics being shown coupled to a British Leyland gas-turbined tractive unit. This is a 5000gal. six-compartment insulated tanker designed for carrying base lubricants and is equipped with Hands running gear, while the second artic is a TIR 5500gal. single-compartment general-commodities type of stainless steel with Crane Fruehauf widespread running gear. The Radiax container tank is built to the ISO 20f1. module in stainless steel and carries 4320ga1. of beer.


University Commercials Ltd, University Truck-Trailer Centre, Silverdale Road, Hayes, Middx.

COMPOSITE platform and van bodies are exhibited by this company, based respectively on a Dodge K1050 205in.-wheelbase 16-tongross chassis/cab and a Commer VC5 162in.wheelbase chassis/cab of 9.5 tons gvw. The platform body has a cab-high headboard, hardwood floor and steel side raves, the length and width being 21ft. 6in. and 8ft. respectively. Features of the van body include a lightalloy frame, a floor of lin. softwood and fullheight interior slats.


B. Walker and Son Ltd, 1 Gammons Lane, Watford, Herts.

DESCRIBED by Walker as the company's range of bodies for the 70s, the vehicles on this stand comprise two Cubic Luton vans, a Cubic boxvan, a Fineline parcels van and a drop-sided truck body. A 500 cu.ft. Luton on a Bedford petrol-engined 35cwt. CF 126in.wheelbase chassis/cab has an unladen weight of 1 ton 91cwt. while a Luton on a BLMC 250JU petrol-engined chassis-cab has a capacity of 500 cu.ft. and weighs 1 ton 8-1-cwt. The boxvan is mounted on a Ford Transit 35cwt. petrol-engined chassis-cab with a wheelbase of 118in. and has a capacity of 415 cu.ft.. its unladen weight being 1 ton 9-i-cwt. Having a capacity of 405 cu.ft. the Fineline parcels van has an integral cab and is also mounted on a Ford Transit chassis. Its unladen weight is 1 ton 9cwt. Common features of the four vehicles include main framing of zinc-coated steel sections welded and gusseted where necessary.

The drop-side body is based on a Commer 2500 series petrol-engined chassis/cab and has a length of 8ft. 9in. Body sides, tailboard and floor are of tongued-and-grooved board while the underframe is of all-steel construction.


Yorkshire Engineering and Welding Co Ltd, Friars Works, Bradford Road, Idle, Bradford, Yorks.

TWO articulated tankers are displayed by this company, a 4700gal. six-compartment petroleum-spirit tanker of aluminium alloy and a two-compartment mild-steel type of 6500gal. capacity designed for the carriage of fuel oils. Both tanks are of max section, the bigger model being of the double-taper type. and both are based on Dyson Stabilair running gear. The smaller tank is designed for operation at 24 tons gvw and the larger at 32 tons gvw, and this vehicle has a built-in capacity to operate at 42 tons gvw. The tractive unit is a Leyland gas-turbined six-wheeler.

The outlet valves of the 6500gal. tanker are of Emco manufacture and are top-operated by means of a special rod-and-hook linkage, while the outlet pipes are of lightweight mild steel. Both compartment outlets are manifolded and feed direct into a Drum B6 hydraulically driven pump mounted below the tank.

The same type of linkage is employed to operate the Emco foot valves of the 4700gal. tanker. Of lightweight steel, the pipes are hottinned-dipped, and each pipe line terminates in an Emco F33 aluminium faucet with Surelok couplings.

131 YORK

York Trailer Co Ltd, St. Mark's Road, Corby, Northants.

YORK reports that the consignors of goods are increasingly stipulating the protection of a van body and in many cases the availability of a refrigerated body. Examples of the company's new series of Freightmaster trailer vans on display are of steel-post construction. A 30ft. dry freight van. the IB24, is plated at 24 tons gcw and has a tare weight of 19.75 tons, while a 40ft. 36-ton-gross trailer van has polyurethane insulation of York specification that is injected into the cavities in the form of polyfoam, the refrigerating unit being a ThermoKing PDL50 unit. The van could operate up to 44 tons gcw.

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