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Ian Kydd becomes general manager of Eastern Scottish

17th April 1970, Page 32
17th April 1970
Page 32
Page 32, 17th April 1970 — Ian Kydd becomes general manager of Eastern Scottish
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Ian R. Kydd has been appointed general manager of Scottish Omnibuses Ltd (Eastern Scottish) in succession to J. W. Tweedie, who, as recently annOunced, has become a member of the board of the Scottish Bus Group, A Londoner, Mr Kydd has been in the transport industry since 1948. He was a student apprentice with AEC at Southall, afterwards joining Eastern Counties Omnibus Co Ltd, Norwich, as deputy assistant engineer in 1953. In 1956 he transferred to United Automobile Services Ltd as assistant chief engineer and became chief engineer of Lincolnshire Road Car Co Ltd in 1958. He took up his present position as chief engineer of the Eastern National Omnibus Co Ltd in 1963.

Norman Lenton Akerman, who becomes director of the Institute of Materials Handling from May 1, has been, until his appointment, a consultant in his own right. His responsibilities for the Institute will include the direction of the secretariat and the further development of membership.

Gerard Langford, 38, has been appointed director of Springfield Transport Ltd., Trafford Park, he was previously general manager. Mr Langford is in charge of a radio-controlled fleet of articulated vehicles and trailers, designed for container traffic, and distributive vehicles.

Alan Grundy, 34, has been appointed as a freight representative by Townsend Thoresen Car Ferries on the Southampton-Le Havre/ Cherbourg routes. Mr Grundy joins Thoresen from Williams Container Service, of Belfast.

J. S. Madgett, 46. since 1965 assistant traffic manager of the Midland General Omnibus Co Ltd., and Mansfield District Traction Co, has been appointed traffic manager of Yorkshire Woollen with effect from June 1, on the retirement of R. Dunk.

J. H. G. Carr has joined Dennis Brothers, of Guildford, as production director. Mr Carr previously had overall responsibility for the Pollard division of the Ransome, Hoffmann and Pollard Group as general manager.

FTA elections

J. C. Guthrie has been elected chairman of the Freight Transport Association West Scotland area: J. Gray, J. S. M. Stewart are vice-chairmen. Other FTA elections: Highland area: J. T. Elphinstone chairman: R. G. Baker vice-chairman. Scottish north-east area: W. F. Buchanan chairman: R. Philp vicechairman.

Scottish central: J. Peter chairman; A. Hendry vice-chairman.

Perth and Angus: J. B. Sinclair chairman; W. B. Edwards vice-chairman.

Edinburgh and East: R. C, Wallace chairman; R, W. Thornton vice-chairman.

Birmingham: G. T. Wood chairman; J. Foster deputy chairman; G. C. W. Nabb, B. J. Pratt vice-chairmen; N. A. Calver secretary.

East Midland (south-eastern): D. H. Smith chairman; A. Nokes vice-chairman.

Nottingham and Derby: F. Moore chairman; H. Askew, N. Poole vice-chairmen.

North Lincolnshire: A. Gillever chairman; D. H. Teesdale vice-chairman.

Northampton: C. R. Allen chairman; R. C. Thornton vice-chairman.

Chiltern: E. G. Burman chairman; D. R. Hutchings, L J. Kelly, H. N. Williams, D. G. Caswell vicechairmen: P. W. C. Piggott secretary.

Sussex: C. L Cobb chairman: A. A. Coates, R. A. Strauss vice-chairmen.

Kent: K. H. Walton chairman; G. D. Gray secretary. London and Home Counties (eastern); S. G. Watson chairman; Miss D. C. Mann secretary. Wolverhampton: E. Hughes chairman: W. French deputy chairman; E. F. Brock, G. H. Phillips vice-chairmen; C. R. Lynam secretary.

Bristol: A. D. Tasker chairman; P. Jones. D. Pope vice-chairmen; C. R. Rich secretary.

