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Users' Protection

15th August 1947, Page 48
15th August 1947
Page 48
Page 48, 15th August 1947 — Users' Protection
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THE. Commission is obliged, within two years from the passing of the Act or such longer period as the Minister may allow, to prepare drafts of schemes relating to the charges to be made by the Commission and other terms and conditions applicable to the services and facilities provided by them (Sec. 76). Schemes have to be submitted to the Transport Tribunal for confirmation, and notice given and objections heard (Sec. 78).

Charges schemes may be altered by similar procedure on application to the Transport Tribunal by (a) the Commission; or (b) any bbdy representative of users of services or facilities; or (c) by any nationalized industry which uses services or facilities of the Commission; or (d) any other person whose interests will be affected by the particular matter in respect of which he is applying to the Transport Tribunal (Sec. 79).

A body representative of persons providing similar services or facilities may lodge representations against the making or altering of schemes on the ground that the charges would be unduly low (Sec. 78 (3) and 79 (3)). Such a body, and any body representing users of services or facilities other than those to which a scheme relates, who contend that the charges under the scheme are unduly low and that, by reason thereof, the charges they pay are unduly. B38 high, may lodge representations on a review of a charges scheme at the instance of the Minister, under Sec. 80.

[As regards Consultative Committees, see "Future Structure of the Nationalized Industry," pages 64-65.1 CONSUMERS' FREEDOM OF CHOICE OF SERVICE Any person desiring transport for goods between points where the Commission provides regular goods transport services of different kinds, may choose which of the services so provided shall be used for transporting his goods. The Commission may, however, make differential charges for the different services and shall not be under any obligation to provide, or continue to provide, any particular form of service (Sec. 3 (2)).

PUBLICATION OF ACCOUNTS The accounts of the Commission, after audit by auditors appointed by the Minister, are included in the Commission's Annual Report and laid before both Houses of Parliament, where they may be debated (Sec. 94).

[This will enable the public to see which of the Commission's services are profitable and which are requiring to be subsidized out of the revenues of the other undertakings.]

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