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Scottish Drivers' Contest Begins

14th September 1956
Page 154
Page 154, 14th September 1956 — Scottish Drivers' Contest Begins
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THE first two eliminating rounds of the Scottish Commercial Vehicle Driver of the Year Competition were held last Saturday, one at Edinburgh and one at Glasgow. Ninety-four entrants turned out at the Marine Gardens, Edinburgh.

Drivers of the South East Scotland Electricity Board took first place in classes A and C. The Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society, Ltd., scored highest marks in the articulated class and took second place in classes A and D. British Road Services Won class E.

Results were as follows:— Class Ai Up to 15 ft.

1, C. M. Park (South East Scotland Electricity Board); 1, H. Cook (Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society, Ltd.); 3, D. Gardner (St. Cuthberts Co-operative Association, Ltd.).

Clam B: Over 15 ft., up to 19 ft.

1. A. C. Donald (Bruce Lindsay Bros.); 2, E, Ball (John Adams, Ltd.); 3, 3. Doric (Bruce Lindsay Bros.).

Class 1C: Over 19 IL, up In 22 Il 1, J. King (South East Scotland Electricity Board); 2, 3. G. Flockhart (South East Scotland Electricity Board); 3, P. Thomson (E Chalmers. Ltd.).

Clam D: Over 22 ft., up to 25 ft.

I, C. Rodgers (Bruce Lindsay Bros.); 2, R. Mitchell (Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society, Ltd.); 3. T. Moran (Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society, Ltd.).

Class F.: Over 25 ft.

1, J. Scott (British Road Services, Edinburgh). 2. T. McKenzie (E. Chalmers, Ltd.); 3, W. Fergus (North British Rubber Co., Ltd.).

Class F: Articulated 1, N. Brown (Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society, Ltd.); 2, F. Souness (British Road Services, Edinburgh); 3, J. Dudgeon (B.R.S. 1Parcels1, Ltd., Edinburgh).

The Glasgow contest attracted 119 entries, of whom 25 were non-starters. The biggest entry was in Class C, in which 29 drivers took part.

The competition began with a road test over a route of about eight miles, which took in a variety of traffic hazards, including trams. Contestants were observed at seven points.

While drivers were undergoing three manreuvring tests, others were being examined in the Highway Code. Mr. L. J. Stokoe, secretary of the Scottish Area of the Road Haulage Association, who undertook the administrative work, reported that the standard of driving and knowledge of the Highway Code were "very high." S. Allan (Thames, Scottish Gas Board) not only won his class, but scored full marks.

The results were as follows:—

Class A: Up to 15 ft.

1.—S. Allan (Thames. Scottish Gas Board), 500 marks. 2.—.1. Adams (Morris. Glasgow Hiring Co.). 460 marks. 3,—W. Phillip (Thames, Russells Farm Products), 460 marks.

Class B: Over 15 ft.. up to 19 ft.

l.—R. McKinlay (Leyland, Keir and Cawder), 460 marks. 2.—E. Murray (Albion, Dumfries and Maxwelltown Co-operative), 450 marks. 3.A. Crichton (Morris. 1. and R. Tennant, Ltd.), 447 marks.

Class C: Over 19 ft., up to 22 ft.

1.—R. Horn (Bedford, Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society), 467 marks. 2.—F, Brannan (Bedford, Hugh Clelland and Sons), 460 marks. 3.—W. Reid (Morris, Glasgow Hiring Co.). 460 marks.

Class 13: Over 22 ft., up to 25 ft.

1.—A. Thomson (Guy, Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society), 480 marks. 2.—D. Cunningham (Caramel-, John Barrie icontractorl, Ltd.), 480 marks. 3.—A. Miller (Bedford. Newton

Robertson and Co.), 470 marks.

Class E: Over 25 ft.

1.—H. Frew (Leyland, Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society), 480 marks. 2.-114, Wilson (B MC.. Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society), 477 marks. 3.—A. Brown (IsIbion, Glasgow Hiring Co.). 460 marks.

Class F: Artieulated 1.—H, H. Arnold (Leyland, Scottish Oils and Shell Mex. Ltd.). 450 marks. 2,-1 Murray (Leyland, H. Cielland and Sons), 440 marks. 3.—M. They (Commer. Glasgow Hiring Co.), 4411 marks.

Where marks were equal, places were decided by the time occupied in the manoeuvring tests. In Class A there was only two seconds' difference between Adams and Phillip. In Class D, only 1.5 seconds decided the first and second places.

An eliminating round at Aberdeen will be held tomorrow, and the final contest at Linlithgow on September 29.

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