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Record entry: close finishes

14th June 1968, Page 30
14th June 1968
Page 30
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Page 30, 14th June 1968 — Record entry: close finishes
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by John Darker • Perfect weather and • first-class organization made the North Midlands Area eliminating round at Desford last Sunday an enjoyable experience for competitors and spectators. The Caterpillar Tractor Company's premises made an ideal venue. The stewards and marshals worked through the lunch break to process the record 162 entrants in reasonable time. Their efforts bore fruit and the prize giving was well under way by 5.30 p.m.

Welcome newcomers were British Railways, British Shoe Corporation and the Army -now using civilian drivers.

The road tests were organized with great efficiency by the police. And in the Highway Code questions 43 of the 162 entrants lost no points.

Only six points separated the three winners in class 0: R. Phoenix won with a score of 72 but the runner up, J. Taylor, lost no penalty points in Test 2. Had Taylor been equally skilful in Test 1 he would have won with a remarkably low score.

Class G provided another close contest, D. °Wile'', of J. E. Chettle, beating K. J. Foster of Murphy Bros. by a single point. R Rowland, a finalist in last year's competition, was third. TRTA East Midlands divisional chairman, Harry Whitaker, who presented the prizes, paid a deserved tribute to drivers' wives. Speaking as a transport manager, Mr. Whitaker said the womenfolk played a vital part in road transport operational efficiency: without their willing co-operation when drivers were unable to return home as expected, the professional work of long-distance drivers would ha prejudiced.

LEICESTER RESULTS Class A: Up to 16ft: 1, F. Gill (Wolsey Ltd.) Ford, 81pts; 2. I. wells (Squires and Kinton Ltd.) Ford, 94; 3, R. Merrick IlJnichem Ltd.) Austin, 103.

Class 8 16 to 19ft: 1, J. Antony (vie. Hallam Ltd.) Ford, 65; 2, S. A. C. Whitaker (RAF Cranwell) Karrier, 70; 3, I. Tulkis (Wu/soy Ltd.) Commer, 96.

Class C: 19 to 22ft: 1, G. N. MacNaughton (Percy Andrew and Son Ltd.) Ford, 84; 2, H. Stone (RAF North Luffenham) Bedford, 102; 3, J. Robinson {Vic. Hallam Ltd.) Ford, 104. Class D: 22 to 25ft: 1, R. Phoenix (Flaked Products Ltd.) Bedford, 72; 2, J. Taylor (Schweppes Ltd.) Bedford, 76; 3, E. George (Schweppes Ltd.) Bedford, 77.

Class El: 25ft with two axles: 1, R. Pearson (SPD Ltd.) Ford, 61; 2, B. 0. Belsham (BSc Footwear Ltd.) Bedford. 81; 3, B T. Jarvis (George Baker Ltd.) Bedford, 87, Class E2: Over 25ft with more than two axles: 1. C. Bennett A. Fletcher and Co. Ltd.) AEC, 66; 2, J. Towle (Regent Oil Co. Ltd.) Atkinson, 87; 3, K. A. Johnson (W Griffin and Sons Ltd.) Dodge. 102.

Class Fl: Flat or sided semi-trailers with flat or dropframe, up to and including 33ft overall length: 1, H. Thornley ;J. E. Chettle Ltd.) Albion, 121; 2. W. G. 7inkley (British Railways) Bedford, 189; 3, G. Worthington (J. E. Chettle Ltd.) Albion, 227.

Class F2: Box or tank semi-trailers with flat or dropframe, up to and including 33ft overall length: 1. S. Taylor (A. B. Gibson Ltd.) Commer, 132; A. Hurt (Flaked Products Ltd.) Dodge, 223; 3, W. Stocks (Regent Oil Co. Ltd.) Bedford, 396.

Class G: Flat or sided semi-trailers with flat or chapframes, over 33ft: 1, D. Oldnall J. E. Chettle Ltd.) AEC, 132; 2, K. J. Foster (Murphy Bros.) AEC, 133; 3. P. Rowland (Vic_ Hallam Ltd.) Leyland, 201.

Class H: Box or tank semi-trallers with flat or drop. frame over 33 ft: 1. J. Carter (Nabisco Frears Biscuits Ltd.) Ford, 150; 2, A. Clarke (Nabisco Frears Biscuits Ltd.) Ford, 334: W. Podgers (Hercock Simpson Haulage Ltd.) Leyland, 389.

Best team: SPD Ltd. IR. Pearson, R. Harwood. P. Brown). Best Service entry: SAC Whitaker (RAF Cranwell).

Overall champion: C. Bennett.

Runner up: Fred Gill.


Organisations: Army
Locations: Phoenix, LEICESTER, Austin

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