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Disciplinary Measures Undei the Essential Work Order

15th August 1941, Page 30
15th August 1941
Page 30
Page 30, 15th August 1941 — Disciplinary Measures Undei the Essential Work Order
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ASa result of the experience of the working of the Essential Work (General Provisions) Order, the Minister of Labour and National Service has .• made an amending %Order.

TIN main charges effected by this new Order are as 4:)11ow : —(a) Disciplinary suspension. The principal Order did not interfere directly with any power any employer might have to suspend 0. worker from his work, but. the guaranteed minimum wage provisions had the effect of entitling a worker to wages in respect of the whole " prescribed period " (week or day) even though he might. have been suspended for, part of it on disciplinary grounds. As a result, employers were stopped from utilizing suspension without pay as a dis-, ciplinary measure in respect of offences whicP , although serious, were not Sffiriently so as to justify dismissal. it has been decided, therefore, to restos the right to suspend without pay rt limit of three days, and a

woz. Ito is so dealt with will not be

entitle I in the guaranteed Minimum for the days on -which he is suspended unless: (1) he appeals to the Local Appeal Board within three days of the beginning of the suspension, and (2) either the Board is unanimously of the opinion that the guspension was unjustified, or if the Board be not unanimous, the National Service Officer is of this opinion,

Where the finding is 'against the worker he will lose his wage for the days of suspension, hut if he he a, timeworker he will remain entitled to a 'proportionate minimum wage for the remainder of the week, concerned, this safeguard being needed only for timeworkers, because the guaranteed minimum wage on piece work is calculated by the day: (b) The absence for part of the week due to • sickness. The strict effect of the existing rule is that where a timeworker is absent for part of a week owing to sickness, he loses his right altogether for guaranteed payment for that .'week., To remedy this anomaly, the amending Order provides that if a time-worker be absent owing to sickness during part of a week, and that, if required, he submits satisfactory evidence, he shall have a proportionateguaranteed minimum payment for the remainder of the week.

The new Order also provides that, in addition to the reportiong to the. National Service Officer cases of indiscipline, absenteeism, and lateness, they may now report failure to comply with lawful and reasonable orders; including those as to. day or night work and a reasonable amount of overtime.

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