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18th June 1965, Page 72
18th June 1965
Page 72
Page 72, 18th June 1965 — RESULTS
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Keywords : Bp, Shell-mex And Bp, Bedford

Class A—up to 16 ft. and from 201 cwt.: 1. W. Arnot (Nvacastle Chronicle and Journal Ltd.) COMMer. 71 penalty points: 2, D. Axon (Newcastle Cu-operative Society Ltd.). Commer, 86; 3. J. Bell (Newcastle Chronicle and Journal Ltd.). Commer, 148.

Class 11•-16-19 ft.; 1, E. Nicholson (Blagdon Co-operative Society Ltd.), Austin. 89; 2, T. Anderson (WHS Transport Ltd.). Bedford, 91; 3, R. Greaves (VVHS Transport Ltd.), Bedford. 126.

Class C-19-22 ft.: 1. D. C. l'oveY (Scottish and Newcastle Breweries Ltd.), Bedford, 83; 2, J. W. Scare (British OxYgen Co. Ltd.), Albion. 96; 3. R. Lee (Newcastle Co-operative Society Ltd.), Bedford, 146.

Class D---22-25 ft.: I. A. Jerrard (Newcastle Co-operative Society Ltd.). Bedford, 97; 2, G. A. E. Dixon (Beecbarns Foods Ltd.), Bedford, 99; 3. W. A. Best (SPD Ltd.), Bedford, 99.

Class E(11—over 2511., Iwo allele 1, P. Shore (British Oxygen Co. Ltd.), Bedford, 125; 2, V. Chipperfield (British Oxygen Co. Ltd.), Bedford, 126; 3. D. Reed (Newcastle Co-operative Society Ltd.). Bedford, 135.

Oust E(2)--over 25 H., more than two axles: I. R. E. Browning (Scottish and Newcastle Breweries Ltd.), ERF, 171; 2, R. Elder (Shell-Mex and BP Ltd.), Leyland, 178: 3. G. Courtney (Scottish and Newcastle Breweries Ltd.). ERF, 200.

Class F(I)—ardc tractive units under 4 tons. Oat or sided semi-trailer up to 38 ft.: I. A. Warner (Scottish and Newcastle Breweries Ltd.), Karrier, 134; 2. S. Howard (Stepney Haulage Co. Ltd.), Austin. 257; 3, Cpl. Martin (RAF Acklingion). Commer, 318, Class F(2)—artic tractive units under 4 ton, box or tanker semi-trailer up to 38 ft; 1. W. Holdsworth (Shell-Mex and BP Ltd.), Bedford. 235; 2. R. Kendal (Metal Box Co. Ltd.), Seddon. 239; 3, A. Corner (Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd.), Bedford, 261.

Class G—artic tractive units over 4 tons, Oar or sided semi-trailer up to 38 ft.: /. F. McCann (Scottish and Newcastle Breweries Ltd.), ERF, 273: 2, G. B. Blakey (Scottish and Newcastle Breweries Ltd.), Leyland. 296; 3, 11. Wood (GKN Bolts-Nuts Ltd.), Leyland, 330.

Class H—box or tanker semi-trailers with tractive units 4 tons or over: 1, V. R. NicQuillian (ShellMet and BP Ltd), AEC, 2118; 2, N. Atkinson (British Oxygen Co. Ltd.), Fodcn, 211; 3. D. 1. Mackay (Brett's Oil and Grease Co. Ltd.). Bedford. 256.

Team Award: Newcastle Co-operative Society Ltd. Overall Winner: W. Holdsworth (Shell-Mex and BP Ltd.).


People: Bedford, Commer
Locations: Austin, Newcastle

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