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One Hears

15th August 1941, Page 15
15th August 1941
Page 15
Page 15, 15th August 1941 — One Hears
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That A.R.O. on a very substantial (nest) egg. 0 Of a man who thought that " bedrock " resulted from bomb,disturtance.

That in technical journalism a " line borer""does not mean a " penny-a-liner."

That Manchester transport's big puzzle is how to ease bus rush-hours—apparently nobody's business!

That Mr. Mr. Shankland has referred us to a "One Hears" of 1917 which read "Of no tears over the profiteer."

That if this implied the death of the profiteer, we remain of the same opinion.

That so far the experimentS which are being conducted in Eire in connection with the efforts to produce from peat turf a gas suitable for the engines of motor vehicles are not too promising. That alternative fuels are not yet cutting much ice, but perhaps they will during the coming winter.

That, according to Mr. H. C. Mallet, V stands for Vulcan as well as victory, and that Vulcan is helping to forge the latter.

Of a first prosecution under. the regulation forbidding conversation between a bus driver and a conductor on a moving vehicle.

Disgraceful ! From those who read of a driver being left with about £50 to pay in costs after the allowing of an appeal against a fine.

That the numerous bathrooms attached to the temporary offices of a large aluminium-producing concern are not intended for pickling either the metal or.the staff.

That notwithstanding the above observation such provision might prove most refreshing in the event of any of the staff becoming pickled.

bf the beauty of butane.

That thoughts of winter will intrude.

That now is the time to get prepared against frost and 'snow.

Of passenger-trailer advertising coming to the lore once more.

That some big men in the industry seem positively rooted to their jobs.

How to succeed as a Minister --appoint plenty of advisors to advise your advisors.

From our rlai5y Press, that the new Ford aero engine will deliver more than 1 lb. per h.p.


Locations: Manchester

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