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C.M.U.A. Sets Up New Area Organization

15th August 1941, Page 18
15th August 1941
Page 18
Page 18, 15th August 1941 — C.M.U.A. Sets Up New Area Organization
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FOLLOWING upon the decision of the Amalgainated Horse and Metor Owners' Association to terminate the working agreement with the C..M.U.A., as from August 31 (reported in our issue dated August 1), the latter body has intimated that the joint organization in the South-east Lancashire Area will, 'so far as it is concerned, cease forthwith. On Friday of last week notices were circulated to all C.M.U.A. members in the Manchester Area, the South-east Lancashire Area, and Bolton and Burnley districts, stating that a new area covering all those territories has been set up as the Eastern Area of the North-western Division. Offices will continue at 28, Queen Street, Manchester, 2, which has for many years been the headquarters of

the Manchester Area, and Mr. W. Famorth takes over the secretaryship of the new Area.

By combining units previously separate the new Area organization will, it is-claimed, avoid expensive and unnecessary overlappingft whilst the

concentration of the ssociation' s membership in this important industrial region will produce one of the most compact' and efficient units within the C.M.U.A. Sectionalization of membership is to be undertaken to the fullest degree, so that haulier, p.s.v, and ancillary groups can take full charge of their own affairs,

In a letter to haulier-members of the old South-east Lancashire Area it is explained that the subscriptions to the former joint organization. cover full membership of the C.M.U.A. up to the date of the next renewal. Goodsvehicle licensing facilities will be available from the new Eastern office at the appropriate fee for the particular service required; there will be no subscription to the g.v.1. scheme. Members of the old South-east Lancashire Area g.v.l., sehertie are offered future services from the Eastern Area, with out further payment, up to the unexpired value of their old 'annual subscriptions. District meetings are being arranged by the new Area of the C.M.U.A. in the various sub-areas.

Other circulars of a similar nature have been sent to ancillary and p.s.v. members of the Area. Details of fees in connection with p.s.v. licensing-scheme services have been issued to operators.

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