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Fare Cut if Fuel Tax is Reduced

11th March 1955, Page 35
11th March 1955
Page 35
Page 35, 11th March 1955 — Fare Cut if Fuel Tax is Reduced
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IF the fuel tax is reduced in the I Budget, Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Co.; Ltd., hope to reduce fares when costs are covered. This was stated on Tuesday when the company's proposals to raise fares were heard by the West Midland Licensing

Authority. , . .

It was hoped to produce an extra £370,056 a year Mr.. F. D. Herington, for the company, said it was proposed to increase single and scholars' return fares over 4d. by amounts ranging from fd. to 2d., and workers' rates by id. to 3d.

Since their last application in July, the company'scosts had increased by £430,000, of which £342,035 was due to wage increases.

Most of the 19 local authorities and other bodies who originally objected had withdrawn, and only three objectors were present.

Decision is expected to be announced on Monday.


THE basic price of petrol in Britain today was one of the lowest in Europe; Mr. E. W. Hardiman, regional manager of the Esso Petroleum Co., Ltd., told Glasgow Rotarians on Tuesday. The quality of present-day nr/rol was also much higher than before the war. Two gallons of homerefined petrol today produced as much power as three gallons in 1925, He forecast greater demands for heavy oils, but if adequate supplies of these were to be available, outlets must be found for the lighter products. The road development plan would provide one outlet. A reduction in tax was scarcely less important.


riA RESOLUTION which, •whilst welcoming steps taken by the Government to liberate road haulage workers from State employment." regrets delay in taking similar action in respect of provincial bus workers, may be discussed at the annual meeting of the central council of the National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations, to be held in London next week.

It has been framed by Mr. A. Tegerdine, secretary and founder of the Bus Workers' Anti-Nationalization Society. . He wishes the Minister of Transport to remedy "this anomalous position."

GUY'S £100,000 ORDERS

REPEAT orders worth more than 100,000 for 54 Arab doubledecker chassis with Gardner 6LW engines have been placed with Guy Motors, Ltd., by Solithic?own 1" • Services, Ltd., Lancashire United Transport, Ltd., and Middlesbrough Transport Department. Southdown tae buying 36, Lancashire United 10 and Middlesbrough eight.

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