Hull and East Riding: J. Pickering chairman; N. Hawkins, J. Curwood vice-chairmen.

Leeds and West Riding: G. L. Hutchinson chairman; J. D. Brown, J. P. Isles, T. R. Shaw vicechairmen.

South West Devon and Cornwall: R. 0. Sanderson chairman; I. W. Sherriff vice-chairman; F. W. Jury secretary.

Bournemouth. Poole and district: R. Allbrighton chairman; R. A. Vass vice-chairmen; A. E. Spinney secretary.

Gloucestershire: Maj J. W. E. Godfrey chairman: R. H. C. Philby vice-chairman: A. Hook secretary. Northern division (north-east area): R. Y. Lawson chairman; A. Davison vice-chairman.

North Staffordshire: L. Buckley chairman:J. Martin deputy chairman; K. Beardmore, 0. J. Boon vicechairmen: J. Martin secretary.

East Midland: F. Moore chairman; N. R. Poole. vice-chairmen.

Leicester: D. A. Clarke chairman; W. Bartfleet vice-chairman.

North Western, Merseyside and North Wales: E. J. Bibby chairman; J. A. Steeley vice-chairman. West Wales: L. Pritchard chairman; W. T. Owen vice-chairman; E. J. Jones secretary.

East Wales: E. Jackson chairman; J. I. Plenty, E. R. Jones, D. Jones vice-chairmen; E. S. Brown secretary.

Sheffield and South Yorkshire: A. Utley chairman; W. Lynn, G. W. Smith vice-chairmen.

Portsmouth; V. J. Jenner chairman; P. Gormley vice-chairman: N. Putman secretary. Southampton: S. Jones chairman; D. Marshall, J. Anderson vice-chairmen. D, R. Wools secretary. Surrey and South Middlesex; G. D. Gates chairman: A. G. Evans, A, M. Lawford, S. D. Barrett vicechairmen: E. Povey secretary.

RHA elections

J. Goodler (Goodier and Sons Ltd, Lanes) has been elected 'chairman of the Road Haulage Association tipping vehicles' functional committee; W. A. Gfendinning (W. A. Glendinning Ltd, Co Durham), E. Hemphill (A. and W. Hemphill Ltd, Glasgow) and

L. R. House Tyler and Sons Ltd, London) are vice-chairmen.

J. W. Finnis (Pickfords, London) has been reelected chairman of the RHA international transport group; M. V. Robson (Continental Road Transport Services (Ackworth). Yorks), C. W. Oliver (Beck and Pollitzer Engineering Kent) and G. Cave-Wood (Cave Wood Transport, Bucks) are vice-chairmen. J. B. Midgley (J. B Midgley and Sons. Leeds) has been elected chairman of the RHA meat and allied trades transport group; W. A. Norris ISMCA, London) and T. G. Wilson (Thomas Wilson (Transport). Lanes) are vice-chairmen.

T. R. Wood (Midland Road Tank Services Ltd, Staffs) has been elected RHA bulk liquids group chairman; C. S. Clarke (Tyburn Road Tank Services. Bucks) and E. W. Tomlinson (Arrow Bulk Carriers Ltd, York) are vice-chairmen.

Other RHA elections: West Riding Area; B. W. Dean chairman; R. V. Cresswell vice-chairman.

Metropolitan and South Eastern: W. W. Grace chairman; J. P. Moore, J. Silbermann vicechairmen

Bradford sub-area: C. F. Whitley chairman; R. Bailey vice-chairman; J. Longthorn secretary. Newton Abbot and Torbay: G. L. Gill chairman; L. G. Valiance vice-chairman; Mrs. M. Sellicksecretary.

Honiton: D. 0. Good chairman: L. C. Evis, vicechairman: N. Richards. secretary.

Mid-Cornwall: G. H. Read, chairman; A. H. White vice-chairman: R. A. Judd secretary.

Kendal: J. Davy chairman; A. E. Nelson vicechairman: J. Brailsford secretary.

