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New Transport Companies

18th December 1959
Page 47
Page 47, 18th December 1959 — New Transport Companies
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Motor Services (Clapion). Ltd. Cap. £1.000. Dirt,: I R. Ward. 7 Lodge Close, Orpington, Kent; W. W. Ward, 57 Pleasance Road, Si, Paul's Cray, Kent; Mrs. M, G. Ward and Mn, B, J. Ward. Sec.: W. W. Ward., Reg. office: 37A Ponsford SETeet, London, E.9.

Eyre, Venables and Eyre (Transport), Ltd. Cap. £100. DIM: R. E. Eyre, 35 Beechwood Avenue, London, N,10. and E. B. Venable's. 40 Medhutst Avenue, London, 14.10. Sec.; H, W. Venables. Reg. office: 4 Grand Parade, Fortis Green Road, London, N.10.

Biwoe Transport, Ltd. Cap. £1,000. Dirs.: H. A. Biseoe and Mrs. W. F. M. Iniscoe. 48 Freehold Road, Ipswich. See.: H. A. Biscoe. Reg. office: 225 Britannia Road, Ipswich.

cits Storage Co., Ltd. Cap. £1,000. Dirs.: E, Barnes, 24 Avondale Avenue, Leasate, Cheshire. and T. H. Wilson, 6 Rycroft Road, Liverpool, 10. Sec.: E. Barnes. Reg. office: Lloyds Bank Chambers, 92 London Road, Liverpool, 3.

Greeogrove Enterprises (Tours), Ltd. Cap. £100. Dirs.: E. E. Green:grove, Albani, Heatherley Road, Camberley, Surrey, and G. S. Sessions, 2 'Whitehall Lane, Pages Lane, London, 14.10. Sec.: E.. E. Grcengrove. Reg. office. 69 High Street, Camberley.

Regency Deliveries, Ltd. Cap. £100. Dirs.: 3. Bentham, 3 West Bank, Richmond Hill, Bowden, Cheshire and L. G. Taylor, 3 Fairway, Bramhall, Cheshire. See.: G. R. Briertey. Reg. office: 23 Brazennose Street, Manchester, 2.

W. Bandy and Sons, Lid. Cap. £2,000. Dirs.: W. Bundy, W. R. Bundy arid W. J. Bundy, Holly Cottage. Hill Road, Basildon, Essex. Sec.: W. R. Bundy. Reg. office: Holly Cottage, Hill Road,' Basildon.

Ben Copt, Lid. Cap. £2,500. Dirs.: B. A. Cope, 28 Belper Street, Ilkeston, Derbys. and G. M. Cope, 29 Date View. Ilkeston. Sec.: G. M. Cope. .Reg. other: 20 13e1Per Street, Ilkeston. Gofer, Ltd. Cap, £15,000. Dirs.: T. W. Thompson and Mrs. R. C. Thompson. &roily Broil Oak, Barnsley Road, Scawsby, near Doncaster. See.: R. C. Thompson. Reg office: Strolls Brod Dak, Barnsley Road, Scawsby.

T. and W, Transport (Newport), Ltd. Cap. £2,000. Dirs.: J. H. Thomas, 32 Dunstable Road, Newport, Mon, and J, G. Watkins, 60 Bristol Street, Newport, Sec.: L. M. Smith-Chamberlain.

G.L. Transport Ltd. Cap. £190. Din.: G. Lea and Edith Lea, Main Road, Wrangle, near Boston. Sec.: G. Lea. Reg. office: Westhorpe Road. Gosberton, Spalding, 'Lincs.

K. Goodfellow and Co. (Transport Consultants). Ltd. Cap. £500. Dirs.: D. Goodfellow and Mrs. K, Goodfellow, 1351 Rochdale Road, Higher Blackleg, Manchester. Sec.: K. Goodfellow. RCA. office: 12 St. Anne Square, Manchester.

A. C. Bioxley and Son, Ltd. Cap. £2,000.

A. C. Blogley and Amy C. Bloxley, 1 Yardley Street, Stambermill, Stourbridge. B, C. Boxley, 6 Woods Lane, Quarry Bank, and V. Dowler, 67 Vicarage Road, Amblecote. Sec.: V. Dowler. Reg. office: 1 Yardley Street, Stambermill.

Fulladvan, Ltd. Cap, £100. Subs.: .1. Herbert and T. A. Herbert, 156 Strand, London, W.C2, Sec.: T. A,Herbert.

Placetrips, Ltd. Cap. £100. Other particulars as for Fulladvan, Ltd. G. Field (Transport), Ltd. Cap. £100. Dirs.: G. W. H. Field and M. I. Field, 23 Old Watford Road, St. Albans. Sec.: M. I. Field. Reg. office: 23 Old Watford Road, St. Albans.

Harris FIanlage (Grays), Ltd. Cap. £10,000. Dirs.: F. R. Harris, 96 Bradleigh Avenue, Grays, Essex, E. H. Harris, 291 Lodge Lane, Grays, N, A. Harris and L. M. Harris. Sec.: F. P.. Harris. Res. Office: 8 Parker Road, Grays.

John lieotnn and Rooks, Ltd. Cap. £3,000. Dirs.: I, Heaton. 530 Warrington Road, Goose Green. Wigan and F. N. Rooks, 347 Poolstock Lane, Wigan. Sec.: 0. Rooks. Reg. office: 530 Warrington Road, Goose Green, Wigan.

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