Teesside: J. Thomas chairman; C. Herring, P. Joy vice-chairmen; Mrs. I. Gordon secretary. North Devon sub-area: W. G. F. Hill chairman; D. W. Berry vice-chairman: B. J. Littlejohns secretary.

Exeter: C. Western chairman: H. Holman vicechairman: I. E. Trist secretary.

Central London: F. T. Rice chairman: J. L. R. Samson, H. G. H. Atkinson vice-chairmen, North London; Miss M. K. lofts, chairman; J. Adcock, L. R. House, J. W. Jacques vicechairmen.

South London: F. P. Barber chairman: R. Cropper, J. Smith vice-chairmen.

East London; H. E. Newman chairman: A. P. Drury, A. G. Kerbey vice-chairmen.

West London; L. V. Mays chairman; E. T. Mad. docks. R. S. Bowles, J. W. Darvell vicechairmen.

Luton/Watford: F. Thomas chairman; R. Latchford, P. B. Miller vice-chairmen.

Brighton/Worthing: J. Leppard chairman; E. G. Coles, G. Gains, E. Hope vice-chairmen; E. Masters secretary.

Chichester: J. H. Sayers chairman: M. Bleach vice-chairman: A. Shoesmith, secretary. Dartford/Gravesend: W. Wallis chairman; L. Baidock, S. E. Smith vice-chairmen; W. J. Burness Secretary.

Eastbourne/Hastings: N. 0. Brazier chairman; J. Thomas, B. W. Manser vice-chairmen: A. Blackford secretary. Guildford: E. A. Genet chairman: D. Rackliffe, W. Starling vice-chairmen; P. R. May secretary. Maidstone: R. R. Heard chairman; J. R. Luckhurst secretary Medway towns; E. H. Nicholls chairman: D. Elvy, R. J. Wood vice-chairmen: R. Williams secretary. Tunbridge Wells: C. Pomeroy chairman; R. Sergison, N. Mustill, J. R. Henley vice-chairmen: F. A. Mortimer secretary. West Cumberland: H. Pickthall Snr chairman; J. C. Lee, J. Roper vice-chairmen: H. Pickthall Jnr secretary.

Northern: W. L. Cogle chairman: W. A. Glendinning, R. Durham, C. D. Mitchell vicechairmen.

Barrow in Furness: R. Vickers chairman; K. Surphlis vice-chairman: F. Baker secretary.

ITA elections

G. H. Phillips has been elected chairman of the Industrial Transport Association Wolverhampton division; I. H. Clarke is vice-chairman; G. H. Newill secretary; E. Downing treasurer.

Other ITA elections: East Anglia: W. Weldon chairman; P. F. Bunning vice-chairman: W. J. Learwood-Griffiths secretary and treasurer.

Glasgow: G. Brockman chairman; J. E. McKay vice-chairman: W. M. T. Hamilton secretary; G. Lynn treasurer.

Sheffield: A. Lievesley chairman; W. Lynn vicechairman; J. D. Grimmer secretary; R. Mollart treasurer.

Leeds: N. Jewson chairman; W. G. Grubb, J. H. Tomlinson vice-chairmen; C. Maude secretary; B. G. Mould treasurer.

Manchester: A. V. Goodreds chairman; S. Darlington vice-chairman; J. Raine secretary and treasurer.

M H EA elections J. Findlay (Mayor and Coulson Ltd) has been reelected president of the Mechanical Handling Engineers Association and J. W. Leach (DouglasRownson Ltd) has been re-appointed first vicepresident. A newly elected second vice-president is R. F. Upton )Sovex Ltd.).


We record with regret the deaths of James Allan Kirkbright and Tommy Orme.

Mr Kirkbright, 59, was a partner in the firm of Peel Transport Ltd, haulage contractors, of Halifax.

Mr Orme was Arlington Group of Companies director responsible for engineering and estate management. He joined Arlington as a service manager in the mid-thirties from Leyland.

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